24-26 Point Modern Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on February 3, 2018

By Event Coverage Staff

Two players finished with 25 points (8-1-1) in the Modern portion of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan, and 16 player reached 24 (8-2) points.

25 Points (8-1-1)

Reid Duke: Abzan

Gabriel Nassif: W/U Control

24 Points (8-2)

Thomas Ashton: Bogles

Andrew Baeckstrom: Traverse Shadow

Brian Braun-Duin: Lantern Control

Corey Burkhart: Grixis Control

Jason Chung: U/R Gifts Storm

Eder Damasceno: Tron

Felipe Escobar: Affinity

Ben Friedman: Grixis Shadow

Hannes Kerem: Tron

YUCHEN LIU: Eldrazi Tron

takuma morofuji: Burn