The 6-0 Drafters at Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad

Posted in Event Coverage on April 23, 2016

By Tobi Henke

Of the original 378 players, only eight managed to win all six of their Limited rounds: Hall of Famer Jon Finkel, 2013–2014 Player of the Year Jérémy Dezani, Platinum Pro Marcio Carvalho, Grand Prix champions Matt Severa and Tyler Lytle, 2013–2014 Rookie of the Year Raymond Perez, Jr., Grand Prix Top 8er Luis Salvatto, as well as long-time player, sometime Pro Tour competitor Jonathan Morawski.

So, 6-0 in draft, huh? What's your secret?

"Getting lucky," quipped Jon Finkel. "No, seriously. I literally 3-0'd only one of the drafts I did [in preparation] for the Pro Tour."

He had drafted a sweet green-blue deck in the first draft, but one of the biggest stories of the draft rounds was Finkel's second draft deck, which was mono-black except for one Archangel Avacyn .

"I didn't start out black at all," Finkel recalled. "I first picked a Lambholt Pacifist over Nearheath Chaplain, then took Heir of Falkenrath second, and I think my third pick was Erdwal Illuminator. But I only got one more green card, Quilled Wolf, which actually was my fourth pick if I remember correctly."

After that, more and more black cards followed, until he opened his third booster and saw the aforementioned Archangel Avacyn.

"I had something like seventeen good black cards by that point, plus two good green cards, and I figured, why not?" said Finkel. "If there had been another good green card in the pack I may have taken that instead, but there wasn't."

By picking Avacyn, he did pass on a Tooth Collector and a Crow of Dark Tidings, but the latter even found its way back to him as his ninth pick. Black really was that open.

Jon Finkel, 3-0 First Draft

Jon Finkel, 3-0 Second Draft

Sideboard (1)
1 Morkrut Necropod

Matt Severa's draft decks were also quite interesting, mostly because he was following a very clear strategy. With three Autumnal Glooms and four Moldgraf Scavengers across two decks, he was aiming for delirium to an extent, that he didn't even mind picking up a Shard of Broken Glass!

Matt Severa, 3-0 First Draft

Matt Severa, 3-0 Second Draft

More 3-0 decks, more delirium, more Shards of Broken Glass.

Tyler Lytle, 3-0 First Draft

Tyler Lytle, 3-0 Second Draft

And Tyler Lytle (see above) wasn't the only one who made good use of Hound of the Farbogs. Raymond Perez, Jr. also included multiples in his white-black delirium deck.

Raymond Perez, 3-0 First Draft

Raymond Perez, 3-0 Second Draft

Meanwhile, Jérémy Dezani went undefeated with blue-red and black-red. His first deck was a true beauty with eleven instants/sorceries and three Sanguinary Mages, Niblis of Dusk, Aberrant Researcher, and even Thing in the Ice to take advantage of them.

His second deck was obviously great as well, with one of the highlights being Triskaidekaphobia. Another highlight: Both of his decks featured a copy of Devils' Playground. So would it be fair to assume that he liked red?

"Oh yes, it's definitely my favorite color," said Dezani. "By far."

Jérémy Dezani, 3-0 First Draft

Jérémy Dezani, 3-0 Second Draft

Marcio Carvalho got to 6-0 by drafting Blue-Red Tempo and Black-Green Delirium.

Marcio Carvalho, 3-0 First Draft

Marcio Carvalho, 3-0 Second Draft

Luis Salvatto went undefeated with Green-White and White-Blue.

Luis Salvatto, 3-0 First Draft

Luis Salvatto, 3-0 Second Draft

And finally, Jonathan Morawski had mobilized one Olivia and one Archangel Avacyn.

Jonathan Morawski, 3-0 First Draft

Jonathan Morawski, 3-0 Second Draft