The Pro Player of the Month is awarded by Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall in his The Week That Was column. A list of candidates is posted in the first column of each month for public discussion and the winner is announced in the second column of the month. Follow the discussion on Twitter with the hasthag #MTGPoM.

Month Winner
August 2013 Shahar Shenhar
September 2013 Reid Duke
October 2013 Sam Black
November 2013 Owen Turtenwald
December 2013 William "Huey" Jensen
January 2014 Alexander Hayne
February 2014 Shaun McLaren
March 2014 Nam Sung-Wook
April 2014 Frank Skarren
May 2014 Patrick Chapin
June 2014 Jérémy Dezani
July 2014 Huang Hao-Shan
August 2014 Ivan Floch
September 2014 Brandon Nelson
October 2014 Ari Lax
November 2014 Brian Braun-Duin
December 2014 Shahar Shenhar
January 2015 Matthew Sperling
February 2015 Antonio Del Moral León
March 2015 Teruya Kakumae
April 2015 Martin Dang
May 2015 Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
June 2015 Pascal Maynard
July 2015 Mike Sigrist
August 2015 Seth Manfield
September 2015 Zac Elsik
October 2015 Kazuyuki Takimura
November 2015 Tom Martell
December 2015 Marco Cammilluzzi
January 2016 Reid Duke
February 2016 Jiachen Tao
March 2016 Ralph Batesh
April 2016 Steve Rubin
May 2016 Raphaël Lévy