US Nationals 2000 Coverage

Follow all of the action this weekend as 154 players from across the United States compete for $58,000 in prize money and the honor of representing the USA at this year's Magic: The Gathering World Championships in Brussels.

Congratulation to Jon Finkel - US National Champion! Congratulations also to the rest of the US National team - Chris Benafel, Aaron Forsythe, and Frank Hernandez.

Be sure to catch the ESPN2 coverage of US Nationals on July 7 from 2-2:30 PM EDT.


Winner's Bracket
Jon Finkel (1) def. Chris Benafel (2), 3-0
Loser's Bracket
Aaron Forsythe (8) def. Michael Turian (3), 3-0
Frank Hernandez (5) def. Kyle Rose (7), 3-0


Winner's Bracket
Jon Finkel (1) def Frank Hernandez (5), 3-0
Chris Benafel (2) def. Michael Turian (3), 3-2
Loser's Bracket
Aaron Forsythe (8) def. Mike Long (4), 3-2
Kyle Rose (7) def. Elliott Fung (6), 3-0


Jon Finkel (1) def. Aaron Forsythe (8), 3-2
Chris Benafel (2) def. Kyle Rose (7), 3-1
Michael Turian (3) def. Elliott Fung (6), 3-2
Frank Hernandez (5) def. Mike Long (4), 3-1

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