2001 United States National Championship Coverage

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Fires is still the best deck in town, or so US Nationals would have you believe. Trevor Blackwell became National Champion on its consistent back. He even stole the finals in three straight games from under Brian Hegstad, who was playing what many believed to be the optimal metagame call.

These two are joined by newcomer Eugene Harvey, who also played Fires. The member of Team CMU defeated old-school pro David Bachmann in four games to earn his spot. Bachmann and his monored Ensnaring Bridge deck squared off against Harvey first in the quarterfinals, and again because of the double-elimination format.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Trevor Blackwell (San Francisco, CA) $25,000
 2.  Brian Hegstad (Vancouver, WA) $12,500
 3.  Eugene Harvey (Hillsborough, NJ) $6,000
 4.  David Bachmann (Linden, NJ) $5,000
 5.  Chris Benafel (Eugene, OR) $3,300
 6.  William Jensen (Millis, MA) $3,000
 7.  Alex Borteh (Delaware, OH) $2,250
 8.  David Price (Denver, CO) $2,000

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top 8 bracket


(1) Chris Benafel

(8) William Jensen

(4) Alex Borteh

(5) Trevor Blackwell

(2) Casey McCarrel

(7) Brian Hegstad

(3) David Bachmann

(6) Eugene Harvey


William Jensen, 3-1

Trevor Blackwell, 3-1

Brian Hegstad, DQ

Eugene Harvey, 3-1


Trevor Blackwell, 3-2

Brian Hegstad, 3-2


Trevor Blackwell, 3-0

Losers Bracket

Loser's Bracket Semifinals

Eugene Harvey

Semifinal 2 Loser

Chris Benafel

Alex Borteh


David Bachmann

William Jensen

Semifinal 1 Loser

Loser's Bracket Finals

Eugene Harvey

Chris Benafel, 3-1

David Bachmann, Bye

William Jensen

Loser's Bracket Winners

Eugene Harvey, 3-1

David Bachmann, 3-0

3/4-Place Playoff

Eugene Harvey, 3-1





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