2001 World Championships Coverage

Team USA defeated Team Norway, two matches to one. In the battle of National Champions, Trevor Blackwell defeated Nicolai Herzog, 2-1 (his only match win in Standard through the whole tournament!) while Eugene Harvey lost in two straight games to Jan Pieter Groenhof. It was left to Brian Hegstad to win it for the US, which he did, defeating Øyvind Ødegaard.

Meanwhile, in the individual race, Tom Van de Logt of the Netherlands defeated American Alex Borteh in three straight games in the finals to become the 2001 Magic: the Gathering World Champion. Van de Logt takes home $35,000 for his individual success, as well as $1,000 for being on the Dutch National Team. The only other person in the Top 8 to also be on a National team was Jan Tomcani of the Slovak Republic. Tomcani won Day 1 to take the Standard title. Brock Parker posted the best record on the Invasion Block Rochester day, and Alexander Witt won the Extended day.

Germany's Kai Budde became Player of the Year with his 44th-place finish, and Japan's Katsuhiro Mori became Rookie of the year with a ninth-place finish.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Tom Van de Logt (Netherlands) $36,000
 2.  Alex Borteh (USA) $23,000
 3.  Antoine Ruel (France) $15,000
 4.  Andrea Santin (Italy) $13,000
 5.  Michael Turian (USA) $9,500
 6.  Jan Tomcani (Slovak Republic) $9,500
 7.  Tommi Hovi (Finland) $7,500
 8.  John Ormerod (England) $6,500

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top 8 bracket


(1) Antoine Ruel

(8) Tommi Hovi

(4) Tom Van de Logt

(5) Dave Williams

(2) Alex Borteh

(7) Jan Tomcani

(3) Andrea Santin

(6) Michael Turian


Antoine Ruel, 3-2

Tom Van de Logt, DQ

Alex Borteh, 3-2

Andrea Santin, 3-2


Tom Van de Logt, 3-2

Alex Borteh, 3-1


Tom Van de Logt, 3-0






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