Magic is challenging at many levels—that’s what makes it so fun. Master one level and you’ll still have plenty of excitement ahead as you move on to the next test. Are you ready to step up your game?



The best way to know how far you can go is to look to the next level. All kinds of Magic tournaments and events are taking place all the time, and span every skill level. Which one’s right for you?

  • New to the game and the world of organized tournament play? Read Starting Out for ideas on where to begin.
  • Looking for more than your local tournaments have to offer? Take a look at A Bigger Stage.
  • Confident you can take on the top players? Find out how in The Best of the Best


Your first step is to check out a tournament held at your local game store. The best places to start are:


These tournaments are usually comparatively casual affairs that typically feature:

  • Formats friendly to newer players
  • Lower-level rules enforcement
  • A fun, welcoming atmosphere


Most players are at these types of tournaments for the same reason as you: to have a good time! It’s not uncommon for even experienced players to come to Friday Night Magic with fun, experimental decks, or for new players to play one of their first tournaments at a Prerelease.

These more casual events are also great for meeting people and getting to know your local Magic community. If you have dreams of playing on the Pro Tour—or if you just want to get better and have some fun—chances are, there’s someone at your local store who can help you improve.

Ready to find a local tournament? Search for nearby stores and events.


Once you have a feel for tournament play and are ready for a new challenge, there are a number of options to take your game to the next level:

Local stores and organizers offer tournaments with:

  • A multitude of formats
  • Advanced rules and enforcement
  • Bigger rewards based on event size
  • Higher caliber of play and competition

Skill levels vary from players who are just stepping beyond FNM to some of the best in the world.

Grand Prix Trials offer the winner two byes at a Grand Prix. Pro Tour Qualifiers earn the winner a spot on the Pro Tour. Often described as Magic festivals, Grand Prix have something for everyone, including a two-day professional-level event with a huge prize pool. Finish first or second at your National Championship and you get to represent your country at the World Magic Cup. All these events are also fun, challenging ways to hone your skills, raise your profile, and earn greater rewards.


Once you’ve conquered your local scene, you’re ready to compete with the best. These invitation-only events feature the top players in the game and all award Professional Planeswalker Points.


If you’re playing in one of these tournaments, you are among the elite. And at the end, someone will hoist a trophy and etch their name in the history of Magic. Why not you?


You can always find tournaments near you by visiting the Events locator. So step out the door and step up to the next great challenge!


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