The Mythic Championship Team Series celebrates and rewards players for doing well at tabletop Mythic Championships over the course of a season as part of an approved team. Players form teams of 6 and compete throughout a season at Mythic Championships.

How Team Series Scoring Works

Teams are given scores based on points earned by team members at tabletop Mythic Championships. The points earned by the top five of the six team members on each team will be added to a team’s score at the end of each event.

At the conclusion of the 2018-2019 Team Series season, the Top 4 teams will win their share of a prize purse of over $200,000. The Top 2 teams will be invited to compete in Championship event to see who will be crowned the 2018-2019 Mythic Championship Team Series Champions!


  • Axion Now

    Axion Now

    Axion Now represents some of the UK's brightest young stars along Pro Tour regulars from the Netherlands and Germany.

  • Baguette


    Baguette features fresh faces from France joined alongside some of the country's most successful Pro Tour competitors under one loaf of bre—er, banner.

  • Belgic Magic by Hareruya

    Belgic Magic by Hareruya

    Belgium represents on Belgic Magic by Hareruya, featuring multiple players from the country who saw major Pro Tour success in the 2017–18 season.

  • Bolt the Bird

    Bolt the Bird

    Featuring players from the Nordic regions, Bolt the Bird brings new and returning faces to the big stages of competitive Magic.

  • Cardboard Live

    Cardboard Live

    Cardboard Live features a crew of Pro Tour regulars as they look to achieve success in the 2018–19 season.

  • Cardhoarder Mentoring

    Cardhoarder Mentoring

    Cardhoarder has brought on a squad of up-and-coming Pro Tour competitors, and they'll be taking their shot at staying on the Pro Tour together in the upcoming season.

  • ChannelFireball


    ChannelFireball's roster remains unchanged after an impressive performance in the 2017–18 season. They look to improve on last year's 3rd-place finish.

  • The Comic Book Store

    The Comic Book Store

    The Comic Book Store returns in 2018–19, headlined by Pro Tour Dominaria Champion Wyatt Darby and joined by veterans and newcomers to the team.

  • Dice City Games

    Dice City Games

    Dice City Games features Silver-level players, RPTQ top finishers, and recent major event top finishes in pursuit of more invitations after a late entry into 2018-19.

  • EUreka


    EUreka returns in similar shape to last season, but with a few new members, including Pro Tour Ixalan Top 8 competitor Piotr Głogowski.

  • FacetoFaceGames.com


    FacetoFaceGames.com features one returning member from last year's roster and many veterans of the Pro Tour as they look to bring home top honors.

  • Final Last Samurai

    Final Last Samurai

    Final Last Samurai was not so final after all, as many of its team members from last season return with some new up-and-coming talent from Japan.

  • Flashback


    Flashback is headlined by Gold-level pro Kellen Pastore as the team makes a late entry into 2018-19’s season.

  • GeekGear


    GeekGear represents a contingency of UK players—including Scottish Magic community godfather Gary Campbell off a historic win at Grand Prix Birmingham—as they make their mark on the Pro Tour.

  • GOAT


    GOAT features Pro Tour regulars spanning multiple continents as they seek to make the most of their Pro Tour invitations kicking off 2018–19.

  • Good Luck High Five

    Good Luck High Five

    Good Luck High Five features Pro Tour veterans and legends alike, including German juggernaut Kai Budde and Phoenix Foundation team member Dirk Baberowski.

  • Greater Good

    Greater Good

    Greater Good features Pro Tour Champions, legends, and one of the youngest competitors on the Pro Tour as they work toward a good cause.

  • Grey Ogre Games

    Grey Ogre Games

    Grey Ogre Games returns for a full Pro Tour season, representing veterans and newcomers alike from Asia, including Pro Tour Top 8 competitors Ernest Lim and Yam Wing Chun.

  • Hareruya Axe

    Hareruya Axe

    Featuring many of the global testing teams of previous seasons, Hareruya Axe represents three continents and a lot of talent in pursuit of 2018–19 glory.

  • Hareuya Latin

    Hareuya Latin

    Following last year's massive success, Hareruya Latin will undergo zero changes in 2018–19 as the squad returns for another shot at Pro Tour glory.

  • Hareruya North America

    Hareruya North America

    One half Pro Tour 25th Anniversary Champions, the other half consistent Pro Tour competitors from 2017–18, Hareruya North America represents bright success stories out of the USA.

  • Hareruya Sword

    Hareruya Sword

    Hareruya Sword is headlined by the 2018 Magic World Champion and many from a tight testing team the last few years as they compete toward success in 2018–19.

  • KMC-Genesis


    Genesis returns with little churn and a (slightly) new name, as they look to contend for the top spots in 2018–19.

  • Kusemono


    Kusemono is back under the helm of Hall of Famer Shuhei Nakamura as the squad brings back most of its talent for another shot at 2018–19 results.

  • Legion


    Legion returns with many of its members from last season after putting up a solid performance in 2017-18.

  • Mage X MTGMintCard

    Mage X MTGMintCard

    Mage X MTGMintCard is an all-Danish superstar team, featuring Pro Tour stalwarts and veterans alike in pursuit of seasonal glory under one country's banner.

  • Magicsur


    Latin America represents with Magicsur as players from Chile, Brazil, and Mexico compete together for a shot at top spots in the 2018–19 season.

  • Massdrop MTG

    Massdrop MTG

    Massdrop has consolidated to one and is back for 2018–19, headlined by many of the same competitors from last season along with the addition of the young Jack Kiefer to the squad.

  • MTG Manager

    MTG Manager

    MTG Manager features multiple players from Europe who have had recent success, including two-time Magic Online Champion Dmitriy Butakov and Pro Tour Dominaria finalist Gonçalo Pinto.

  • MTGSheep


    MTGSheep is back in similar form to last year, represent some of China's best players alongside recent success stories at GPs in 2018.

  • Musashi


    2016-17 Champions Musashi return for a third season unobstructed and unchanged as Japan's best players look to redeem themselves in 2018–19.

  • Myst


    Spanning two continents, Myst represents veterans from eastern Europe and Asia as they strive for 2018–19 success.

  • Nerd Rage Gaming

    Nerd Rage Gaming

    Featuring relative newcomers to the Pro Tour, Nerd Rage Gaming has assembled to kick off 2018–19 with success.

  • Omega Card Games

    Omega Card Games

    Omega Card Games features Pro Tour regulars coming together to maximize their 2018–19 chances on the Pro Tour.

  • Phoenix: New Dawn

    Phoenix: New Dawn

    Phoenix: 404 has been reborn as Phoenix: New Dawn, headlined by Pro Tour Ixalan Top 8 competitor Christian Hauck alongside much of Germany's up-and-coming talent.

  • Saddleback LaHumans

    Saddleback LaHumans

    The Saddleback LaHumans have assembled as a late entry into 2018-19 for a shot at Mythic Championship glory in the 2019 calendar year.

  • Spanish Masters

    Spanish Masters

    Spanish Masters features Pro Tour regulars and newcomers alike from Spain coming together to represent their country's community in the 2018–19 season.

  • Team RIW

    Team RIW

    Michigan represents in 2018–19, as Team RIW brings together some of the state's long-time Pro Tour veterans to take on the best of competitive Magic.

  • Tower Games

    Tower Games

    Headlined by 2017–18 Rookie of the Year Samuel Ihlenfeldt, Tower Games brings many returning faces into the 2018–19 season.

  • Ultimate Guard Pro Team

    Ultimate Guard Pro Team

    The 2017-18 Pro Tour Team Series Champions have their eyes on bringing the title home again, and they have the stars to get it done.

  • Ultra PRO

    Ultra PRO

    Ultra PRO is back with the majority of its team from the previous season and some famous Pro Tour faces for another shot at top honors.

  • Waaagh Taverne Paris

    Waaagh Taverne Paris

    The all-French Waaagh Taverne Paris team is headlined by veterans and Pro Tour success stories alike as they come together to represent their country for a 2018–19 season.