The 2016-17 Premier Play season continues with Pro Tour Aether Revolt in Dublin, Ireland February 3-5, 2017, showcasing the innovation of Kaladesh block in Standard and Limited as well as the soft launch of the Pro Tour Team Series!

With $250,000 in prize money to spice things up, and teams looking to take an early lead in this season's Pro Tours, players will bring their best draft strategies and their latest Standard inventions as they show the world what they've got in this three-day spectacular. 

Not coming to the Pro Tour? Then tune in to the live broadcast! You can catch every Deck Tech, plenty of feature match action, play-by-play, live look-ins, player interviews, and much more as we bring you live video coverage of all three days on Twitch!




Follow live streaming video coverage of Pro Tour Aether Revolt on DailyMTG and Twitch February 3-5, 2017! Coverage begins all three days at 9 a.m. local time (GMT)/1 a.m. PT/4 a.m. ET/9 a.m. UTC.

Pro Tour Team Series


The Pro Tour Team Series spotlights the players that have formed teams around the Pro Tour as they compete for Pro Tour invitations, prize money, and a chance to declare themselves the best in a special team finals at the Magic World Championship!


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Tournament Information

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Spectators Welcome!

Not qualified for Pro Tour Aether Revolt? Are you traveling with a competitor, or do you live near the Pro Tour venue? Then come on by, because you're more than welcome to witness the action in person!

The Pro Tour tournament area is set up to accommodate spectating of every match in progress during each round, so if you're looking to see how your favorite pro or your friend is doing, you'll be able to do so.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our representatives at the entrance to the tournament hall. Just look for the friendly people in the blue Wizards shirts and they'll be happy to assist you.

In addition to that, the on-site vendor is offering some cool exclusives at this show for purchase. You can see the Pro Tour-exclusive merchandise that will be for sale at this event below.

Media Requests

Please send an email to press@wizards.com if you wish to set up a media credential for Pro Tour Aether Revolt. Wizards of the Coast asks that all media requests be submitted according to this schedule:

Video coverage: By January 6 (four weeks prior to the event)

Non-video coverage: By January 20 (two weeks prior to the event)

Requests made after that date, including requests made on-site, may be denied.

Prize Structure

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