Speaking of Cardhoarder, they have two teams in this season's Pro Tour Team Series! This group is looking to keep their members coming back to the Pro Tour regularly, as Hall of Famer Willy Edel and the team work to grow Latin American Magic's presence at the Pro Tour.

2017-18 Team Standings

Note: An italicized team member score is not included in the team's total by event. Only the Top 5 team member results are counted, with the exception of the last Pro Tour of the season.
An asterisk (*) next to a player's name means that the player has been substituted off the team in favor of a different player.

Any Pro Tour Pro Point totals in the below standings marked with a hyphen mean that the player's Pro Points did not count for the team's score as of that Pro Tour.

Marcos Paulo De Jesus Freitas 3 0 10 0
Eduardo Dos Santos Vieira 6 0 0 0
Willy Edel 4 3 6 0
Jonathan Melamed 4 0 0 0
Guilherme Merjam 3 6 0 0
Bernardo Santos 10 4 6 0
Total After Event 27 40 62 62
Ranking after Each Event 18th 27th 21st 24th

2017-18 Team Series Leaderboard

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