Last season's winners are back and remain unchanged, as Japanese super-team Musashi aims to add another set of trophies to their collection in the 2017–18 season.

2017-18 Team Standings

Note: An italicized team member score is not included in the team's total by event. Only the Top 5 team member results are counted, with the exception of the last Pro Tour of the season.
An asterisk (*) next to a player's name means that the player has been substituted off the team in favor of a different player.

Any Pro Tour Pro Point totals in the below standings marked with a hyphen mean that the player's Pro Points did not count for the team's score as of that Pro Tour.

Yuuki Ichikawa 3 4 4 4
Teruya Kakumae 3 6 0 3
Yuuya Watanabe 3 15 3 3
Kentaro Yamamoto 15 6 3 4
Shota Yasooka 6 10 3 3
Ken Yukuhiro 3 22 10 4
Total After Event 30 89 112 133
Ranking after Each Event 15th 2nd 4th 7th

2017-18 Team Series Leaderboard