Magic judges are perhaps best known as arbiters of tournament rules, but they are also passionate members of the Magic community who endeavor to ensure that events are fair and players learn the game.

Anyone with a strong enough knowledge of Magic and a desire to give back to the community can become a judge.


The Judge Certification Program develops, facilitates, and administers the judge testing system. The creation and maintenance of judge standards ensures a high level of excellence in sanctioned Magic play. The Judge Certification Program also ensures that judges have access to the tools they need to improve their judging skills and their knowledge of the game and card sets.



Certified judges fall into five levels.

Level 1 and 2 judges typically adjudicate hobby store-based event. Colloquially, they are sometimes called “L1” and “L2” judges. Level 2 judges also mentor and test new candidates for Level 1. Over 95% of judges are L1 or L2 and their presence is appreciated by both organizers and players.

Level 3 judges are leaders of premier organized play and judge communities in their regions. They generally operate in large areas, across provinces and countries and are recognized as regional leaders in their communities. Premier play organizers seek L3s to adjudicate fun and fair events and to provide a great player experience. They also mentor L1s and L2s judges and assist Level 4 and 5 judges with directing portions of the Judge Certification Program.

Level 4 and 5 judges are recognized experts in rules, policy, community growth, and adjudicating large tournaments. Very few demonstrate the abilities to reach this level. Having earned the tremendous respect and admiration of both players and organizers, they are entrusted with the highest level events and lead vast areas of the Judge Certification Program.



Regional Coordinators (often called “RCs”) are usually Level 3 judges who act as a region’s points-of-contact and coordinator for the judge program. RCs advise store owners operate premier events, facilitate judge mentorship and education in their regions, and help members of their communities by:

  • Providing information about the Judge Program;
  • Assisting tournament organizers find judges for events;
  • Finding judging opportunities;
  • Offering store owners advice on best practices for running events; and
  • Building a positive community of stores, organizers, and players.

Whatever your question or need, contact your RCs for more information.



In an ongoing effort to be responsive to the Magic Judge Community, Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce the formation of the Regional Coordinator Advisory Committee (“RCAC”), an independent group for judges to provide feedback about Magic and the Judge Program.

Created last September, the RCAC acts as a sounding board and outlet for judges around the world to voice their ideas, thoughts and concerns about Magic and the Judge Program. 

The RCAC advises Wizards and the Level 4 and 5 judges on issues arising from the Judge Program, including education, knowledge management, judge and player sanctions, and judge complaints, and will provide other general recommendations as the need arises. The RCAC is comprised of judges, as well as player representative Jon Finkel, who was elected by the Hall of Fame selection committee, to provide feedback and the perspective of a player to the RCAC. 

Any judge in the Judge Program can contact the RCAC at


Judge Article Archive

Disqualification Reporting Procedure 
Instructions for submitting a DQ report to Wizards of the Coast. Requires DCI Certification.

Suspended Player List 
Current and new suspended players, updated at need.

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