Magic Online Leaderboard Points

MOCS Preliminary, Open, and Playoff events include Leaderboard Points as prizes. These are not physical objects tracked in your collection but are instead tracked on this page.

You can follow the Leaderboard for the 2019 Magic Online Championship Series on this page. It will be updated by the Wednesday following each Prelimiary, Open, or Playoff event. You can learn more about the 2019 MOCS here.

Updated: March 18, 2019

Players in bold are qualified for the 2019 Magic Online Championship.

2019 MOCS Leaderboard


Player Name


Piratus Petr Danek 12
tangrams David Inglis 12
MentalMisstep Stefan Schutz 9
kanister Piotr Glowgowski 8
Paanika Hannes Kerem 8
Folero Roope Metsa 6
hshipley Harry Shipley 6
AceOnTheFlop Sam Stein 5
astarisk Shuhei Nakamura 5
AutumnLily Autumn Burchett 5
C_E.L Christoffer Larson 5
didoguidotti1 Ricardo Guidotti 5
FestiFan Corey Baumeister 5
Jaberwocki Logan Nettles 5
keinebeine Anton Morgenstern 5
Malavi Lars Dam 5
oracle88 Etienne Busson 5
papado90 Panagiotis Papadopolous 5
Projectmayham Howard Harrington 5
qbturtle Kurtis Droge 5
romanmy Manuel Lenz 5
trojanmamba Anand Hira 5
JaguarXJ Dmitry Ivanov 4
Thalai Javier Dominguez 4
TombSimon Simon Nielsen 4
Daniel_Garcia Daniel Garcia 3
drVendigo Alexander Onosov 3
Fcormier Francis Cormier 3
malseman Jeong Woo Choo 3
msskinbolic Mateus Martins 3
Patxi Patxi Sanchez Zabala 3
39 players tied   2
5 players tied   1


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