Premier Event Support and Digital Event Coordinators

The Digital Event Coordinators (DECs) are event managers who keep an eye on select top-tierMagic Online tournaments. With extensive experience running events at all levels of Organized Play, from Friday Night Magic to the Pro Tour, the DEC team will be there to support your Magic Online premier event experience!

A DEC’s number one goal is to help supported high-level tournaments finish properly while keeping everyone informed on what’s happening in their event. As the Head Judge of the event, DECs monitor events in real time and ensure your tournament progresses through rounds smoothly.

When or how will I see a DEC in action?

Select Magic Online Premier Play events receive DEC support throughout the year, including most Players Tour Qualifiers (PTQ), Magic Online Showcase Qualifiers, and Magic Online Showcase Opens.

Format Challenges and events without Top 8 playoffs do not qualify for DEC support, so issues should be reported through the regular Customer Service report an issue form.

If you are in an event with coverage, the best way to communicate with the DEC running the event is by joining the channel appropriate to that event.

The steps to get to the right place:

  • Click Chat, then Join/New Chat Session …
  • Type #DEC
  • Click "Create New"

If a DEC is assigned to your event, they will be monitoring the channel and will be available to help you as necessary. You can identify DECs from the "DEC_"before their username and the Wizards of the Coast icon after it.

If you experience a technical issue affecting your ability to play in a Premier event, contact the DEC as soon as possible. If you don’t get a quick response, also contact Customer Service via the report an issue form.

If you reach the Top 8 of a supported event, the DEC will set up a Private Chat window to ensure quick communication about any issues that may arise.

Premier Play Event Issue Guidelines

These guidelines cover MOCS events, PTQ Finals and RPTQ events on Magic Online, because these events have full DEC support.

Individual Player Issues

Individual Player Issues include, but aren't limited to, individual player lag, being dropped from an event for inactivity, being unable to sideboard due to a disconnection, reporting conduct issues, or a game-impacting bug. When this type of issue does occur, the player should contact the active DEC as soon as possible. The DEC will provide the correct course of action and in some cases, DECs can fix your issue in real time.

You can also file a reimbursement request through the Report an Issue form on our website. Because Premier Play events have an extra level of importance to our players, each Individual Player Issue reported through the issue reporting system gets escalated to our DECs for review. If an issue cannot be addressed during an event, most issues should be addressed within two days following the event. Please note that requests must be filed within 7 days of the event.

Event-Impacting Issues

Event-Impacting Issues include, but aren't limited to, trouble that impacts all or many players in an event, but are then successfully mitigated by the Magic Online system or our Digital Event Coordinators. For example, an event delay caused by a single round not concluding properly until the DEC intercedes is an event-impacting issue. Other examples include extending the length of a round or suspending inactivity timers.

The DEC will endeavor to have a resolution for and communication around any event-impacting issue within an hour of discovering the issue. While we always encourage players to reach out if they feel as though an issue is occurring, we ask for your patience during this time so the DEC can work towards a resolution as quickly as possible. Communications about the event will take place within the event’s Chat room (#PTQ/#RPTQ/#MOCS) and will also posted on Magic Online’s Twitter page (@MagicOnline).

We understand that any extended delay during a Premier event can disrupt enjoyment of the event, so DECs are empowered to reimburse players affected by an Event-Impacting issue, either individually or en masse. DECs will inform players of the outcome and any reimbursement offered. Reimbursement will be delivered automatically within two days, and affected players will not need to file for reimbursement.

Event Catastrophe

An Event Catastrophe is any Premier event that doesn't successfully conclude with a clear winner as defined by the event structure. Unfortunately, there are some situations that arise that leave us no choice but to end an event prematurely. While our goal is to avoid this situation completely, we want to better clarify what players should expect when this does occur.

With the exception of events that are in the Top 8, any event that does not successfully complete will have all of the following occur:

  • There will be a makeup event starting at the same time and day of week as the impacted event one week later. The makeup event will have the same prize structure as the original event.
  • All active players X–2 or better (calculated from the last fully completed round) will be invited to the makeup event. For instance, if you were 4–2 in an event that had completed Round 6 when an issue occurred, you would receive an invitation to the makeup event.
  • All players in the original, impacted event will receive one pack per match win (calculated from the last fully completed round).
    • If the issue occurs after Round 4 or later in the original event, players who are X–1 or better (calculated from the last fully completed round) will receive an additional one pack per match win.
    • Players would receive the above regardless if they were active or had dropped from the event.

If the Magic Online system has awarded prizes to the event, those prizes will be retained by the players. Players will keep any cards opened in Limited events.

If an Event Catastrophe occurs, we will contact players through our communication channels (event Chat room and Twitter) within one hour of the issue.

Players affected by an Event Catastrophe will not need to file for reimbursement; the Magic Online team will handle it automatically. All reimbursements will be completed within two days.

For affected events that are in the Top 8, the following steps will happen instead of those outlined above:

Constructed events in Top 8:

  • We will look to restart the current round within one hour of the issue. Digital Event Coordinators will communicate details via Private Chat.
  • Players will be able to switch their deck choice for the makeup event.

Limited events in Top 8:

  • We will look to restart the current round within one hour of the issue. Digital Event Coordinators will communicate details via Private Chat. If the event did not progress past the Top 8 round, we will have a re-draft with all eight players.
  • If the event is in the Top 4 or Top 2, we will set up a Sealed Deck event for the remaining players.

These are intended only as a guideline to help establish expectations if an event issue does occur. As each circumstance is individual, please respect that we will do our best to handle each situation as we feel is best. If you ever have any issue within Magic Online, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service team here.

Bribery & Collusion Policy


Players may neither offer nor accept booster packs, rewards, or any other objects in exchange for modifying the outcome of a game or match. For example, during round two of a three round Swiss event, if player A says to player B “Concede to me for 2 tickets,” this is bribery and subject to conduct action. The only exception to this is discussed in “Prize Splitting.”

Prize Splitting

In the final round of an event, two players matched against each other may negotiate their match result to split whatever prizes are at stake between them, including (but not limited to) Qualifier Points and invitations. If an event cuts to a Top 8 playoff, the final round is defined as the last round of that playoff. Offering prizes outside those Magic Online would award based on the outcome of that match to the participants is still considered bribery, as is offering a prize split prior to the final round of an event. All prize splits are done at the players' own risk, and Magic Online will not enforce any agreed-upon splits in any situation.


A player or players working together to gain an unfair competitive advantage in an event. An example of collusion includes sharing knowledge of draft picks with other players of an event during the drafting portion of that event.