It is always our goal to provide players with the best possible experience. Unfortunately, there are times when Magic Online may encounter issues or bugs. Should you encounter an issue with Magic Online, whether in a casual match, while you’re viewing your collection, or in any other part of the game, we would like to know about it.

If you were in a Magic Online tournament, we may be able to reimburse your entry to your collection after processing your report. If you were in a League, we may be able to nullify the match affected by the issue so that you can replay it, or we may be able to reimburse your entry for the League.

How to Report an Issue

To report a bug for which you do not need reimbursement, please use our feedback site.

If you experienced a bug during an event and would like to request reimbursement, please fill out this form.

When doing so, you will need to fill out the following fields:

  • Your Email Address (If you log into this site with your Wizards Account, you won’t need to fill this in.)
  • Your Magic Online Username
  • Event or Match ID: Use the appropriate option –
    • The Event ID (Queues/Scheduled Events); or
    • The League ID (League Drafts); or
    • The Match ID (League Matches)
    • For casual games, we’ll need the Game ID instead
    • Click here for help on finding the proper numbers. If you cannot find your event ID, enter 0.
  • Type of Event: Choose the option that best fits the tournament you were playing. If you were not in an event, choose Constructed.
  • Reproduction Steps: Tell us how to reproduce it or what happened in the game before the bug. Here are example repro steps:

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Cast Runeclaw Bear

2. Attack with Runeclaw Bear

3. Cast Titanic Growth on Runeclaw Bear


Actual Results: Runeclaw Bear becomes a 3/3.

Expected Results: The Runeclaw Bear becomes a 6/6.

  • Approximate Time Bug Encountered: This helps us track down the exact problem you are referencing.
  • Subject: A few words describing what happened, like a title for your report. Avoid using generic titles like Reimbursement or Bug Report.
  • Description: Tell us as much as you know about the issue. If you can't provide a Game ID, include as much info as you can to help us find it: the name of your opponent, round number, or game number of the match. Here is an example bug report:

If you’re having trouble with the form please contact Customer Service for troubleshooting.

After Submitting the Form

Reimbursement requests are normally processed within 48 hours of submission, though delays do occasionally occur – please be patient with our team. Requests are generally handled in the order received, so don’t file multiple requests for the same event.

If you experience recurring issues, we may ask you to complete a questionnaire and/or request speed tests and system reports to provide you a personalized troubleshooting experience. While sending back that information will be prerequisite for receiving reimbursement for that request, the purpose is to provide us with assistance in troubleshooting repeated issues, not deciding if a reimbursement request is granted.

For a League course that is in progress, we can choose to nullify a loss to allow you to play an extra match in that course. (Opponents do not lose victories of matches that are later nullified)

If reimbursement is approved, you’ll receive your entry option back, even if you won prizes during the event. (Exception: Premier Play events – MOCS, PTQ Finals, etc. – are handled specially)

Issues We Will Not Reimburse

  • Reports with insufficient descriptions to verify their accuracy, or reports from accounts whose owner cannot be verified.
  • Errors or system failures caused by your internet connection, your system hardware, or computer software configuration.
  • Being suspended from Magic Online for violating the Wizards of the Coast Code of Conduct.


Additional Reimbursement Terms & Conditions

  • You may only receive one reimbursement per event or League course.
  • Decisions to provide (or not provide) reimbursement, as well as the nature of such reimbursement, are at the sole discretion of Wizards of the Coast.
  • Wizards of the Coast reserves the right to decline repeat or invalid reimbursement requests made by those who we feel are operating with poor internet connections or hardware.
  • Any attempts to defraud, manipulate, or otherwise “game” the reimbursement process, as solely determined by Wizards, may result in disciplinary and/or criminal action such as termination of any or all your Wizards accounts including Magic Online, and/or Planeswalker Points and investigation by local or national law-enforcement authorities.

For Additional information please see the Magic Online EULA.

Thank You!

We want to thank you for playing Magic Online and for the part you play in helping us make it better. We'd love to hear from you! If you have feedback you'd like to share, please contact us via any of the avenues on our contact page. You can even find us on Twitter @Wizards_Help!