Mythic Invitational

64 Challengers. $1,000,000 Prize Pool. Live at PAX East.

The first-ever Magic: The Gathering Mythic Invitational showcases an exhilarating new world of competitive Magic.

Witness the Magic Pro League—the biggest and brightest names in Magic—as they battle it out in MTG Arena for a $1,000,000 prize pool.


YOU Have a Chance to Compete!

The top 8 players for ranked constructed in MTG Arena during our February preseason (Feb 1–28) will get a seat at the Mythic Invitational at PAX East. Compete alongside the Magic Pro League players for $1,000,000 in prizes and ultimate bragging rights. Read the article below for more details and learn how to qualify.

The MTG Arena Mythic Invitational

Blake Rasmussen

The first-ever $1 million Magic: The Gathering Mythic Invitational is the kick-off of an exhilarating new world of competitive Magic—and you could be there!

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The final 8 slots in the Mythic Invitational will be filled with the best of the best constructed players in MTG Arena during the Feb. 1-28 preseason. Here’s how it’s going to work.

During the month of February—play MTG Arena! That’s a pretty easy step 1. If you aren’t already playing MTG Arena, you can download the game for free here.

Next—win! Achieving Mythic ranking is difficult, and getting to the top 8 is an even greater accomplishment. One worthy of an invitation to a $1 million tournament. You can play and win in ranked constructed, which includes best-of-one and best-of-three play.

We’ll be publishing official rankings of the top 100 weekly (below) throughout the month of February and emailing players in the top 1000 once the season concludes. Note that your listed in-game ranking may not be accurately reflected in your displayed ranking, as the ranking system considers games played by other players that may not be visible moment-by-moment in what is displayed for any given player. All rankings will be final as of noon PT on Thursday, February 28.

Then, by Monday, March 4, we will email final, certified, rankings to every player in the top 1,000. We’ll also contact the top 8 directly for more information. The top 8 will receive hotel and airfare accommodations for themselves and a four-day PAX East badge for themselves and one guest. For more details including additional rules and eligibility, click here.


Ranked Constructed Top 100

*Top 100 MTG Arena Ranked Constructed players as of 2/14/2019 at 12:10pm PST

Rank Display Name
1 Mogg
2 Hayne
3 LaCriaturaBB
4 Manos
5 phyrexia mirrodin
6 YohanD
7 Sanuzoku
8 Madd2
9 Uncle Istvan
10 Zxarien
11 PercsAlert
12 robcards
13 chrolony
14 BigBorts
15 y62
16 Juzam
17 drosales
18 Cydonia
19 OlleR
20 EasyMac
21 Peppeys
22 Honey
23 Nukular
24 lewk
25 Hoej
26 maxxattack
27 Vriss
28 JaeGlxy
29 McWinSauce
30 5108
31 HerdULykeMudkips
32 Attrigme
33 Max Weiss
34 priorera
35 SgtMcMuffins
36 Yawgz
37 Tasz
38 SowingNaCl
39 FalconKick
40 jutipl
41 Max Capone
42 KKB
43 pizza
44 Stitch
45 Sai
46 ryuumei
47 luvemNleavum
49 Elias
50 Zack_R
51 Ra_Po
52 Mark_Confidant
53 Lilizinha
54 Lawful Eval
55 JoseCabezas
56 Wattam
57 Nitreglyze
58 Dapokpok
59 Emrakul
60 Gutshot4Lethal
61 MagicianVassallo
62 gutodread
63 Eemeli
64 edmvyrus
65 Corgi_Butts
66 Diputs
67 Lofberg
68 Pcyco
69 Pintogeddon
70 TripleC
71 eheh_dude
72 fzmushko
73 DoomBlade87
74 DaniMRebel
75 Persius
76 TheAsianAvenger
77 SevenZera
78 vorg7
79 ooppss
80 BardiniA
81 Sandro
82 LuCaparroz
83 SteelKitten
84 Mikail
85 Xzirez
86 Hazoret9
87 Plurmorant
88 Diomed
89 Kaigen
90 neko
91 ulza8102
92 rapa1
93 sjow
94 FFfreak
95 JiRock
96 pinkbom
97 kioj
98 Vomi
99 Nizzy
100 Illusion
Mythic Invitational

Mythic Invitational

The battle for $1,000,000 in prizes begins

40 Days
Mar 28 - 31 2019

Official Rules and Eligibility

The Top 8 finishers of ranked constructed play on Magic: The Gathering Arena during the February preseason (February 1, 2019 through February 28, 2019 12:00 p.m. PST) will receive an invitation to compete at the Mythic Invitational taking place at PAX EAST, March 28th through March 31st, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (each, an “Eligible Competitor”). Note: in-game ranking may not be accurately reflected in displayed rankings, as the ranking system considers games played by other players that may not be visible moment-by-moment. Final rankings will be published by March 4, 2019 and Wizards will contact all Eligible Competitors via the email listed in their MTG Arena account. If an Eligible Competitor fails to respond within 72 hours of an initial email invitation, Wizards reserves the right to rescind such invitation and invite the next highest ranked player (e.g., if the 8th ranked player fails to respond, Wizards will invite the 9th ranked player). If an Eligible Competitor is already invited to the Mythic Invitational, Wizards shall invite the next highest ranked player. All Eligible Competitors are subject to a criminal background check where permitted by applicable law and will have to sign a publicity release. Eligible Competitors must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid Wizards Account and active DCI membership. If you do not have a DCI membership or a Wizards Account, you may create both at Non-U.S. residents must be eligible to enter the U.S. and must possess a valid passport. All Eligible Competitors must be available to arrive in Boston, Massachusetts on or before Tuesday, March 26, 2019 and be available for event prep and media access on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. Failure to meet the aforementioned requirements and obligations will result in the revocation of invitation and Wizards shall invite the next highest ranked player. Wizards and Hasbro employees and their immediate family are not eligible to participate. An invitation to the Mythic Invitational does not guarantee an Eligible Competitor’s ability to participate in the Mythic Invitational. Wizards reserves the right to withhold or rescind an invitation at its sole discretion for any reason and no reason whatsoever with no liability to the Eligible Competitor. If an Eligible Competitor meets all requirements and is approved by Wizards, that Eligible Competitor shall be designated a Mythic Invitational Challenger. Each Mythic Invitational Challenger shall receive an official invitation to the Mythic Invitational, hotel accommodations, roundtrip coach airfare, and a 4-Day PAX East pass. All Mythic Invitational Challengers shall be responsible for their own applicable taxes from participating in the Mythic Invitational.

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