Epic Stories

The stories of Magic take place in The Multiverse - an infinite realm that contains untold numbers of fantastical worlds. These worlds are filled with heroic legends and whispered secrets. Traveling throughout the Multiverse are Planeswalkers–powerful mages with the rare ability to leave the world of their birth. The adventures, plots, and machinations of these Planeswalkers forever alter the fates of those they encounter. The monsters and civilizations of the Multiverse also have their own histories and legends. Each plane is rich in mystery and intrigue, strife and war, all with epic stories just waiting for your discovery.


You are a Planeswalker

At the heart of Magic's many stories are the Planeswalkers - powerful mages with the ability to travel between worlds. Where Planeswalkers tread, legends spring up in their wake.

While most mages are bound to one plane, unaware of the true vastness of the Multiverse, Planeswalkers have a spark within them that sets them apart. This spark is only ignited through facing a great ordeal. However, once the spark ignites, the Planeswalker can travel between planes, journeying to new worlds and tapping into new spells, reaching unmatched heights of power.

As a player, you are one such Planeswalker, creating your own story with your deck of Magic cards. Unleash your potential. Battle other Planeswalkers. The Multiverse awaits.



Dive into worlds ruled by merciless dragonlords, overrun with mischievous spirits, or controlled by manipulative gods. Explore lands rich in mana, ravaged by astral monstrosities, or trapped in eternal cycles of light and dark. The Multiverse of Magic contains a vast number of planes - incredible isolated worlds, each populated with complex societies, scheming denizens, and endless monsters and beasts. The cards of Magic take you to these distant worlds, and as a Planeswalker, you get to construct your decks with spells and creature cards from across the entirety of the Multiverse.

Explore the endless possibilities. Unlock the many planes of the Multiverse today.


Experience the Story Today

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