Il Mazzo di Andrea Vitali e il seguente:

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Defiant Falcon

Hammer Mage

Sword Dancer

Devine Griffin

Spur Grappler

Troubled Healer

Defiant Vanguard

Devout Witness


Shock Troops

Defender En Vec (2)

Keldorian Berserker (2)

Jhovall Queen



Rhystic Lightning

Panic Attack

Flame Sword

Orim cure

Cho Manno's Blessing

Sivvi's Ruse

Mountain (8)

Plains (9)

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January 17, 2022

The Dragon-Kami Reborn by, Emily Teng

The dragons of Kamigawa are some of the most powerful and enduring kami around. However, not even they are free from pain and death. The Dragon-Kami Reborn | Art by: Alix Branwyn Many ...

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