Spellslinger Credits

Research & Design

Game Design

Andrew Veen
Ethan Fleisher - Lead Set Designer
Jules Robins


Alison Luhrs
Cynthia Sheppard
Daniel Holt
Dawn Murin
Doug Beyer
James Arnold
James Wyatt
Rabecca On
Sam Burley
Taylor Ingvarsson

R&D Administration

Bill Rose - VP of R&D
Aaron Forsythe - Senior Director of R&D
Mark Globus - Director of Product Design
Ken Troop - Director of Operations
Marisa Fulmer - Operations Manager
Mark Gottlieb - Design Manager
Jessica Lanzillo - Design Manager
Bryan Hawley - Design Manager
Stephanie Mitchell - Producer
Eli Shiffrin - Rules Manager
Del Laugel - Editor
Matt Tabak - Editor
Alli Medwin - Digital Editor
Gregg Luben - Editor
Nat Moes - Editor
Sarah Como - Coordinator
Case Kiyonaga - Coordinator

Brand Strategy & Marketing

Product Architectecture

Mark Heggen - Principal Product Designer
Mike Turian - Principal Product Designer(Lead)
Gavin Verhey - Product Designer

Product Marketing

April Glass - Senior Brand Manager
Rebecca Shepard - Brand Manager(Lead)

Brand Administration

Elaine Chase - VP Global Brand Strategy & Marketing
Mark Purvis - Senior Director Global Brand Strategy & Marketing
Katie Allison Brand Copywriter

Design & Interactive Marketing

Tom Jenkot
Sara Riehl
David Strahan
Sam Weigelt
Aaron Penfold
Anne Hendricks
Elsa Monnier
Karl Smith
Kelsey Johnston
Mandi Huffman
Kenzie Micholson
Jonathan Olabre
Adam Willson
Fern Roath

Creative & Production Studios

Marketing & Packaging Design

Christine Risinger - Manager Creative
Jade Granger - Associate Designer
Keven Smith - Packaging Lead Art Director
Lauren Cavanaugh - Packaging Lead Designer
Lisa Hanson - Senior Creative Art Director
Roni Ruggenberg - Senior Packaging Designer
Sarah Walker - Packaging Lead Graphic Designer

Project Management

Kim Graham - Program Manager
Will Ansell - Project Manager

Video Production

James Knost - Senior Manager Video Production
Jeffrey Stewart - Senior Video Producer
Mary Josberger - Video Production Manager
Nick Bartoletti - 3D Artist


BJ Keeley - Senior Traffic Coordinator
Godot Gutierre - Product Engineer
Curt Gould - Director Supply Chain
Jane Flohrschutz - Data Governance Specialist
Jefferson Dunlap - Prepress Production Manager
Jen Lim - Product QA Engineer
Joy Fortney - Senior Product QA Engineer
Kelly Bingham - Senior Manager Purchasing
Nancy Herring - Proofreading
Nate Herring - Product QA Engineer
Tom Wanerstrand -Senior Manager Operations

Imaging & Typesetting

Brian Dumas - Manager Graphic Production
Kevin Yee - Imaging Technician
Marsha Rivera - Imaging Specialist
Mike Demaine - Graphic Production Specialist
Nathan Greene - Senior Coordinator Art Administration
Steve Nashem - Graphic Production Specialist
Sven Bolen - Senior Imaging Specialist

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