What Is It?

Oath of the Gatewatch is the set for Two-Headed Giant play! Now’s the perfect time to bring a friend down to your local game store and share in the fun of taking on opponents in a Two-Headed Giant tournament. Grab your buddy and find a participating game store near you:

  1. Click on Find a Store to bring up our Store Locator.
  2. Under Search Options > Formats choose either 2HG Sealed or 2HG Standard.
  3. Look for a date range between today and March 6.
  4. Type in your address and click Go!
  5. Click on a store for its full list of events to find a 2HG format.

Contact your local game store to inquire about their participation and prize support.

How to Play

Community managers Alison, Nate, Chris and David walk through how to play Two-Headed Giant.