Hello everyone! We (that’s Wizards of the Coast) put together this page to ensure that our players understand how reward distribution and rarity work in Magic: The Gathering Arena. We believe that informed players are happy players and are committed to giving you as much transparency into our game as possible.

Below, we’ve outlined the different types of certain rewards (virtual items and currency) you can earn in MTG Arena and their respective distribution and drop rates. From time to time, we may run special events or promotions that provide additional or different rewards than those outlined below. We’ll publish information about the distribution and drop rates for those special events here.

Note: Below the distribution or drop rates are listed in the format of N:M where N is the relative number in M instances. For example, a rarity distribution of 1:20 means that you will likely acquire 1 item of that rarity in 20 instances.


Let’s start with booster packs! All cards in MTG Arena—including Wildcards—have an associated rarity level: Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Mythic. MTG Arena booster packs (“Packs”) contain 8 cards* with the following rarity distribution:

  • 5 Commons
  • 2 Uncommons
  • 1 Mythic/Rare*

*Rares may upgrade to a mythic rare (approximately 1:8). 

Wildcards redeem for any card you choose of the same rarity. One card in each rarity card slot (Common, Uncommon, and Mythic/Rare) may redeem for a Wildcard of the same rarity at the following expected rates:

# Rarity Rate
1 Common 1:3
2 Uncommon 1:5
3 Rare 1:30*
4 Mythic 1:30*

We understand that Wildcards are really helpful for players to round out their collections. Each Pack you open that does not redeem for a Wildcard of a particular rarity will increase the drop rate for Wildcards of that rarity for the next Pack. Once you acquire a Wildcard of that rarity from a Pack, the drop rates will reset to the base rate. The expected rate seen above represents that average number of packs needed to open to acquire 1 Wildcard of the respective rarity.


When you win a game in MTG Arena—any game—you’ll receive certain rewards. Below are the distribution and drop rates for the “win” rewards you may receive in MTG Arena.

Daily Win Reward:

Every day players can earn gold or individual card rewards (ICRs) when they win a match (up to 15 wins/reward instances) in any game mode with the exception of Play if you queue with a deck that is non-standard legal, Direct Challenge, and Bot Matches. Daily Win Bonuses are counted for wins that occur 24 hours from server reset (3AM PST). The table below outlines the reward(s) associated with each incremental win:

Win Number Gold ICR
1 250 0
2 100 0
3 100 0
4 100 0
5 0 1
6 50 0
7 0 1
8 50 0
9 0 1
10 50 0
11 0 1
12 25 0
13 0 1
14 25 0
15 0 1

The ICRs included in Daily Win Rewards are uncommon standard-legal cards*, each of which may upgrade to a rare card (1:10).Rare ICRs (including those obtained from upgraded uncommon ICRs) may upgrade to a mythic rare (1:8).

*Each Standard set is distributed equally.

NOTE: Event and Daily Win ICRs have different rates. See the Event section to view Event ICR rates.


The Set Mastery system is away for players to receive in-game content through play.Players earn rewards based on their current Set Mastery level, including:

  • Booster Packs

  • Orbs redeemable for Common, Uncommon, Rare,and Mythic RareCard Styles

The content made available through each specificSetMasterymay vary. Please refer to the appropriateSet Masteryfor a full list of currently available rewards.

Set Mastery Level

A player’s Set Mastery level is based on the amount of experience they have earned through play. Players primarily earn experience by completing in-game quests andthrough weekly wins (up to fifteen; resets at 2AM PDT).Weekly wins can be earned in any game mode;with the exception of Play if you queue with a deck that is not Standard legal, Direct Challenge, and Bot Matches. Additional experience may be earned by limited time events or promotional items.

Extended Rewards

For Theros Set Mastery, players will be able to level past 90. All levels past level 90 will earn the player 1x Uncommon ICR. Uncommon ICRs may upgrade to a mythic/rare (1:20).


Set Mastery spans the duration of a set release, starting when the applicable set releases on MTG Arena until the following set is released. Once a new Set Mastery is released, the previous Set Mastery willno longer be available. Players will keep any related content they earned; however,they will not be able to earn any additional rewards from previous Set Masteries once they are no longer available.

Set Mastery Pass

Set Mastery Pass is an optional way for players to enhance the Set Mastery system. Players who purchase the Set MasteryPass will be able to earn additional in-game currency or items through playbya secondarySet Masterytrack. When purchased, players will receive rewards based on theirSet Mastery level, including theSet Mastery Pass rewards from previously earned levels.

Set Mastery Pass Content

Set MasteryPass allows players to earn in-game content including:

  • Gold

  • Gems

  • Booster Packs

  • Mythic rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)

  • Avatars

  • Card Sleeves

  • Common and uncommon Card Styles

  • Orbs redeemable for common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare card styles

  • Pets

The content made available through each specific Set Mastery Pass may vary. Please refer to the appropriateSet MasteryPassfor a full list of currently available rewards. All other MTG Arena terms apply.

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Reward Tracks

Ikoria Mastery Reward Tracks

Level Set Mastery Set Mastery Pass
1   Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast Avatar
2 IKO Booster Pacifism Card Style
3   GRN Booster
4 IKO Booster 500 Gold
5   Orb
6 IKO Booster Blood Curdle Card Style
7   RNA Booster
8 IKO Booster 500 Gold
9 Orb Mythic Rare ICR
10 IKO Booster Orb
11   Dreamtail Heron Card Style
12 IKO Booster WAR Booster
13   500 Gold
14 IKO Booster Migratory Greathorn Card Style
15   Mythic Rare ICR
16 IKO Booster THB Booster
17   Orb
18 IKO Booster Fire Prophecy Card Style
19   200 Gems
20 IKO Booster Leosaur Cub
21   Daysquad Marshal Card Style
22 IKO Booster ELD Booster
23   Boot Nipper Card Style
24 IKO Booster RNA Booster
25 Orb Orb
26 IKO Booster Rumbling Rockslide Card Style
27   M20 Booster
28 IKO Booster Orb
29   Ram Through -Card Style
30 IKO Booster Mythic Rare ICR
31   GRN Booster
32 IKO Booster Essence Scatter Card Style
33   500 Gold
34 IKO Booster RNA Booster
35 Orb Mythic Rare ICR
36 IKO Booster Adventurous Impulse Card Style
37   200 Gems
38 IKO Booster Indatha Crystal Card Style
39   WAR Booster
40 IKO Booster Nightmare Cub
41   Whisper Squad Card Style
42 IKO Booster 500 Gold
43   THB Booster
44 IKO Booster Ketria Crystal Card Style
45 Orb Mythic Rare ICR
46 IKO Booster 500 Gold
47   Savai Crystal Card Style
48 IKO Booster ELD Booster
49   500 Gold
50 IKO Booster Mythic Rare ICR
51   Forbidden Friendship Card Style
52 IKO Booster M20 Booster
53   200 Gems
54 IKO Booster Raugrin Crystal Card Style
55 Orb Mythic Rare ICR
56 IKO Booster GRN Booster
57   Zagoth Crystal Card Style
58 IKO Booster Orb
59   Of One Mind Card Style
60 IKO Booster Frost Cub
61   RNA Booster
62   Orb
63   Heartless Act Card Style
64   WAR Booster
65   Mythic Rare ICR
66   Garrison Cat Card Style
67   500 Gold
68   THB Booster
69   Fight as One Card Style
70   Song of Creation Exquisite Sleeve
71   ELD Booster
72   200 Gems
73   Boon of the Wish-Giver Card Style
74   M20 Booster
75   Skycat Cub
76   Mythic Rare ICR
77   Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor Card Style
78   GRN Booster
79   Migration Path Card Style
80   Mythic Rare ICR
  Uncommon ICR - 5% Upgrade

Ikoria Mastery Tree

Using earned Orbs, the following Card Styles are available from the Ikoria Set Mastery Reward Tree:

  • Spontaneous Flight
  • Keensight Mentor
  • Regal Leosaur
  • Cubwarden
  • Ruinous Ultimatum
  • Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt
  • Wingfold Pteron
  • Wingspan Mentor
  • Trumpeting Gnarr
  • Sea-Dasher Octopus
  • Genesis Ultimatum
  • Illuna, Apex of Wishes
  • Unexpected Fangs
  • Duskfang Mentor
  • Necropanther
  • Dirge Bat
  • Eerie Ultimatum
  • Nethroi, Apex of Death
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Frillscare Mentor
  • Lore Drakkis
  • Everquill Phoenix
  • Inspired Ultimatum
  • Vadrok, Apex of Thunder
  • Sudden Spinnerets
  • Hornbash Mentor
  • Boneyard Lurker
  • Gemrazer
  • Emergent Ultimatum
  • Brokkos, Apex of Forever


The MTG Arena FNM Promo Packis a type ofpromotional item players can redeeminside ofMagic:The Gathering Arena. Players can acquire items from thispackin two ways:

  1. Utilizing theFNMAtHomeCode(Limit 1 per account)
  2. Contacting yourparticipating WPN local game storeeach weekand requesting a code(Limit 1 per account per FNM, while the promotion lasts).
    1. Methods of contacting participating WPN stores may vary; please refer to their website or social media channels for additional information.

All prize content inside of theArena FNM Promo Packis cosmetic.For additional information on promotional items, please refer to the Magic: The Gathering Promotions page.


Players must contact their participating WPN store and provide proof of their participationan eligible FNM @ Home eventin order to receive a code. This can be in the form of a screenshot, video, or by participating in an online FNM event hosted by the store.Each code will have a prefix that tells the playerwhich eligible FNM the code belongs to. Example: APR17 is an April 17, 2020 MTG Arena FNM Promo Packcode. A player may only utilize a code once per week, as defined by the prefix. These codes will expire 2 weeks after the start of that week’s FNM.

Each code redeems for 2 cosmetic items from the MTG Arena FNM Promo Pack in MTGArena.


Thereare two types of appearance rates for prizes. Appearance when granted initially and appearance when prize is going through duplicate protection.

Content Pool

Rate of appearance per prize

Ikoria: Lair of BehemothsRare PoolCard Style(20x items)


Ikoria: Lair of BehemothsCompanionCard Style(10x items)


Japanese Alt-artPlaneswalkerSleeves (35x items)


Ikoria: Lair of BehemothsMythicRareCard Style(8x items)


TriomeLand Card Style(5x items)


TempleLandCard Style(10xitems)


GuildEmblemEmbossed Sleeves (10xitems)


Tamiyo, Collector of Tales Avatar


Dragon Whelp Pet


Duplicate protection ensures that players will not get content they already own.

When a prize is going through duplicate protection, the appearance changes. Represented by


whereNis 100andMis the total number of items the player already owns.

# of owned items










Approximateappearance of any prize










An example of duplicate protectedprizeappearancesfor all unowned prize content:

Players who ownallthe items in the chest will not receive any rewards.If you believe you have reached this state in error, please contact customer supportand submit a ticket using the “Code Redemption Problem” form.https://mtgarena-support.wizards.com/


Card Styles:

Ikoria: Lair of BehemothsCompanion Card Style

  • Lurrusof the Dream Den
  • Keruga, theMacrosage
  • Umori, the Collector
  • Jegantha, the Wellspring
  • Gyruda, Doom of Depths
  • Obosh, thePreypiercer
  • Yorion, Sky Nomad
  • Zirda, theDawnwaker
  • Kaheera, theOrphanguard
  • Lutri, theSpellchaser

Ikoria: Lair of BehemothsMythic Rare Card Style

  • Chevill, Bane of Monsters
  • Narset of the Ancient Way
  • Fiend Artisan
  • Rielle, theEverwise
  • LuminousBroodmoth
  • GeneralKudroofDrannith
  • Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy
  • Winota, Joiner of Forces

TriomeLand Card Style

  • KetriaTriome
  • RaugrinTriome
  • IndathaTriome
  • ZagothTriome
  • SavaiTriome

Ikoria: Lair of BehemothsRare Pool Card Style

  • Kogla, the Titan Ape
  • Extinction Event
  • SkycatSovereign
  • Slitherwisp
  • Titans’ Nest
  • VoraciousGreatshark
  • Hunted Nightmare
  • Bonders’ Enclave
  • FrondlandFelidar
  • Labyrinth Raptor
  • Whirlwind of Thought
  • Offspring’s Revenge
  • Song of Creation
  • TheOzolith
  • LavabrinkVenturer
  • Unpredictable Cyclone
  • QuartzwoodCrasher
  • Death’s Oasis
  • Crystalline Giant
  • DrannithMagistrate

Temple Land Card Style

  • Temple of Abandon
  • Temple of Deceit
  • Temple of Enlightenment
  • Temple of Malice
  • Temple of Plenty
  • Temple of Epiphany
  • Temple of Malady
  • Temple of Mystery
  • Temple of Silence
  • Temple of Triumph


Japanese Alt-art Planeswalker Sleeves

  • AngrathsansyuSleeve
  • JacetoshiakitakayamaSleeve
  • Kaya MID Sleeve
  • KioraYamamotoAkifumiSleeve
  • Liliana Yoshitaka Amano Sleeve
  • NarsetFoo Midori Sleeve
  • Nicol Bolas KAIDA YUJI Sleeve
  • NissaHitowaSleeve
  • SaheeliHisashiMomoseSleeve
  • TamiyofuzichocoSleeve
  • TeferiShishizaruSleeve
  • UginMaekawaYichiSleeve
  • Vivien HisashiMomoseSleeve
  • ArlinnD-suzukiSleeve
  • AshiokHozanShinomaruSleeve
  • ChandraRyota-H Sleeve
  • DavrielHAGIYA Kaoru Sleeve
  • DomriRaita Kazama Sleeve
  • DovinBaannablangeSleeve
  • GideontadaSleeve
  • HuatliMasuda Mikio Sleeve
  • Jaya MaekawaYichiSleeve
  • JiangYangguDaisukeIzukaSleeve
  • KasminaMID Sleeve
  • NahiriYukie TAJIMA Sleeve
  • ObNixilissansyuSleeve
  • SamutNorikatsuMiyoshi Sleeve
  • Sarkhanlack Sleeve
  • Sorin Yukie TAJIMA Sleeve
  • TeyoFoo Midori Sleeve
  • The WandererNorikatsuMiyoshi Sleeve
  • TibaltClover.KSleeve
  • VraskaRyotaMurayama Sleeve

Guild Emblem Embossed Sleeves

  • EmbossedAzoriusSleeve
  • EmbossedBorosSleeve
  • EmbossedDimirSleeve
  • EmbossedGolgariSleeve
  • EmbossedGruulSleeve
  • EmbossedIzzetSleeve
  • EmbossedOrzhovSleeve
  • EmbossedRakdosSleeve
  • EmbossedSelesnyaSleeve
  • EmbossedSimicSleeve


  • Tamiyo, Collector of Tales


  • Dragon Whelp


An Event is a special game mode in MTG Arena. The structure, format, and rewards you can earn from an Event will vary. You can view what rewards you can earn by playing a particular Event on the Event’s page in MTG Arena. You can find a list of all current Events by selecting “Play” on the home screen and selecting the Event you wish to view. There you’ll find the distribution and drop rates of the Event rewards.



Certain Events also offer ICRs. Unless otherwise indicated in the Event description or Promotions page, Event Reward ICRs are either uncommon or rare standard-legal cards*.Rare ICRs (including those obtained from upgraded uncommon ICRs) may upgrade to a Mythic Rare (1:8).

*Each Standard set is distributed equally.


#of Wins ICR #1 Upgrade Rate ICR #2 Upgrade Rate ICR #3 Upgrade Rate
7 100% 100% 5%
6 100% 100% 5%
5 100% 5% 1%
4 5% 1% 1%
3 5% 1% 1%
2 5% 1% 1%
1 5% 1% 1%
0 5% 1% 1%


  ICR #1 Upgrade Rate ICR #2 Upgrade Rate ICR #3 Upgrade Rate
5 100% 100% 15%
4 100% 15% 5%
3 100% 15% 5%
2 15% 5% 5%
1 15% 5% 5%
0 5% 5% 5%


  ICR #1 Upgrade Rate ICR #2 Upgrade Rate
5 100% 15%
4 100% 15%
3 35% 15%
2 25% 10%
1 20% 5%
0 15% 1%


Whenever you open a Pack in MTG Arena, you make progress toward earning Wildcards. We call this the “Wildcard Track”. You can view your Wildcard Track progress on the Packs page, found on the Navigation Bar. The Wildcard Track displays both an Uncommon Wildcard Track and the Rare/Mythic Wildcard Track:



These are displayed as two separate radials so that you can more easily understand the Wildcard Track reward cadences.

For each Pack you open, you earn 1 progress in both the Uncommon and the Rare/Mythic Wildcard Tracks. A WCR is triggered when you earn 6 progress on a track. When you fill your progress on the Wildcard Track, you earn a Wildcard Reward (“WCR”) and the Wildcard Track starts over again.

Additional information about the Wildcard Track:

  • Uncommon Wildcard Track: Each player starts MTG Arena with 3 progress in the Uncommon Wildcard Track, so you can expect to earn your first uncommon WCR sooner than Rare/Mythic WCRs. That means you’ll earn your first Uncommon WCR after you open your third Pack.
  • Rare/Mythic Wildcard Track: You’ll earn Rare WCRs at a greater frequency (4X) than Mythic WCRs. We’ve found that Rare WCRs are most needed by players to round out their collection, so we’ve created a system that redeems 4 Rare WCRs in a row before you will redeem your Mythic WCR.


The Vault is an additional reward system that is triggered by progress. Players earn Vault Progress Points when they acquire a fifth copy of a particular common or uncommon card. For each card you acquire after your fourth copy, that card is converted into Vault Progress Points according to its rarity:

Rarity of Duplicate Card Progress Points
Uncommon 3
Common 1

The Vault opens when you reach 1000 Vault Progress Points and unlocks:

  • 1 Mythic Wildcard
  • 2 Rare Wildcards
  • 3 Uncommon Wildcards

Note: the Vault is hidden until it has filled. When viewable, it can be found on the Packs screen.

If we make any changes to drop rates, we’ll be sure to post the new numbers here. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to share your thoughts and questions with us on the forums.


Duplicate Protection is an additional reward system that is triggered by progress. When players would acquire a fifth copy of a particular rare or mythic rare card, the system will replace it with a rare or mythic rare card you have less than four copies of in your collection or gems depending on the circumstance:

Booster Packs (from the Store, Mastery System, etc.):

  • If you open a rare or mythic rare card that you don't have four copies of, you receive the card.
  • If you would open a rare or mythic rare card that you already have four copies of, the system will automatically replace it with a different card of the same rarity from that set.
  • If you've collected all the rares and/or mythic rares in the set, the card will be replaced with Gems: 20 Gems for rares, 40 Gems for mythic rares.

Limited Packs (Drafts and Sealed):

  • Duplicate protection is not applied when you open a 14-card pack in a Limited Event - you will still see and be able to pick any rare or mythic rare card, even if you already have four copies of it in your collection.
  • Once you have finished with your Draft picks or opened your Sealed packs, the system will convert any extra copies you may have received. Rares/mythic rares will become Gems, and commons/uncommons will go towards the Vault.
  • Extra copies of cards will still be a part of your limited card pool for deckbuilding and participating in the event.

Individual Card Rewards (ICRs):

  • If you receive a rare/mythic rare ICR you already have four copies of,the card will be replaced with Gems: 20 Gems for rares, 40 Gems for mythic Rares.
  • If your receive an uncommon ICR that's upgraded to a rare or mythic rare, and you already already have four copies of the upgraded ICR, the card will be replaced with Gems: 20 Gems for Rares, 40 Gems for Mythic Rares.
  • If you receive an Uncommon ICR and you already have four copies of it, the card will go towards the Vault.
  • Unless otherwise indicated in the Event description or Promotions page, Event Reward ICRs are either uncommon or rare standard-legal cards*.