Click here for event information on the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for the first Pro Tour of 2016.

Invitations to the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for the first Pro Tour of 2016 are awarded in the following manner:

  • Winners of Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers tied to Pro Qualifiers for the first Pro Tour of 2016 (held June 6, 2015 – August 16, 2015)
  • Players with a Pro Tour Players Club Silver level as of the date of the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier
  • Players that finished 5th- through 8th- place in a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier with an attendance of 128 or fewer players from the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers tied to Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar

If you believe that your finish at a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier is in error, please visit After logging in, click the "Appeals Form" link at the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

This list is updated every Wednesday to account for adjustments and player appeals.

The following players are invited to compete in one Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for the first Pro Tour of 2016:

NOTE: This list is not final and subject to change at any time.

Last Name First Name Invitation Source PPTQ Date PPTQ Venue PPTQ City PPTQ Region PPTQ Country
Aamold Mikkel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Outland - Oslo Oslo Norway
Aaro Carl Oscar PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Prisfyndet Uppsala Sweden
Abaya Arjay PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Neutral Grounds - Glorietta Makati City Philippines
Abe Motoki PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 イエローサブマリン広島店 広島市 Hiroshima-ken Japan
Abilio Durval PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Armageddon Lisboa Lisboa Lisboa Portugal
Abreu Mario PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Drawstep - Braga Braga Portugal
Acoltzi Rodriguez Oscar PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Dojo Hobby Store Tlaxcala Tlaxcala Mexico
Aguilar Fernando BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 Gamesmart México City Distrito Federal Mexico
Ahonen Roni PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Pop-peli Rauma Finland
Aithaj-Kaddour Benjamin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Comic Planet Duisburg GbR Duisburg Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Akers Phil PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Bazbo Comics Truro England
Aktas Caner PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Pegasus Oyuncak Istanbul Turkey
Alessandro Lippi PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Games Academy - Pisa Pisa Pisa Italy
allingham james PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 BAM! Comics, Collectables & Games Leamington Spa England
Almeida Alessander PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Lancaster Games Goiânia Goiás Brazil
Alvarado Lopez Jorge PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Arcanus Ensenada Baja California Mexico
Alvarez Gerardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Metropolis Center Madrid Spain
Alves Guilherme PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Empório Jogos Taguatinga Sul Distrito Federal Brazil
Amendola Michele PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Pandora's Avellino Avellino Italy
Amici Damiano PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Magic World - Civitavecchia Civitavecchia Roma Italy
Ancona Michele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Il Covo del Nerd Foggia Foggia Italy
Anders Torsten PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 ReckenEcke - Abenteurers Grundbedarf Dresden Sachsen Germany
Anderson-Riley Paul BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Armada Games Tampa Florida United States
Andrade Henrique PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Voodoo Games Trofa Porto Portugal
Andreetti Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 otaku store aulla Massa-Carrara Italy
Andreev Nikita PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Ginger Cat Chelyabinsk Chelyabinskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Andrenacci Riccardo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Top deck - Porto Sant'Elpidio Porto Sant'Elpidio Fermo Italy
andres antonio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Rumbo Informatico Velez-Malaga Spain
Andronchik Dmitry PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Boardgames-BY Minsk Belarus
Anglada Martí PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Magic Industria 61 Barcelona Spain
Antic Marko PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 CONFLUX Belgrade Serbia
Appel Eder Vlamir PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 QGblumenau Blumenau Santa Catarina Brazil
Araki Russell PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Da Planet Honolulu Hawaii United States
Archer Julien PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Cartes sur table Auxerre Est France
Ardiles Felipe PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Command Center - Viña del Mar Viña del Mar Valparaíso Chile
Arévalo David PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Invasion Talavera Talavera de la Reina Spain
Arita Kento PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 カードショップリンクス 水戸市 Ibaraki-ken Japan
Armani Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 La grotta del Drago Asola Mantova Italy
Armani Matteo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Stargate Mantova Mantova Italy
Armstrong Kimberley PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Good Games Newcastle Newcastle New South Wales Australia
Arroyo Victor PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Magicsur Barquisimeto Barquisimeto Lara Venezuela
Arzounian Andrey PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 TCGUA Odessa Ukraine
Audette Anthony PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Flipside Gaming - East Greenbush East Greenbush New York United States
Aurejac Alexandre PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Camisole Rouen Nord France
Avedano Andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Mai - a - Letto Pub rivarolo canavese Torino Italy
Avila Gutierrez Marlon Jacob PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Koilos Club Mexico City Mexico Mexico
Azzini Sebastian PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 La règle du jeu Tours Tours Ouest France
babych IURII PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Game Zone Kiev Kyïv Ukraine
Bach Wolfgang PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Games Island Hof Hof Bayern Germany
Badiali Tommaso PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 stratagemma Firenze Firenze Italy
Bai Xiangjun PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 上海雨季卡牌/Yu Ji Card Store 上海 Shanghai China
Baier David PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 The Tabernacle Wiener Neustadt Austria
Bajerowicz Adam PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Centrum Hobbystyczne Orc & Goblin Gdansk Pomorskie Poland
Balakin Dmitry PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Hobby Games Penza Penza Russian Federation
Balbino Christian Eduardo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Academia de Jogos São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Ballester Carlos PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 MAGICLAND HOBBY SHOP Cartagena Spain
Bandas Jim PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Good Games Hurstville Hurstville New South Wales Australia
Barash Zachary BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop Hobbies, Games and Collectibles Newington Connecticut United States
barbagli marco PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Fumettopoli arezzo Arezzo Italy
Barbieri Saverio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Games Academy - Modena Modena Modena Italy
Barcellos Guilherme PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Cúpula do Trovão Pelotas Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Barclay Bradley PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Alternate Universe Comics Leighton Buzzard England
Bardazzi Carlo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Games academy Pistoia Pistoia Pistoia Italy
Barnett Adam PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Excelsior Comics Bristol England
Barnini Lorenzo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 The Oracle Fucecchio Firenze Italy
Baron Jake PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Stans Games Falmouth England
Barossi Davide PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Games Academy - Manicomix - Brescia Brescia Brescia Italy
Barsby Jerry PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Geeks and Nerds Quarter Eldon Missouri United States
Batarseh Sammy PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Game Haven - Bountiful Bountiful Utah United States
Batista de Melo Mateus PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Joker Games Divinopolis Minas Gerais Brazil
Battaglia Giacomo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Excalibur Games Milano Milano Italy
BAUDOIN JARED PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Gamez and More Byron Minnesota United States
Baumer Simon PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 BB-Spiele Rosenheim Bayern Germany
Bayer Jonas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Kaufparadies Stocker Dielsdorf Switzerland
Beale Gavin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Steve's Collectables & Toys Gravesend England
becerra Carlos PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 La Fenocueva San Luis Potosi San Luis Potosi Mexico
Becerra Daniel BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 Gamesmart México City Distrito Federal Mexico
Beda Victor PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Fumettando Bra Cuneo Italy
Behal Reamonn PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Mulligan a3 s.l. Bilbao Vizcaya Spain
Bellini Niccolò PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Il Fermaglio Calcio Bergamo Italy
Benedito Juan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Magicsur Caracas Caracas Distrito Federal Venezuela
Benincasa Giuliano PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Andycards Ravenna Ravenna Italy
Benoit Lebrun PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 L'autre Monde Luik Belgium
Bergdal Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Collector's Point Umeå Sweden
Berkemeier Christian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Ultra Comix Nürnberg Bayern Germany
Berman Ponce Gabriel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Raul s Lair Poza Rica Veracruz Mexico
bermejo roger alejandro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Hangar Rebelde Oviedo Spain
Bernardo Aureliano PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 NOSOLOMAGIC Mérida Badajoz Spain
Berteaux Julien PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Bédébile La Louviere Belgium
Berti Francesco PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Ka-boom! Poggibonsi Siena Italy
Bertoni Michele PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Giocheria Landoni Saronno Varese Italy
Beverley Robert PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Lost Harbor Games and Hobbies Westfield Massachusetts United States
Bezruchenko Dmitryi PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Igrovoe pole Krasnodar Russian Federation
Bichon Frederic PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Asian Gate Blois Paris France
Bidinoto Rafael Levi PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 O Templo Santa Maria Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Bielaszewski Adam PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 LVL UP Gaming Bournemouth England
Bifero Francesco PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Alastor - Napoli Napoli Napoli Italy
Bini Paolo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Games Academy - Parma Parma Parma Italy
Bisterfeld Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 FUNtainment Game Center Berlin Berlin Berlin Germany
Blankenship Arthur PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Mizewell Games Conway Arkansas United States
Blankevoort Tijmen PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 4 Your Games Dordrecht Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Blomfield Danne PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Nexus Games Nelson Nelson New Zealand
Boaretto Gianluca PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Tempus Fugit PADOVA Padova Italy
Bodily Samuel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Tabletop Tyrant Leicester England
body john PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 La Caverne du Gobelin Metz Metz Est France
Boelens Jasper PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Zinnebeeld Groningen Netherlands
Boinet Eric BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Epita Kremlin Bicêtre Val-de-Marne France
Bojtár Gyula PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Sarkanytuz Budapest Budapest Hungary
Bolen Zachary PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Cafe Meeples Richmond Kentucky United States
Bollati Matias PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Game Land - Córdoba Córdoba Córdoba Argentina
Bollue Eddy PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Rocambole Lille Nord France
Bonaventura Ciro PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Games Academy - Pescara Pescara Pescara Italy
Bonde Michael PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Dragons Lair Aarhus Århus C Denmark
Bonifacio Vasco BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Evolution store Madrid Spain
Bonoli Emanuele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Metaplay Forlì Forlì-Cesena Italy
Borges Eduardo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Dungeons and Cards Caxias do Sul Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Boriskin Andrey PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Hitriy EZH N.Tagil Nizhny Tagil Sverdlovskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Borra Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Caverna Del Drago San Giovanni in Persiceto Bologna Italy
Bossaneli Araujo William PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Taberna Geek Vitoria Espírito Santo Brazil
Bourque Bobby PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Comic Hunter #2 Moncton New Brunswick Canada
Bowman Peter PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 The Grinning Demon Maidstone England
Boyhan Aaron PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Chaos City Comics St.Albans England
Brendemühl Bernd PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 RUNE Solingen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Bressan Daniele PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Magic Time - Ravenna Ravenna Ravenna Italy
Brickey Christopher PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Cloak and Dagger Comics Ormond Beach Florida United States
Bridges Lloyd PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Outer Limits JHB Johannesburg South Africa
Briggs Ben PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Phyrexian Games Fitchburg Massachusetts United States
Brito Rafael PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 White Dragon Linda-a-Velha Portugal
brodzak michal PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Black Lotus Ostrava Czech Republic
Brogan John PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Juicafe Lancaster England
BRUNO GERARDO PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Fumetteria Golden Store Lissone Monza e Brianza Italy
Brusch Felix PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Ollis Spielecenter Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Buckendorf Eric PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Natural Twenty Gaming Las Vegas Nevada United States
Bueno Lara Jose Jesus PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 El Conclave de Piedra Fuengirola Málaga Spain
Buia Massimiliano PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Galactus - Ciampino Ciampino Roma Italy
Burchett Autumn PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Tournament Centre Worcester England
Burns Marc PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Bc Comix of Battle Creek Battle Creek Michigan United States
Burrow George PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Tabletop Game Shop - Colne Lancashire England
Burton Brandon PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Xtreme Games - McHenry McHenry Illinois United States
Caballero Torres Raphael PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Arkham Mexico City Mexico Mexico
Cabezas Blanco Aitor PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 La Cueva del Trol Valencia Valencia Spain
Cabrera Ruiz Cesar PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Red Rabbit Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico
Caggiano Joao PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Casa Mágica dos Games Marília São Paulo Brazil
Caiazzo Pierluigi PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Cartoleria Elativ Group Napoli Napoli Italy
Caillaba-Lissorgues Jean-Michel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Univers Parallèle Toulouse Sud France
Cal Bugra Alp PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Comiculture Braunschweig Niedersachsen Germany
Calamonte Morales Juan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 ¡¡¡ Dados Fuera !!! Caceres Cáceres Spain
Calf David PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Axion Now Amersham England
Calvaruso Diego PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Centro Gioco Educativo Torino Torino Italy
Calvaruso Fabio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Jolly Troll - Ivrea Ivrea Torino Italy
Calvo Enciso Ignacio PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Doctor Ocio Zaragoza Spain
Camargo Marcus PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Let's Collect São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Campanino Fabrizio PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Angeli e Draghi Roma Roma Italy
Campillo Juan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Forbidden Planet - Bristol Bristol England
Canavesi Daniele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Defcon 2.0 Castellanza Varese Italy
Candelù Yuri PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Games Academy Padova Padova Padova Italy
Canetti Alberto PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Forgia dei Giochi Cento Ferrara Italy
Cantone Biagio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Games Time - Poggibonsi Poggibonsi Siena Italy
Cappiello Davide PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Asgard Chivasso chivasso Torino Italy
Caprioli Davide PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Il Folletto Biella Biella Italy
Cardoso da Silva Paulo Sérgio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Dragon's House Florianópolis Santa Catarina Brazil
Carli Maltinti Lorenzo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Games Academy - Firenze Firenze Firenze Italy
Carra Federico PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Lucky Draw Torino Torino Italy
Carter Ollie PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Big Orbit Games Evesham England
Caruso Vincenzo Floriano PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 La Tana Del Drago - Frosinone Frosinone Frosinone Italy
Carvalho Pedro Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Casimiro Débora PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Geek's Land Campo Grande Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil
Castellanos Adrian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Ludogoya Madrid Spain
Castro Saa Eduardo Ignacio PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Alter Mundi Viña del Mar Valparaíso Chile
Catana Ciprian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Carti de Magic Timisoara Romania
Cavalli Alessandro PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Mondi Paralleli - Gallarate gallarate Varese Italy
Celeita Diego Alejandro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Valhalla Hobby Center Bogotá Distrito Capital de Bogotá Colombia
celik ibrahim PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Kule Sakinleri Izmir Turkey
Cesarino da Rosa Lenon Furtado PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 A Toca Revistaria Florianópolis Santa Catarina Brazil
Ceska Pavel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Temny strelec Praha 4 Czech Republic
Cestaro Laurent PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Le Repaire du Dragon Paris Paris France
Chalk Aidan BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 IQ Games Centre Huddersfield England
Chang Ming PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Good Games Burwood Burwood New South Wales Australia
Channing George PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Promethean Games Moss End England
Channing Henry PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 The Games Shop Aldershot England
Chapelle Leo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Equinoxe 7 Marseille Sud France
Cheng Tung-Yi PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 i-PLAY BoardGame Club/I-PLAY桌遊俱樂部 桃園縣 Taiwan, Province of China
Cherete Ilton PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Bazar de Bagdá São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Chevalier fernand BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Epita Kremlin Bicêtre Val-de-Marne France
Chew Kelvin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Games Haven singapore Singapore - No State Singapore
Chiche Kevin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 World of Games Meaux Meaux Ouest France
Chin Ricky PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Gamer's Spot - Drummondville Drummondville Quebec Canada
Chovan Jaroslav PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 De Spelfanaat - Mechelen Mechelen Belgium
Christensen Jon Magnus PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Drammen Spillforening Drammen Norway
Christensen Oscar PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Faraos Cigarer Copenhagen Denmark
Chukhvichev Anatoly PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 GaGaGames Saint-Petersburg Russian Federation
Chursin Danila PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 PandaSale Rostov-on-Don Rostovskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Ciaffaroni Lorenzo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Non Solo Edicola - Tirabassi Emilio Colli del Tronto Ascoli Piceno Italy
Cibak andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Games Academy - Roma Roma Roma Italy
ciccarelli enrico PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Goblin - Bologna Bologna Bologna Italy
Cichon Krzysztof PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Gamekeeper RZESZÓW Poland
Cifka Stanislav Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ciuci Matteo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Rishadan Magic Store Roma Roma Italy
Ciurli Alessandro PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 La bottega dell'alchimista marina di Pisa Pisa Italy
Clarke Trent PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Next Level Games Dandenong Victoria Australia
Clemente Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 D20 Benevento Benevento Italy
Cochran Hunter PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Hurley's Heroes Joplin Missouri United States
Cocking Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 IQ Games Centre Huddersfield England
Colleoni Diego PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 LPPCOLLECTING Arcore Monza e Brianza Italy
Contessotto Massimiliano PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 ticket to play mestre Venezia Italy
Convery Dean PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Stardock Games Belfast Northern Ireland
Coppari Leonardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Mana Base macerata Macerata Italy
Coraiola Gustavo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Live Games e Animes Joinville Santa Catarina Brazil
Cordell Robbie PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Geeks MTG Tullahoma Tennessee United States
Cordero Angel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Nymeria Comics S/C De Tenerife Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain
Cordeschi Nicola PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Magman Trento Trento Italy
Cordy Preston PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Empire Comics New Albany Indiana United States
Cornejo Pablo V. PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Valhalla Palencia Spain
Cortez Paulo Ricardo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Mtg Brasil São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Costagli Matteo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 DECIMO PIANETA Certaldo Firenze Italy
Costantino Francesco PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Games Academy - L'Antro dell'Orco - Messina Messina Messina Italy
Coutinho Pedro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 MMG - Mundo Multi Games Fortaleza Ceará Brazil
Crispino Paolo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Games Academy Sesto San Giovanni Sesto San Giovanni Milano Italy
Dam Lars Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Damasceno Joaquim PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 RedBox Store Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Danas Matej PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Fenix Trnava Slovakia
D'Andrea Lorenzo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Magic Lair Torino Torino Italy
d'aniello carmine PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Games Time - Cava dei Tirreni Cava dei Tirreni Salerno Italy
Danis Chris PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Top Cut Comics - Chicago Chicago Illinois United States
Darras Alexandre PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Outpost Antwerpen Antwerpen Belgium
De Angelis Alessandro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Supermarket del Fumetto - Avellino Avellino Avellino Italy
De Angelis Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Strategia e Tattica 2 Roma Roma Italy
De Bortoli Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Games Academy - Vimercate Vimercate Monza e Brianza Italy
De Castro Leonardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Legion Card Games Niterói Rio de Janeiro Brazil
De Cesare Lucio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 General Game Monopoli Bari Italy
De Colle Mattia PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Magic Warrior Silea Treviso Italy
De Filippis Marino PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Laservideo & Games Francavilla Fontana Brindisi Italy
de Frutos Córdoba Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Generacion X Hortaleza Madrid Madrid Spain
De Gennaro Adelaide PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Camelot Corato Bari Italy
de Groot Bjorn PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 The Joker Utrecht Netherlands
de Leon Ricardo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 La Comarca Hobby Store Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala
De Luca Andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 S.&.C. poste e comunicazione SRL Fiume freddo di Sicilia Catania Italy
De Nicola Nicolas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 La Batikueva Buenos Aires Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina
De Sio Corrado PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Centro del Fumetto Livorno Livorno Italy
de togni marco PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Baka neko Rubiera Reggio Emilia Italy
De Zeeuw Donald PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Spellekijn Leeuwarden Netherlands
Deane Peter PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Spellbound Games Glasgow Scotland
Debiasi Samuel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Fangorn Riva del Garda Trento Italy
Dekker Max PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Moenen en Mariken Nijmegen Netherlands
del Basso Federico PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Cerberus Games Aversa Caserta Italy
Del Nero Stefano PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Golden Store - Verona Verona Verona Italy
Delany Nick PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Cosmic Comics Bellingham Washington United States
Delavy Theophile PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Magic Bazar Annecy Annecy Est France
Delgado Raul PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 La Comicteca Cuenca Spain
D'Elia Gerardo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 16 Games - Aprilia Aprilia Latina Italy
Delpiazzo Michele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Mr. Magic Savona Savona Italy
Delvigne Emmanuel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Outpost Gent Gent Belgium
Demange Kévin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 LudiBoutiK Provins Paris France
Deng Jun PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 奥秘卡牌店/Ao Mi Card Store 武汉 Hubei China
dente gabiele PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Games Academy - Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia Italy
Derpmann Werner PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Das Spielzeugland Werner Leipzig Sachsen Germany
DESANDERE Nicolas PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 La Forge d'Audren Beauvais Nord France
Devine Andrew PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Beanie Games Stockton-on-Tees England
Di Cola Rocco PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Acme Fumetti Pescara Pescara Italy
Di Noia Domenico PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 L'antro del Drago Borgosesia Vercelli Italy
Di Rienzo Giuseppe PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Star Shop Napoli Napoli Napoli Italy
Di Rocco Valdecantos Augusto Miguel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Draco Granada Spain
Diana Matteo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Lo Stregatto Imperia Imperia Italy
Dias Bruno PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Cards of Paradise Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Dickmann Fabian Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Dickmann Patrick Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Dietl Christian PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Spiele-Pyramide Karlsruhe Baden-Württemberg Germany
Dillon Shaun PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Close Encounters Comics Toms River New Jersey United States
Dillon Wayne PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Black Lion Games Edinburgh Scotland
Dimitrakis Ioannis PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Hobby Games Thessaloniki Greece
Diserud Øystein PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Outland - Trondheim Trondheim Norway
Djogouros Michalis PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 MTG Cyprus Nicosia Cyprus
Dobrotescu Adrian PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Taraba De Jocuri Bucuresti Bucuresti Romania
Dominguez Martin Sebastian PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Magic Store Comics Haedo Buenos Aires Argentina
Dominguez Gonzalez Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Ancestral Games Playa de las Americas Spain
Dominguez Roldan Alfredo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Portal Xalapa Veracruz Mexico
Donato Marino PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Video Stop Center Limon Limón Costa Rica
Döpking Lars PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Die Spieleburg Göttingen Niedersachsen Germany
Dores Pedro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Duelos de Honra Amadora Lisboa Portugal
dos Reis Ruda BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 Mundo Kinoene São José dos Campos São Paulo Brazil
DOUGLAS ADAM PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Ace Comics Colchester Colchester England
Downes Shane PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 The Gathering Store Limerick Ireland
Doyle Jack PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Dead Universe Comics Aylesbury England
Dragoicea Mihai PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Le & Le Games Targu Mures Romania
Drieghe Jonas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Hermelijn Aalst Belgium
Drignon Thibault PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Le labo de Merlin Poitiers Ouest France
Duarte Carlos PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Armageddon - Leiria Leiria Leiria Portugal
Dujo Carlos PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Dungeons And Donuts Galway Ireland
Duran Nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Urúloki Santa Cruz de la Sierra Santa Cruz Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Durand Victor PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Hobby Max Lille Nord France
Durant Dean PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 GUF Launceston Launceston Tasmania Australia
Eccles James PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Direct Damage Games Spokane Valley Washington United States
Echagüe Eduardo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Mordor Games Collado Villalba Madrid Spain
Egerbo Kim PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Lidkopings kort-och spelforening Trollhattan Sweden
Eggenschwiler Etienne PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Le Spécialiste Fribourg Switzerland
Eggenschwiler Simon PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 La Guilde Lausanne Switzerland
Ehrlich Riivo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Lorien Tallinn Estonia
Eliatamby Charles PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Daydream Nation Brighton England
Elizalde Victor PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Área 11 Calama Atacama Chile
Elliger Christian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 XGames Chemnitz Chemnitz Sachsen Germany
Elsik Zac PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Legends Tournament Center Bedford Texas United States
Elvas Ruben PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 The Lotus Market Lisboa Lisboa Portugal
Enduraev Pavel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Hobby Games Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Russian Federation
Engelbart Matt PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Beckmon's Gaming Paradise Twin Falls Idaho United States
Escrieut Alexandre PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Pose Ton Pion Montech Sud France
Esparza Araya Yussef Antonio PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Pirexia Games Shop Arica Arica y Parinacota Chile
Espinoza Eugene Jose PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Stazione Gioco roma Roma Italy
Esposito Alessandro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Tortuga Crema Cremona Italy
Essex Callum PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Patriot Games Leeds Leeds England
Estrada Morales Mauricio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Dragon's Hölhe Ciudad de Mexico Mexico Mexico
Evans Huw PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Retrowarez Bournemouth England
Faas Matthieu PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Fantasy Strongvision Esslingen Baden-Württemberg Germany
Fabris Davide PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Genesis Noventa Vicentina Vicenza Italy
Fabrizi Marco PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Nerd Comics Roma Roma Roma Italy
Faccini Giulio PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Moma Games Lido di Ostia Roma Italy
Faggin Ari PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Games Academy - Trento Trento Trento Italy
Falconetti Matteo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Colorificio Arte-Color Voghera Pavia Italy
Farley Steven PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Cavalier Comics Wise Virginia United States
Feige Bernhard PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Wizard's Well Mannheim Baden-Württemberg Germany
Fellahides Nick PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Kaissa Peiraia Peiraias Greece
Feng Hao PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Comics and Gaming Outpost Fairfax Fairfax Virginia United States
Feo Andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Goblin - Settimo Settimo Torinese Torino Italy
Ferguson Marc PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Common Ground Games Stirling Scotland
Fernandes Rafael PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Clube Top Deck Coimbra Portugal
Fernandez Adrian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Evolution - Sevilla Sevilla Spain
Fernandez Enrique PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Magic Games Tarija - Retired Tarija Tarija Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Fernandez Savoy Ramiro PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Urza Comics Buenos Aires Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina
Ferrami Roberto PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Quinto Elemento Latina Latina Italy
Ferrara Vito PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Urban Legend - Parma Parma Parma Italy
Ferrari Spampinato Gonzalo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Dima Game Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
Ferri Corrado PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Playtime - Saronno Saronno Varese Italy
Filatriau Franck PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 L'Antre du Manga Amiens Nord France
Fischer Tom PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Heldenwelt Magdeburg Magdeburg Sachsen-Anhalt Germany
Fischer Fonseca João Gabriel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Nerdz Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Flores Christian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 In Nomine Draconis Santiago Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Flores Javier PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Libreria Idefix Leganes Spain
Flores Mario PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Ra Store - Bazar Delegación Cuahutémoc Mexico Mexico
Florian Denise PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Passion du Jeu Cholet Ouest France
Fokeas Sotiris BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 SpielRaum Wien Wien Austria
Fonseca José BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Evolution store Madrid Spain
Fonteyne Aron PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Demo-Spel Leuven Belgium
Forment Cano Marc PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Gremio de Dragones Valencia Spain
Fornacini Mattia PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Galactus Roma Roma Italy
Fortier Quentin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Trollune Lyon Est France
Franco João PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Gargula Templo de Jogos Odivelas Portugal
Frasés Sellés Jordi PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 PULSAR STORE Torrevieja Spain
Freeman Levi PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Dark Matter Cafe Durham England
Freeman Marcelino Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Freitas Vinicius PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Utoopia Florianopolis Santa Catarina Brazil
Frenster Jochen PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Nina´s Spiel- Schreib- & Lederwaren Reken Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Frith Oliver PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Patriot Games Sheffield England
Fujii Akira PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 ジャム倉吉店 倉吉市 Tottori-ken Japan
Fulgori Matteo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Robe da Elfi - Saluzzo Saluzzo Cuneo Italy
Fulle Dominic PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Arena Games Ingolstadt Bayern Germany
Furjanic Lovro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Tady Domzale Slovenia
Gadchaux Laurent PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Fantasy Sphere Toulouse Haute-Garonne France
Gambin Guilherme PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Shoptech Passo Fundo Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Gamble Phillip PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Alien Games Jenks Oklahoma United States
Gameiro Kevin PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Le Dé 3 du Jeu La Châtre Ouest France
Gammaitoni Eli PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Tabacchi Volpone Sas Catanzaro Lido Catanzaro Italy
Ganev Diego PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Power 9 Campinas São Paulo Brazil
Ganz Andreas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 KABOOOM Entertainment GmbH Zurich Switzerland
Garbett Harry PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Chimera Brierley Hill Brierley Hill England
garcia alberto PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Zombies y Princesas Teruel Teruel Spain
garcia david PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Der andere Spieleladen Berlin Berlin Germany
Garcia Martin BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 La Forja de Stone Santiago de Chile Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Garcia Oscar PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Tolaria Cordoba Córdoba Spain
GARCIA PABLO PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Toner Granada Granada Granada Spain
Garcia Sergio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 7Reinos Alcala de Guadaira Spain
García Eliezer PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Dual Games Murcia Spain
García Joseba Iñaki PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Libreria Retuerto Barakaldo Spain
Garrett Samuel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Game HQ Birmingham England
Gasparini Felipe PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 CHQ Comic Shop Santo André São Paulo Brazil
GATIEN David PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 La Guilde Des Joueurs Le Mans Le Mans Sarthe France
Geisman Ben PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Wizard's Wagon, The St Louis Missouri United States
Giacalone Riccardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Multiplayer Club s.a.s. Palermo Palermo Italy
giacomelli franco PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Antro del gioco Casalecchio di Reno Bologna Italy
Gil Losilla Jorge PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 La Maquina del Temps - Lleida Lleida Spain
Ginoux Guillaume PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Croc Jeux Brest Ouest France
Giordano Luca Valerio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Tabaccheria di Marsi Giuseppe Albano Laziale Roma Italy
Gioria Julien PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Le Chemin des Fées Châlons en Champagne Est France
Giovannetti Simone PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Mana Rush Cesena Forlì-Cesena Italy
Glasner Richard PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Cloudpost Bratislava Slovakia
Glavich Nick PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Battlegrounds Games and Movies, The Dalton Georgia United States
Glogowski Piotr PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Chaos Games Pila Wielkopolskie Poland
Glowalla Jonas BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Bürgerhaus Bischofsheim Maintal Hessen Germany
Golab Maciej PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Fenix Szczecin Poland
Golightly Peter PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Matrix Cards and Games Redding California United States
Gomes Filho José Vicente PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Centurion RPG Cardgame Ribeirão Preto São Paulo Brazil
Gomez Alonso BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 Gamesmart México City Distrito Federal Mexico
Gomez Galvan Carlos PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Alcala Comics Alcala de Henares Madrid Spain
Gómez Martínez Enrique PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Itaca Madrid Madrid Spain
Gonçalves Nuno PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Lojas Arena Porto Porto Portugal
Gonçalves dos Santos Rodrigo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Monster Games Salto São Paulo Brazil
GONZALEZ MIGUEL ANGEL PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Copelen S.L. Leon Spain
gonzalez garcia diego jesus PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 La Zas Tienda Utrera Spain
Gorbunov Ivan PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Avalon Ekaterinburg Ekaterinburg Sverdlovskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Görtzen Dominik PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Würfelkiste e.K. Aachen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Gosset Maxime PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Un NainCulte Livry Gargan Paris France
Graham Shane PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Geek World Tyler Texas United States
Grati Pedro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Jockai Hobby Tarragona Tarragona Spain
Gray-Davies Tristan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 The Gameskeeper Oxford England
Graziano Nicolò PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Comics Wonderland Civita Catellana Viterbo Italy
greer Joseph PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Firefly Toys and Games Columbia South Carolina United States
Greinert Hunter PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Magic Pro Shop Denison Texas United States
grieco samuele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Non Solo Fumetto Tre Pontedera Pisa Italy
Griffiths Philip PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Waterstones - Bath Bath England
Griffiths Sam PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 The Gamers' Emporium Swansea Wales
Guarino Michael PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Gamer's Realm East Windsor New Jersey United States
gueli eugenio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 ROBOTRON Collegno Torino Italy
Guerrero Bruno PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Generacion X - Carranza Madrid Spain
Guevara Asier PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Libreria Ronin Vitoria - Gasteiz Álava Spain
Guevara Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 DiverMagic Valencia Carabobo Venezuela
Guidi Gianni PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 La torre del Minotauro Roma Roma Italy
Guido Riccardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Cosmic Shop - Lodi Lodi Lodi Italy
Guillenea Pujalte Juan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 The Magic Hammer Zaragoza Zaragoza Spain
Gusiev Andrii PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 MagicRoom Kiev Kyïv Ukraine
Hájek Michal BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Hala Expo - Lodz Lodz Poland
Hajnisz Aleksander PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 GameLord Lodz Mazowieckie Poland
Hammoud Dakota PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 GameUphoria Washington Missouri United States
Harada Ryan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Paula's Sports Cards Etc Honolulu Hawaii United States
Harlan Thomas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Zani Coins and Collectibles Poplar Bluff Missouri United States
Harris John PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Heroes and Villains - Warner Warner Robins Georgia United States
Hart Nate PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Know Dice Great Falls Montana United States
Harvey Dominic PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Area51 Bristol England
Hawkes Brandon PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Paradox Comics Poole England
Hayrynen Andrei PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Poromagia Helsinki Finland
Hayward Tom PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 LaserZone - Bradford Bradford England
Hazes Toby PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Bazaar of Magic Delft Netherlands
He Aaron PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Fusion Gaming Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
He Da PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 新蜂卡牌俱乐部/Xin Feng Card Club 沈阳 Liaoning China
heibing kristian PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Fanatic - København København Ø Denmark
Heigerer Stefan PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 SpielRaum Salzburg Salzburg Austria
Heinrich Jörg PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Outpost-Cologne Köln Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Heitzman Nick PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 TMV Games Fond du Lac Wisconsin United States
Hendrickson Mark PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Cosmic Comics and Cards Grand Prairie Texas United States
Hendriks Thomas Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Henry Julien PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 L'Alchimiste Reims Est France
Hensing Marcus PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Fanatic Roskilde Roskilde Denmark
Herrholz Michael BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Armada Games Tampa Florida United States
Higgins steven PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Travelling Man York York England
Hlavacek Michal PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Cerny rytir Brno Brno Czech Republic
Hletko Joe PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Dean's Dugout Naperville Illinois United States
Hoban Liam PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Nerd Shack Wigan England
Hocquemiller Arnaud PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Uchronies games Paris Paris France
Hodskins Logan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Gaming Guild, The Evansville Indiana United States
Hofmann Mike PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Highlander Games - Bremen Bremen Bremen Germany
Hollbach Thomas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Comic Attack Erfurt Erfurt Thüringen Germany
Holzinger Thomas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 P3 Comix „play your game“ Salzburg Salzburg Austria
Hong Eden PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Next Level Games Preston Preston Victoria Australia
Hör Jens BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Bürgerhaus Bischofsheim Maintal Hessen Germany
Horlacher Travis PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Magicsur Chile Santiago Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Hornez Nicolas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Game Cash Nantes Ouest France
Hottmann Alexander PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Spielraum GmbH Bielefeld Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Hoube Maxime PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Metagame Montluçon Allier France
Hrycej Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 MAGIC-ON České Budějovice Czech Republic
Hugony Francesco PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Jolly Jones Novara Novara Italy
Hummel Gary PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Deck Factory Gaming Center - Lima Lima Ohio United States
Hussein Rudy PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Signa Games Shop PETALING JAYA Selangor Malaysia
Huyghues Adrien PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Shinjuku Orleans Orleans Ouest France
Hwang Seon Cheon PPTQ - 1st Place 4/25/2015 Busan the Rak/ 부산 더 락 Busan Busan Gwang'yeogsi [Pusan-Kwangyokshi] Korea, Republic of
Hyrsky Antti PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Gamers World Dublin Ireland
Iavarone Francesco PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Spell Storm Falconara Marittima Ancona Italy
Ingallinera Daniele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Fumetti Giochi & Company Giarre Catania Italy
Inglis David PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Black Border Games Wolverhampton England
Ippoliti Riccardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Games Academy - Verona Verona Verona Italy
Iso Toshiharu PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 平和堂書店 さいたま市 Saitama-ken Japan
Iswara Gerald PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Orange Hobbies & Games Tangerang Indonesia
Ivanov Andrey PPTQ - 1st Place 6/12/2015 Sheldon's games Khabarovsk Khabarovskiy kray Russian Federation
Ivanov Maxim PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Hobbit-Spb Saint-Petersburg Leningradskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Jackway Robert PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Realms of Magic and Miniatures Aitkenvale Queensland Australia
Jaeger Andrew PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Tabletop Game Shop - Chester Chester England
James Matthew PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Just Games Ltd St. Peter Port Guernsey
Janak Josef PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 MTG Caslav - Zuzana Maruscakova Chotusice Czech Republic
Janeczek Jakub PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Dragonus Kraków Poland
Janhsen Markus PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Hiveworld Köln Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Janse Love BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Playoteket Center - Malmö Malmö Sweden
Jantzen Damien PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Cartapapa Montpellier Sud France
Jerabek Petr PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Najada Prague 3 Czech Republic
Jiaming Zteng BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/26/2015 Card Master Shanghai 上海市 Shanghai China
Jianxin Zhao PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 星智卡牌专卖/Xing Zhi Card Store 天津 Tianjin China
Jimenez Alvarez Ernesto PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Alita Comics A Coruna Spain
Job De La Paz Marcos PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Comics y Mazmorras Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain
Jochum Arnaud PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Carta’jeu Lyon Est France
Johnson-Epstein Jasper PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Labrynth Games, The Baraboo Wisconsin United States
Jones Austin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Wizards Games Norman Oklahoma United States
Jones Gaspar PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Tienda Muy Lejana Buenos Aires Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina
Kagawa Mido PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Seven Dragons Firenze Firenze Italy
Kallergis George PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Papercut comics & games Crete Greece
Kanelis Pavlos PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Kaissa Peristeri Athens Greece
Karakas Ozan PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Goblin Oyun Kulubu Istanbul Turkey
Kasarda Vladimír PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Spiel & Co Mönchengladbach Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Kasuga Nobuhiro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 こども楽園 多治見市 Gifu-ken Japan
Kaufmann Joey PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Sports Cards Unlimited Port Royal South Carolina United States
kedrovic ondrej PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 FUNTASTIC Bratislava Slovakia
Keey James PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Forbidden Planet - Croydon Croydon England
kemmerer storm PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 The Only Game in Town Somerville New Jersey United States
Kerem Hannes PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 WEPLAY Tallinn Estonia
Kharitonov Roman PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Hobby Games Vladivostok Vladivostok Russian Federation
Kikidis Charalambos PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Kaissa Glyfada Athens Greece
Kim Nikolaj PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Atlantis Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg Germany
KIM TAEWOO PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 M&A/ 엠엔에이 Seoul Korea, Republic of
KING ERIC PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Quarterstaff Games Burlington Vermont United States
Kingsley Kevin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Graham Crackers Comics - Naperville Naperville Illinois United States
Kiourtsoglou Dimitris PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Wargames Workshop Northampton England
Kirchler Mattia PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Rarehuntershop Schwechat Austria
Kleiner Krzysztof PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 TopMagic Valasske Mezirici Czech Republic
Knowelden Sean PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Forbidden Planet Southampton Southampton England
Kockler Karsten PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Dragonlord Games Saarbrücken Saarbrücken Saarland Germany
Kolacinski Michal BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Hala Expo - Lodz Lodz Poland
Kolipinski Adam PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Wilczek Sklep Poznan Poland
Kolp Heiner PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Fantastische Welten Rostock Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany
Konieczny Dominik PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Centrum Gier - Feniks Toruń Poland
König Jasper PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Mage Store Düsseldorf Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Königsmark Dennis PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 La Caverne du Gobelin - Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg
Kopec Mateusz PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Morigal Jaworzno Poland
Koptin Roman PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Lepreclub Bryansk Bryanskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Korevaar Martijn PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Gamekeeper Amsterdam Netherlands
Koriseva Timo PPTQ - 1st Place 4/26/2015 Ravintola Telakka Tampere Finland
Kornev Evgeny PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Portal Moscow Moskva Russian Federation
Korosec Ales PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Pikapolonica - Maribor Maribor Slovenia
Kosmela Michal PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Flamberg Katowice Poland
Kountouris Ioannis PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Kaissa Halandri Athens Greece
Kowalski Grzegorz PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Feniks Wroclaw Wroclaw Poland
Krizan Zach PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Game Closet, The Waco Texas United States
Krzyzaniak Marcin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Plan-Sza Poznan Wielkopolskie Poland
Kubagawa Fabio PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Meruru Curitiba Paraná Brazil
Kurohane Cesar PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Mundo Kinoene São José dos Campos São Paulo Brazil
Kuzmenko Nazar PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Kamelot Lviv L'vivs'ka Oblast' Ukraine
La Mendola Alessio PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 FUMETTERIA C4 VITTORIA Ragusa Italy
LABAT ANDRÉS PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Cartooncorp Evolution Valencia Spain
Lachapelle Will PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Epic Puzzles and Games West Valley City Utah United States
LAGARDE ANTOINE PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Next Level Game Clermont Nord France
Laguerre Mathieu PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Troll2jeux Paris Paris France
Lähteenmäki Pekka PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Puolenkuun Pelit - Tampere Tampere Finland
Lampasona Simone PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Elysium Bergamo Bergamo Italy
Lancaster Charles PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Geek4Life Events and Games Store Bossier CIty Louisiana United States
Landeta Ricardo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 IMP Hobbies Mexico City Distrito Federal Mexico
Landgraf Alexander PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Bertils Spielwiese Dillingen a.d. Donau Bayern Germany
Landoni Nicola PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Playtime - Como Como Como Italy
Lane Kevin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Cape Fear Games Wilmington North Carolina United States
Langlotz Thomas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Fantasy Stronghold Ludwigsburg Baden-Württemberg Germany
Lao Songjian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Freedom卡牌店/Freedom Card Store 广州 Guangdong China
Larsen Luke PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 PLUS EV GAMES - SANTA BARBARA Santa Barbara California United States
Lau Zhao Zhi PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Dueller's Point Singapore Singapore - No State Singapore
Laudati Pietro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Il Mondo Virtuale - Valdagno Valdagno Vicenza Italy
Laurenza Giuseppe PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Torre dei maghi Formia Latina Italy
Laverick-Stovin Jared PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Travelling Man Newcastle Newcastle Upon Tyne England
Law Tom BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 IQ Games Centre Huddersfield England
Lawlor Patrick PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Black Kat Games Kilkenny Kilkenny Ireland
Lawton James PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Goldmane Games Shrewsbury England
Le Briand Loic PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 La Caverne du Gobelin Nancy Nancy Est France
LE GUENNEC Loic PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Power Nine Clermont Ferrand Est France
Leal Trejo Aldo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Three Kingdoms GandC - Tampico Tampico Tamaulipas Mexico
LeBouef Brad PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 uGam3 Houma Louisiana United States
leclerc loic PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Joute et Jeux Grenoble Est France
Lehr Andrew PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Montasy Comics - Midtown Chapter New York New York United States
Leite Bruno PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Magic Domain São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Lendvaj Ivan PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 MEHANOTEHNA D.O.O. Osijek Croatia
Lepore Pietro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Games Academy - Bari Bari Bari Italy
Lesch Andreas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Drachental Düsseldorf Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Levenstone Nahim PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 SpellenHuis Den Haag Den Haag Netherlands
Lewandowski Bartlomiej Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lewis Aaron Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lewis Charley PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Warboar Wargaming Bromley England
Lezna Ladislav PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Knihkupectvi Arrakis Brno Czech Republic
Li Ya Zhao PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 炫卡桌游/Xuan Ka Board Game 保定 Hebei China
Liang Zhiyi PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 卡朋万智牌专营店/Ka Peng Magic Store 广州 Guangdong China
Licarte Paul Richard PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Neutral Grounds Alabang Town Center Muntinlupa Philippines
Lihoreau Ibai PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Playoteket Center - Malmö Malmö Sweden
Lim Vic PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Neutral Grounds - Centris Walk Quezon City Quezon Philippines
Lin Chi Kuan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 童年往事/Childhood History Toyshop 高雄市 Taiwan, Province of China
Lingayo Glenn PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Nemesis Hobby Shop Quezon Quezon Philippines
Lissowski Mateusz PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Shaga Gdynia Poland
Liu Bojian PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 盗梦空间/Inception 福州 Fujian China
Livoi Marco PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Orionfumetti Rimini Rimini Italy
Liwerski Rafal PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Phu Gnom Bielsko-Biala Poland
Ljungquist Hans PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Faraos Cigarer - Lyngby Kongens Lyngby Denmark
Lobo Ruben PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Magic Dealers Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
Loffredo Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Games Academy - Bologna Bologna Bologna Italy
Lombardi Augusto PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Euronet Anacapri Napoli Italy
lopes flavio PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Armageddon - Setubal Setúbal Setúbal Portugal
Lopez Hugo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 21st Century Comics Gandia Valencia Spain
Lopez Morales Jorge A. PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Shivan Shop Del.Cuauhtemoc, México Distrito Federal Mexico
Lopez Muñoz Jose Carlos PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 ATENEO COMICS S.L. Alicante Spain
Lopez Perez Olin Toatiuh PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Scion of the Souls Coyoacan Distrito Federal Mexico
Lorenc Michal BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Hala Expo - Lodz Lodz Poland
Lotan Raz PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Nexus Rishon Le'Zion Israel
Lourdin Etienne PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Diagonale du Fou Dijon Dijon Est France
Love James PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Bus Stop Toy Shop Largs Scotland
Lu Pengjie PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 征岚堂桌游卡牌店/Zheng Lan Tang Card and Board Game 上海市 Shanghai China
Luna Javier PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Sekai Games Buenos Aires Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina
Lunghi Jacopo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Games Academy - Arezzo Arezzo Arezzo Italy
Luppi Stefano PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Imperium Latina Latina Italy
Lyford-Smith David PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Eclectic Games Reading England
Ma Jonathan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Fordham Comics Bronx New York United States
Maccagnani Andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Dragon Store - Ferrara Ferrara Ferrara Italy
Mace Vivien PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Les Ludovores Palaiseau Paris France
Maddalena Fabiano PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Fantasylandia Trieste Trieste Italy
Magni Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Planet Video Corbetta Milano Italy
maidana augusto PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Cyber-Termas Las Termas de Río Hondo Santiago del Estero Argentina
Maier Jordan PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Lutins Malins Epinal Vosges France
Maiolini Matteo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Next Generation s.a.s Roma Roma Italy
Maisonneuve Erwan BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Epita Kremlin Bicêtre Val-de-Marne France
Majors Michael Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Makowski Adam PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Grajfer Toruń Poland
Malaquias André PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Player's Spot Barreiro Lisboa Portugal
Malukov Pavel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Duelist Bila Zerkva Kyïvs'ka Oblast' Ukraine
Mancino Raffaele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Safarà-Avellino Avellino Avellino Italy
Mancuso Antonino PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Games Academy - Varese Varese Varese Italy
Mango Gennaro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Taverna del Gargoyle 2 Napoli Napoli Italy
Marchbank Lewis BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 IQ Games Centre Huddersfield England
Marchesotti Daniele PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Magomatto Alessandria Alessandria Italy
Marsh Jonathan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 TBS Comics - Fort Walton Beach Fort Walton Beach Florida United States
Martill Oliver PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Cheap Thrills Newport England
Martin John PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Clockwork Games and Events College Station Texas United States
Martín Jimenez Luis PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Arte 9 Madrid Madrid Spain
Martinelli Andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Midian Verona Verona Italy
Martinez Adrian PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Akuma King Mexico Distrito Federal Mexico
martinez daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Manhattan Comics Xativa Xativa Valencia Spain
Martinez Julian BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 La Forja de Stone Santiago de Chile Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Martinez Nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 La U San Salvador San Salvador El Salvador
Martinez Morales Carlos PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Morlo Coleccionables León Guanajuato Mexico
Martins Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Dominaria ILG Cabo Frio Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Mas German PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Locura Magic Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
Maßmann Marcel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Heroes Stash Gelsenkirchen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
MASTRODOMENICO LUIGI PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Jolly Joker Torino Torino Italy
Matson Laurent PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Zwergenschmiede Bern Switzerland
Mattioli Alberto PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Unicorn PIACENZA Piacenza Italy
Matveev Alexander PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Skupoi Kraken Togliatti Samarskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Mayo Gavela Diego PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Midtown Comics Gijon Asturias Spain
Mazzarino Marcello PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Magic Time - Lugo Lugo Ravenna Italy
McAbee Logan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Tangled Web Spartanburg South Carolina United States
McKenzie James PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Big Easy Comics Covington Louisiana United States
McMullen Scott PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 SpielFilmMusik Berlin Berlin Germany
Measures Michael PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 ShrunkenTERRA Burgess Hill England
Mede Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 DDM Chomutov Chomutov Czech Republic
medici julien PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Librairie Martelle Amiens Nord France
Mejuto Adrian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Mazinger Vigo Vigo Spain
Melanson Jordan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Moz Magic Orton Ontario Canada
Melotta Luciano PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Creep-Shop Ramos Mejia Buenos Aires Argentina
Mendes Yoann PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Game Universe Erstein Bas-Rhin France
Méndez Héctor Cárceles PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 La Mazmorra del Androide Albacete Spain
Mendoza Euba Ignacio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Dados & Cubitos Salamanca Spain
Mendoza Tagle Hiram Heli PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Amalgams Puebla Puebla Mexico
Mengucci Andrea Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Menichetti Mirko PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Dal tenda Assisi Perugia Italy
Meoni Stefano PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Non solo Fumetto Empoli Firenze Italy
merino escutia sergio BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 Gamesmart México City Distrito Federal Mexico
Merle Arthur PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 La Carte Chance Paris Paris France
Merschmann Guilherme PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 A Guilda Colecionáveis Piracicaba São Paulo Brazil
Meza Luis PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 The Shadow Duel Lima Lima Peru
Miadzvedski Pavel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 D6 Hobby Games Vilnius Vilniaus Apskritis Lithuania
Micallef Ayrton PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Forbidden Power Msida Malta
Miecznikowski Jedrzej PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Legion Swidnik Poland
Miele Giuseppe PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Il Gettone Nola Napoli Italy
Miguel Luiz Henrique PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Overrun Cards and Games Araraquara São Paulo Brazil
MILLER RAYMOND PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Game Grid - Layton Layton Utah United States
Millidonis Theodoros PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Isengard Fantasy Shop Nicosia Cyprus
Mines David PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Good Games Gold Coast Southport Queensland Australia
Mochar Gerrit PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Videospiele Hartwig Klagenfurt Kärnten Austria
Mocho Rui PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Kult Games Lisboa Portugal
Modica Danilo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Second Life Ragusa Ragusa Italy
Molina Wilberto PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Dragon and Magic Store San Salvador San Salvador El Salvador
Molina Prados Jorge PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Itaca - Torrejon Torrejon de Ardoz Spain
Monsalve Andres PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Dominaria Olivos Buenos Aires Argentina
Monsen Christer PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Outland - Bergen Bergen Norway
Montalto Alessio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Games & Comics Shop Catania Catania Italy
Montalto Alice PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 La Sala Degli Eroi Orbassano Torino Italy
Montefiori Giovanni PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Magic Store - Forli' Forli' Forlì-Cesena Italy
Montejano Rodriguez Raul PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Rebellion Mostoles Madrid Spain
Montessoro Jorge PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Cerebrum México Distrito Federal Mexico
Montresor Gabriele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 I giochi dei grandi Verona Verona Italy
Mora Sebastian BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 La Forja de Stone Santiago de Chile Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Morag Guy PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Freak Tel Aviv Israel
Morais Alexandre PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Cartinha Limeira São Paulo Brazil
morais guilherme PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Guardian Adventure Espinho Aveiro Portugal
Morales Felipe PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Rivendel la Alianza Antofagasta Antofagasta Chile
Moreno Morales Francisco PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Tierra Media Sanlucar Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz) Spain
Morgante Erik PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 fumetteria wanted Vignola Modena Italy
Moriya Jun PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 ホビーショップわんぱっく 倉敷市 Okayama-ken Japan
Morri Daniele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 games & comics Dogana San Marino
Moscatelli Luigi PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 JSST Jeux Nice Sud France
Moya Alvaro PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 APP "La Plaza" Villena Alicante Spain
Mrso Filip PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Top Deck Bjelovar Croatia
Mundel Robert PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Player's Paradise Reutlingen Baden-Württemberg Germany
Murillo Miguel Special Invite N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Muscio Alessio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Deep Dragons Macerata Macerata Italy
Mussa Barbera Filho Luiz PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 House of Cards Cardgames Santos São Paulo Brazil
Mustone Massimo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Zio Istvan Livorno Livorno Italy
Nagy Ferenc PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Metagame Kártyabolt Budapest Hungary
Nagy Tamas BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 SpielRaum Wien Wien Austria
Nascimento Pedro PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Manticore Game Store Curitiba Paraná Brazil
Navarro Eduardo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Goblin Market Mexico City Distrito Federal Mexico
Navarro Endika PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Armageddon San Sebastian Spain
Navas Luis PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Magic4ever Santiago Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Naydenov George PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Scylant Magic Sofia Bulgaria
Negro Cortés Adrian Elias PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 La Batcueva comic Plasencia Spain
Neto Araken PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Arena Magic Guaratinguetá São Paulo Brazil
Neukirchner Pascal PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 LOKKI OHG Oberursel Hessen Germany
Neves Conrado PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Livraria Lume Cultural Itajubá Minas Gerais Brazil
Nicoli Emanuele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Games Academy - Vicenza Vicenza Vicenza Italy
Nieland Jan-niklas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Kolosseum Heidelberg Heidelberg Baden-Württemberg Germany
Nielsen Simon Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Nillson Andreas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Playoteket Center - Lund Lund Sweden
Nordahl Espen PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Gravdahl Bokhandel AVD MAXI Hamar Norway
NORMAN KYLE PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Top Cut Comics - Loves Park Loves Park Illinois United States
Nowak Kamil PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Strefa Gry Bielsko-Biala Poland
Nyström Per PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Spel i Focus/Card Collector Göteborg Sweden
Oberg Kenny PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 SvenskaMagic Göteborg Sweden
Obraz Jiri PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Kal-El Stochov Czech Republic
Ogayar David PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 LIBRERIA FM Marbella Spain
Ohlschwager Andrew Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Olea Garcia Alejandro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 El Tumulo Malaga Spain
Ong Raynald PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 PC BUTLERS COMPUTER SERVICES Laguna Philippines
Ordaz Juarez Victor PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 The Saber Vault San Juan del Rio Queretaro Mexico
Orellana Marco PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Roymac - Golosinas y Comics Sant Boi de Llobregat Barcelona Spain
Orellana Ricardo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 The Hideout Guatemala City Guatemala Guatemala
Ornati Paolo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Il Mercato dei Troll Roma Roma Italy
Ortega Dominic PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Regran s Toys and Collectibles Quezon City Philippines
Ossorio Alfaro Enrique PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Evolution - Ciudad Real Ciudad Real Ciudad Real Spain
Ostale Cesar PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Games4U Zaragoza Zaragoza Spain
Otero Pablo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Only-Cards Vigo Pontevedra Spain
O'toole Kevin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Sandbox Cork City Cork Ireland
otuzi lucas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Popkai Ribeirão Preto São Paulo Brazil
Overgaauw Rens PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 SpellenHuis Haarlem Haarlem Netherlands
Overmyer Nicholas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Taiga Games Marquette Michigan United States
Paglialunga Andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Black Lotus - Viterbo Viterbo Viterbo Italy
Pagtakhan Werick PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 WABSHAQ Las Pinas Philippines
Paiva Gustavo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Mangazine World Book São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Palacios Carbonell Gerard PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Doctor Game Sitges Spain
Papadakis Bill PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 KAISSA MONOKEROS ATHENS Greece
Papadopoulos Panagiotis PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Kaissa Amarousiou Athens Greece
Paramonov Alexey PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 IgraTula Tula Russian Federation
Paredes de la Fuente Mariano PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Asgard Valladolid Valladolid Spain
Pascal Seckinger PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Vent Divin Strasbourg Est France
Paschali Chris PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Firestorm Games Cardiff Wales
Patetsinis Leuteris PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 kaissa Ioanninon Ioannina Greece
Payne Morgan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 AC Models Eastleigh England
PEARCE QUENTINN PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Game Grid Bountiful Utah United States
Peck Donnie PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Game Shoppe, The Bellevue Nebraska United States
Peditto Michael PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Tier Zer0 Gaming Goldsboro North Carolina United States
Pedon Alessandro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Ludicamente Villafranca di Verona Verona Italy
Pedrakowski Pawel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Futurex Gdynia Poland
Pedrero Yves PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Cybercafé Logigames Carcassonne Sud France
Pedroso Rodrigo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Sebinho Brasília Distrito Federal Brazil
Pejanovic Nosaka Tomo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Il Giocoliere Udine Udine Italy
Pellegrini Felipe BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 Mundo Kinoene São José dos Campos São Paulo Brazil
Penko Matic PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Carta Magica Rijeka Rijeka Croatia
Perbet Guillaume PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Ordiland Mulhouse Est France
pereira jordao PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Hobbit's Land Cascais Portugal
pereira mateo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Draco Hobbys Medeillin Antioquia Colombia
pereira pedro PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Duelos de Honra 2 Portela de Sintra Lisboa Portugal
Pereira Ferreira Vinicius PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Poliedro RPG Nova Iguaçu Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Peres José Henrique PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Bazar Magic São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Perez Aitor PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Cinco Reinos Zaragoza Spain
Perez Eduardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Generacion X Vallekas Madrid Spain
Perez Michael PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Southern Crafts Barrigada Guam
Perez Ruben PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Asgard Badalona Badalona Spain
Perez Sadi PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Illusions of Grandeur Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut Argentina
Perigo Nathanael PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Ground Zero Hobby Bellevue Nebraska United States
Perotti Efrem PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Wonderland - Pavia pavia Pavia Italy
Peters Rob PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Atomik Sittard Netherlands
Petkov Kaloyan PPTQ - 1st Place 8/14/2015 Battlezone Dubai United Arab Emirates
Petruzzella Mauro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Another World Altamura Bari Italy
Pettersen Forattini Matheus PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Grimorium Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brazil
Pettinari Marco PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 La tana terni Terni Italy
picciafuochi riccardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Kuro Usagi Comics & Games Figline Valdarno Firenze Italy
Pierluigi Aceto PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Vobis Maxistore Campobasso Campobasso Italy
Pinet Vincent PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Spoutlink Romans-Sur-Isère Est France
Pinheiro Felipe PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Shaman Salvador Bahia Brazil
Pino Matias PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Blogfiction Concepcion Bío-Bío Chile
Pinto Paulo BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Evolution store Madrid Spain
Pires Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Persona3s Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
pizzi william PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Magic Fun Chieri Torino Italy
Plotnikov Sergej PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Megagame Riga Riga Latvia
Po Chuan Shen PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 New Century - Fengyuan/新世紀動漫坊(豐原店) Taichung Taiwan, Province of China
pola alex PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 TopDeck Barcelona Malgrat de mar Barcelona Spain
Polak-Rottmann Oliver Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Popitukgul Suttipong PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Nx Gallery (Hobby Shop) Bangkok Krung Thep Maha Nakhon [Bangkok] Thailand
Portaro Alessandro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Swamp Store Game People Aprilia Latina Italy
pose marcelo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 El Octavo Pasajero Ourense Ourense Spain
Posoiu Mircea PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 SpielRaum Wien Wien Austria
Pozzo Sebastian PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Ancestral Comics San Isidro Buenos Aires Argentina
Preiml Stefan BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 SpielRaum Wien Wien Austria
Pretische Ronan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Accidentally Cool Games Bemidji Minnesota United States
Prihoda Jaromir PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Pardubice Czech Republic
Primot Armel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Forges de Lumière Castanet Tolosan Sud France
Privalov Alexander PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Center of Hobby Moscow Moskva Russian Federation
Profeta Francis Robert PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 SpiralMTG (Monumento) Valenzuela City, Metro Manila Philippines
Prosek Dominik PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 Cerny Rytir Praha Praha Czech Republic
Pszczólkowski Hubert BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Hala Expo - Lodz Lodz Poland
Quege João PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Arsenal Jogos Joinville Santa Catarina Brazil
Quick Ben PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Critical Hits Games Iowa City Iowa United States
Quintanilla Nathan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Toy Lynx Honolulu Hawaii United States
Quintavalla Marco PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Fantasia Rovereto Trento Italy
Quinto Saverio PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Playtime - Lecco Lecco Lecco Italy
Rachid Denniz Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rajacic Nikola PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Madjarska skola Vinkovci Croatia
Ramboa Thierry Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ramiro Adria PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 MtgCronos Palma de Mallorca Spain
Ramis Pascual Toni PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Kuroneko Freakshop Manacor Spain
Ramos Lima André PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Universo Paralelo São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Rancic Isaac PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Playtime - Monza Monza Monza e Brianza Italy
Räntilä Anton PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Dragons Lair - Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
Rascato Pier Paolo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Atlantis Caserta Caserta Italy
Rasheed Uzman PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Rules of Play Cardiff Wales
Rausch German PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Fivecolors Store Neuquén Neuquén Argentina
Real Enzo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Rockomics Sobradinho Distrito Federal Brazil
Reid Ben PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Asgard Keep Mount Vernon Illinois United States
Reid Jordan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Kapow Comics, Cards, and Games Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Relat Ferran PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 La Maquina del Temps Badalona Barcelona Spain
Remia Giada PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 D20 Games Roma Roma Italy
Retamosa Adrian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Generacion X - Las musas Madrid Spain
Retuerta Cristian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 La Ciudadela Toledo Spain
Reyes Orlando PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Coliseum Tepatitlan de Morelos Jalisco Mexico
Reyes Figueroa Jesus Roberto PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 AnimeCorp Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico
ricardo zapata PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Generacion X - Elfo Madrid Spain
Riccardi Enrico PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 La Grotta Di Merlino Brescia Brescia Italy
Ricciardi Mauro PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 La Salamanga Siracusa Siracusa Italy
Rickard Jacob PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Lotus Guardian, The Owensboro Kentucky United States
Rieke Konstantin BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Bürgerhaus Bischofsheim Maintal Hessen Germany
Rigby Neil PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Global Gaming Birmingham England
Rinaldi Giuseppe PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Collezionami Shop Forlì Forlì-Cesena Italy
Rios Gonzalez Miguel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 La Torre de Istar Queretaro Queretaro Queretaro Mexico
Rivello Mattia PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Jolly Troll - Alba Alba Cuneo Italy
Rivera Tim BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Shuffle and Cut Games - La Habra La Habra California United States
rivera martinez david antonio PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Card Zone Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico
Rizzi Mattia PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Caos AD - savona Savona Savona Italy
Robaldo Piermario PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Rocca tre Corvi Cogoleto Genova Italy
Rodrigues Cavalcante Marcelo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Toys For Fans Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Rodriguez Diego PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Wirewood City Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay
Rodriguez Félix PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 El Baluarte Huelva Huelva Spain
Rodriguez Martin Jose Luis PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Tierra Media Cádiz Cadiz Cádiz Spain
Rodriguez Pozo Jose Antonio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Game Start3 Madrid Madrid Spain
Roebuck Alex PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Slayer Gaming Mansfield England
Rogozhina Olga PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 MastVetra Games Saransk Russian Federation
rojas benjamin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Rivendel Santiago Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Rolle Damir PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Crossover Teramo Teramo Italy
roman dairon PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Sunshine Adventure Gaming Miami Florida United States
Roman Valentin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Games Stop Bucharest Romania
Rosi Giovanni PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Pandemonio Parma Parma Italy
Rosic Todor PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Magicana Novi Sad Serbia
Rossignoli Davide PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 A.B. Comics Cirie' Torino Italy
Rothen Christian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 GamePlace Luzern Luzern (de) Switzerland
Roughan Stephen BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 IQ Games Centre Huddersfield England
Roussie Shane PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Comic Hunter, The Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada
Rozakeas Socrates PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Kaissa ilioupolis Ilioupoli Attiki Greece
Ruben Alec PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 TWS Hobby Center Riverhead New York United States
Ruden Vegard PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Zoo Comics Porsgrunn Norway
Ruiz Martin Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Shark Games Malaga Málaga Spain
Runyon John PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Ready to Play Trading Cards Cayce South Carolina United States
S Nazario Luiz Fernando PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Arena Hobby Store Niterói Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Sachse Sebastian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Paladin's Place Darmstadt Hessen Germany
saenz de urturi alejandro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Moria Logrono Logrono Spain
Sago Darren PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Yeti Gaming - Crestwood Crestwood Missouri United States
Sajgalik Eduardo Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sajjad Usama PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Fan Boy Three Manchester England
San José Rubio Rodrigo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Kimagure Comics Zamora Zamora Spain
San Juan James PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 MTG Battlegrounds Pasig City Philippines
Sanchez Cristian PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 La Forja de Stone Santiago de Chile Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Sanchez Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Portal Magic Santiago Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
sanchez eugeni PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 El Nucli Barcelona Spain
Sanchez Marc PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Mana Infinito Barcelona Spain
SÁNCHEZ LÓPEZ ALVARO PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Club Millennium Jaen Spain
Sanchez Palacios Jose Antonio PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Kanal Ocio Lucena Spain
Sandrolini Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Wonderland Bologna bologna Bologna Italy
Santelli Edoardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Dark Angel Fiumicino Roma Italy
Santiago Brandt Marcos Paulo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Supernova Hobby Store Maringá Paraná Brazil
santillán Oscar PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Universal Anime and Comics Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
Santo Franja PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Gaming Center Novi Sad Serbia
Santopadre Marco PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 La Rocca di Darsheyalon Montecatini Terme Pistoia Italy
Santos Luis PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Gruta dos jogos Almeirim Portugal
Santos Tito PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Armageddon Aveiro Portugal
Santos Virgilio PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Funny Hobby Castelo Branco Portugal
Saperstein David PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Game Grid - North Ogden North Ogden Utah United States
Saraceni Federico PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Dark Side Roma Roma Italy
Saraiva Eduardo BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 Mundo Kinoene São José dos Campos São Paulo Brazil
Saramet Cezar PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Lex Hobby Store Iasi Romania
Sardjan Danny PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Het Beeldverhaal Almere Netherlands
Sarfis Gabriel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Tempus Ludi Sens Yonne France
Sarver Alex PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Atomic Comics - Newport News Newport News Virginia United States
Sato Jean PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Medieval Toys Jundiaí São Paulo Brazil
Sauder Reto PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Scheibler´s Spielkiste Therwil Switzerland
Sauerborn Moritz PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Auenland Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
SAUVAGEON Kevin BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Epita Kremlin Bicêtre Val-de-Marne France
Savoie Joseph PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Tobey's Game Cafe Manila Manila Philippines
Savvidis Panagiotis PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Anime House Thessaloniki Greece
Schaub Steffen PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Comix Comicbuchhandlung OHG Hannover Niedersachsen Germany
Schembri Angelo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Comics Collection Catania Catania Italy
Schmalzel Brock BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Mox Boarding House Bellevue Washington United States
Schmidt Jan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Funtainment Nürnberg Nürnberg Bayern Germany
Schmidt Kai PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 City Comics Leipzig Sachsen Germany
Scholten Niklas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Utopia Ahlen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Schwarz Stephan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Spielbetrieb Heidelberg Heidelberg Baden-Württemberg Germany
scuderi walter PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 LUDORAMA Acireale Catania Italy
Semkin Alexander PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 IGRION-Rostov Rostov-on-Don Rostovskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Shashov Alexey PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Edinorog Moscow Russian Federation
Shaw Ben PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Hotsauce Games Westmont Illinois United States
Shlyachkov Vadim PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Bergamot Kiev Kyïv Ukraine
Silbey Spenser PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Power 9 Games Las Vegas Nevada United States
Silva Italo PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Crna Luknja Ljubljana Slovenia
Silva Rômulo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Konklave Nova Iguaçu Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Sim Chapman Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Simonot Timothée Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Singletary Josh PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Arena Comics and Gaming Panama City Florida United States
Siqueira Rafael PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Vila Celta Curitiba Paraná Brazil
Skut Patryk PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Galaktyka Gier Pruszkow Mazowieckie Poland
Sloka Kirils PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 The Warchest Dun Laoghaire, Dublin Ireland
slovensky michal PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 PfP HRAvy goblin KOSICE Slovakia
Soares Tannus Adriano PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Goblin's Gift Shop Uberlândia Minas Gerais Brazil
Socher Raphael PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Dream Wizards Rockville Maryland United States
solano david PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Alexandria Torrelavega Spain
Solano Jesus PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 El Gremio Naucalpan Mexico Mexico
Sørum Tore Johan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Hobbysenteret Mosjøen AS Mosjøen Norway
sosa marrero eduardo PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Libreria Moebius Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain
Soules Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 New Castle Anime Club Saltillo Coahuila Mexico
Soumet Arnaud BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Playoteket Center - Malmö Malmö Sweden
Sousa Gabriel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Dominaria Cards and Games Fortaleza Ceará Brazil
Southworth Luke PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Harlequins Preston England
Souza Joao Caludio PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Cyber Loading Loja de Conveniências LTDA ME São Gonçalo Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Souza Juliano PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Mtg Caxias Cards Duque de Caxias Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Sproule Sean PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Highlander Games Dundee Scotland
Staciwa Marcin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Centrum Gier PEGAZ Bydgoszcz Poland
Stefanov Momchil PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Magic Worlds Samokov Bulgaria
Steinbeiss Alexander PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Dum deti a mladeze UL Usti nad Labem Czech Republic
Steinkamp Paul PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Comic - Kombinat - Magdeburg Magdeburg Sachsen-Anhalt Germany
Steyns Nick PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 INTERSTATE32 Aachen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
STIHLE Julien PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Fairplay Mulhouse Est France
Stone Dennis PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Albion Kortrijk Belgium
Streets Ed PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Comic Town Columbus Ohio United States
Stroev Mikhail PPTQ - 1st Place 4/11/2015 Hobby Games Vladivostok Vladivostok Russian Federation
Sugaya Hironobu PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 はま屋里吉店 甲府市 Yamanashi-ken Japan
Sukaitis Tomas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 The Games Pit Wakefield England
Suponeva Tatsiana PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 MP Violins Ltd Nicosia Cyprus
Sutton Matthew BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Atlantis Games and Comics - Portsmouth Portsmouth Virginia United States
Sweeney Jace PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Shadowblade Hobbies Chambersburg Pennsylvania United States
Swierczynski Michal PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Warsaw Poland
Talavera Javier PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Freakshow Girona Girona Spain
Tan Gordon PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Game Forge Singapore Singapore - No State Singapore
Tan Jimmy Jr PPTQ - 1st Place 5/10/2015 Tobey's Game Cafe Manila Manila Philippines
Tang Duncan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Geek Retreat Glasgow Scotland
Tapia Becerra Felipe PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Stronghold Santiago Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Tardiani Mattia PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Goblin - Torino Torino Torino Italy
TARRINI DANIELE PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Magic Hammer Scandicci Firenze Italy
Tassinari Luca PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 WarCard Seregno Monza e Brianza Italy
Tattoli Alessandro PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Finibus Terrae - the magic spot Bari Bari Italy
Tavares Guido Eduardo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 UG Cardshop Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brazil
Teixeira Glauber PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Tecnoland ltda Guaraparí Espírito Santo Brazil
Telarov Aleksa PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 PHOENIX Sremska Mitrovica Serbia
Tessmann João PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Inside Games Brasília Distrito Federal Brazil
Tetzlaff Leonard PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Game IT Marburg Marburg Hessen Germany
Thell Fredrik PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Mindstage Göteborg Sweden
Thiele Denny PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Comic-Tempel Dresden Sachsen Germany
Thompson Troy PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Hi-Score Video Games - St Paul North St Paul Minnesota United States
Tiberio Carlos PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 MTG Cards Games São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
timici sergio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Oltre la matita PISA Pisa Italy
Timoharju Juha PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Fantasiapelit - Tampere Tampere Finland
Tobiasch Marc Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Togores Rodrigo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Evolution - Madrid Madrid Madrid Spain
Toledo Daniel BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 Evolution store Madrid Spain
Tomas Vardzik PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 DRACO Kosice Slovakia
Tomasi Andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 IZUMI MANGA CAFE' Loano Savona Italy
Tompsett Alex PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Shadow Games Rugby England
Tonello Cristian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Robe da Elfi Pinerolo Torino Italy
Trallero Ivan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 El Hogar del Héroe Sabadell Barcelona Spain
Tran Danh PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Premier Organizer - StarCityGames Roanoke Virginia United States
Trattle William PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Inner Sanctum Collectibles Cambridge England
Triantafillou Dimitris PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Kaissa Kalamarias Thessaloniki Greece
Tristán Manuel PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Arcanix Americas Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
Tuncel Ey?p Sezer PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Oyun Mühendisi Cafe Istanbul Turkey
Tuominen Tuomas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Fantasiapelit Jyväskylä Jyväskylä Finland
Turkovic Filip BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 6/27/2015 SpielRaum Wien Wien Austria
Turnbull Dexter PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Mondo Comico Nottingham England
Tzirinis Panagiotis PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Greece
Ucuzal Batuhan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Oversoul Cafe Ankara Turkey
Ulke Dominic PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Anspielbar Oldenburg Niedersachsen Germany
Utyatnikov Leonid PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Hitriy EZH (Teoriya Igr) Perm Russian Federation
Utzon Mads PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Dragons Lair Odense Odense C Denmark
Valenti Mauro PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Playtime - Brescia Brescia Brescia Italy
Valiere Benjamin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Les Contrées du Jeu Grenoble Est France
Valkamaa Sami PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Fantasiapelit Turku Turku Finland
van de Veen Steffen PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Tirage Gameshop Sprang-Capelle Netherlands
Van Der Meer Thijs PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 De Tinnen Soldaat Ede Netherlands
Van Der Paelt Thomas PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Verbrugghe Neverland Assebroek Belgium
Van Duin Anne PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 De Vliegershop Leiden Netherlands
van Heerden Thomas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 The Battle Bunker - Tygervalley Cape Town South Africa
Van Herwaarden Sander PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 De Spellenhoorn Hoorn Netherlands
van Leeuwen Arjan PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Magic United Rotterdam Netherlands
van Ravenzwaaij Don Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Vandborg Christian PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Dragons Lair Aalborg Aalborg Denmark
Vardzik Marek PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Abarat Presov Slovakia
Vargas Carreras Juan Carlos BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/4/2015 La Forja de Stone Santiago de Chile Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile
Varocchi Francesco PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 La Torre del Drago Prato Prato Italy
Vasil'Ev Sergey PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Citadel - Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod Russian Federation
Vaughn Jackson PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Mad Hatter's House Of Games Lubbock Texas United States
Vauvre Gregor PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Magic Bazar Paris Paris Paris France
Vazquez Ramon PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 CFC Garibaldi Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico
Vega Parra Francisco PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Ineko Iquique Tarapacá Chile
Velazquez Jose Luis PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Itaca - Getafe Getafe Spain
Vera Alberto PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 Evolution Madrid Norte Alcobendas Spain
verdoodt philip PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Outpost Brussels Brussel Belgium
Verdu Miguel PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 LLIBRERIA-PAPERERIA RONDA Mahon Spain
Veyssi Shervin PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Librairix CanalBD Bourges Ouest France
Vicente Navarro Ivan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Titan Games Getafe Spain
Vida Wilson Ademar PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Comics Games São Caetano do Sul São Paulo Brazil
Vieira Eduardo dos Santos Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Vieira Ramalho Bruno PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Taverna do Vat Valinhos São Paulo Brazil
Vieren Peter Pro Club Level - Silver N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Vila Franca Bruno PPTQ - 1st Place 6/27/2015 MMK (Malab Magic Kingdom) Viana do Castelo Portugal
Vilkouski Yury PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Magic - Shop OG Linz Austria
Villani Gioele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Board Game Empire Pistoia Pistoia Italy
Villanueva Santiago PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Game Zone Santiago de Surco, Lima Lima Peru
Vinci STEFANO PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Defantasy Z Algemesi Spain
Viola Carlo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Il Labirinto - Bollate Bollate Milano Italy
Visentin Federico PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Games Academy - Manicomix - Desenzano Desenzano del Garda Brescia Italy
Vitale Lorenzo PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 Antro della Sibilla Battipaglia Salerno Italy
Vlahovic Matija PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Carta Magica Zagreb Croatia
Vojta Jakub PPTQ - 1st Place 7/12/2015 Brno Czech Republic
Voutsis Othon PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Game Rift Kavala Greece
Vrana Michal PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 MtG klub Vsetin Vsetin Czech Republic
Wald Piotr PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Staszów Poland
Wang Dian PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 长春鹏洛客桌游与模型/Chang Chun Planeswalker Board Game and Model 长春 Jilin China
Wang Haokang PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 TOYBOX桌游吧/Toybox Board Game 深圳 Guangdong China
Ward Pete PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Krackers Taunton England
Warne Stephen PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 Final Frontier Plymouth England
Warrington Sophie PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Golden Sun TCG Leicester England
Wasia Kholopenko PPTQ - 1st Place 7/5/2015 Lotos Saint-Petersburg Leningradskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Watson Ricky PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Games Of War Co. Durham England
Weber Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Wizzards Inn Pirmasens Rheinland-Pfalz Germany
weikai Lu PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 暴风玩具店/Bao Feng Toy Store 杭州 Zhejiang China
Weil Stephen PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Northlake Stamp and Coin Atlanta Georgia United States
Weinhardt Denny PPTQ - 1st Place 6/13/2015 UDG-Store Hagen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
Wellershoff Leon PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 Orcish Outpost Mainz Rheinland-Pfalz Germany
Wellinger Serafin PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 イエローサブマリン京都店 京都市 Kyoto-fu Japan
Wen Bernie PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Illuminaudi, The Hamilton Ohio United States
Werkman Pascal PPTQ - 1st Place 7/4/2015 Eron's Entertainment Store Geldermalsen Netherlands
Weske Enrico PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 JK Entertainment Frankfurt Hessen Germany
Wessels Frank PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 GameForce Eindhoven Netherlands
Whewell Mathew PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 The Scythe & Teacup Gamer Cafe Liverpool England
Whitehurst Clinton PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Generation X Comics, Cards, and Games Bedford Texas United States
Wibmer Sebastian PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Magic Warehouse München Bayern Germany
Wieringa Jochem PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Labyrinth Utrecht Netherlands
Wikvist Emil PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 Serieborsen Linköping Sweden
Wild Jimmy PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Travelling Man Leeds Leeds England
Willems Gert PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 L'Imaginarium Namur Belgium
Wisz Lukasz PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 Strefa MtG Warszawa Mazowieckie Poland
Wöll Karl PPTQ - 1st Place 8/2/2015 Fantasy Empire Tübingen Baden-Württemberg Germany
Wood Lee PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Xtremetrades Gaming Centre Colchester England
Woodward Colin PPTQ - 1st Place 6/28/2015 Wargames Workshop (Milton Keynes) Milton Keynes England
Worsnop George PPTQ - 1st Place 7/26/2015 Too Fat Goblinz Stafford England
Wright Stuart PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Dark Sphere London England
Xavier Antonio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Power Games Divinópolis Minas Gerais Brazil
xiaopeng hui PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 速博卡牌桌游俱乐部/Su Bo Card and Board Game Club 北京 Beijing China
xing kang PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 星源卡牌大本营/Xing Yuan Card Base 沈阳 Liaoning China
Xu Chaofeng PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 大杰斯卡牌店/Big Jace Card Store 宁波 Zhejiang China
Yanguas Fernando PPTQ - 1st Place 7/25/2015 La Ciudadela - Zaragoza Zaragoza Spain
Yaocheng Mark PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 MTG-Asia Event Centre Singapore Singapore - No State Singapore
yi kai Jin PPTQ - 1st Place 8/16/2015 北京魔卡俱乐部/Magic Card 北京市 Beijing China
Yiwei Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 力夏达港/Rishadan Port 保定 Hebei China
Yuan Chen BFZ RPTQ 5th - 8th 7/26/2015 Card Master Shanghai 上海市 Shanghai China
Zaccarini Gabriele PPTQ - 1st Place 6/21/2015 Games Academy - Genova Genova Genova Italy
Zago Davide PPTQ - 1st Place 8/8/2015 La Ragnatela Sommariva del bosco Cuneo Italy
Zanetti Giorgio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Games Academy - Bergamo Bergamo Bergamo Italy
Zapata Juan PPTQ - 1st Place 6/14/2015 Homelands Elche Alicante Spain
Zappaterra Andrea PPTQ - 1st Place 8/9/2015 Neverland - Rapallo Rapallo Genova Italy
Zavadzkis Domantas PPTQ - 1st Place 6/7/2015 Daisas Kaunas Lithuania
Zengerling Yannik PPTQ - 1st Place 8/1/2015 FUNtainment Game Store München München Bayern Germany
Zhdanov Mikhail PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Proigri Kurgan Kurganskaya oblast' Russian Federation
Zhikhareva Aleksandra ORI RPTQ 5th - 8th 4/25/2015 GaGa Playloft Saint-Petersburg Russian Federation
Zhou Jiacheng PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 翻云卡牌店/Fan Yun Card Store 南京 Jiangsu China
Zhou Zhengyang PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 隐者之灯/Yin Zhe Zhi Deng 上海 Shanghai China
Ziegler Mike PPTQ - 1st Place 8/15/2015 Blitzplatz Itzehoe Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Zimmermann Raoul PPTQ - 1st Place 7/18/2015 Athena Games Norwich England
Zorzi Giulio PPTQ - 1st Place 6/20/2015 Pandora Silvelle di Trebaseleghe Padova Italy
Zulian Simone PPTQ - 1st Place 6/6/2015 La Fenice - Bolzano Bolzano Bolzano Italy
Zúñiga Cristian PPTQ - 1st Place 7/19/2015 Avalon Game Arena San Pedro de Montes de Oca San José Costa Rica