Click here for event information on the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for the second Pro Tour of 2016.

Invitations to the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for the second Pro Tour of 2016 are awarded in the following manner:

  • Winners of Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers tied to Regional Pro Qualifiers for the second Pro Tour of 2016 (held August 22, 2015 – November 22, 2015)
  • Winners of Regional Last Chance Qualifiers that immediately precede each Regional Pro Tour Qualifier
  • Players with a Pro Tour Players Club Silver level as of the date of the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier
  • Players that finished 5th- through 8th- place in a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier with an attendance of 128 or fewer players from the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers tied to Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch

If you believe that your finish at a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier is in error, please visit After logging in, click the "Appeals Form" link at the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

This list is updated every Wednesday to account for adjustments and player appeals.

The following players are invited to compete in one Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for the second Pro Tour of 2016:

NOTE: This list is not final and subject to change at any time.

First Last Invitation Source PPTQ/RPTQ Date PPTQ/RPTQ Venue PPTQ/RPTQ City PPTQ/RPTQ Region PPTQ/RPTQ Country MTGO?
Juan Carlos Adebo Diaz PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Draco Granada   Spain  
Rishi Agrawal PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Victory Comics Falls Church Virginia United States  
Christian Åhlström PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Serieborsen Linköping   Sweden  
Bing Ye Ai PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Master Card 咖啡厅/Master Card Cafe 成都 Sichuan China MTGO
Sebastien Alarie PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Game Keeper - Verdun Verdun Quebec Canada  
Juan Alberto PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Tierra Media Cádiz Cadiz Cádiz Spain  
Jeremy Allegood PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Silver Unicorn, The Hopewell Virginia United States  
Zach Allen PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Cards In The Corner Lansing Michigan United States  
james allingham PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Wargames Workshop Northampton   England  
Raúl Alonso Machón PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Peter's Land Bilbao   Spain  
Donald Alsept PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Old School Gaming Toledo Ohio United States  
Scott Alter PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Desert Sky Games Gilbert Arizona United States  
David Alvarez PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 GameStar - Tigard Tigard Oregon United States  
Bruno Alves PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Guardian Adventure Espinho Aveiro Portugal  
Kevin Anctil PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Cartomanie Jonquiere Quebec Canada  
Richard Anderson PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Comic Book Store, The Glassboro New Jersey United States  
Robert Anderson PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Mana Toxik Inc. Laval Quebec Canada  
João Andrade PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Armageddon Aveiro   Portugal MTGO
Nathan Andress PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 FTW Florence Alabama United States  
Joey Andrews PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Realms Games Elkhart Indiana United States MTGO
Christopher Anna PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Chibi Cards and Games Ellicott City Maryland United States  
Eric Anseeuw OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Legion Games (Dreamers Vault Games - Burnsville) Burnsville Minnesota United States  
Miguel Araya PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Dragón Burnaby Valdivia Los Ríos Chile  
Mario Artola PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 La U San Salvador San Salvador El Salvador  
Viktor Ask PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Playoteket Center - Lund Lund   Sweden  
Dominik Aspernig PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Videospiele Hartwig Klagenfurt Kärnten Austria  
Maxime Auger PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 L'arène des dieux Quebec Quebec Canada  
Thomas Aukland PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Card and Board Archbold Ohio United States  
Flavio Ausilio PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Il Giocoliere Udine Udine Italy MTGO
Kale Avery PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Merlyns Spokane Washington United States  
Raul Avila PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Trastos Frikis Vilanova i la Getru   Spain  
Rafael Ayllón Fernández PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Invasion Talavera Talavera de la Reina   Spain  
Martin Azpillaga PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Cosmic Manga Barcelona Barcelona Spain  
Shady Badran PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Blakfyre Games Pleasant Grove Utah United States  
Kenneth Bailey PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 At Ease Games San Diego California United States  
Steve Bain PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Steve's Collectables & Toys Gravesend   England  
Boris Bajgo PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Magicana Novi Sad   Serbia  
Brandon Baker PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Game Haven - Saint George Saint George Utah United States  
Robert Baker PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Close Encounters Comics Toms River New Jersey United States  
Sam Baker OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Magic Stronghold Games Vancouver British Columbia Canada  
Dmitry Balakin PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 MastVetra Games Saransk   Russian Federation MTGO
Sergio Balbuena Evans PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 LIBRERIA FM Marbella   Spain  
Brandon Balfour PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Minmax Games Kirkcaldy   Scotland  
Nick Ball PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Mondo Comico Nottingham   England  
Carlos Ballester PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 MAGICLAND HOBBY SHOP Cartagena   Spain  
Jun'ichirou Bandou PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 アメニティードリーム京都店 京都市 Kyoto-fu Japan MTGO
Bradley Barclay OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Dark Sphere London   England  
Craig Bargo PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 CM Games - Cedar Bluff Knoxville Tennessee United States  
Craig Barnes PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Games Of War Co. Durham   England  
Jose Barquilla Rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Itaca - Getafe Getafe   Spain  
Victor Manuel Barragán Macho PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 NOSOLOMAGIC Mérida Badajoz Spain  
Alexander Barrera PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Pair A Dice Games Vista California United States  
Levi Basham PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Top Tier Gaming Cincinnati Ohio United States  
Sammy Batarseh PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Gameland World - Spanish Fork Spanish Fork Utah United States MTGO
Jacob Baugh PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 All the Rage Entertainment Festus Missouri United States  
Corey Baumeister PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Little Big Wars Fargo North Dakota United States  
Ian Bayer-braswell PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Gamer's Gauntlet Clinton Township Michigan United States  
Rob Beasley PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Shadow Games Rugby   England  
Marc Beaulieu OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Jeux Face a Face Verdun (Montréal) Quebec Canada  
Clint Becker PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Sneak Attack's Games Waite Park Minnesota United States  
Sebastian Beckett PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 LaserZone - Bradford Bradford   England  
Nicolas Beland PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Tome2 Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu Quebec Canada  
Matteo Benaglia PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Crossover Teramo Teramo Italy  
Andreas Bendix Nielsen PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Faraos Cigarer Copenhagen   Denmark  
Nikos Benetos PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Kaissa Amarousiou Athens   Greece  
James Benner PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Play N Trade Bay Shore New York United States  
Gavin Bennett PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Pastime Sports and Games Langley British Columbia Canada  
Johnathan Bentley PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 BD Cosmos LAVAL Quebec Canada  
Steve Bera PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Pink Bunny Games South Milwaukee Wisconsin United States  
Matthew Bernard PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Game Zilla Truro Nova Scotia Canada  
EVAN BERNETT PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Island Games Centreville Virginia United States  
Jose Luis Berton PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Evolution - Sevilla Sevilla   Spain  
chris bertone PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Complex, The Scarborough Maine United States  
André Bérubé PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Le Fou De Roi Rimouski Quebec Canada  
Kat Bestard PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Homelands Elche Alicante Spain  
Andrea Biaggi PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 GMI Games and Collectables Riverside California United States  
Hugo Bianor PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Konklave Nova Iguaçu Rio de Janeiro Brazil  
Tyler Biggs PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Math 'n' Stuff Seattle Washington United States  
Brandon Binns PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Games King Sioux City Iowa United States  
BOBBY BIRMINGHAM PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Looking For Games Frederick Maryland United States  
Xavier Biron PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Game Keeper - Montreal Montreal Quebec Canada  
Ian Birrell PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Dreamers Cards and Games St Louis Park Minnesota United States  
Luke Bishop OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 30-Oct-15 Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis Indiana United States  
Peter Bishop PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Rules of Play Cardiff   Wales  
Andrew Blackwell PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Curio Cavern Springfield Virginia United States  
Paul Blake PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 BatCave Games Vancouver Washington United States  
Tijmen Blankevoort PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 De Vliegershop Leiden   Netherlands  
Tyler Blum OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Magic Stronghold Games Vancouver British Columbia Canada MTGO
Tyler Blum Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
Ulises Boggo PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Cyber-Termas Las Termas de Río Hondo Santiago del Estero Argentina  
Nemanja Bojanic PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Top Deck Cards and Games Bethel Park Pennsylvania United States  
Luis Bonilla PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Next Level Games Lima Lima Peru MTGO
Justin Bova PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 White Knight's Game Room, The Williamsport Pennsylvania United States  
Richard Bowles PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 East Coast Gaming Cary North Carolina United States  
Dalton Boyle PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Golden Eagle Comics Reading Pennsylvania United States  
Konstantin Brakefield PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Tom Frantzen Sports Collectibles Mounds View Minnesota United States  
Jimmy Brandlein PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Comic Book University Indianapolis Indiana United States  
Josh Breau PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Heroes' Beacon Saint John New Brunswick Canada MTGO
Philip Brett PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 The Gamers' Emporium Swansea   Wales  
Gunnar Brinkman OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Guardian Games Portland Oregon United States  
Aaron Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Spellbound Games Glasgow   Scotland  
Caden Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Wizard's Tower - Nepean Nepean Ontario Canada  
Steven Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Plus EV Games - Orange Orange California United States  
Daniel Brubaker PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Phoenix Fire Games Meridian Idaho United States  
Mike Bryant PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Fan Zone, The (Waite Park) Waite Park Minnesota United States  
Lyle Bumbaugh PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Shadowblade Hobbies Chambersburg Pennsylvania United States  
Jonny Bundock PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 War & Hobby St Helens   England  
Autumn Burchett Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Matt Buresh PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Dungeon's End Duluth Minnesota United States  
Mark Burgos PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Southern Crafts Barrigada   Guam  
Kevin Burke PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Comic Hunter, The Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada  
George Burrow PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Nerd Shack Wigan   England  
Chris Burrows PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 IBuyWargames Woking   England  
Aitor Cabezas Blanco PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Defantasy Z Algemesi   Spain MTGO
Jose Cabezas Munoz PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Mazinger Vigo Vigo   Spain  
Joan Cabrero PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Games4U Zaragoza Zaragoza Spain  
David Calf PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Black Border Games Wolverhampton   England  
Christopher Calhoun PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Time Capsule, The Hopewell Virginia United States  
Michael Callahan PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Game Den, The - Taylorsville Salt Lake City Utah United States  
Scott Cameron PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 GameShelf, The Thunder Bay Ontario Canada  
Javier Campo PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Itaca Madrid Madrid Spain  
Josh Cannon PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Game Centre Harrodsburg Kentucky United States  
Xavier Cantavella PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Gremio de Dragones Valencia   Spain  
Daniel Carballo Martinez PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 LLIBRERIA-PAPERERIA RONDA Mahon   Spain  
Bryan Carey OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Mr Nice Guy Games Monroeville Pennsylvania United States  
Bradley Carpenter PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Gametraders New Port Richey Florida United States  
Richard Carr PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Forbidden Planet - Bristol Bristol   England  
adam Carrasco II PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Hastings Entertainment - Tradesmart - Albuquerque Albuquerque New Mexico United States  
Jared Carrier PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Total Escape Games Broomfield Colorado United States  
Thomas Carson PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 CT's Hobbies Belvidere Illinois United States  
Sean Carstensen OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Legion Games (Dreamers Vault Games - Burnsville) Burnsville Minnesota United States  
Ollie Carter PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Eclectic Games Reading   England  
Pedro Ricardo Carvalho PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Armageddon Lisboa Lisboa Lisboa Portugal  
Jeffrey Casselman PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Magasin Ménard Comics Longueuil Quebec Canada  
Francisco Castanheira PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Hobbit's Land Cascais   Portugal  
Bruno Castro PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Duelos de Honra Amadora Lisboa Portugal  
Rob Catton PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 The Games Pit Wakefield   England  
Eddie Caudill PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Phoenix Gaming Lounge Phoenix Arizona United States  
Jim Cecere PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Snap Keep Games McHenry Illinois United States  
Giorgio Cembran PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Stazione Gioco roma Roma Italy  
Skylr Chamberlin PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Disc Heroes Portland Oregon United States  
Norman Chan PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 First Aid Comics Chicago Illinois United States  
Tiago Chan PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Card Master Shanghai 上海市 Shanghai China  
Eric Chan Tai Kong PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Warp 1 Comics and Games Edmonton Alberta Canada  
Henry Channing PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 AC Models Eastleigh   England  
Melvyn Chapman PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Tabletop Tyrant Leicester   England  
Arvid Chawla PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Outland - Trondheim Trondheim   Norway  
Dan Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Game Master Laguna Hills California United States  
Jeffrey Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Gamer's Guild Antioch California United States  
Kent Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Games Plus Lake Stevens Washington United States  
François Chénard PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Freegame - Promenades du Sud St-Romuald Quebec Canada  
xu chenyang PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 TOYBOX桌游吧/Toybox Board Game 深圳 Guangdong China  
Raymond Cheung PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Undiscovered Realm Hartsdale New York United States  
Ricky Chin Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Adam Chirnside PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Action Packed Comics - Kingston Kingston Ontario Canada  
Ashok chitturi PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Clarkson's Corner Scarsdale New York United States  
Brandon Chreptyk PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Wiser's Wide World of Collectibles Langley British Columbia Canada  
Trevor Chu PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Crazy Fred's Comicbook Lounge La Mesa California United States  
Yian Hsiang Chye PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Eternal Magic Petaling Jaya Selangor Selangor Malaysia MTGO
Jose David Cid Lores PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Generacion X Hortaleza Madrid Madrid Spain  
Stanislav Cifka Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Mike Clarke PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Variant Edition Comics and Culture Edmonton Alberta Canada  
Charles-andre Clement PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Fandom II Ottawa Ontario Canada  
Chris Clow PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Whistle Stop Toys Port Townsend Washington United States  
Noah Cohen PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Chicago Clubhouse, The Glenview Illinois United States  
Nicholas Colby OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Jeux Face a Face Verdun (Montréal) Quebec Canada  
Borja Collado PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Mas que comics Lorca   Spain  
Jared Collett PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Gamezilla - Fredricton Fredericton New Brunswick Canada  
James Collette PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 The Games Den Surry Hils New South Wales Australia  
James Collier PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Alternate Universes - Holmes Holmes Pennsylvania United States  
Chris Collins PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 LANslide Gamecenter Clinton Maryland United States  
Sean Collins PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 GameStar - Beaverton Portland Oregon United States  
ANGEL COLON PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Six Feet Under Games New Holland Pennsylvania United States  
Mark Conkle PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Source Comics and Games Roseville Minnesota United States  
Hugh Connor PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Dead Universe Comics Aylesbury   England  
Cy Cook PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Top Deck Hobbies Corvallis Oregon United States  
Martyn Cooper PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Wargames Workshop (Milton Keynes) Milton Keynes   England  
Armin Coralic PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 ShrunkenTERRA Burgess Hill   England  
Matthew Cotrupe PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Play the Game Read the Story Syracuse New York United States  
Ben Cottee PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Playnation Games Croydon   England  
Gordon Court PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Stans Games Falmouth   England  
Sylvain Courtial PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Joute et Jeux Grenoble Est France  
John Michael Crisostomo PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Battlezone Dubai   United Arab Emirates  
Brandon Crosby PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Sparkk Spanish Fork Utah United States  
Marlon Kane Cruz PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Wizard Wink Hobby Shop Angeles City, Pampanga   Philippines  
Robert Cucunato PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Frogtown Hobbies Toledo Ohio United States  
Paul Cuillier PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Samurai Comics - Mesa Mesa Arizona United States  
Travis Cullum PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Bc Comix of Battle Creek Battle Creek Michigan United States  
Phil Cunningham PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Game Theory Raleigh North Carolina United States  
MATT CZUZAK OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 San Diego Games and Comics San Diego California United States  
Fábio da Silva Oliveira PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Mulligan Game Shop João Pessoa Paraíba Brazil  
Charles Dacunha PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Metagame Montluçon Allier France  
Lars Dam Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Jonathan Danz PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Magic & Games Shop Wels Wels   Austria  
Matthew Darnall PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Cataclysm Games and Collectibles Roscoe Illinois United States  
Patrick Davich PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Collector's Connection Duluth Minnesota United States  
David Davila PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Jimmys USA Sportscards Whittier California United States  
Andrew Davis PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Redcap's Corner Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States  
Brent Davis PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Nerd Store, The Greeley Colorado United States  
Scott Davis PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Black Gold Littleton Colorado United States  
Zaid De Seguinot PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Cafe Casa Barista Aguada   Puerto Rico  
Corrado De Sio PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Non solo Fumetto Empoli Firenze Italy MTGO
Jordan Dean PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 First Turn Games Cedar Rapids Iowa United States  
Brandon Dearen PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Comic Commander, The Ridgeland Mississippi United States  
Chris Deflorio PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Gamer's Haven, The Spokane Valley Washington United States  
Ruben Delgado PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Generacion X Vallekas Madrid   Spain  
Emmanuel Claro Emerson Delmoro PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Madcap Gaming San Pedro City   Philippines  
Hugo Demers PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Gamer's Spot - Drummondville Drummondville Quebec Canada  
Brandon Dempsey PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Gamer's Edge Comics and Games, The Stroudsburg Pennsylvania United States  
Michael Derczo PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Adventurer's Guild, The Harrisburg Pennsylvania United States  
Andrew Devine PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 The Scythe & Teacup Gamer Cafe Liverpool   England  
matt devlin PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Fusion Gaming Winnipeg Manitoba Canada  
James DeVore PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Chesapeake Sports Cards Crofton Maryland United States  
Dan Andrei Diac PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Lex Hobby Store Iasi   Romania  
dario diaz rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Kanal Ocio Lucena   Spain  
Fabian Dickmann Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Mikel Diez PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Libreria Ronin Vitoria - Gasteiz Álava Spain  
zhou dilin PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Freedom卡牌店/Freedom Card Store 广州 Guangdong China  
Jefferson Dillon PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Oasis Games Salt Lake City Utah United States  
Ioannis Dimitrakis PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Kaissa Kalamarias Thessaloniki   Greece MTGO
Ioannis Dimitrakis OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Dark Sphere London   England MTGO
Cory Dissinger PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Stomping Grounds Games and Hobbies Hatboro Pennsylvania United States  
Chris Dixon PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 GameTown Waukesha Wisconsin United States  
Jimmy Dixon PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Accidentally Cool Games Bemidji Minnesota United States  
Thanh Quang Do PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Abyss Montreal Quebec Canada  
Adrian Dobrotescu OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Evolution store Madrid   Spain  
PHILIP DODGE PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Card Exchange Seattle Washington United States  
Dmitriy Dombrovskiy PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Lavka Orka Stavropol Stavropol'skiy kray Russian Federation  
Javier Dominguez Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
Mayantigo Dones PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Mana Infinito Barcelona   Spain  
Maxime Doré PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Le Beginner Longueuil Quebec Canada  
Ray Doyle PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Common Ground Games Stirling   Scotland  
Marko Drobny PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 FUNTASTIC Bratislava   Slovakia  
Edward Dudley PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Gamers Guild, The Hays Kansas United States  
Carlos Dujo PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 The Warchest Dun Laoghaire, Dublin   Ireland  
JACOB DUNBAR PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Sage's Shoppe, The West Lafayette Indiana United States  
Steven Dunkelman PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Out Of The Box Sports Cards and Collectibles Inc Ottawa Ontario Canada  
Brandon Dunn PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Game Haven - Sandy Sandy Utah United States  
Melvin Dunsworth PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 CCYDNE Hobbies Lebanon Missouri United States  
Jeffrey DuPont PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Checkmate Toledo Ohio United States  
Gabriel Duran PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Avalon Game Arena San Pedro de Montes de Oca San José Costa Rica  
Daniel Duterte PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Wishes Everett Washington United States  
Sayer Dwinell-Yardley PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Quarterstaff Games Burlington Vermont United States  
Szymon Dziedziel PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Black Kat Games Kilkenny Kilkenny Ireland  
Andrew Eberhard PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Gaming Guild, The Evansville Indiana United States  
Matthew Eblen PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Bell, Book and Comic Dayton Ohio United States  
Henry Edmondson PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Good Games St James Cannington Western Australia Australia  
Kerry Edwards PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 White Knight Toys and Hobbies Helena Montana United States  
Daniel Eggle PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Final Frontier Plymouth   England  
Nathan Egner PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Bazbo Comics Truro   England  
Arseniy Egorov PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Fireball Ufa Bashkortostan, Respublika Russian Federation  
Nikolaus Eigner PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Magic Corner Wien   Austria  
Patrik Eklund PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Orion Spel & Böcker Sundsvall   Sweden  
Goran Elez PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Carta Magica Zagreb   Croatia  
Scott Ellsworth PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Amazing Discoveries Tucson Arizona United States  
Ryan Engbrecht PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Borderlands Salem Oregon United States  
Herbert Engleitner PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Magic - Shop OG Linz   Austria  
Anthony Episcopo PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Mr Nice Guy Games Monroeville Pennsylvania United States  
Alejandro Espino PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Nov-15 Nación Geek Panama Panamá Panamá  
Thomas Evans PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Badlands Comics and Games Dickinson North Dakota United States  
Tirello Fabio PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Crna Luknja Ljubljana   Slovenia  
Zach Fabry PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Galaxy Comics Games and More Stevens Point Wisconsin United States  
Matthew Falcioni PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Phantom of the Attic - Greentree Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States  
Luke Fallon PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Power Nine Gaming Fort Wayne Indiana United States  
Ian Farnung Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
Gerard Farreras PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Icarus Jocs Malgrat de mar Barcelona Spain  
Caleb Faulk PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Epic Loot - Centerville Centerville Ohio United States  
Michael Feng PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Highlander Games and Comics Boonton New Jersey United States  
Yi Feng PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 万智屋 无锡市 Jiangsu China  
Chris Ferber PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 A Hidden Fortress Simi Valley California United States  
Sean Ferguson PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Highlander Games Dundee   Scotland  
David Fernandez PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 El Tumulo Malaga   Spain  
Javier Fernandez Garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Copelen S.L. Leon   Spain  
Jose Ferreira PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Gruta dos jogos Almeirim   Portugal  
Sergio Ferrer Rozalen PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 La Cueva del Trol Valencia Valencia Spain  
Corrado Ferri PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Playtime - Lecco Lecco Lecco Italy MTGO
Sebastian Fiala-Ibitz PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 SpielRaum Wien Wien   Austria  
Eddie Figueroa PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Game Corps Erie Pennsylvania United States  
Ryan Finnigsmier PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Heroes Corner Games and Merchandise Chico California United States  
Jake Flaczinski PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Monstore, The Montclair California United States  
shane flannery PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Samurai Comics - Central Phoenix Arizona United States  
Jacob Fletcher PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Centralia Game Room Centralia Illinois United States  
Roger Fondren PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 SoCalMagic Orange California United States  
Alexandre Forget PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Le Duel St-Jerome Quebec Canada  
Chris Foster PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Athena Games Norwich   England  
Giannis Foukakis PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Papercut comics & games Crete   Greece  
David Franco PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Manifest Comics and Cards Bayonne New Jersey United States  
Anders Frederiksen PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Fanatic - København København Ø   Denmark  
Henry Freedman PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Oregon Trail Games The Dalles Oregon United States  
Jonas Friberg PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Dragons Lair - Stockholm Stockholm   Sweden  
Louis Frith PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Patriot Games Sheffield   England  
Connor Funkhouser PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Beyond Comics - Frederick Frederick Maryland United States  
Attila Fur PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Warp 2 Edmonton Alberta Canada  
Alexander Gabriel PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Mythic Monster Gaming Highland Indiana United States  
Sebastien Gagne OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Jeux Face a Face Verdun (Montréal) Quebec Canada  
Pete Gallagher PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Firestorm Games Cardiff   Wales  
Samuele Gallinari PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Lucky Draw Torino Torino Italy  
Dusan Galovic PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 PHOENIX Sremska Mitrovica   Serbia  
David Galperin PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Toy Wiz Nanuet New York United States  
Michael Gammons PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Paradise Games Mount Airy North Carolina United States  
philibert GANDY PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Trollune Lyon Est France  
Harry Garbett PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Golden Sun TCG Leicester   England  
Harry Garbett OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Dark Sphere London   England  
Antonio Garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 La Mazmorra del Androide Albacete   Spain  
Sergio Garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Roymac - Golosinas y Comics Sant Boi de Llobregat Barcelona Spain  
Manuel Garcia Torres PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Manhattan Comics Xativa Xativa Valencia Spain  
Brook Gardner Durbin PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Know Dice Great Falls Montana United States  
Philippe Gareau PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Librairie Donjon - Quebec City Quebec City Quebec Canada  
Daniel Gargulák PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 MtG klub Vsetin Vsetin   Czech Republic  
Austin Gattuso PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 MVP Sports and Games Lancaster Pennsylvania United States  
Gabriel Gauthier-Andersen PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 L'imaginaire Laurier Quebec Canada  
Talor Gavin OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Collector's Cache Lenexa Kansas United States  
Jonathan Geist PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Anspielbar Oldenburg Niedersachsen Germany MTGO
Martin Gemov PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Harrenhal Plzen   Czech Republic  
Marc-Olivier Gendron PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Freegame - Carrefour Charlesbourg Québec Quebec Canada  
Christian Genz PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Dark Matter Cafe Durham   England  
Savvas Georgiades PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 MP Violins Ltd Nicosia   Cyprus  
Jim Gerner PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Olympic Cards and Comics Lacey Washington United States  
Alexandru Ghiura PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Carti de Magic Timisoara   Romania  
Jake Gill PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Board Game Barrister - Bayshore Glendale Wisconsin United States  
antonio giordani PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Swamp Store Game People Aprilia Latina Italy  
Mattia Giordani PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Deep Dragons Macerata Macerata Italy  
Francesco Giorgio Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
Boris Girdasov PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 PfP HRAvy goblin KOSICE   Slovakia  
Mark Glenister PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Aug-15 Xtremetrades Gaming Centre Colchester   England  
Marcus Glenn PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Big Apple Comics Amarillo Texas United States  
Austin Goeltz PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Heebeegeebeez - Ogden Ogden Utah United States  
Gary Gold OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Mr Nice Guy Games Monroeville Pennsylvania United States  
Víctor Gómez PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 El Octavo Pasajero Ourense Ourense Spain  
Antonio Rafael Gonzalez Carrasco PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Evolution - Ciudad Real Ciudad Real   Spain  
Dominik Görtzen PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Mage Store Düsseldorf Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany MTGO
Matthew Goslar PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Heroes and Villains - Tucson Tucson Arizona United States MTGO
Michael Goud PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Gamezilla - St. John Saint John New Brunswick Canada  
ALKIS GOURAMANIS PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 kaissa Ioanninon Ioannina   Greece  
Sam Graham PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Just 4 Fun LLC Afton Wyoming United States  
Josh Granado PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Play or Draw Avondale Arizona United States  
Xavier Granados PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Asgard Badalona Badalona   Spain  
Pedro Grati PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 El Nucli Barcelona   Spain  
Lukas Grauwiler PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Kaufparadies Stocker Dielsdorf   Switzerland  
Robert Graves PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Something 2 Do Louisville Kentucky United States  
Michele Gravina PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Gamers World Dublin   Ireland  
Brandon Green PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Samurai Comics - West Glendale Arizona United States  
Kevin Greeson PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Comic Cult - Torrance Torrance California United States  
Enrico Guarneri PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Outer Limits JHB Johannesburg   South Africa  
Michal Guldan PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Cloudpost Bratislava   Slovakia  
Nehemiah Guluka PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Evergreen Building Renton Washington United States  
Carlos Gutiérrez Rubio PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Arte 9 Madrid Madrid Spain  
david haass PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop Hobbies, Games and Collectibles Newington Connecticut United States  
Thomas Hackman PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Cloud City - Allentown Allentown Pennsylvania United States  
Viktor Hakkarainen PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Spel i Focus/Card Collector Göteborg   Sweden  
Chris Hall PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Tady Domzale   Slovenia  
Johnny Hall PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Slayer Gaming Mansfield   England  
Steve Hamilton PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Comic Relief Flint Michigan United States  
Shawn Hancock PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Equilibrium Game Store Concord California United States  
Michael Hantz PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 San Diego Games and Comics San Diego California United States  
Ryan Harada PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Paula's Sports Cards Etc Honolulu Hawaii United States  
Jack Harman PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Alternate Universe Comics Leighton Buzzard   England  
Eric Hawkins PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Table Top Tournaments Crystal Minnesota United States  
John Healy PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Montasy Comics Forest Hills New York United States  
John Healy OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Dragon's Den Poughkeepsie New York United States  
joshua heath PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Frontline Games Clarksville Tennessee United States  
Mike Heck PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Mystic Mountain Games Weirton West Virginia United States  
Andrew Heckman PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 In The Zone Cards and Games Ashtabula Ohio United States  
Mikael Heikinheimo PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Fantasiapelit Jyväskylä Jyväskylä   Finland  
David Heineman PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Netherworld Games Madison Wisconsin United States  
Landan Heinricy PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Who's Game House Rapid City South Dakota United States  
Zachary Helfer PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Ground Zero Comics Strongsville Ohio United States  
NATHANIEL HEMENWAY PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Players Guild, The Bloomsburg Pennsylvania United States  
Manny Henderson PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Apex Hobby Shop La Crosse Wisconsin United States  
Mark Henderson PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Legacy, Comics and Games Austin Minnesota United States  
Julien Henry PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Parence Le Havre Ouest France MTGO
ADAM HERNANDEZ PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Get Your Game On Ann Arbor Michigan United States  
Joshua Hernandez PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Sun City Games El Paso Texas United States  
David Herrera García PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Ancestral Games Playa de las Americas   Spain  
Sergi Herrero PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 La Maquina del Temps Badalona Barcelona Spain  
Tony Hess PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 DZ Gaming Decatur Indiana United States  
Mike Hettinger PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Gaming Goat, The - Naperville Naperville Illinois United States  
Jonathan Hickerson PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Roll the Dice Murfreesboro Tennessee United States MTGO
Borja Hidalgo PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 La Maquina del Temps - Lleida Lleida   Spain MTGO
Wesley Higbee PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Phoenix Comics and Games Seattle Washington United States  
Simon Hill PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Wargames Emporium Sheffield   England  
Michael Hinderaker PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Epic Puzzles and Games - Lehi Lehi Utah United States  
Ryan Hipp PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Universe Games Minneapolis Minnesota United States  
Michal Hlavacek PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Cerny rytir Brno Brno   Czech Republic  
Jacob Hochbaum PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Bulletproof Comics and Games Brooklyn New York United States  
CHAD HODGES PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Carta Magica - Ottawa Ottawa Ontario Canada  
Logan Holmes PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Game Preserve - Bloomington Bloomington Indiana United States  
Wilson Holzhaeuser PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Montasy Comics - Midtown Chapter New York New York United States  
Thomas Holzinger OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Najada Prague 3   Czech Republic  
Kohl Hoover PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Wizard's Keep - Muncie Muncie Indiana United States  
Kristopher Hopkins PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Guardian Games Portland Oregon United States  
Vjeran Horvat PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 MEHANOTEHNA D.O.O. Osijek   Croatia  
Tamás Horváth PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Sarkanytuz Budapest Budapest   Hungary  
Isaac Houck PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Beckmon's Gaming Paradise Twin Falls Idaho United States  
IAN HOWE PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Mad Hatter's House Of Games Lubbock Texas United States  
Lenard Hristov PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Scylant Magic Sofia   Bulgaria MTGO
Yung-Ming Huang PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 迷你小舖有限公司/Mini Shoppa Co., Ltd Hsinchu City   Taiwan, Province of China  
Dakota Hughes PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Jupiter Games Johnson City New York United States  
Shaun Hughes PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 A and N Sports Cards San Dimas California United States  
Barry Hum PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Multizone Gatineau Quebec Canada  
Rob Hunsaker PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Uncle's Games - Redmond Redmond Washington United States  
Matthias Hunt PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Thunderdome Games Mahtomedi Minnesota United States  
Matthias Hunt OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Legion Games (Dreamers Vault Games - Burnsville) Burnsville Minnesota United States  
David Hunting PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Game Den, The - Provo Provo Utah United States  
Andrew Huska OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Magic Stronghold Games Vancouver British Columbia Canada MTGO
Benjamin Huston OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Guardian Games Portland Oregon United States  
Joseph Hwang PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Alternate Universes - Wilmington Wilmington Delaware United States  
mostafa ibrahimi PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Sep-15 Comicave Dubai Dubayy [Dubai] United Arab Emirates  
Peter Ingram PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Brothers Grim Games and Collectibles Selden New York United States  
Jari Inkinen PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Poromagia Helsinki   Finland  
Sean Inoue PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 ManaWerx Glendale Arizona United States  
Maxim Ivanov OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Edinorog Moscow   Russian Federation MTGO
Corey Ivy PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Njoy Games and Comics Northridge California United States  
Tre Jacobs PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Odyssey Games Kalamazoo Michigan United States  
Kyle James PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Vancouver Washington United States  
Derrick Javier PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Price Busters Games and Movies Inc Pensacola Florida United States  
Reginald Jbeili PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Axion Now Amersham   England  
Yiren Jiang PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 泠城万智俱乐部/Ling Cheng Magic Store 杭州 Zhejiang China  
Erik Johansson PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Mindstage Göteborg   Sweden  
Alexander John PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 BC Comix and Games - Lapeer Lapeer Michigan United States  
Alex Johnson PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Air Traffic Kites and Games - Maple Grove Maple Grove Minnesota United States  
Brandon Johnson PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Game Haven - Bountiful Bountiful Utah United States  
brandt johnson PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Game Preserve - Greenwood Indy Indiana United States  
Bryan Johnson PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Epic Puzzles and Games West Valley City Utah United States  
Case Johnson OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Dream Wizards Rockville Maryland United States  
Terrence Johnstone PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 The Local NPC Games and Comics Sydney Nova Scotia Canada  
Scott Jones PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Kingston Gaming NeXus Kingston Ontario Canada  
Marti Jorda PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 HomoLudicus Granollers   Spain MTGO
Ricardo Junior Special Invitation n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Artur Kabirov PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Hitriy EZH (Teoriya Igr) Perm   Russian Federation  
Alexandr Kairov PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Avalon Ekaterinburg Ekaterinburg Sverdlovskaya oblast' Russian Federation  
Kamen Kamenov PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Goblin Games Skopje   Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of MTGO
David Kaminsky PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Alternate Universes - Blue Bell Blue Bell Pennsylvania United States  
Chanaphol Kamolto PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Metro Mall MRT Chatujak Bangkok Krung Thep Maha Nakhon [Bangkok] Thailand  
Forrest Kamperman PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 A+ Comics and Collectibles Lexington Kentucky United States  
david kanellis PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Foam Brain Games Troy New York United States  
Louis Kaplan PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Mox Mania Madison Wisconsin United States  
Chad Kastel PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Tate's Gaming Satellite Fort Lauderdale Florida United States  
Carolyn Kavanagh PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Connection Games and Accessories 2, The Vancouver British Columbia Canada  
Brian Kemme PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Pandemonium Garden City Michigan United States  
Mike Kenney PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Comic Town Columbus Ohio United States  
Akos Kenyeres PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Metagame Kártyabolt Budapest   Hungary  
Alec Khan PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Turn Zero Games Los Angeles California United States  
Jack Kiefer PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Advantage Games Northglenn Colorado United States  
Cynic Kim PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Boardgame cafe Tycoon/ 타이쿤 보드게임카페 Incheon   Korea, Republic of MTGO
Isaac Kim PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Family Game Store Savage Maryland United States  
Sang-eun Kim Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
MATTHEW KING PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Lucky's Card Shop Greensboro North Carolina United States  
Ryan King PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Kit Kringle Asheboro North Carolina United States  
Kevin Kingsley PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Chicago Illinois United States  
Kaloyan Kirilov PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Magic Worlds Samokov   Bulgaria MTGO
Richard Kivett PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Legendary Games Lafayette Indiana United States  
Thomas Klein PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Rarehuntershop Schwechat   Austria  
Tom Klenotic PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Immortals Inc Rocky River Ohio United States  
Chase Klumpp PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Mini War Games Fairhope Alabama United States  
Louis Kneeshaw PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Travelling Man Newcastle Newcastle Upon Tyne   England  
Sean Knowelden PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Paradox Comics Poole   England  
Nathaniel Knox PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Treasure Chest Games and Collectibles Port Coquitlam British Columbia Canada  
Ivan Kokorin PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Proigri Kurgan Kurganskaya oblast' Russian Federation  
Piotr Kolarski PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Staszów   Poland  
Jason Kolk PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Gaming Warehouse, The Grandville Michigan United States  
John Kolos PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Matt's Cavalcade of Comics Corvallis Oregon United States  
Evgeny Kornev OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Edinorog Moscow   Russian Federation MTGO
Rudolph Korompis PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Gamestars Langley British Columbia Canada  
Tim Kouba PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 De Spelfanaat - Mechelen Mechelen   Belgium  
Mark Kowalyk PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Amazing Stories Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada  
Josh kreiter PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 All About Games Boise Idaho United States  
Nick Kruithof PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Het Beeldverhaal Almere   Netherlands  
Jan Ksandr PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Pardubice   Czech Republic  
Vikram Kudva PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Enchanted Grounds - Littleton Littleton Colorado United States  
Bobby Kuiken PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Dark Side, The Sarasota Florida United States  
Lirek Kulik PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Lair, The Bronx New York United States  
Petr Kulshik PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Ginger Cat Chelyabinsk Chelyabinskaya oblast' Russian Federation  
Domen Kuncic PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Pikapolonica - Maribor Maribor   Slovenia  
Jan Kusev PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Fenix Trnava   Slovakia  
Konstantin Kusin PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Citadel - Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod   Russian Federation MTGO
ANDRÉS LABAT PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 La Orden del Dragon Castellon   Spain  
Vincent Laberge PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 La Coupe Stanley Saint-Jerome Quebec Canada  
Will Lachapelle PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Hastur Games and Comics Midvale Utah United States  
David Laffrenzen PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Jimmy Jams Winona Minnesota United States  
Wilson Lam PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Zwergenschmiede Bern   Switzerland  
Casey Lancaster PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Weekend Anime Westbrook Maine United States  
Dan Lanthier Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Songjian Lao PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 氪金无敌万智俱乐部/Ke Jin Wu Di Magic Club 广州 Guangdong China  
Ricardo Laranjeira PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Kult Games Lisboa   Portugal  
David Laskar PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Gamerz Co-op Pierrefond Quebec Canada  
Pietro Laudati PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Midian Verona Verona Italy MTGO
Tom Law PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 IQ Games Centre Huddersfield   England  
Ryan Layman OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Dream Wizards Rockville Maryland United States  
Hugo Leblanc PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 La Place Du Collectionneur Mascouche Quebec Canada  
Pedro Lechado PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Kuroneko Freakshop Manacor   Spain  
Jae Ju Lee OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Red Dice/ 레드 다이스 Seoul   Korea, Republic of  
Jim Tim Lee PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 童年往事/Childhood History Toyshop 高雄市   Taiwan, Province of China  
Aaron Leete PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Game Grid - Layton Layton Utah United States  
Pedro Lemos PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Duelos de Honra 2 Portela de Sintra Lisboa Portugal  
Pietro Lepore PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Finibus Terrae - the magic spot Bari Bari Italy  
Brandon Leske PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Tacoma Games Tacoma Washington United States  
Kim Leupold PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Paladin's Place Darmstadt Hessen Germany  
Josh Leutz PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Green Dragon North Charleston South Carolina United States  
Aaron Lewis Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Corey Lewis PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Dave's Darts 'N Billiards Casper Wyoming United States  
Tim Lewis OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Guardian Games Portland Oregon United States  
Richard Li PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Craving For A Game Surrey British Columbia Canada  
Ricky Li PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Labrynth Games, The Baraboo Wisconsin United States  
Scott Li PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 MTG Deals San Gabriel California United States  
Yong Li Liang PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 WildPig Comics Kenilworth New Jersey United States  
Matthew Light PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Ladywood Social Club Birmingham   England  
Zen Wei Lin PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 New Century - Fengyuan/新世紀動漫坊(豐原店) Taichung   Taiwan, Province of China  
Jeff Lindner OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Guardian Games Portland Oregon United States  
Alex Lloyd PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 NH Sports and Gaming North Conway New Hampshire United States  
Victor Logan PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Moonlite Comics Frankfort Kentucky United States  
Nick Loiacano PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Rocket's Hideout Cards and Games Baton Rouge Louisiana United States  
Rocco Lombardi PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 All Ways Gaming Chatsworth California United States  
Adrian Lopez Special Invitation n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Hugo Lopez OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Evolution store Madrid   Spain  
Joseph Loster PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Little Shop of Magic Las Vegas Nevada United States  
Raz Lotan PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Freak Tel Aviv   Israel MTGO
eli loveman PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Gameology Montclair California United States  
Nicholas Lovett PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Gamerz Nexus Rayleigh   England  
Daniel Lozinski PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Miraj Trading Ottawa Ontario Canada  
jacob lucrezi PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Ron's Comic World Mount Holly New Jersey United States  
Taavi Ludvi PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 WEPLAY Tallinn   Estonia  
Edison Lugo PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Evolution Madrid Norte Alcobendas   Spain  
Joey Luna PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Rivals CCG Signal Hill California United States  
Ben Lundquist PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Tier 1 Games Temecula California United States  
Thorbjørn Steiivar Lunke PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 House of Foundation Moss   Norway  
David Lyford-Smith OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Dark Sphere London   England MTGO
Yande Lyu PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 i-PLAY BoardGame Club/I-PLAY桌遊俱樂部 桃園縣   Taiwan, Province of China  
KYLE MAAS PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Warp 3 Edmonton Alberta Canada  
Matthew MacMullin PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Monster Comic Lounge, The Halifax Nova Scotia Canada  
Alan Maigne PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 ABSOLUTE ZERO 中頭郡 Okinawa-ken Japan  
CHESTER MAINOT PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Tier 1 Cards and Games Anchorage Alaska United States  
Matteo Maiolini PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Next Generation s.a.s Roma Roma Italy  
Matej Legie Malý PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Knihkupectvi KRAKATIT Praha   Czech Republic  
X Man PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 漫漫玩桌游吧/Man Man Wan Board Game 苏州 Jiangsu China  
Stephane Manaranche PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 QG des Avenjoueurs Rouen Seine-Maritime France  
Alberto Manchado PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Doctor Game Sitges   Spain  
Joey Manner Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Mat Mansoor PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Infinity Flux Hixson Tennessee United States  
Nick Marconi PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Gryphon Games and Comics Fort Collins Colorado United States  
Davide Marello PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 La Ragnatela Sommariva del bosco Cuneo Italy  
marco mariani PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Mana Base macerata Macerata Italy  
Alan Marlie PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Xpress Games Canterbury Canterbury   England  
Leonardo Maros PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Bases Cards and Comics Lancaster California United States  
Chris Marple PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Game Den Layton Utah United States  
Daniel Marques PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Impacto Lan House Cachoeiras de Macacu Rio de Janeiro Brazil  
John Martin Special Invitation n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Johnathan Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Atomic Comics - Newport News Newport News Virginia United States  
Steven Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Collector's Corner Midland Michigan United States  
daniel martinez PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Generacion X - Fermin Madrid   Spain  
Roberto Martinez Benedicto PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 The Magic Hammer Zaragoza Zaragoza Spain  
Victor Martos Villalva PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Rumbo Informatico Velez-Malaga   Spain  
Derek Mason PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Dojo: Games and Collectibles, The Grimshaw Alberta Canada  
Daniel Matos PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Game Vault Fredericksburg Virginia United States  
Jakub Matousek PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 DDM Chomutov Chomutov   Czech Republic  
Matthieu MAUGUIN PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 La Guilde Lausanne   Switzerland MTGO
Jade Mauro PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Thunder Games and Gifts Thunder Bay Ontario Canada  
Manuel Mayer PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Fantasy Strongvision Esslingen Baden-Württemberg Germany  
Vladimir Mayoral PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Avalon Game Center Armenia Quindío Colombia  
Daniel McCallum OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 San Diego Games and Comics San Diego California United States  
RG McCaman OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Mr Nice Guy Games Monroeville Pennsylvania United States  
Erik McCarthy PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Legion Games (Dreamers Vault Games - Burnsville) Burnsville Minnesota United States  
Micheal Mcclure PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Through The Decades Sports Cards and Gaming Louisville Kentucky United States  
Kristopher Mccord PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Crimson Castle Chess and Games Tuscaloosa Alabama United States MTGO
James McCoury PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Eternal Games Warren Michigan United States  
Jeffrey McCoy PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 A2Z Games Tucson Arizona United States MTGO
Matthew McCullough PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Card Kingdom Seattle Washington United States  
Peter McGinn PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Village Games Champlin Minnesota United States  
Bryan McGowan PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Dragon Snack Games Buffalo New York United States  
Clare McGuire PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Black Lion Games Edinburgh   Scotland  
Kevin McShea PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Magic and Monsters Mission Viejo California United States  
Peter Meadows PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Spirit Games Burton on Trent   England  
Daniel Mendez PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Dados & Cubitos Salamanca   Spain  
Anthony Mendola OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Legion Games (Dreamers Vault Games - Burnsville) Burnsville Minnesota United States  
Graeme Meredith PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Comic Book Shop, The - #2 Spokane Washington United States  
Nicholas Mertens PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Red Claw Gaming Edmonton Alberta Canada  
Roope Metsä PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Porvoon Pelikauppa Porvoo   Finland  
Steven Metzger PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Critical Hit Games Iowa City Iowa United States  
Gregory Michel PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Outpost 2000 and Beyond Coon Rapids Minnesota United States  
Colin Miller PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Yellowjacket Comics and Toys Victoria British Columbia Canada  
Jared Minderman PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Plus One Gaming Cincinnati Ohio United States  
Eduardo Mira Anzola PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 ¡¡¡ Dados Fuera !!! Caceres Cáceres Spain  
John Mogren Olsson PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Fantasia Comic Zone Umea   Sweden  
Mohd Hafiz Mokhtaruddin PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Signa Games Shop PETALING JAYA Selangor Malaysia  
Carlos Molina PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 21st Century Comics Gandia Valencia Spain  
Ruben Molina Nuñez PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Arcanix Americas Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico  
JOSE MONGE PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Collector's Paradise Winnetka California United States  
Nathanial Monsees PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Heroes Collectables Houston Texas United States  
Alessio Montalto PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Games & Comics Shop Catania Catania Italy  
Luigi Morabito PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 La tana del Worgen Capo d'orlando Messina Italy  
guilherme morais PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Clube Top Deck Coimbra   Portugal  
Carlos Moral PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Tierra Media Sanlucar Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz)   Spain  
Joshua Moran PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Chautauqua Comics Jamestown New York United States  
Nick Moran PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Derium's CCGs Cuyahoga Falls Ohio United States  
ROBERT MOREAU PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Gamer's Grotto - VT Bennington Vermont United States  
Daniel Morén PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Collector's Point Umeå   Sweden  
Alberto Moreno PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Dual Games Murcia   Spain  
Francisco Moreno Morales PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Vulcania Wargames Jaen Jaén Spain  
Angel Moreno Sanchez PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Game Start3 Madrid Madrid Spain  
Elliot Mork PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Game Time Indianapolis Indiana United States  
George Mostyn PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Promethean Games Moss End   England  
Peter Mottram PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Inner Sanctum Collectibles Cambridge   England  
Filip Mrso PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 CONFLUX Belgrade   Serbia  
Alberto Muñiz PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Evolution - Madrid Madrid Madrid Spain  
Jose Muñoz Lopez PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 7Reinos Alcala de Guadaira   Spain  
Aaron Muranaka PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Fongo Bongo Games Riverton Utah United States  
adam murkin PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Tournament Centre Worcester   England  
Stephen Murray PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Games Hub Edinburgh Edinburgh   Scotland MTGO
Alessio Muscio PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Non Solo Edicola - Tirabassi Emilio Colli del Tronto Ascoli Piceno Italy  
Daniel Myers PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Astral Games - Medford Medford Oregon United States  
Stephen J Nagy PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Top Deck Games Westmont New Jersey United States  
Tamas Nagy Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
Kyung-min Nam PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Rolling Dice/ 롤링다이스 Seoul   Korea, Republic of  
Ryou Nanba PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 アメニティードリーム大宮店 さいたま市 Saitama-ken Japan  
David Navajas PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Cinco Reinos Zaragoza   Spain  
javier navarro garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Alcala Comics Alcala de Henares Madrid Spain  
Adrian Elias Negro Cortés PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 La Batcueva comic Plasencia   Spain  
Brandon Nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Game Heroes Arvada Colorado United States  
Evan Nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 ABU Games Boise Idaho United States  
jeremiah nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Showdown Cards And Games Peoria Illinois United States MTGO
JOHN NELSON PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Tower Games Minneapolis Minnesota United States  
Matt Nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Direct Damage Games Spokane Valley Washington United States  
Mark Nestico PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 2 Drop Game Shop Ft Myers Florida United States  
Odon Neto PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Mtg Caxias Cards Duque de Caxias Rio de Janeiro Brazil  
Marlon Neyra Garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Generacion X - Elfo Madrid   Spain  
Alan Ngo PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Le Secret des Korrigans Montreal Quebec Canada  
milan niznansky PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 SpielRaum Salzburg Salzburg Salzburg Austria  
Poya Nobari PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Playoteket Center - Malmö Malmö   Sweden  
Bevan Nolan PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Sandbox Cork City Cork Ireland  
Andreas Nordahl PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Outland - Bergen Bergen   Norway  
Charles Norman PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Excelsior Comics Bristol   England  
Christopher Norton PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 The Games Arena Lewiston Maine United States  
Daniel Norton PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Xaos Gateshead   England  
Chris Norwood PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 KAB Sports Cards and Collectables Billings Montana United States  
Yusuke Numata PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Table Game Square "Draw" 松山市 Ehime-ken Japan  
Sean O'Brien PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Last Life Games Clare Michigan United States  
Joo Hyun Oh PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Yatap Battle City/ 야탑 배틀시티 Gyeonggi-do   Korea, Republic of MTGO
Andrew Ohlschwager Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Kenshirou Okuda PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Oct-15 カードショップオーガ津田沼店 船橋市 Chiba-ken Japan  
Alejandro Olea Garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Shark Games Malaga Málaga Spain  
Carlos Oliveros PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Asgard Valladolid Valladolid   Spain  
Joseph Olsen PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Untamed Worlds Lynchburg Virginia United States  
Peyton O'Neill OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 30-Oct-15 Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis Indiana United States  
Greg Orange Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Sam Orchard PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Patriot Games Leeds Leeds   England  
Matteo Orsini Jones PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 The Gameskeeper Oxford   England  
Juan Ortega PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Arkania Madrid   Spain  
Juan Francisco Ortiz PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Libreria Moebius Las Palmas de Gran Canaria   Spain  
Pablo Otero OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Evolution store Madrid   Spain  
Zack O'Toole PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Magic Stronghold Games Vancouver British Columbia Canada  
Aria Paco PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Kaburi Rol & Games Barcelona Barcelona Spain  
Antonio Padial PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 El Conclave de Piedra Fuengirola Málaga Spain  
Travis Padilla PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Heebeegeebeez - Layton Layton Utah United States  
JASON PALMER PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 D20 Hobbies Lexington Kentucky United States  
Kyle Palmer PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Illuminaudi, The Hamilton Ohio United States  
Phimus Pan PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Critical Threat Comics Tempe Arizona United States  
Zbysek Panchartek PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Kal-El Stochov   Czech Republic  
Daniel Pantoja PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Underground Gaming LaVista Nebraska United States  
Alexey Paramonov OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Edinorog Moscow   Russian Federation MTGO
Eric Paré PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Hobbygame St-Thérèse Quebec Canada  
Jamie Parke Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
James Parkinson PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Universal Comics North Canton Ohio United States  
Chris Parshall PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Good Games Butte Montana United States  
Chom Pasidparchya PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 B-D Bangkok Krung Thep Maha Nakhon [Bangkok] Thailand  
Gabriel Passini PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Spellbox São Paulo São Paulo Brazil  
Kellen Pastore PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Deal Me In Games Gilbertsville Pennsylvania United States  
Kellen Pastore OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Dream Wizards Rockville Maryland United States  
Hemant Patel PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Fordham Comics Bronx New York United States  
Dane Patey PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 T and R Sportscards and More Cheyenne Wyoming United States  
Jake Paton PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 GUF Launceston Launceston Tasmania Australia  
Benjamin Paulmaier PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 BB-Spiele Rosenheim Bayern Germany MTGO
DAN PAULSEN PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Brap's Magic Burlington Vermont United States  
Gery Pawelzik PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Mythic Games Elmira New York United States  
Quentinn Pearce Special Invitation n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Arthur Peck PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Outland Comics Idaho Falls Idaho United States  
Nicolai Kabbeltved Pedersen PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Dragons Lair Odense Odense C   Denmark  
Adam Pendleton PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming Morgantown West Virginia United States MTGO
HEATH PERDUE PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 TCG Realm Richmond Kentucky United States  
Dario Perez PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 El Baluarte Huelva Huelva Spain MTGO
Ernesto Perez PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Arcanix Condoplaza Zapopan Jalisco Mexico  
Sam Perez PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Knight Ware Studio City California United States  
Gabriel Peterson PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Level Up Games South Saint Paul Minnesota United States  
Alexandru Petrea PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Taraba De Jocuri Bucuresti Bucuresti Romania  
Anthony Petropoulos PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Double Midnight Comics - Manchester Manchester New Hampshire United States  
Noah Pfefferle PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Cheese Boy Comics Las Vegas Nevada United States  
TERESA PHO PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Two Headed Games Highland Heights Kentucky United States  
Igor Pilipenko PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Modelist Kharkov Kharkivs'ka Oblast' Ukraine  
Antonio Piñero PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Alexandria Torrelavega   Spain  
Lauri Pispa PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Puolenkuun Pelit - Tampere Tampere   Finland  
Wellington Piter Maria PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Dragon's Lair Pirassununga São Paulo Brazil  
Lian Pizzey PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Global Gaming Birmingham   England  
Riccardo Pizzirani PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Goblin - Bologna Bologna Bologna Italy  
David Pla PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Magic Industria 61 Barcelona   Spain  
Nathan Plante PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop Hobbies, Games and Collectibles Newington Connecticut United States  
Nicolas Ponsot PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Equinoxe 7 Marseille Sud France  
Petr Popelka PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 MAGIC-ON České Budějovice   Czech Republic  
Casey Pordes PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Wild Things Games Salem Oregon United States  
László Poroszkai PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 DRACO Kosice   Slovakia  
Mircea Posoiu PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 The Tabernacle Wiener Neustadt   Austria  
Cyler Pottorf PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Rook's Comics and Games Bozeman Montana United States  
Jak Powell PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Tabletop Game Shop - Chester Chester   England  
Cody Pratt PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Games Plus One Davenport Iowa United States  
Alexander Privalov PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Center of Hobby Moscow Moskva Russian Federation MTGO
Justin Provost PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 GGames Norwalk Ohio United States  
Alexey Pryazhnikov PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 TCGUA Odessa   Ukraine MTGO
Zack Putnam PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Gamer Craze Canton New York United States  
Xiaoqi Qin PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Amigo万智俱乐部/Amigo Magic Club 上海 Shanghai China  
Jeremy Quinn PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Hi-Score Video Games - St Paul North St Paul Minnesota United States  
Juan Quintero PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Stadium Arcana Poblacion Mazatlán Sinaloa Sinaloa Mexico  
Raul Rabionet OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Hobbymaster Ellerslie Auckland Auckland New Zealand  
Denniz Rachid Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Daniel Ramirez PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Paladins Game Castle Bakersfield California United States  
Adria Ramiro PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Mr. Mind Madrid   Spain  
Mark Randol PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Hastings Entertainment - Tradesmart - Littleton Littleton Colorado United States  
Mark Rankin PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Play More Games Gaithersburg Maryland United States  
Thomas Lundholm Rasmussen PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Faraos Cigarer - Lyngby Kongens Lyngby   Denmark  
Eric Rath PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Mayhem Collectibles - Des Moines Des Moines Iowa United States MTGO
Joshua Ravitz Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Manfredi Re PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Multiplayer Club s.a.s. Palermo Palermo Italy  
Enzo Real PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Rockomics Sobradinho Distrito Federal Brazil  
David Reed PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Comicmania Wilmington Delaware United States  
Brendan Reginbald PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Kidforce Collectibles Berea Ohio United States  
Ben Reit PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Pawn Shop, The Spencer Iowa United States  
Mike Rekow PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Legendary Tabletop Games Eau Claire Wisconsin United States  
Jonathan Relucio PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 UPKEEP HOBBY SHOP AND MERCHANDISE SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA Pampanga Philippines  
Mirko Renzi PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Nerd Comics Roma Roma Roma Italy  
Adrian Retamosa PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 La Ciudadela Toledo   Spain  
zapata ricardo PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Titan Games Getafe   Spain  
Justin Richardson PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Collect-Edition La Prairie Quebec Canada  
Phil Rickner PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Daydream Nation Brighton   England  
Samuel Ridler PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Harlequins Preston   England  
Guillem Riera Carmona PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 MtgCronos Palma de Mallorca   Spain  
Jared Riley PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Taiga Games Marquette Michigan United States  
Tim Rivera PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Stripside Comics and Sportscards Las Vegas Nevada United States  
Ian Paul Roa PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Got Game Hobby Shop Makati   Philippines  
Andy Robdrup PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 P Market Belleville Ontario Canada  
Robbie Roberts PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Eron's Entertainment Store Geldermalsen   Netherlands  
Craig Rocco PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Gamer's Gambit Danbury Connecticut United States  
Andrew Rodaitis PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Freedom Gaming North Canton Ohio United States  
Hugo Rodrigues PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 PTMERCH - Forum Sintra Rio de Mouro   Portugal  
José Rodrigues PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Armageddon - Leiria Leiria Leiria Portugal  
Thiago Rodrigues PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 La Carte Chance Paris Paris France MTGO
Antonio Rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Club Millennium Jaen   Spain  
Félix Rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Player Vs Player Jerez de la frontera   Spain  
Jorge Rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Doctor Ocio Zaragoza   Spain  
Miles Rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Uncommons, The New York New York United States  
yeshirler rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Magicsur Barquisimeto Barquisimeto Lara Venezuela  
Jorge Rodriguez Fernandez PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Armageddon San Sebastian   Spain  
francisco rodriguez lillo PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Generacion X - Las musas Madrid   Spain  
Jose Antonio Rodriguez Pozo PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Rebellion Mostoles Madrid Spain  
Alex Roebuck PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Travelling Man Leeds Leeds   England  
Nick Rogers PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 High Tide Games California Maryland United States  
Ryan Rolen PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 CM Games - Maryville Maryville Tennessee United States  
Sam Rolph PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Zone Out Doncaster   England  
Valentin Roman PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Games Stop Bucharest   Romania  
Fernando Romero PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 La Forja de Stone Santiago de Chile Región Metropolitana de Santiago Chile  
Anders Røneid PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Hobbysenteret Mosjøen AS Mosjøen   Norway  
Federico Rossetti PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Atlantis Caserta Caserta Italy  
Pierre-olivier Rouleau PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Le Griffon Jeux Et Fantasies Sherbrooke Quebec Canada  
Lachlan Rowan PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Guf Ballarat Ballarat Victoria Australia  
RYAN ROZANSKI PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Richmond Comix Midlothian Virginia United States MTGO
Mark Ruby PPTQ - 1st Place 30-Aug-15 Chicagoland Games Chicago Illinois United States  
Joshua Ruenger PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Johnny Cee Cards Schofield Wisconsin United States  
Randall Ruggles PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Guardtower Columbus Ohio United States  
Angel Ruiz Guerra PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Tolaria Cordoba Córdoba Spain  
Jonathan Rusczyk PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop Hobbies, Games and Collectibles Newington Connecticut United States  
Marco Russell PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Level Up Gaming Oceanside California United States  
Thomas Russell PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 The Grinning Demon Maidstone   England  
Andrej Rutar PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Carta Magica Rijeka Rijeka   Croatia  
Valtteri Saari PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 Pop-peli Rauma   Finland MTGO
Ryan Sabin PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 TMV Games Fond du Lac Wisconsin United States  
Ciro Saborit Sanz PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 DCOMIC Valencia   Spain  
Antonio Sacristan PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Kimagure Comics Zamora Zamora Spain  
Joel Sadowsky PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Dream Wizards Rockville Maryland United States  
Marina Safonov PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Blind Dragon Hobbies Kent Washington United States  
Liking Saiyasely PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 La Crypte du jeu Marseille Sud France MTGO
Eduardo Sajgalik Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Usama Sajjad PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Travelling Man York York   England  
Rafael Salsa PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Drawstep - Braga Braga   Portugal  
von ryan jay sanchez PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 COSWORT Hobby Shop Dasmariñas City, Cavite   Philippines  
ROBERT SANTANA PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 PLUS EV GAMES - CAMARILLO Camarillo California United States  
Marco Santopadre PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Games Time - Poggibonsi Poggibonsi Siena Italy MTGO
Bernardo Santos PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 The Lotus Market Lisboa Lisboa Portugal  
Jason Savage PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Wayland Games Centre Hockley   England  
Ben Scarsella PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Fantasy Games South Bend Indiana United States  
Christian Schaller PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Funtainment Nürnberg Nürnberg Bayern Germany  
KYLE SCHAPURGA PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Boutique FDB Store Gatineau Quebec Canada  
Sascha Schiffers PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 INTERSTATE32 Aachen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany MTGO
Alec Schmidt PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Empire Game Center Streetsboro Ohio United States  
Aaron Scholze PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Lake Geneva Games Lake Geneva Wisconsin United States  
Jason Schousboe PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Dork Den, The Mankato Minnesota United States  
Kyle Schryver PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Hero's Ink Delavan Wisconsin United States  
Huckleberry Seed PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Action Comics and Games Henderson Nevada United States  
Steven Seefeldt PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Comic Shop, The Fairbanks Alaska United States  
Lukas Seliga PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Verbrugghe Neverland Assebroek   Belgium  
Brad Selken PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Iowa City Games Iowa City Iowa United States MTGO
Gutemberg Serrano PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 BT Livraría Natal - RN Rio Grande do Norte Brazil MTGO
Daniel Servia PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Alita Comics A Coruna   Spain  
samet sever PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Pegasus Oyuncak Istanbul   Turkey  
Matthew Severa Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Vadim Shlyachkov PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Duelist Bila Zerkva Kyïvs'ka Oblast' Ukraine MTGO
Matt Sikkink Johnson PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Dreamers Cards and Games - Minneapolis Minneapolis Minnesota United States  
Joao Silva PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Armageddon - Setubal Setúbal Setúbal Portugal  
Joao Silva PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 Gargula Templo de Jogos Odivelas   Portugal  
Ricardo Silva PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Lojas Arena Porto Porto   Portugal  
Duarte Simoes PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 The Lotus Market Lisboa Lisboa Portugal  
sean singer PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Kings Games Brooklyn New York United States  
WEST SINGLETON PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Heebeegeebeez - Sandy Sandy Utah United States  
Alex Sittner OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Enchanted Grounds - Littleton Littleton Colorado United States  
Alex Sittner Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Brandon Skaggs PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Cafe Meeples Richmond Kentucky United States  
Simen Skrede Reigstad PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Outland - Oslo Oslo   Norway  
Jon Sliva PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Phoenix Comics NW Limited Calgary Alberta Canada  
Shawn Sloan PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 I Want More Comics Northglenn Colorado United States  
Steven Sloan PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Goblin Games Manhattan Kansas United States  
Justin Slone PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Game Grid - North Salt Lake North Ogden Utah United States  
Sergei Smertin PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Hitriy EZH N.Tagil Nizhny Tagil Sverdlovskaya oblast' Russian Federation  
Brenda Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 10th Planet, The Schererville Indiana United States  
Christina Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Hometown Hobbies Huntington West Virginia United States  
Elliot Smith OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Mr Nice Guy Games Monroeville Pennsylvania United States  
Ian Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Tap Cut Gaming Twin Falls Idaho United States  
Justin Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Game Haven - West Jordan West Jordan Utah United States  
Robert Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Myth Games Calgary Alberta Canada  
Robert Smith OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Magic Stronghold Games Vancouver British Columbia Canada  
Chris Snead PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Event Horizon Games Raleigh North Carolina United States  
Richard Sneddon PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Geek Retreat Glasgow   Scotland  
Adriano Soares Tannus OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Mundo Kinoene São José dos Campos São Paulo Brazil  
david solano PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Moria Logrono Logrono   Spain  
Pedro Soler PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 La Ciudadela - Zaragoza Zaragoza   Spain  
Carlos Solis PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Tapped Out Gaming Santa Clarita California United States  
Jungin Song PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Tournament City Games Frederick Maryland United States  
Ryan Sonni PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Dragon's Lair, The Newton New Jersey United States  
Alec Sonquist PPTQ - 1st Place 25-Oct-15 World of Games Lakeville Minnesota United States  
Arnaud Soumet PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Role Games marseille Sud France MTGO
Luke Southworth PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Juicafe Lancaster   England  
gianluca spanu PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Laservideo & Games Francavilla Fontana Brindisi Italy MTGO
Paul Spears PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Games to Die For Indianapolis Indiana United States  
Martin Stabel PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Abarat Presov   Slovakia  
Matthew Stamness PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Paradox Comics-N-Cards Fargo North Dakota United States  
john stanford PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Goldmane Games Shrewsbury   England  
Kevin Stanley PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Mage's Tavern, The Hot Springs Arkansas United States  
Patrick Starling PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Ace Comics Colchester Colchester   England  
Abraham Stein PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Games and Stuff Glen Burnie Maryland United States  
Mathew Stein PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Carta Magica - Montreal Montreal Quebec Canada  
James Stevenson PPTQ - 1st Place 5-Sep-15 Triple Play Sports Cards Victoria British Columbia Canada MTGO
LESLI STEWART PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Games Gauntlet Laramie Wyoming United States  
James Stiarwalt PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Game Night Games Salt Lake City Utah United States  
Collin Stiles PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Dragon's Den Poughkeepsie New York United States  
Chris Stoyles PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Midgard Gaming Mount Pearl Newfoundland and Labrador Canada  
Alexander Strange PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Game Insane Lawrenceburg Indiana United States  
Courtland Strodl PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Area 52 Comics and Games Gainesville Georgia United States MTGO
Stjepan Sucic PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Madjarska skola Vinkovci   Croatia  
Joseph Sumner PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Game Haven - Tooele Tooele Utah United States MTGO
Tatsiana Suponeva PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Isengard Fantasy Shop Nicosia   Cyprus  
Jesse Swanson PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Games People Play Halifax Nova Scotia Canada  
Bruce Swiney PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Dugans Sportscards Tumwater Washington United States  
Kacper Szczotka PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Phu Gnom Bielsko-Biala   Poland  
Rodrigo Taberna PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Illusions of Grandeur Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut Argentina  
Patrick Taleser PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Spellbound Games Auckland Auckland New Zealand  
Enric Tam PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Arkham Mexico City Mexico Mexico  
Alex Tamblyn OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 San Diego Games and Comics San Diego California United States  
Raymond Tan PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Cards & Hobbies Selangor Selangor Malaysia  
francis taylor PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 Fan Boy Three Manchester   England  
John Taylor PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Bluegrass Magic Gameshop Louisville Kentucky United States  
Eduardo Teixeira PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 MMK (Malab Magic Kingdom) Viana do Castelo   Portugal  
Aleksa Telarov Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Andrew Tenjum Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
Brad Theisen PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 I'm Board Games and Family Fun Middleton Wisconsin United States  
DOROS THEOCHARIDES PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 MTG Cyprus Nicosia   Cyprus  
Vincent Thibeault PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Le Valet d'Coeur Montreal Quebec Canada  
Paul Thomas PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Chaos City Comics St.Albans   England  
Gerry Thompson Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
Dylan Thorne OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Jeux Face a Face Verdun (Montréal) Quebec Canada  
Brandon Thrasher PPTQ - 1st Place 20-Sep-15 Gamer's Realm East Windsor New Jersey United States  
jason tibbetts PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Mesa Comics Mesa Arizona United States  
Liam Tiller-Collins PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Retrowarez Bournemouth   England  
Efrain Tlapale Pulido PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Dojo Hobby Store Tlaxcala Tlaxcala Mexico  
Jeremiah Toenjes PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 Mead Hall Games and Comics Minneapolis Minnesota United States  
Daniel Toledo PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Valhalla Palencia   Spain  
Leif Torgerson PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Gamez and More Byron Minnesota United States  
Derek Toso PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 John's Total Entertainment Morris Minnesota United States  
Francis Toussaint PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Anime Hypercubed Camrose Alberta Canada MTGO
Kenwon Tran PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Phantasy Hobbies Shakopee Minnesota United States  
Leon Travis PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Mirage Games Littleton Colorado United States  
Daniel Trevi?o Gonzalez PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Thundera TCG Ciudad Madero Tamaulipas Mexico  
Dimitris Triantafillou PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Anime House Thessaloniki   Greece MTGO
Charles Trottier PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Jeux 3 Dragons Rosemere Quebec Canada  
tomoya tsubouchi PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 BIG MAGIC名古屋店 名古屋市 Aichi-ken Japan MTGO
Pieter Tubergen PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Bushkill Cards and Games Wind Gap Pennsylvania United States  
Matt Tumavitch PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 All In One Collectibles Randolph New Jersey United States  
Sami Tuomi PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Fantasiapelit Turku Turku   Finland MTGO
Batuhan Ucuzal PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Oyun Mühendisi Cafe Istanbul   Turkey  
Thijs Van Der Meer PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 GameForce Eindhoven   Netherlands  
Bart Van Etten PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Magic United Rotterdam   Netherlands MTGO
Robert VanNostrand PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Wizard Den Boise Idaho United States  
yann van-poucke PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Phoenix Jeux Saumur Maine-et-Loire France  
Francesco Varocchi PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Board Game Empire Pistoia Pistoia Italy  
Estuardo Vasquez PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 Toy Lynx Honolulu Hawaii United States MTGO
Gustavo Vasquez PPTQ - 1st Place 23-Aug-15 El Calabozo Juárez Chihuahua Mexico  
Yusuf Kemal Vefa PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Kule Sakinleri Izmir   Turkey  
Jose Luis Velazquez PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Libreria Idefix Leganes   Spain  
Jose Luis Velazquez OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Evolution store Madrid   Spain  
Matteo Venturi PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Zio Istvan Livorno Livorno Italy MTGO
Javier Vicente Mora PPTQ - 1st Place 15-Nov-15 ATENEO COMICS S.L. Alicante   Spain  
Victor Vidal PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Dark Sphere London   England  
Samuel Vilas Barral PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Only-Cards Vigo Pontevedra Spain  
JONATHAN VILLALUZ PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Legends Comics and Games - Capitola Capitola California United States  
Sebastien Villeneuve PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Aux 2 Légendes Chicoutimi Quebec Canada  
Matija Vlahovic PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Top Deck Bjelovar   Croatia  
Mark Voisey PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Beanie Games Stockton-on-Tees   England MTGO
Jakub Vojta OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Najada Prague 3   Czech Republic  
Tanner von Difloe PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 Mox Boarding House Bellevue Washington United States  
Andrew Vorel PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Crit Hit Comics and Games Princeton West Virginia United States  
Ronald Waclawski PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Hobby Goblins Rochester Minnesota United States  
Daniel Waldholz PPTQ - 1st Place 21-Nov-15 Northwest Sportscards Tacoma Washington United States  
Jason Walker OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 Super Games Roswell Georgia United States  
Johnny Walko PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Snake Eyes Gaming Altoona Pennsylvania United States  
Oskar Wall PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Prisfyndet Uppsala   Sweden  
Brennan Walsh PPTQ - 1st Place 13-Sep-15 TPK Gaming Glen Ellyn Illinois United States  
Jing Wang PPTQ - 1st Place 19-Sep-15 大杰斯卡牌店/Big Jace Card Store 宁波 Zhejiang China  
Brendan Wanlass PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Gamer's Asylum - Ogden Ogden Utah United States  
Jeff Warbrick PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Bastion Games Chilliwack British Columbia Canada MTGO
Pete Ward PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Nov-15 Waterstones - Bath Bath   England  
Alan Warnock PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Stardock Games Belfast   Northern Ireland MTGO
Sophie Warrington PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 Big Orbit Games Evesham   England  
Matthew Waters PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Gotta Have It Collectibles Lake Station Indiana United States  
Eric Weeden PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Denver Central Games Denver Colorado United States  
Kyle Wegner PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Natural Twenty Gaming Las Vegas Nevada United States  
Benjamin Weiche PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Spiel & Co Mönchengladbach Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany  
Sean Weihe PPTQ - 1st Place 1-Nov-15 Gamers Den, The Cambridge Minnesota United States  
Brian Weller-Gordon PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Ancient Wonders Tualatin Oregon United States  
Leonard wernette-leff PPTQ - 1st Place 24-Oct-15 Warriors 3 Comics and Games Wayne Michigan United States  
Vidianto Wijaya OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 31-Oct-15 San Diego Games and Comics San Diego California United States  
Vidianto Wijaya Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a  
Lars Wilhelmsson PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 SvenskaMagic Göteborg   Sweden  
Paul Wilkins PPTQ - 1st Place 3-Oct-15 Addictive Behaviors Eugene Oregon United States  
Dave Wintle PPTQ - 1st Place 12-Sep-15 Kessel Run, The Ottawa Ontario Canada  
Donnie Wise PPTQ - 1st Place 11-Oct-15 Goblin Games Kokomo Indiana United States  
Sam Wise PPTQ - 1st Place 14-Nov-15 Dark Tower Games Bellingham Washington United States  
Ben Wong PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Comics and Games Outpost Gainesville Virginia United States  
Jonathan Woodward PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Mystical Mayhem Springfield Oregon United States  
Spencer Woodward PPTQ - 1st Place 18-Oct-15 Hobby Crossing Bowling Green Kentucky United States  
Horace Woolard PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Comic Kings Virginia Beach Virginia United States MTGO
Grant Wozniak PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 GameFuzion Carbondale Illinois United States  
Grant Wozniak OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 30-Oct-15 Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis Indiana United States  
Chia-ju Wu PPTQ - 1st Place 4-Oct-15 Cartoon Magic Club/卡通球員卡 台南市 Tainan Taiwan, Province of China  
Timothy Wu Pro Club Level - Silver n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MTGO
Eneko Wu Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 17-Oct-15 Libreria Retuerto Barakaldo   Spain  
Liang Xiao PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 咖啡社/Ka Fei She 厦门 Fujian China  
Sean Yamada PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Comics N Toys River Edge New Jersey United States  
yasushi yamada PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 カードショップアリス 札幌市 Hokkaido Japan  
Yutaro Yamagata PPTQ - 1st Place 7-Nov-15 プロジェクトコアあべの店 大阪市 Osaka-fu Japan MTGO
TRUMAN YEE PPTQ - 1st Place 10-Oct-15 Sentry Box, The Calgary Alberta Canada  
Amanuel Yihdego PPTQ - 1st Place 31-Oct-15 Geek Fortress Snohomish Washington United States  
Marcel Angelo Zafra PPTQ - 1st Place 6-Sep-15 Wizard's Comics and Collectibles - Edmonton Edmonton Alberta Canada  
Juan Zapata PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 PULSAR STORE Torrevieja   Spain  
Yixin Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 星源卡牌大本营/Xing Yuan Card Base 沈阳 Liaoning China  
Yu Bin Zheng PPTQ - 1st Place 29-Aug-15 聚卡桌面游戏俱乐部/Ju Ka Board Game 长沙 Hunan China  
Dominik Zimmermann PPTQ - 1st Place 8-Nov-15 Scheibler´s Spielkiste Therwil   Switzerland MTGO
Cristian Zúñiga OGW RPTQ 5th - 8th 7-Nov-15 Gamesmart México City Distrito Federal Mexico  
Brian Zunter PPTQ - 1st Place 22-Aug-15 Three Headed Dragon Victorville California United States