Click here for Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers – Pro Tour Magic Origins event information

Invitations to the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for Pro Tour Magic Origins are awarded in the following manner:

  • Winners of Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers tied to Pro Tour Magic Origins (held December 6, 2014 – February 22, 2015)
  • Players with a Pro Tour Players Club Silver level as of the date of the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier

If you believe that your finish at a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier is in error, please visit After logging in, click the “Appeals Form” link at the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

This list is updated every Wednesday to account for adjustments and player appeals. 

The following players are invited to compete in one Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Magic Origins:

First Name Last Name Invitaion Source Event Date Venue City Country
Thabit Ababneh PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Richmond Comix Midlothian United States
Wayne Abbate PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Alter Reality Games - Lakewood Lakewood United States
Allison Abe PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Supernova Hobby Store Maringá Brazil
Mike Abraham PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Outpost 2000 and Beyond Crystal United States
Francesco Accettura PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Gameology Taranto Italy
Juan Carlos Adebo Diaz PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 LIBRERIA FM Marbella Spain
Bobak Adeli PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Big Brother Comics Sacramento United States
NATHAN ADRIAN PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Kevin's Gamers Bazaar Farmington United States
Jon Agley PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Game Preserve - Greenwood Indy United States
Juan Pablo Agudelo Mancera PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Nueva Librería Francesa Bogotá Colombia
Marco Aguilar PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Next Level Games Lima Peru
Esteban Aguilera PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 AnimeCorp Monterrey Mexico
Izwan Shah Ahmad PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Alexandrian Legacy Johor Bahru Malaysia
Konan Ahmed PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Knight Ware Studio City United States
Syed Ahmed PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Tabletop Shop Patio Newington United States
Bing Ye Ai PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 雨嘉玩具店/Yu Jia Toy Store 太原 China
Keiji Aizawa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 川崎市教育文化会館 川崎市 Japan
Shunsuke Aka PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 すまいるキング安城店 安城市 Japan
Caner Aktas PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Pegasus Oyuncak Istanbul Turkey
Karim Al Takrouri PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Wargames Workshop Northampton England
Enrico Albesiano PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Società Conciapelli Bra Bra Italy
Dan Albright PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Jay's CD and Hobby Des Moines United States
Tom-sondre Albrigtsen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/6/2015 House of Foundation Moss Norway
Adrian Alcantara PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 La Maquina del Temps - Lleida Lleida Spain
Lippi Alessandro PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Non Solo Fumetto Tre Pontedera Italy
Michele Aliazzo PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 D20 Benevento Italy
Anssi Alkio 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Evan Allen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Kapow Comics Cumming United States
Stephen Allen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Hairy Tarantula - North Toronto Canada
james allingham PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Ladywood Social Club Birmingham England
Gonzague Allouchery PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 L'Antre du Manga Amiens France
Ben Alm PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Game Time Indianapolis United States
Ismael Almagro PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 ATENEO COMICS S.L. Alicante Spain
Francisco Almeida PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 MMK (Malab Magic Kingdom) Viana do Castelo Portugal
Scott Alter PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Geekery, The Flagstaff United States
Jose Alvarado PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Adventure Gaming Grecia San Ramon Costa Rica
Leonardo Amaral De Silva PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Dungeons and Cards Caxias do Sul Brazil
Manuel Amaya Gonzalez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Ancestral Games Playa de las Americas Spain
Timothy Amburn PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Delight Cottage Grove United States
Damiano Amici PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Magic World - Sala comunale Civitavecchia Italy
Kazuyoshi Anan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 CARD GAME SHOP ばぶるす 福岡市 Japan
Marco Anceschi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 università europea degli sport della mente Milano Italy
Michele Ancona PPTQ - 1st Place 1/6/2015 Salento in Gioco Lecce Italy
Torsten Anders PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 ReckenEcke - Abenteurers Grundbedarf Dresden Germany
Derek Anderson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Bat Cave, The Conway United States
James Anderson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Challenges Games and Comics Decatur United States
Matthew Anderson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Mega Games Penrith Australia
Neil Anderson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Hi De Ho Comics - Santa Monica Santa Monica United States
Todd Anderson 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
J Adam Anderson-Riley PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Stans Games Falmouth England
Andrew Andorf PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Crazy Squirrel Game Store Fresno United States
Nikita Andreev PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Hitriy EZH N.Tagil Nizhny Tagil Russian Federation
Thibault Andrieu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Au Bois Rieur Vincennes France
Alessio Angeli PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Pandemonio Parma Italy
Ferry Anthony PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Sanctuary Cardgames surabaya Indonesia
Michael Antrim PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Gamers Sanctuary Flint United States
EDWARD APPEL PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 One Eyed Jacques' Richmond United States
Joao Marcos Aquino PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Poliedro RPG Nova Iguaçu Brazil
Kenichiro Arai PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 カードショップさくら 土浦市 Japan
Clayton Arch PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Western Carolina University Cullowhee United States
Julien Archambault PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Freegame - Promenades du Sud St-Romuald Canada
Thomas Archer PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Diagonale du Fou Dijon Dijon France
PHILIP ARCUNI PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Fire and Dice Woodland Hills United States
John Arendt PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Double Tree by Hilton Wilmington United States
Kento Arita PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 ホビーステーション千葉駅前店 千葉市 Japan
Kouichirou Arita PPTQ - 1st Place 12/23/2014 イエローサブマリンハイパーアリーナ戸田イベントスペース 戸田市 Japan
Patrick Arndt PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Smart-Link Bielefeld Germany
Tilmann Arndt PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Kinder- und Jugendkreativzentrum Anne Frank Minden Germany
FRAGINO AROLA PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Blast Gaming Clovis United States
Jose Luis Arrieta PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Anime Games and Toys Sorocaba Brazil
Bradd Arseneau PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Lightning Bolt Comics Charlottetown Canada
Francisco Artolozaga PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Eon Gamers Querétaro Mexico
Philippe Asselin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Collect-Edition La Prairie Canada
Alonso Astroza Tagle PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Rivendel Santiago Chile
Elio Atencio PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Top Deck! Córdoba Argentina
Simon Atteneder PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 SpielRaum Wien Wien Austria
Andrew Auburn PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Savannah Lion Games Pooler United States
Alexandre Aurejac PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Troll2jeux Paris France
Flavio Ausilio PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Arcana Comics and Games udine Italy
Martin Authier PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 La Batikueva Buenos Aires Argentina
Anthony Avelar PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Wizard Den Boise United States
AMALIA AVENI PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Gamer's Gauntlet Clinton Township United States
Trent Avera PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Gamelot - San Antonio San Antonio United States
Christopher Avrillon PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Power Nine Clermont Ferrand France
Brandon Ayers PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Legend Comics and Coffee Omaha United States
Matt Ayers PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Big Kidz Games Grand Rapids United States
Sebastian Azzini PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Magic Bazar Paris Paris France
Yasunori Baba PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 ラックス奈良柏木店 奈良市 Japan
Bradley Baciak PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 DK's Sierra Mountain Comics Carson City United States
Ashley Baden PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 The Mitre Oxford England
Andrew Baeckstrom PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Gamestorm Lemont United States
Andrew Baeckstrom 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Peter-Michael Bahr PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Funtainment Nürnberg Nürnberg Germany
Timur Baiguskarov PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Fireball Ufa Russian Federation
Heath Bailey PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Epikos Comics, Cards, and Games Ooltewah United States
Mikolaj Bakalarz PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 The Games Shop Aldershot England
Chris Baker PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Hobby Invasion - Four Oaks NC Four Oaks United States
Alex Bakopoulos PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Game Rift Kavala Greece
NIC BALEGA PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Gamers Den, The Cambridge United States
Grigory Balev PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Legioner Togliatti Russian Federation
Nick Ball PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Comic Culture Lincoln England
William Ballard PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Mage's Tavern, The Hot Springs United States
Carlos Ballester PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Defantasy Z Algemesi Spain
George Balog PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Cleveland State Wolstein Center Cleveland United States
Ryan Balogac PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Heroes and Fantasies - Universal City Universal City United States
Marek Banasik PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Jindriska Ostrava Moravská Ostrava Czech Republic
Jun'ichirou Bandou PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 イエローサブマリン千葉ゲームショップ 千葉市 Japan
Hyun Jung Bang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 ABOUTTCG/어바웃티씨지 Seoul Korea, Republic of
Sang Mun Bang PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Red Dice/ 레드 다이스 Seoul Korea, Republic of
Ryan Banys PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Xtreme Games - Lindenhurst Lindenhurst United States
Ian Barber PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Tabletop Shop Patio Newington United States
Matteo Barbieri PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Forgia dei Giochi - Modena Modena Italy
Leonard Barbou PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Kaufparadies Stocker Dielsdorf Switzerland
Aaron Barich PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Elder Dragon Games Hattiesburg United States
Guido Barlaro PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Magic Chile Concepción Chile
Craig Barnes PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Games Of War Co. Durham England
Michael Barnes PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 War Dogs Gaming San Angelo United States
toby barnes PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 CT's Hobbies Belvidere United States
Adam Barnett PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy - San Antonio San Antonio United States
Stephen Barnett PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Connection Games and Accessories 2, The Vancouver Canada
Claudio Barrientos Ochoa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Rivendel la Alianza Antofagasta Chile
Marcos Barrios Burdallo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Casa de la Juventud Plasencia Spain
Kenneth Barron PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Atomic Empire Durham United States
Matthew Bartley PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Gaming Etc Tournament Center Stratford United States
Jacopo Bartollini PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Black Lotus - Viterbo Viterbo Italy
Nathaniel Barton PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Bearded Dragon Oneonta United States
Federico Basoni PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Tempus Fugit PADOVA Italy
Jeremy Bass PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Wayland Games Centre Hockley England
Joe Bass PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Whose Turn Is It? Games Austin United States
Juan Pablo Bastard PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 MTG - Rosario Rosario Argentina
Alex Bastecki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Six Feet Under Games New Holland United States
Jackson Baum PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Gamers Emporium Clermont United States
Philipp Baum PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Bertils Spielwiese Dillingen a.d. Donau Germany
JOEY BEAM PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Phantasy Hobbies Shakopee United States
joshua beard PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Mizewell Games Conway United States
Jordan Beardsley PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Top Cut Comics - Loves Park Loves Park United States
Ken Bearl PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Highlander Games and Comics Columbia Heights United States
Orrin Beasley PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Blue Ox Games Greenville United States
Marc Beaulieu PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 L'imaginaire Laurier Canada
Edimar Becker PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Live Games e Animes Joinville Brazil
Sebastian Beckett PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 IQ Games Centre Huddersfield England
hayden bedsole PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Arena Comics  and Gaming Panama City United States
Omar Beldon PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church Whitby Canada
Michael Belfatto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Eastside Games N Cards Milford United States
Niccolò Bellini PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Midian Verona Italy
Alvaro Beltran De Herdia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Avalon Burgos Burgos Spain
ROMAIN BEN AMAR PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Playtime Angers France
Amir Ben Ner PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Freak Tel Aviv Israel
Martin Benda PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Mephit Praha 5 Czech Republic
Nikos Benetos PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Kaissa Glyfada Athens Greece
Giuliano Benincasa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 CampusX Bari - Terra di Puglia Bari Italy
Gavin Bennett PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Coast Hotel & Convention Centre Langley Canada
Lebrun Benoit PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Amalgames - Charleroi Charleroi Belgium
Lebrun Benoit PPTQ - 1st Place 12/24/2014 Amalgames - Charleroi Charleroi Belgium
Luca Benzi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/8/2014 Robe da Elfi Pinerolo Italy
Chris Benzinger PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Bad Panda Games Manitowoc United States
maximilien BERGER PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Parence Le Havre France
Meciek Berger PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Goblin Rybnik Poland
Sam Berkenbile PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Hurley's Heroes Joplin United States
Roberto Berni 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Stephen Berrios PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Top Cut Comics - Chicago Chicago United States
Stephen Berrios 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Andrew Berry PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 David Lloyd Healthclub Cambridge England
Paul Berthet PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Salle de billard - La noire blanche Vernon France
Jeremy Berthoux PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Trollune Lyon France
chris bertone PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 J and R Cards Brunswick United States
Philip Bertorelli PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Zombie Planet Albany United States
Jahnu Best PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Toys 4 U Hilo United States
RYAN BETTS PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 AbbyCat Comics Riverside United States
Colin Bevis PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Comix City Too! Madison United States
VILOK BHATIA PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Phoenix Comics and Games Seattle United States
Alex Bianchi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Collector's Inn Buffalo United States
Riccardo Biava PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Le Mura di Avalon Prato Italy
Tor Bieker PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Oregon Trail Games The Dalles United States
Lars Birch PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Faraos Cigarer - Lyngby Kongens Lyngby Denmark
Oliver Bird PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Dungeons And Donuts Galway Ireland
Ian Birrell PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Universe Games Minneapolis United States
Rasmus Björklund 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Kevin Black PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Game Quest - Amarillo Amarillo United States
Nathan Blackmon PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Wonko's Toys and Games Austin United States
Michael Blair PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Bluegrass Magic Gameshop Louisville United States
Roen Blanke PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Comics and Gaming Culpeper Culpeper United States
FELIPE BLAUTH PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Duelos de Honra Amadora Portugal
mark bloecher PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Wizard's Wagon, The St Louis United States
Jeff Blyden PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Realms of Gaming Troy United States
Samuel Bodily PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Athena Games Norwich England
Shane Bodimer PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Fantasy Shop, The - St Charles St Charles United States
Travis Boese PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Rivals CCG Signal Hill United States
Woodrow Bogucki PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 TDG Center San Antonio United States
Jesse Bohn PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Alternate Universes - Holmes Holmes United States
Jonathan Bohn PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Pandemonium Garden City United States
Nico Bohny 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Justin Boisvert PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 MultiVerse Gamers Chapel Hill United States
Nemanja Bojanic PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Top Deck Cards and Games Bethel Park United States
Takashi Boku PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 ポストホビーすまいるキング豊田吉原店 豊田市 Japan
Lewis Boldwark PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Dragon, The Guelph Canada
MICHAEL BONACINI PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Games Of Berkeley Berkeley United States
Henrique Bonfim PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Sebinho Brasília Brazil
Nick Boomer PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Hotsauce Games Westmont United States
James Boothaway PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Alternate Universe Comics Leighton Buzzard England
JOSE RAMON BORDON PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Comics y Mazmorras Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain
Eduardo Borges PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Vida Quadrada Pelotas Brazil
Brandon Borowicz PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Stronghold Games, Cards and Collectibles, The Weslaco United States
William Bossaneli Araujo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Taberna Geek Vitoria Brazil
Tobias Bosselmann PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 FUNtainment Game Center Berlin Berlin Germany
alvaro botero PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Draco Hobbys Medeillin Colombia
Adam Bouchard PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Game On Cafe Augusta United States
Adam Boyd PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Spanky's Card Shop Kansas City United States
Giulianno Braccini PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Kobold´s Den Belo Horizonte Brazil
Brian Brackett PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Collectible Corner Normal United States
Hal Brady PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Madness Comics and Games - Denton Denton United States
Andre Braga PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Dominaria Cards and Games Fortaleza Brazil
Brian Braun-Duin 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Michael Braverman PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Lucky's Card Shop Greensboro United States
Bernd Brendemühl PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Spelkwartier Arnhem Netherlands
Stav Brener PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Freak Tel Aviv Israel
Jacopo Bressan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Rocca tre Corvi Cogoleto Italy
Massimo Breviglieri PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Games Academy - Verona Verona Italy
Paul Brewer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Gathering Place, The Abilene United States
Sean Brickley PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Baseball and Games Hesperia United States
Zachary Broderick PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Battleground Games and Hobbies - Abington Abington United States
Dane Brooks PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Vancouver United States
Graham Brooks PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Star City Comics and Games Roanoke United States
Aaron Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Geek Retreat Glasgow Scotland
Adam Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Borderlands Salem United States
Eric Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 XXL Katterwann Beckingen Germany
Gareth Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Parallel Worlds Dunstable England
Max Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Ice Imports - East Windsor East Windsor United States
Peter Brown PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Stardock Games Belfast Northern Ireland
TIM BROWN PPTQ - 1st Place 12/23/2014 Big Easy Comics Covington United States
LUCAS BRUGGEMAN PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Comic Book World - Florence Florence United States
Gene Brumby PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Nexus Games Nelson - Nelson Suburban Club Nelson New Zealand
Chris Brummett PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Game Goblins Little Rock United States
David Bruno PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Lyons Den, The Vidor United States
Bartosz Bruski PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Futurex Gdynia Poland
Scott Brust PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Gamer's Guild Antioch United States
Connor Bryant PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Dirty Goblin Games Queensbury United States
Jan-Philipp Budde PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Comic-Galerie Codina Koch GmbH Kassel Germany
William Bugarin PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Active Imagination Family and Arena Albuquerque United States
Tibor Bugyi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Cloudpost Bratislava Slovakia
cho buhong PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Nowon Duelzone/ 노원 듀얼존 Seoul Korea, Republic of
Anne Johan Buis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Comicasa Enschede Netherlands
Robert Bull PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Gamezilla - Fredricton Fredericton Canada
Robert Bundy PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Forgotten Path Games Vacaville United States
Oliver Bungard PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Fantasy Store Euskirchen Euskirchen Germany
Andy Bungert PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 World of Games Lakeville United States
Scott Bunnell PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Deck Factory Gaming and Tournament Center Fort Wayne United States
Autumn Burchett PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Tournament Centre Worcester England
Cooper Burden PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Game Preserve, The - Fashion Mall Indianapolis United States
SOLOMON BURGESS PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Uncle's Games - Bellevue Bellevue United States
Kai Burnett 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jeff Burns PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Kaboom Virginia Beach United States
Brandon Burton PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 10th Planet, The Schererville United States
mike burton PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Guardtower Columbus United States
Dmitriy Butakov 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jessie Butler PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 CM Games - Chattanooga Chattanooga United States
Cesar Buzaglo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 The Shadow Duel Lima Peru
Kalab Byrd PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 G2K Games Inc - Johnson City Johnson City United States
Juan Carlos Caballero Martinez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 La Mazmorra del Androide Albacete Spain
Juli Caballero Queralt PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Jockai Hobby Tarragona Spain
Dino Amiel Cabanag PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Neutral Grounds Cebu Cebu Philippines
Angelo Cadei PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Urban Legend - Parma Parma Italy
Paolo Cagna Vallino PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Jolly Joker Torino Italy
Marco Cagnazzo PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Fumettopoli arezzo Italy
Jia Hui Cai PPTQ - 1st Place 1/2/2015 依莱特宫殿/Yi Lai Te Palace 广州 China
David Calf PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Shadow Games Rugby England
Fabio Calvaruso PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Jolly Jones Novara Italy
Ruarke Camacho PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Roll the Dice Murfreesboro United States
Romeo Aaron Cameras PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 NOUS Store Puebla Mexico
IAN CAMPBELL PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Common Room Games Bloomington United States
Marcelo Campos PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Joker Games Divinopolis Brazil
Zirahuen Campos PPTQ - 1st Place 2/20/2015 The Saber Vault San Juan del Rio Mexico
Daniele Canavesi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Games Academy - Cremona Cremona Italy
Simone Canfarotta PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Galactus Roma Italy
Alexander Cantrell PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Game Zone Alpha Jacksonville United States
Isaias Cantu PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Card Zone Monterrey Mexico
Ronald Capalongan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Legends Comics and Games - Cupertino Cupertino United States
João Lucas Caparroz PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Universo Paralelo São Paulo Brazil
Kathlean Capote PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Bacolod Chicken Inasal Makati Philippines
Primo Capriolo-morris PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Hotel Espresso Montreal Centre-Ville Montreal Canada
Charly Caquineau PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Arkadia, l'antre de monde Agen France
Alex Carbajal PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Alita Comics A Coruna Spain
Connor Carey PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Gryphon Games and Comics Fort Collins United States
Ian Carle PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 St Paul Christian Life Center Cambridge United States
Elton Carneiro PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Point HQ Rio De Janeiro Brazil
Pedro Carretero PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Tolaria Cordoba Spain
Roger Carroll PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Gamer's Realm, The Hamilton United States
Luigi Carrozzo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Strategia e Tattica 2 Roma Italy
Daryl Carta PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Play N Trade Winnipeg Canada
Daniel Carvalho PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 White Dragon Linda-a-Velha Portugal
Mark Anthony Casabona PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Admiral Beagle CardShop Quezon Philippines
Valerio Casarin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Rakkikaos Ovada Italy
Davide Cascioli PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Dark Angel Fiumicino Italy
Adam Case PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Comic Commander, The Ridgeland United States
Ryan Case PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Way of Taekwondo and Gaming, The Pearl United States
Pete Casella PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Chicago Clubhouse, The Glenview United States
Julian Cassano PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Dima Game Buenos Aires Argentina
Alexandre Cavalcante PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Inside Games Brasília Brazil
Luiz Cecatto PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Shoptech Passo Fundo Brazil
ibrahim celik PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Kule Sakinleri Izmir Turkey
Patrick Celli PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Infinite Consortium LLC Sharon United States
Diego Ceñera PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Libreria Ronin Vitoria Spain
Giuseppe Cerbero PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Il Gettone Nola Italy
Marco Cesatti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Goblin - Settimo Settimo Torinese Italy
Aidan Chalk PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Xaos Gateshead England
Carlson Chan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 The Tavern Selangor Darul Ehsan Petaling Jaya Malaysia
Dennis Chan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Good Games Hurstville Hurstville Australia
TIM CHAN PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 BatCave Games Vancouver United States
Giorgos Chandrinos PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Fantasy Shop Marousi Athens Greece
Jonathan Chan-im PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 La Carte Chance Paris France
Henry Channing PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Brighton Warlords Brighton England
KEVIN CHASTINE PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 HobbyTown USA - Kennesaw Kennesaw United States
Chen Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 征岚堂桌游卡牌店/Zheng Lan Tang Card and Board Game 上海市 China
Liang Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Table Games Company 新北市 Taiwan, Province of China
Sean Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 New Century - Fengyuan/新世紀動漫坊(豐原店) Taichung Taiwan, Province of China
Shao-Lun Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 迷你小舖有限公司/Mini Shoppa Co., Ltd Hsinchu City Taiwan, Province of China
Sijin Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Games Haven(Tampines Branch) Singapore Singapore
Wedman Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 i-PLAY BoardGame Club/I-PLAY桌遊俱樂部 桃園縣 Taiwan, Province of China
Yang Chen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 隐者之灯/Yin Zhe Zhi Deng 上海 China
Tung-Yi Cheng PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 幻想遊戲世界/Fantasy Toy 台北市 Taiwan, Province of China
Wei Cheng PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 游智动漫卡牌/You Zhi Comic and Card Game 北京 China
Paul  Cheon 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Justin Cheung 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Kelvin Chew 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Federico Chiarel PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 centro polifunzionale quenda orbassano Italy
Kevin Chiche PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Asian Gate Blois France
Luca Chieregato PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Acme Fumetti Pescara Italy
Camille Chigot PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Salle des fêtes de Lafourguette Toulouse France
Marvin Chiong PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Decards Enterprise Subang Jaya Malaysia
Adam Chirnside PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Action Packed Comics - Kingston Kingston Canada
Thitipong Chokamnuai PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Magic Park Bangkok Thailand
Maxime Choquette PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Magasin Ménard Comics Longueuil Canada
Colton Christensen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Game Den, The - Provo Provo United States
Joachim Lindbjerg Christiansen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Arnold Busch - Valby Valby Denmark
Tc Chu PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Rules of Play Cardiff Wales
Trevor Chu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 All Star Baseball Cards Los Angeles United States
To Chun Him, Kelvin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 基本地/Basic Land 香港 Hong Kong
Yian Hsiang Chye PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Epic Toyz Enterprise Melaka Malaysia
Pier Rodolfo Cicco PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Games Academy - Roma Roma Italy
Jacopo Ciocchetti PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 L'antro del Drago Borgosesia Italy
Matteo Ciocchetti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Next Generation s.a.s Roma Italy
Andrea Ciotta PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 La Casa dei Giochi Milano Italy
Nick Claes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 L'autre Monde Luik Belgium
Eric Clark PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Mini War Games -  Mobile Mobile United States
Jason Clark PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Heroes Collectables Houston United States
Ryan Clark PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 A2Z Games Tucson United States
Tyler Clark PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Adventures In Comics and Games Carmichael United States
Kevin Clarkson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Jimmys USA Sportscards Whittier United States
Luca Clemente PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Pandora's Avellino Italy
Valentin Clemot PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Le Temple du Jeu Nantes Nantes France
Bryant Cobarrubias PPTQ - 1st Place 12/31/2014 Mana Vault, The Fond du Lac United States
Sergio Cobos PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Doctor Ocio Zaragoza Spain
Jonathan Coburn PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Game Theory Raleigh United States
Hunter Cochran PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Bob's Collectors Den Cookeville United States
Justin Cohen 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jeremy COISSIN PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Les Jeux de la Comté Besancon France
Emilio Colitti PPTQ - 1st Place 1/5/2015 Vobis Maxistore Campobasso Italy
Scott Collett PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Next Level Gaming Albany United States
James Collier PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Days Of Knights, The Newark United States
Jim Collier PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 All Aboard Games Kamloops Canada
STEVEN COLLINS PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Grove Gamers Guild Mountain Grove United States
RICK COMBS PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Comic Book University Indianapolis United States
Gaston Comtesse PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Wirewood City Montevideo Uruguay
Brad Conard PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Fantasy Shop, The - St Charles St Charles United States
James Conboy PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Heroes and Fantasies - San Antonio San Antonio United States
LA Conway PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Black Lion Games Edinburgh Scotland
Benjamin Cook PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Twilight Comics Shiloh United States
Scott Cooper PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Harlequins Preston England
Gustavo Coraiola PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Vila Celta Curitiba Brazil
kenneth cordell PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Battlegrounds Games and Movies, The Dalton United States
Robbie Cordell PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 CJ Cards and Games - Hoover Hoover United States
Carlos Cordero PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Arkham Mexico City Mexico
Jon Corpora PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Cloud City Comics and Toys Syracuse United States
Derrick Correia PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Retired - Incredible Pulp, The Narragansett United States
Simone Corsi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Games Academy - Firenze Firenze Italy
Paulo Ricardo Cortez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Giocheria Landoni Saronno Italy
James Corwood PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Global Gaming Birmingham England
Alessandro Costa PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Games Time - Pavia Pavia Italy
Matthew Costa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Game King Fall River United States
Gennaro Costanzo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Atlantis Caserta Italy
Sean Costello PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Card Addiction Fullerton United States
Joseph Countryman PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Flights Of Fantasy Albany United States
Matt Courtemanche PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Comic Connection - Oakville Oakville Canada
Pedro Coutinho PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 MMG - Mundo Multi Games Fortaleza Brazil
Patrick Cowe PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Gaming Guild, The Evansville United States
sean coyle PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Castle Hill Games Grants Pass United States
Ryan Cribbs PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Mage's Realm, The Sacramento United States
Paolo Crispino PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Excalibur Games Milano Italy
Eli Crittenden PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Krypton Comics Omaha United States
Tiago Cruz PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Kult Games Lisboa Portugal
kevin cubr PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Stadium, The Bay City United States
Robert Cucunato PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Holland Gardens Holland United States
Anthony Cuello PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Tobey's Game Cafe Manila Manila Philippines
Paul Cuillier PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Rookies 2 Legends Glendale United States
Travis Cullum PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Odyssey Games Kalamazoo United States
Joshua Cummins PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Collected Fort Worth Fort Worth United States
Jackson Cunningham 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Francesco Curia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Centro del Fumetto Livorno Italy
Trevor Curran PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Thunder Games and Gifts Thunder Bay Canada
CRIS CURRIE PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Galaxy Comics and Collectibles Winnipeg Canada
ALEX CUTI PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Titan Games Champaign United States
Giuseppe Cutrupia PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Comics Collection Catania Italy
John Cuvelier PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Learn 2 Play Brandon Tampa United States
feng da PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Little Shop of Heroes Dunfermline Scotland
ANTHONY DAGGETT PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Next-Gen Video Games Los Angeles United States
Adam Dally PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Colosseum Games Kenosha United States
Francesco D'Aloia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Games Time - Ciampino Ciampino Italy
Stephane Damizet PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Carta’jeu Lyon France
Matej Danas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Cerny rytir Brno Brno Czech Republic
Ben Daniel PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Local Gaming Store Bowling Green United States
Ethan Daniell PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Big Hit Sports Cards Spanish Fort United States
Adam Daniere PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Play the Game Read the Story Syracuse United States
Wyatt Darby PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Trade Mart Moline United States
Kyle Darlow PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Millennium Games and Hobbies Rochester United States
Matthew Darnall PPTQ - 1st Place 1/1/2015 Stockpile Games Manitowoc United States
Alexandre Darras PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Bédébile La Louviere Belgium
Maximiliano Daruich PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Cyber-Termas Las Termas de Río Hondo Argentina
Christopher Davenport PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Imperium Latina Italy
Patrick Davich PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Dungeon's End Duluth United States
Darrell Davies PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Travelling Man Leeds Leeds England
Chuckie Davis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Hometown Hobbies Huntington United States
Dustin Davis PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Asgard Keep Mount Vernon United States
Shawn Davis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Battlegrounds Midlothian United States
Philip Dawson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 The Scythe & Teacup Gamer Cafe Liverpool England
Paul De Carolis PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Koros Games Orangeville Canada
Marino De Filippis PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Sala Convento Cappuccini Francavilla Fontana Italy
Marcos Paulo de Jesus Freitas PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Independent Organizer - Liga Magic São José dos Campos Brazil
Carlos De La Calle Arroyo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Mazinger Oviedo Oviedo Spain
Jesus De La Peña PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Mulligan a3 s.l. Bilbao Spain
Bryan De La Torre PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Game Empire - Pasadena Pasadena United States
marco de togni PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Associazione Ludica-Culturale la Contea Rolo Italy
Simone De Vito PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Teatro parrocchia Sacro Cuore Taranto Italy
Paul Dean PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Hotel Espresso Montreal Canada
Peter deBorja PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 High Tide Games California United States
Michael Deckert PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Ultra Comix Erlangen Erlangen Germany
Michel Degenhardt PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Purperen Draak Groningen Netherlands
Michael Dehn PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Kolpinghaus Dülmen Germany
Federico del Basso PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Alastor - Napoli Napoli Italy
Adam Del Gobbo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Worlds Collide Games Oshawa Canada
Stefano Del Nero PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Games Academy - Vicenza Vicenza Italy
javier del pino PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Asociación de Vecinos de Molinos Marfagones Molinos Marfagones - Cartagena Spain
Marco Del Pivo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Mana Base macerata Italy
RAfael del Riego PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Mordor Games Collado Villalba Spain
Andrea Del Signore PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Tapas Bar Gaeta Italy
CONNOR DELANEY PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Victory Comics Falls Church United States
Jonathan Delano PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Kirwan's Game Store Catskill United States
Theophile Delavy PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Zwergenschmiede Bern Switzerland
Giovanni Delgado PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Black Diamond Games Concord United States
Raul Delgado PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Facultad de Medicina Alcalá de Henares Alcalá de Henares Spain
Gerardo D'Elia PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 D20 Games Roma Italy
Fabien Deligey PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 La Caverne du Gobelin Metz Metz France
Piero Della Giustina PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Il Giocoliere Udine Italy
Nick Delliskave PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Heebeegeebeez - Draper Draper United States
Michele Delpiazzo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Mr. Magic Savona Italy
Kévin Demange PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 La Boite à Jeux Le Mans France
Alessandro de'Medici PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Cerberus Games Aversa Italy
Steven Deng PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Nerd Rage Gaming Buffalo Grove United States
Sebastian Denno PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Wiser's Wide World of Collectibles Langley Canada
Jean-Emmanuel Depraz PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Uchronies games Paris France
Michael Derczo PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Comics N Toys River Edge United States
Rodolfo Deriquito PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Neutral Grounds - Glorietta Makati City Philippines
Davor Detecnik PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Tady Domžale Slovenia
Amarnath Dhanpat PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Magic United Rotterdam Netherlands
Jee Dhillon PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 King's Labyrinth, The Yuma United States
Mattia Di Pierno PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Orionfumetti Rimini Italy
MANUEL DIAS PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Super Sport Cards Center Moriches United States
Mike DiCara PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 West Barnstable United States
Philip Dickman PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Rick's Cards and Collectibles Clarksville United States
Ivo Dienelt PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Black Lotus Ostrava Czech Republic
John Diesel PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Duel Grounds Overland Park United States
Michael Diezel PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 XGames Chemnitz Chemnitz Germany
Matteo D'ignoti Parenti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Il Labirinto - Bollate Bollate Italy
Ioannis Dimitrakis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Hobby Games Thessaloniki Greece
Ian Ding PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 K-OS Collectibles Incorporated Markham Canada
Michal Dio PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Free Solo Praha 4 Czech Republic
Spencer Dio PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Weekend Anime Westbrook United States
Andrew Dipaolo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 All Tapped Out Gaming Leamington Canada
Andreas Dippon PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Magic Warehouse München Germany
BRYAN DISCH PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Game HQ, Inc. Oklahoma City United States
Marcel Dizon PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Grey Haven Hobbies White Rock Canada
Jack Dobbin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 BC Comix and Games Fenton United States
David Dobis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Brno Czech Republic
Adrian Dobrotescu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Games Stop Bucharest Romania
Javier Dominguez 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Fernando Dominguez Roldan PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Portal Xalapa Mexico
Andrea Dominici PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 PalaGiarre Giarre Italy
Liu Dong PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 星源卡牌大本营/Xing Yuan Card Base 沈阳 China
Han Dong Hui PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Dalmuti Kyodae/ 달무티 교대점 Seoul Korea, Republic of
Diego Donoso PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Ocios Corps Quito Ecuador
Scott Dooley PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 +1 Gaming Metairie United States
Brovida Doriano PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Lo Stregatto Imperia Italy
Rayman Dorman PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Matrix Cards and Games Redding United States
Leandro dos Santos PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Manticore Game Store Curitiba Brazil
Fabio dos Santos Estrela PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 O Templo Santa Maria Brazil
amand dosimont PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 The Woodland Mages Torhout Belgium
Tom Dowling PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Good Games Central Sydney Australia
Ray Doyle PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Highlander Games Dundee Scotland
Nick Draper PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Green Dragon North Charleston United States
William Drescher PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Collector's Connection Duluth United States
Jim Drinkle PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Myth Games Calgary Canada
Dante Drisnell PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Best Western Ramkota Hotel Casper United States
Carlos Duarte PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Black Lotus Leiria Leiria Portugal
Hélder Duarte PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Drawstep - Braga Braga Portugal
Yohan Dudognon PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 La Crypte du jeu Marseille France
Kyle Duncan PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Black Knight Games Hamilton Canada
Ryan Dunn PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Comic Shop, The Oswego United States
Denny Dunsford PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 AGORA HOBBY Singapore Singapore
Benjamin Dupont PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Verbrugghe Neverland Assebroek Belgium
Pedro Duque PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Multiverse Guatemala City Guatemala
Sayer Dwinell-Yardley PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Brap's Magic Burlington United States
Jonathan Dygnas PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 4th Planet Games Wrexham Wales
Loren Eakins PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Heroes Corner Games and Merchandise Chico United States
Stefanos Economides PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Wargame Supplies Ltd Chester England
Yiannis Economides PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Isengard Fantasy Shop Nicosia Cyprus
Cassidy Edwards PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Shadowblade Hobbies Chambersburg United States
Craig Edwards PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Gamers Paradise Prairieville United States
Robin Edwards PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Good Games Box Hill Box Hill Australia
Elmer van Eeghen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Spellencafe De twee klaveren Amsterdam Netherlands
Zach Efland PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Mega Gaming and Comics Gainesville United States
Isaac Egan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Next Level Games Dandenong Australia
Etienne Eggenschwiler PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Le Spécialiste Fribourg Switzerland
Daniel Eggle PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Troll Trader Cards Truro England
Mark Eilers PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Game Academy, The - Tampa Tampa United States
Giacomo Einaudi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Sala Conferenze Sommariva del Bosco Italy
Charles Eliatamby PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Forbidden Planet Southampton Southampton England
David Ellerby PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Travelling Man York York England
Matthew Elliot PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 End Game Center, The Charlottesville United States
Jason Ellis PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Most Excellent Gaming Enfield United States
KATIE ELLIS PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Three Suns Unlimited Longview United States
Thomas Ellis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Dragon's Lair, The Newton United States
David Ellwood PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Outer Limits Comics - Franklin Franklin United States
Ryan Eng PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Gamescape San Francisco United States
Matt Engelbart PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Phoenix Fire Games Meridian United States
Woody Engle PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Math 'n' Stuff Activity Annex Seattle United States
Nick Epitropakis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Kaissa Peiraia Peiraias Greece
Jonas Erbe PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Hobbysenteret Mosjøen AS Mosjøen Norway
Chris Erickson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Gamestars Langley Canada
Hampus Eriksson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Alphaspel Hägersten Sweden
Will Erker PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Yeti Gaming Crestwood United States
Ferris Esposito PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Gotta Have It Collectibles Lake Station United States
MICHAEL ESPOSITO PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Comicmania Wilmington United States
roberto esposito PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Taverna del Gargoyle 2 Napoli Italy
Claudio Esteffan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Punto De Encuentro Coquimbo Chile
WESLEY ESTEVAN PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Magic House São Paulo Brazil
Mauricio Estrada Morales PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 El Gremio Naucalpan Mexico
samuele Estratti 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Karl Eyre PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Game Shack Hillside Australia
Davide Fabris PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Il Mondo Virtuale - Valdagno Valdagno Italy
Giulio Faccini PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Il labirinto dei draghi Lido di Ostia Italy
Marina Fagundes PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Mythic Games - Monterey Monterey United States
Galan Falakfarsa PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Versus Games San Francisco United States
Matteo Falconetti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 WarCard Seregno Italy
Lewk Faley PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Iowa City Games Iowa City United States
Luke Fallon PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Power Nine Gaming Fort Wayne United States
Percy Fang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Games Plus Lake Stevens United States
Simone Faraggiana PPTQ - 1st Place 1/6/2015 Centro Gioco Educativo Torino Italy
Jake Farrar PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Double Midnight Comics - Manchester Manchester United States
Gerard Farreras PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Top deck store Malgrat de mar Spain
Mattia Fatutti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Playtime - Bergamo Bergamo Italy
Dylan Feeman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Battle City Games Stanton United States
Elia Felisati PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Dragon Store - Ferrara Ferrara Italy
Yuan Feng PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 咕噜院/Gu Lu Yuan 上海 China
Yuqi Feng PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 凤凰社桌面游戏俱乐部/Feng Huang She Board Game 珠海 China
Andrea Feo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Il Folletto Biella Italy
Nikola Fer?ek PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Carta Magica Zagreb Croatia
Andy Ferguson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Grinning Goblin Comics and Games Batesville United States
Marc Ferguson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Spellbound Games Glasgow Scotland
Patrick Fernandes PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 RedBox Store Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Rafael Fernandes PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Clube Top Deck Coimbra Portugal
Diego Fernandes Ferraz PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Mtg Caxias Cards Duque de Caxias Brazil
Victor Fernandez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Magicsur Barquisimeto Barquisimeto Venezuela
Carlos Fernandez Baillo PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Evolution - Sevilla Sevilla Spain
Matthew Ferrando PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia United States
Franco Ferrari PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 La Guarida del Dragon - Trebol Comics Tucumán Argentina
Filipe M Ferreira PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Porto Livre Paranavaí Brazil
Adri ferrer PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Magic Industria 61 Barcelona Spain
Sebastian Fiala PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Rarehuntershop Schwechat Austria
Giuseppe Ficicchia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Second Life Ragusa Italy
Wayne Fiddler PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Anime Hypercubed Camrose Canada
Eddie Figueroa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 In The Zone Cards and Games Ashtabula United States
Shaun Findlay PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Imperial Hobbies London Canada
Michael Finney PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Atomic Comics - Newport News Newport News United States
Niccolç Fioletti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Ristorante Pizzeria Locomotiva Campo San Martino (Padova) Italy
Roberto Fiore PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Terra di Mezzo Genova Italy
Brandon Fischer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 CoreTCG Pasadena United States
Thos Fisher PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Roll2Play Coppell United States
George FitzGerald PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Dark Side, The Sarasota United States
Stephen Fitzgerald PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Aquilonia Comics, Cards and More Troy United States
shane flannery PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 SoCalMagic Orange United States
Jason Fleurant PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Games and Grounds Coffee House Courtenay Canada
Eric Flickinger PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Cosmic Oasis Richmond United States
Dustin Flora PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Fanatix Dothan United States
Mario Flores PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Dragon's Hölhe Ciudad de Mexico Mexico
Michael Flores PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Montasy Comics - Midtown Chapter New York United States
Julian Felix Flury PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 La Guilde Lausanne Switzerland
Aron Fonteyne PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Via-Via Mechelen Mechelen Belgium
Samuel Foo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Card Game station Tangerang Indonesia
Quentin Fortier PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 La Taverne du Gobelin Farci St Etienne France
Phillip Fortner PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Get Some Game Charlotte United States
Chris Foster PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Ace Comics Colchester Colchester England
Giannis Foukakis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Papercut comics & games Crete Greece
Adam Fox PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Tate's Gaming Satellite Fort Lauderdale United States
Keane Frady PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 HobbyTown USA - Nanuet Nanuet United States
Saverio Franceschini PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Wonderland Bologna bologna Italy
João Franco PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Clube Magic Santarém Santarém Portugal
Timmi Fransson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Playoteket Center - Lund Lund Sweden
Jordi Frasés PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Manhattan Comics Xativa Xativa Spain
Aaron Frazer-bates PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Famous Collectables Bexhill On Sea England
Jake Frederick PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Through The Decades Sports Cards and Gaming Louisville United States
Anders Frederiksen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 The Realm of Adventurers Nørresundby Denmark
Sergey Freedman PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Skupoi Kraken Togliatti Russian Federation
Marcelino Freeman 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zack Freeman PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Desert Sky Games Gilbert United States
lorenzo fregosi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Jolly Troll - Ivrea Ivrea Italy
Phillip Friis PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Dragons Lair Aarhus Århus C Denmark
Felipe Fuentes PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 La Forja de Stone Santiago de Chile Chile
Curtis Fuhrman PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 White Knight's Game Room, The Williamsport United States
Akira Fujii PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 イエローサブマリン三宮カードショップ 神戸市 Japan
Yuusaku Fujii PPTQ - 1st Place 2/11/2015 トレカの洞窟 千代田区 Japan
Takehiro Fujimoto PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 アメニティードリームなんば2号店 大阪市 Japan
Kazuaki Fujimura PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 苅田土地改良記念会館 大阪市 Japan
Daniel Fulford PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 ABU Games Boise United States
Dominic Fulle PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Magic - Shop OG Linz Austria
Andrew Funkhouser PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Wizards Asylum - Tulsa Tulsa United States
Hiroyuki Furukawa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Cards of Paradise 桜木店 新潟市 Japan
Haudy Fusta PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Eldrazi Temple's MTG Store Jakarta, Indonesia
Mike Fyrberg PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Next Level Games, The - TNLG Madison United States
Antonis Fyssas PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Kaissa Amarousiou Athens Greece
Joel Gagnon PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Gaming Warehouse, The Grandville United States
Daniel Gago PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 The Games Arena Lewiston United States
Levi Gaines PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Lotus Guardian, The Owensboro United States
Michal Gajewski PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 GameLord Lodz Poland
Kostya Galichansky PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Duelist Bila Zerkva Ukraine
Paul Gallagher PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Wizard's Chest, The Denver United States
Daniel Gallegos PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Duel Zone Chihuahua Mexico
Thomas Gamache PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Comic Kings Virginia Beach United States
Eddie Gamble PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Close Encounters Comics Toms River United States
Masumi Ganbe PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 アメニティードリーム新宿店 新宿区 Japan
chen gang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 石景山卡牌店/Shi Jing Shan Card Store 北京 China
Tan Gao PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 长春鹏洛客桌游与模型/Chang Chun Planeswalker Board Game and Model 长春 China
Harry Garbett PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Midco Toys Burton On Trent England
Amélie Garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 La Forge d'Audren Beauvais France
Andres Garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Itaca - Getafe Getafe Spain
Angel Garcia PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Facultad de Medicina Alcalá de Henares Alcalá de Henares Spain
Sergio Garcia Gonzalez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Libreria Idefix Leganes Spain
Daniel Gardner PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Phoenix Fire Games Meridian United States
Justin Gardner PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Sixkiller's Gaming House Owasso United States
Philippe Gareau PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 L'arène des dieux Quebec Canada
jonatthan garrido barrero PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Ludogoya Madrid Spain
Felix Garrido Salto PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Generacion X Hortaleza Madrid Spain
Felipe Gasparini PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 CHQ Comic Shop Santo André Brazil
JEREMY GASS PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 J and J Pac N Ship Fountain United States
Samuel Gauthier PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Le Secret des Korrigans Montreal Canada
patrick gautreau PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 And Books II Lafayette United States
Marc-Olivier Gendron PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Freegame - Carrefour Charlesbourg Québec Canada
Francesco Gentile PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Supermarket del Fumetto - Avellino Mercogliano Italy
Cooper George PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Maverick's Kettering United States
David George PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Robin's Nest Rockford United States
Stefano Gerardis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Il Mercato dei Troll Roma Italy
Oleksandr Gerasymenko PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 TCGUA Odessa Ukraine
James Gerner PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 GameStar - Lacey Lacey United States
Luca Gerolimon PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 università europea degli sport della mente Milano Italy
Immanuel Gerschenson 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
BRONSON GERVASI PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 12052 Recycled Entertainment Amarillo United States
Marco Gheri PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Non solo Fumetto Empoli Italy
Davide Ghini PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Middle Ages Nazzano Italy
Sean Gifford PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Trilogy Gaming Club Calgary Canada
Edoardo Giglio PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Mai - a - Letto Pub rivarolo canavese Italy
Gabriele Giliberto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 LUDORAMA Acireale Italy
Daniel Gilison PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Lee Sports El Centro United States
Jonas Gillberg PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Playoteket Center - Malmö Malmö Sweden
Aurélien Gillet PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 La guilde des joueurs Angers France
renzo gioachini PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Goblin - Bologna Bologna Italy
Andrea Giovine PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 La Capannina San Giovanni in Persiceto Italy
Marcus Glenn PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Mad Hatter's House Of Games Lubbock United States
Tamás Glied 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
george goanos PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Shop,The Port Royal United States
Ricky Goff PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 BEARS by the Maul Fayetteville United States
Guo Wei Goh PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station @ Orchard Singapore Singapore
Jc Goldman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Quality Collectibles Jasper United States
Christopher Goldsmith PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Costa Mesa Women's Club Costa Mesa United States
Max Goldstein PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Spandex City Comics and Games Charlotte United States
Sergey Golubkin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Hitriy EZH (Teoriya Igr) Perm Russian Federation
Luis Gomez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Arcanix Centro Guadalajara Mexico
Víctor Gómez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Only-Cards Vigo Spain
Xisco Gómez Sánchez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 La Ciudadela Toledo Spain
Tiago Gon?alves PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Lojas Arena Porto Porto Portugal
Mateus Gonçalves PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Mangazine World Book São Paulo Brazil
Rodrigo Gonçalves dos Santos PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Magic Cards São Bernardo do Campo Brazil
Kevin Gondowijoyo PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Utopia 1 Surabaya East Java Indonesia
Daniel Gonzalez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Facultad de Medicina Alcalá de Henares Alcalá de Henares Spain
Franks Gonzalez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Zombies y Princesas Teruel Spain
Miguel Angel Gònzález PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Draco Granada Spain
Robert Gootz PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Snake Eyes Gaming Altoona United States
Eduardo Gordillo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Universal Anime and Comics Guadalajara Mexico
CHRISTOPHER GORDON PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Astral Games - Medford Medford United States
Alexander Gorecki-kuzma PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Gamerz Co-op Pierrefond Canada
Mariusz Gorniak PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Hotel Comfort Biznes Pruszkow Poland
Simon Görtzen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 INTERSTATE32 Aachen Germany
David Goscinak PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Shield Comics Meredith United States
Yusei Goto PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 こども楽園 多治見市 Japan
Hiroaki Gotou PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 東別院会館 名古屋市 Japan
Jeff Gottstein PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Big Planet Comics College Park United States
Michael Goud PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Games People Play Halifax Canada
MARTIN GOULET PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Top 8 Gaming Niagara Falls Canada
Diego Gouveia PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Bazar Magic São Paulo Brazil
Tannon Grace PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Wii Play Games Las Vegas United States
Bob Graham PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Sketchbook Comics and Games St Catharines Canada
Sam Graham PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 A Street Games Idaho Falls United States
Alessio Grandi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Forgia dei Giochi Cento Italy
theophile granger PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Magic Bazar Annecy Annecy France
Finn Graversen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Dragons Lair Aalborg Aalborg Denmark
Thomas Graves PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Something 2 Do Louisville United States
Michele Gravina PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 The Gathering Store Limerick Ireland
Nicolò Graziano PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Cosansò Roma Italy
Ryan Grebe PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 CM Games and Toys - Kingston Pike Knoxville United States
Ben Green PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Gamer's Edge Comics and Games, The Stroudsburg United States
Paul Green PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Chicagoland Games Chicago United States
Christopher Greene PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Valhalla Comics and Collectibles Hanceville United States
David Greenwood PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Travelling Man Newcastle Newcastle Upon Tyne England
Keith Greenwood PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Yeti Gaming - Springfield Springfield United States
Joseph greer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 That Computer Store Irmo United States
Alex Gregoire PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Place Magic GLP Sherbrooke Canada
Valentin Gregor PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Spielzeugwelt Rieger-Graz Graz Austria
James Grendell PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Epic Loot Centerville United States
Christoph Greune PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Drachental Düsseldorf Germany
Felix Grezes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Montasy Comics Forest Hills United States
Matt Griffin PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Baydragon Botany Flat Bush 2023 New Zealand
Matthew Griffin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 MVP Sports and Games Lancaster United States
Philip Griffiths PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Forbidden Planet - Bristol Bristol England
Sam Griffiths PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Firestorm Games Cardiff Wales
Richard Grimes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Giga-Bites Cafe Marietta United States
Björn Grindborg PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Vaksalaskolan Uppsala Sweden
Dustin Grorud PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Arena, The Salina United States
Chris Grotheer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Gators Video Leavenworth United States
Klaas Grüber PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 FRABuSEL Osnabrück Germany
Matthieu GRUSON PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Le labo de Merlin Poitiers France
Karol Grutkowski PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Chaos Games Pila Poland
fengwen gu PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 卡豆/Kadou Store 北京 China
Wladson Guedes PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Game Play Parnaíba Brazil
Jorge Guerra PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Magicsur Chile Santiago Chile
Ricardo Guerra PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 CFC Garibaldi Monterrey Mexico
Franz Guevara PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 WildPig Comics Kenilworth United States
Craig Guile PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Johnny Cee Cards Schofield United States
Gergely Gulyas PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 10 Minutes Bistro & Cafe Budapest Hungary
Ziyang Guo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 纳雅卡牌桌游/Na Ya Card and Board Game 济南 China
James Gurney PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Chaos City Comics St.Albans England
Yann Guthmann 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Luis Gutierrez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Stronghold Santiago Chile
Alvaro Gutierrez Ibanez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Espacio Joven "La Espiral" Peligros Spain
Aaron Guy PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Phoenix Rising Games and Comics Salisbury United States
Santiago Martin Guzzetti PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Ancestral Comics San Isidro Argentina
Alex Gylidin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Center of Hobby @Moscow Cyber Stadium Moscow Russian Federation
Bryan Haak PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Holiday Inn - Concord Concord United States
Levon Habener PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 KAB Sports Cards  and Collectables Billings United States
ANDREW HADE PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Cataclysm Games and Collectibles Roscoe United States
Noriyuki Hagiwara PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 ピットイン 江戸川区 Japan
Chris Hair PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Beyond Comics - Gaithersburg Gaithersburg United States
Miroslav Hajfler PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Club Jotunheim Liberec Czech Republic
Viktor Hakkarainen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Halmstad Hogskola Halmstad Sweden
Andrew Hall PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Golden Sun TCG Leicester England
Daniel Hall PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Underground Gaming LaVista United States
Shayne Hall PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Untouchables - Milton Milton Canada
Trevor Hall PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Enchanted Grounds Highlands Ranch United States
Brian Hallahan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Gamez and More Byron United States
Andrew Halsey PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 GameQore Visalia United States
Akira Hamada PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 イエローサブマリン姫路店 姫路市 Japan
Bader Hamadi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/26/2014 Battlezone Dubai United Arab Emirates
John Hamilton PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Armored Gopher Games Urbana United States
Michael Hamilton PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Games to Die For Indianapolis United States
Justin Hamilton Salem PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Kal-El Stochov Czech Republic
Jesse Hampton 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Hojae Han PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Board Game Cafe Dalmuti/보드게임카페 달무티 Suwon-City Korea, Republic of
xiao han PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 星智卡牌专卖/Xing Zhi Card Store 天津 China
Griffin Hansen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Crimson Castle Chess and Games Tuscaloosa United States
Michael Hantz PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Pair A Dice Games Vista United States
Oyvind Harding PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Outland - Oslo Oslo Norway
CHAD HARDMAN PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 GameStar - Lacey Lacey United States
Eric Hardman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Top Deck Hobbies Lebanon United States
Ryan Hare PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Dave and Adam's Card World - Williamsville Williamsville United States
Thomas Harlan PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Gaming Center, The Perryville United States
jethro harrup PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Spirit Games Burton on Trent England
Reed Hartman PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Prime Time Sports Crystal Lake United States
Dominic Harvey PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Waterstones - Bath Bath England
Atusi Hasegawa PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 ファイヤーボールレイクタウン店 越谷市 Japan
Jinpei Hassaku PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 ホビーステーションイオンモールKYOTO店 京都市 Japan
Greg Hatch PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 ChannelFireball Game Center Santa Clara United States
Cody Hatfield PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 CM Games and Toys - Kingston Pike Knoxville United States
Christian Hauck PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Metorn & Löffler Speyer Germany
Shinsuke Hayashi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 TOY&HOBBY美嶋屋 名古屋市 Japan
Kaney Hayes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Games and Stuff Glen Burnie United States
Connor hayward PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Skyhaven Games Victoria Canada
Jaron Heard PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Time Vault Games Portland United States
Josselin Hedan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 La Fortaleza Merida - Retired Merida Mexico
Jessy Hefner PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Goblin Games Kokomo United States
Jörg Heinrich PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 JK Entertainment Frankfurt Germany
Marco Held PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Games Island Hof Hof Germany
Andre Hellum PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Drammen Spillforening Drammen Norway
Corey Henderson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Freedom Gaming North Canton United States
john hendricks PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Comic Shop, The Fairbanks United States
Mark Hendrickson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Chronicles Games, Toys and Comics Lewisville United States
Chye Hwee Heng PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Superstar Gaming Singapore Singapore
David Henley PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 The Bookshop Aberystwyth Wales
J.T. Henricks PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 FCB Sports Cards, Comics and Games Alpharetta United States
Alex Henriquez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Highlander Games and Comics Boonton United States
Jeremy Henry PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Event Horizon Games Raleigh United States
Julien Henry PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Shinjuku Orleans Orleans France
Marcos Paulo Hernandes PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 HotYugioh Cards and Toys São Paulo Brazil
Fernando Hernandez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Morlo Coleccionables LEON Mexico
Jesse Hernandez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Sun City Games El Paso United States
Pablo Hernandez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Asgard Valladolid Valladolid Spain
Justin Herrell PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Game Cave, The Hermitage United States
Agustin Herrero PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Game Land - Córdoba Córdoba Argentina
Shiloh Hertz PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Gamer's Guild Boulder United States
Kevin Herzmann PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Game IT Marburg Marburg Germany
Thomas Herzog PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Collector's Corner Midland United States
Paul Heynen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Moenen en Mariken Nijmegen Netherlands
SHANE HIATT PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Centralia Game Room Centralia United States
Jonathan Hickerson 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Stefan Hilbert PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 City Comics Leipzig Germany
Jonas Hilderhavn PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 NTNU Kjellkantina Trondheim Norway
Max Hill PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Guild Hall, The Savannah United States
Tyler Hill PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Flat Land Games Wixom United States
Tyler Hill 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Christopher Hilson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Alter Reality Games - Akron Akron United States
Patrick Hinton PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Universal Comics North Canton United States
Ryan Hipp PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Level Up Games South Saint Paul United States
Yuuichirou Hirosawa PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 ピノキオトーイ 石岡市 Japan
Yoshiyuki Hirose PPTQ - 1st Place 2/11/2015 カードキングダムフューチャービー徳島店 徳島市 Japan
Jesper Hjembæk PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Færge's Kælder Herning Denmark
Michal Hlavacek PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 U Drevaka Brno Czech Republic
Lan Ho PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Showcase Comics - Bryn Mawr Bryn Mawr United States
Rich Hoaen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Neutral Grounds Santo Domingo Quezon City Philippines
Mark Hodges PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 TBS Comics Pensacola United States
Nate Hoffman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Adventurer's Guild, The Harrisburg United States
Mike Hofmann PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Outpost-Cologne Köln Germany
Richard Hofmeister PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Evolution Games Lansing United States
Bryan Hohns PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Cool Stuff Games - Maitland Maitland United States
Nathan Holiday 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Thomas Holliss PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Dartford Model Shop Dartford England
Carsten Hollmann PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Anspielbar Oldenburg Germany
Trevor Holmes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne Cornelius United States
Andrew Holt PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Spell Bound Waterville United States
William Holtzman PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Cards In The Corner Lansing United States
Alex Hon PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Super Games Roswell United States
Atsuo Honda PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 イエローサブマリン京都店 京都市 Japan
Richard Hornansky PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 FUNTASTIC Bratislava Slovakia
Nicolas Hornez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Croc Jeux Brest France
tyler horspool PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 GMI Games and Collectables Riverside United States
Masaaki Hoshino PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 アメニティードリーム秋葉原店 千代田区 Japan
Yoshihito Hosoiri PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 はま屋里吉店 甲府市 Japan
christophe HOSTETTLER PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Xenomorph Genève Switzerland
justin houdeshell PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Mythic Magic Piqua United States
Ray Houle PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 I Want More Comics Northglenn United States
Shane Houston PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Gamers Guild, The Hays United States
Kyle Houtman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Chicago United States
IAN HOWE PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Card Crazy Clovis United States
SPENCER HOWLAND PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Epic Puzzles and Games - Lehi Lehi United States
Lenard Hristov PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Goblin Games Skopje Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
Martin Hrycej PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Free Solo Praha 4 Czech Republic
Haibing Hu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Empire Central Comics and Cards League City United States
Hao-Shan Huang 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Wen-Liang Huang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Fight for Fun\鬥樂 - 卡牌集散地 Taichung Taiwan, Province of China
Yu Chung Huang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 MagicStar/魔法之星 Taipei/ 台北市 Taiwan, Province of China
Yung-Ming Huang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 集英書局/Chiba bookshop Tainan Taiwan, Province of China
Casey Hudak PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Realm of Possibilities Santa Fe United States
Conor Hughes PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 O'Callaghan Alexander Hotel Dublin Ireland
Nick Hughes PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Ice Imports - East Windsor East Windsor United States
Shawn Hughes PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Collected Hurst Hurst United States
Tim Hughes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Good Games Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Francesco Hugony PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Games Academy - Bergamo Bergamo Italy
Kento Hujii PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 ジャム倉吉店 倉吉市 Japan
Jake Humphries PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Gamer's Haunt Asheville United States
George Hung PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 童年往事/Childhood History Toyshop 高雄市 Taiwan, Province of China
Hsun Hao Hung PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Cartoon Magic Club/卡通球員卡 台南市 Taiwan, Province of China
Rob Hunsaker PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Uncle's Games - Redmond Redmond United States
Matthias Hunt PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Sneak Attack's Games Waite Park United States
Sean Hunter PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 West Coast Hobby Stop Nanaimo Canada
David Hunting PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Gamer's Asylum Ogden United States
Thomas Huteson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Matt's Cavalcade of Comics Corvallis United States
Michael Huttman PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Deck Box, The Fletcher United States
Eugene Hwang PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 PLUS EV GAMES - CAMARILLO Camarillo United States
Inhyok Hwang PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Collector's Zone, The Jackson United States
Daniel Hyam PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 JJ's Game Lounge Chatsworth United States
Park Hyun-jun PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Elder Dragon/ 엘더 드래곤 Ulsan Korea, Republic of
Demian Iadicicco PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Magic Store Comics Haedo Argentina
Drew Iafrate PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Generation X Comics, Cards, and Games Bedford United States
atsushi ieda PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 東別院会館 名古屋市 Japan
Alexandr Igoshin PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Avalon Ekaterinburg Ekaterinburg Russian Federation
Yoshihiko Ikawa 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Taufik Indrakesuma PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 TWO STOMPAS DKI Jakarta Indonesia
Daniele Ingallinera PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 FUMETTERIA C4 VITTORIA Italy
David Inglis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/16/2015 Gaming Galore Chesterfield England
Francesco Innocenti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Ciao Bar Sansepolcro Italy
Igor Inocima PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Shivan Shop Del.Cuauhtemoc,  México Mexico
Riccardo Ippoliti PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Games Academy Padova Padova Italy
David Irvine PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Rock Game Shop Miami United States
Ryuichiro Ishida PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 ピノキオ 島田市 Japan
Satoshi Ishiguro PPTQ - 1st Place 12/23/2014 プリニークラブ金山店 名古屋市 Japan
Akira Ishihara PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 株式会社日本一ソフトウェア 各務原市 Japan
Takashi Ishihara PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 ABSOLUTE ZERO 中頭郡 Japan
Taisuke Ishii PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 アトラス本八幡店 市川市 Japan
Shou Ishikawa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 アメニティードリーム大宮店 さいたま市 Japan
Nik Iskandar PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 The Comics Corner Subang Jaya Subang Malaysia
Daiki Itou PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 アメニティードリーム仙台店 仙台市 Japan
Motoaki Itou PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 アメニティードリーム横浜店 横浜市 Japan
Masatomo Iwayama PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 一刻館町田店 町田市 Japan
Grant Jackson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Gamer's Haven, The Spokane Valley United States
NICK JACKSON PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Toy Lynx Honolulu United States
Paul Jackson 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Michael Jacob PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Black Gold Littleton United States
Adam Jacobs PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy - Austin Austin United States
Mark Jacobson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Outer Planes Santa Rosa United States
Mathieu Jacomy PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Salle Allou Amiens France
Lukas Jaklovsky 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Nate James PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Red Castle Games Portland United States
Nicholas James PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Eternal Magic Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia
Tomas Janak PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Harrenhal Plzen Czech Republic
Michal Jander PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Funagain Games Eugene United States
Jakub Janeczek PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Bard Centrum Gier - Krakow Krakow Poland
Wojciech Jankowski PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Hotel Comfort Biznes Pruszkow Poland
Adam Jansen 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jon Jansen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Mayhem Collectibles - Des Moines Des Moines United States
Spencer Janssen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Game On - Kearney Kearney United States
Chris Janus PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Cool Stuff Games - Winter Park Winter Park United States
Adrew Jeffries PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Greater Memphis Magic Arena Memphis United States
Ross Jenkins PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Common Ground Games Stirling Scotland
Zachary Jesse 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Dan Jessup PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Brothers Grim Games and Collectibles Selden United States
Jan Jestribek PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Dum deti a mladeze UL Usti nad Labem Czech Republic
Florent Jeudon PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Role Games marseille France
Grzegorz Jezierski PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Emar Olsztyn Poland
Bin Jia PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 中关村知春路万智牌店/Zhong Guan Cun Zhi Chun Road Card Store 北京 China
Zteng Jiaming PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 小顽童卡牌店/Xiao Wan Tong Card Store 广州 China
Dan Jian PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 星云万智牌专卖店/Xing Yun Magic Store 合肥 China
Ruihui Jiang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 TOYBOX桌游吧/Toybox Board Game 深圳 China
Javier Jiménez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Generacion X Vallekas Madrid Spain
Jose Alberto Jiménez Blanco PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Player Vs Player Jerez de la frontera Spain
David Jirasek PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Hrackarstvi Trojanova Beroun 2 Czech Republic
Christopher Jobin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Alpha Omega Coffee and Games Cedar Springs United States
Alexander John PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Bc Comix of Battle Creek Battle Creek United States
Alex Johnson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Tower Games Minneapolis United States
Mark Johnson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Dean's Dugout Naperville United States
Michael Johnson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Misplay North Saint Paul United States
Jasper Johnson-Epstein PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Hero's Ink Delavan United States
ben johnston PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Three D6 Tuggeranong Australia
Brett Johnston PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Fantasy Shop, The - St Charles St Charles United States
theo jolivet PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Equinoxe 7 Marseille France
Wesley Jonas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Empório Jogos Taguatinga Sul Brazil
Alek Jones PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 West Texas Cards and Games Odessa United States
Anders Jones PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Guardian Games Portland United States
David Jones PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Cornermagic Gaming Center Piedmont United States
Erick Jones PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Toys For Fans Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Oscar Jones 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Reives Jones PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Boardwalk Greenville United States
James Jordaan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Nexus Games Palmerston North New Zealand
Dan Jordan 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Joshua Jordan PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Game On - Midland Midland United States
Carsten Jung PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Restaurant-Brasserie des Arts Luxembourg Luxembourg
Ademar Junior PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Power Games Divinópolis Brazil
Ricardo Junior PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Arena Hobby Store Niterói Brazil
Radek Kaczmarczyk PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Fenix Szczecin Poland
Aleksi Kaitila PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Fantasiapelit Jyväskylä Jyväskylä Finland
Tihiro Kamada PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 ネクスト・ワン名張本店 名張市 Japan
Riki Kamo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 インペリアル貸会議室 渋谷区 Japan
ANDREW KANALLAKAN PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Game Nite St Louis United States
Pavlos Kanelis PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Kaissa Halandri Athens Greece
Martynas Kaper PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 SpellenHuis Haarlem Haarlem Netherlands
Louis Kaplan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Bob's Baseball Dugout Platteville United States
deniz kara PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Oyun Mühendisi Cafe Istanbul Turkey
Gerasimos Karatosidis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 KAISSA MONOKEROS ATHENS Greece
kazuki kariya PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 アメニティードリーム町田店 町田市 Japan
Sam Karopoulos PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Good Games Ballarat Ballarat Australia
Yuki Kashiwagi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 フェイズ岐阜店 岐阜市 Japan
kensuke kato PPTQ - 1st Place 2/11/2015 フェイズ四日市店 四日市市 Japan
Takuya Katou PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 アメニティードリーム吉祥寺店 武蔵野市 Japan
Thomas Kauffman PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Samurai Comics - Mesa Mesa United States
Lukas Kaupa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Magic Corner Wien Austria
Kris Kavanagh PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 A and C Games Toronto Canada
Hiromasa Kawabata PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 丸亀市民会館 丸亀市 Japan
Hiroshi Kawakami PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 クリエート浜松 浜松市 Japan
Keita Kawasaki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 BIG MAGICなんば店 大阪市 Japan
Makoto Kawashita PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 東別院会館 名古屋市 Japan
Brian Keaton PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Lotus Coast Gaming Cafe Normandy Park United States
James Keey PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Eclectic Games Reading England
marcus keller PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Hero Support Washougal United States
Matt Kennett PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 GUF Launceston Launceston Australia
Marcus Kesting PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Spiel & Freizeit Witthoff oHG Gütersloh Germany
Jack Kiefer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Game Heroes Arvada United States
Calvin Kim PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Pack Warz Orange United States
Myeong Su KIM PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Daegu Michael/대구 미카엘 Daegu Korea, Republic of
Sang-eun Kim 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Douglas Kimble PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Carnes' Cards and Gaming 1 Wapakoneta United States
Kazuki Kimura PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 かーどげーむ夢翔屋 札幌市 Japan
Mark Kinney PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Golden Eagle Comics Reading United States
Celsus Kintanar PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Neutral Grounds Alabang Town Center Muntinlupa Philippines
Satoshi Kinugasa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 遊Vic中野店 中野区 Japan
Dimitris Kiourtsoglou PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Forbidden Planet Cambridge Cambridge England
Mattia Kirchler PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Firma Weber Wiener Neustadt Austria
Hack Kampmann Kirkegaard PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Fanatic - København København Ø Denmark
Tom Klenotic PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Empire Game Center Streetsboro United States
Chris Klimke PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Heldenwelt Magdeburg Magdeburg Germany
Eric Klug PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Comics and Games Outpost Gainesville United States
Erik Klump PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 R U GAME? Gainesville United States
Takuya Kmikawa PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 ソフトハウスALGO小倉店 宇治市 Japan
Louis Kneeshaw PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 The Games Pit Wakefield England
Martin Knellwolf PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 KABOOOM Entertainment GmbH Zurich Switzerland
Josh Knitter PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Adventurer's Guild, The Edmonton Canada
Sebastian Knoerr PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Highlander-Games Bochum Germany
Jackson Knorr PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 GameStar - Lancaster Salem United States
Hiroaki Kobayashi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/23/2014 ホビーステーション藤沢プラザ店 藤沢市 Japan
Yuki Kobayashi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 フルコンプ八王子店 八王子市 Japan
Florian Koch PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Mage Store Düsseldorf Germany
Jake Koenig PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 First Aid Comics Chicago United States
Nathan Koerschner PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Dugout Cards and Games, The Hickory United States
Brandon Kohrs PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Cloak and Dagger Comics Ormond Beach United States
Heiner Kolp PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Fantastische Welten Rostock Germany
Mateusz Kopec PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Phu Gnom Bielsko-Biala Poland
Quinn Kotecki PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Board Game Barrister - Bayshore Glendale United States
Aaron Kovasckitz PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Gamer's Guild Spring Lake United States
Grzegorz Kowalski PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Wilczek Sklep Poznan Poland
Yosuke Kozaki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/23/2014 ホビーステーション松戸店 松戸市 Japan
Hugh Kramer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Uncommons, The New York United States
Stefan Kramm PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Comic-Tempel Dresden Germany
Mike Krasnitski PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Kamelot Lviv Ukraine
Filippo Kratter PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Magic Warrior Silea Italy
Wenzel Krautmann 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
josh kreiter PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 All About Games Boise United States
Michael Kreutzer PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Ace Comics - Annerley Annerley Australia
Isaak Krut PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 MastVetra Games Saransk Russian Federation
Yuta Kubo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 トップボーイ新大駅前店 新潟市 Japan
Vikram Kudva PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Total Escape Games Broomfield United States
Matti Kuisma PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Puolenkuun Pelit - Tampere Tampere Finland
Riku Kumagai PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 一関文化センター 一関市 Japan
Domen Kuncic PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Crna Luknja Ljubljana Slovenia
Bou-Chen Kuo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Akmigames - Dong man/艾客米 東門店 臺北市 Taiwan, Province of China
Tzu-Ching Kuo 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Kris Kurniawan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Good Guy Games Jakarta Indonesia
Viacheslav Kurpas PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Citadel - Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod Russian Federation
Cornelius Küsel PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Blitzplatz Itzehoe Germany
Ben Kutcher PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Collector's Paradise Winnetka United States
Adam La Forest PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Showcase Comics Lethbridge Canada
Alessandro La Porta PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Cards Kingdom - Paternò Paternò Italy
Ross Labny PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Heroes and Villains - Warner Warner Robins United States
DONOVAN LACHNEY PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Denver Central Games Denver United States
Laurent Laclaverie PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Difintel Micro Bordeaux Bordeaux France
George Lago PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Umbra Parnaíba Brazil
Mathew Laidely PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Hall of Heroes Campbelltown Australia
Patrick Lajoie PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Comic Attack Erfurt Erfurt Germany
Marc Lalague 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Francis Lam PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 The Games Cube Parramatta Australia
Joe Lam PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 League Castle - 屯門店 Tuen Mun Hong Kong
Tony Lam PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Bastion Games Chilliwack Canada
Simone Lampasona PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Playtime - Monza Monza Italy
Graham Lanceford PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Sports Cards Unlimited Port Royal United States
Vincent Lanceford PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Northlake Stamp and Coin Atlanta United States
Ricardo Landeta PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Scion of the Souls Coyoacan Mexico
Roger Landim PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Império Taubaté Brazil
Eric Landon PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 kindle/킨들 Seoul Korea, Republic of
Jeremy Langevin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 DCU Center Worcester United States
Josh Lanham PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Ctrl Alt Elite Gaming Sheffield Village United States
Mike Lanigan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Galaxy Games Wintersville United States
Jay Lansdaal PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Treasure Coast Magic Port St Lucie United States
Dan Lanthier PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Wizard's Tower - Nepean Nepean Canada
Dan Lanthier 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Magnus Lantto 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Ricardo Laranjeira PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 The Lotus Market Lisboa Portugal
Leonard Larratta PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 WNY Gaming Hamburg United States
Søren Larsen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Faraos Cigarer Copenhagen Denmark
Garry Lau PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Good Games Burwood Burwood Australia
KaWing Lau PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 King of Cards Auckland New Zealand
Pietro Laudati PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Magic Warrior Silea Italy
William Lavasque PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Kit Kringle Asheboro United States
Tom Law PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Xpress Games Canterbury Canterbury England
James Lawton PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Portal Wargaming Centre Burton on Trent England
Daniel Lawver PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Island Games Centreville United States
joshua le PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Foam Brain Games Troy United States
Loic Le Briand PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Arcadia Nancy France
Charles League PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Tower of Games Chesapeake United States
Nicolas Leahy PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Librairie Donjon - Quebec City Quebec City Canada
Cody LeBlanc PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Comic Hunter #2 Moncton Canada
Hugo Leblanc PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Multizone Gatineau Canada
Pedro Lechado PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Silver Dragon Palma de Mallorca Spain
Loic Leclerc PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Les 7 royaumes Grenoble France
David Ledvinka PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Legends Vaughan Canada
Arnold Lee PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 The Games Den Surry Hils Australia
Joon Soo Lee PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 M&A/ 엠엔에이 Seoul Korea, Republic of
rick lee PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Twenty Twenty Book Centre Penang Malaysia
SAM LEFEVRE PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Jacksonville Game Center Jacksonville United States
Martyn Leggett PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Gamerz Nexus Rayleigh England
Marc Leiensetter PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Spiele-Pyramide Karlsruhe Germany
Donald Leigh PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Hero Complex Games and Entertainment Wichita United States
Dustin Leimgruber PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Liberty Comics Liberty United States
Cameron Lemaster PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Frontline Games Clarksville United States
Jason Lemay PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Comics Plus Manchester United States
Ivan Lendvaj PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 MEHANOTEHNA D.O.O. Osijek Croatia
Yanning Leng PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 科苑书苑/Ke Yuan Book Store 北京 China
Paul Leonhardt PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Game Haven - Bountiful Bountiful United States
Mark Lepine Special Invitation n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pietro Lepore PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Games Academy - Bari Bari Italy
Michael Letsch PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Game Academy, The - Orlando Orlando United States
Terence Leung PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 401 Games, Toys, Sportscards Toronto Canada
Josh Leutz PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Firefly Toys and Games Columbia United States
Matias Leveratto PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Yoshi Comics Quilmes Argentina
German Levikov PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Megagame Riga Riga Latvia
Andrea Levratti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Circolo I Faeti Formigine Italy
Michal Lewicki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Strefa Gry Bielsko-Biala Poland
Matthew Lewis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Algonquin College Bookstore Ottawa Canada
Patrick Lewis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Shuffle and Cut Games - La Habra La Habra United States
Bo Li PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 奥秘卡牌店/Ao Mi Card Store 武汉 China
fabien Li PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Games Haven Singapore Singapore
Junyu Li PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 卡朋万智牌专营店/Ka Peng Magic Store 广州 China
LARRY LI PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Alien Games Jenks United States
William Li PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Vagabond Auckland Auckland New Zealand
XiaoChuan Li PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 鹏飞卡牌/Peng Fei Card Store 天津 China
Youko Li PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 新世紀動漫坊/New Century Comics and Animation Workshop 彰化市 Taiwan, Province of China
Zhao Li PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 元素卡牌/Yuan Su Card Game 兰州 China
Danny Liao PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Hobby Master Ellerslie Auckland New Zealand
Matthew Light PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Big Orbit Games Evesham England
Daniel Liguori PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Gamer's Armory, The Cary United States
David Guan Xu Lim PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 MTG-Asia Event Centre Singapore Singapore
Redmond Lim PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Mindstorm Games Hobby Shop Quezon Philippines
Chih-Hung Lin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Cardmaster - Taiwan 台北市 Taiwan, Province of China
Quinton Lip PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Pegasus Yield Sdn Bhd Pulau Pinang Malaysia
Rich Lisonbee PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Heebeegeebeez - Ogden Ogden United States
Dustin Little PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Gamezilla - St. John Saint John Canada
Tim Littlepage PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Tabletop Adventures Richmond United States
Jayson Litton PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Good Games St James St James Australia
Cheng Liu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 立东卡牌精品店/Li Dong Card Store 沈阳 China
Jian Liu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 暴风玩具店/Bao Feng Toy Store 杭州 China
Ren Liu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 泠城万智俱乐部/Ling Cheng Magic Store 杭州 China
Xinchang Liu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 幻想桌游俱乐部/Huan Xiang Board Game Club 北京 China
yi liu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 学府卡牌俱乐部/Xue Fu Card Club 哈尔滨 China
Yuchen Liu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 暮光卡牌店/Mu Guang Card Game 北京 China
Yunfan Liu PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 大杰斯卡牌店/Big Jace Card Store 宁波 China
Robert Livingston PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Deep Comics and Games, The Huntsville United States
Rafal Liwerski PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Dragonus Kraków Poland
Ruben Lobo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Tienda Muy Lejana Buenos Aires Argentina
Simone Locatelli PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 LPPCOLLECTING Arcore Italy
Victor Logan PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Computer and Gaming World Whitley City United States
Jason Loh PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Game Forge Singapore Singapore
Robert Lombardi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Top Games Hamilton Canada
Zhou Long PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 速博卡牌桌游俱乐部/Su Bo Card and Board Game Club 北京 China
Kenneth Longhurst PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Gathering Place Games - Lakeland Lakeland United States
Guillaume LOPES PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Troc N Troll Nantes France
Chris Lopez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Win More Games Lenexa United States
Jorge A. Lopez Morales PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Video Juegos Solid Snake Apizaco Mexico
Alberto Lopez Valdivieso PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Callejon 57 Comics El Ejido Spain
Joseph Loster PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Stripside Comics and Sportscards Las Vegas United States
Stanislaw Lozowitskiy PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Bergamot Kiev Ukraine
Pengjie Lu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 冠军卡牌/Champion Card Store 上海 China
Luca Lucchetti PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Zio Istvan Livorno Italy
Sascha Luescher PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Ristorante La Meridiana Pregassone Switzerland
pedro luis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 PTMERCH Queluz Portugal
Drew Lunceford PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Raven's Nest, The Marietta United States
Ryan Luo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Groundxero Singapore Singapore
Long Ma PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 万智牌俱乐部/MTG Club 呼和浩特 China
KYLE MAAS PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Warp 3 Edmonton Canada
Larry Macejka PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Family Game Store Savage United States
Guilherme Machado PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 A Toca Revistaria Florianópolis Brazil
KEVIN MACK PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 1 Stop Collectibles Coventry United States
Arthur Macurda PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Crazy Fred's Comicbook Lounge La Mesa United States
Benton Madsen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Arch 186 Hercules Road London England
Dan Maftei PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Mox Mania Madison United States
Breno Magalhaes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 UG Cardshop Belo Horizonte Brazil
Luca Magni PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Playtime - Lecco Lecco Italy
Doug Maguire PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Quantum Frontier Games and Comics Halifax Canada
Jordan Maier PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 The Wonder World Dinant Belgium
Suripat Maikhu PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 IPlay Card Shop Bangkok Thailand
Matteo Maiolini PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Games Academy - Pescara Pescara Italy
Erwan Maisonneuve PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Passion du Jeu Cholet France
Alex Majlaton 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Tatsuya Makino PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 アメニティードリーム大須店 名古屋市 Japan
David Malafarina PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Cloud City - Allentown Allentown United States
Nicolas Maldonado PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Hotel Ohiggins Vina del Mar Chile
Jose Joshua Mamboyo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 WABSHAQ Las Pinas Philippines
Angelo Mancini PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Dark Side Roma Italy
Adam Mancuso 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zach Mandelblatt PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Mythic Games - Santa Cruz Santa Cruz United States
Gennaro Mango PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Cartoleria Elativ Group Napoli Italy
Stephen Mann 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Austin Mansell PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Gamer's Gambit Danbury United States
Keiji Mantani PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Summoner's Singapore Singapore
Gabriel Mantovanelli PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Tecnoland ltda Guaraparí Brazil
Edoardo Mantovani PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 università europea degli sport della mente Milano Italy
Mattia Manzi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Quinto Elemento Latina Italy
Pedro Manzoni PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Loja Jambô Porto Alegre Brazil
Martin Marcelo PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 COMIC QUEST (FESTIVAL SUPERMALL) MUNTINLUPA CITY Philippines
Lewis Marchbank PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Oddfellows Hall Stafford England
Grzegorz Marciniak PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Brwinów Poland
Davide Marcotti PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Tortuga Crema Italy
marco mariani PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Non Solo Edicola - Tirabassi Emilio Colli del Tronto Italy
boris marin PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 GeekStore La Serena La Serena Chile
Lee Marino PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Above and Beyond Games Northglenn United States
scott Markeson 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Andrea Martellini PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Spell Storm Falconara Marittima Italy
Oliver Martill PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Cheap Thrills Newport England
Aaron Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Comics and Gaming Outpost Fairfax Fairfax United States
Luciano Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Utoopia Florianopolis Brazil
Paulo Martinello PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Rockomics Sobradinho Brazil
Adrian Martinez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Avatar Games and Hobbies Santiago de Querétaro Mexico
Axel Martinez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Canlyn Crythor Cuernavaca Mexico
daniel martinez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Complejo Cultural Deportivo La Petxina Valencia Spain
Julian Martinez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Dominaria Olivos Argentina
Carlos Martínez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Game Start3 Madrid Spain
Carlos Martinez Morales PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Coliseum Tepatitlan de Morelos Mexico
Valerio Martino PPTQ - 1st Place 1/5/2015 Epic Games Torino Italy
GUILHERME MARTINS CARVALHO PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Goblin's Gift Shop Uberlândia Brazil
Carlo Martucci PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 DLF Voghera Voghera Italy
Yuuta Maruo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 イエローサブマリンマジッカーズ福岡店 福岡市 Japan
SUZUKI MASAHIRO PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 ホビーステーション津田沼店 船橋市 Japan
Lorenzo Mascagni PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 La Torre del Drago Prato Italy
Kseniya Mashalova PPTQ - 1st Place 1/6/2015 Gamelaba (LLC "Delver") Khabarovsk Russian Federation
Kenta Masukado PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 ゲーム館ビート 五泉市 Japan
Nikita Masyakin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Hobby Games Voronezh Voronezh Russian Federation
hautot mathieu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Toy's Collection Dieppe France
Guillaume Matignon PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Gorakou Limoges France
Bruno Matos PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Grupanarium Espinho Portugal
Luis Fernando Matoso Mendes PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Meruru Curitiba Brazil
Takafumi Matsumoto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/11/2015 おもちゃのバンビ本郷店 富山市 Japan
Yuki Matsumoto PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 コミかる高崎貝沢店 高崎市 Japan
Yuki Matsumoto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 カードショップオーガ津田沼店 船橋市 Japan
Tetsuhiro Matsushima PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 一刻館宇都宮店 宇都宮市 Japan
Mancini Matteo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 ass. culturale il camaleonte Roma Italy
Pete Matthews PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 All Stars Langhorne United States
Alberto Mattioli PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Magomatto Alessandria Italy
Fabien Maurel PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 La Perle R@re Aix en Provence France
Filippo Maurri PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 La bottega dell'alchimista marina di Pisa Italy
Brad Maxwell PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Dragon's Keep - Orem Orem United States
Manuel Mayer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Studentenwohnheim Rechberg Tübingen Germany
Pascal Maynard 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Diego Mayo Gavela PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Copelen S.L. Leon Spain
Vladimir Mayoral PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Valhalla Hobby Center Bogotá Colombia
Bruce Jr McAllister PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Hobby Goblins Rochester United States
Brian Mcatee PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Bullpen 2.0, The Marina Del Rey United States
Brian McCall PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 A Novel Place Osseo United States
John McCarthy PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Game On! Warwick United States
Chazz Mccarty PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Legion Games Burnsville United States
Sean Mcclenathan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Game Shoppe, The Bellevue United States
LUCAS MCCORD PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Dork Den, The Mankato United States
Jeffrey McCoy PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Amazing Discoveries Tucson United States
Glenn McDonald PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Dragon's Den Glen Allen United States
Kevin Mcginnis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Trotta's Hobbies and Collectibles Barnegat United States
Clint McGovern PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Dogs of War Gaming Palm Bay United States
Steven McGrath PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Comic Hunter, The Charlottetown Canada
Matthew McGraw PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Sam's Southern Eatery Meeting Room Alexandria United States
Graeme Mcintyre PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Holiday Inn Sheffield Sheffield England
ABE MCKINNON PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 COMICS PLUS Southport Australia
Dean McLaren PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Wizard's Comics and Collectibles - Sherwood Park Sherwood Park Canada
Michael McLaughlin PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Joe's Clockwork Sault Ste Marie Canada
Morgan McLaughlin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Forbes Hobbies Cambridge Canada
Ralph McLaury PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Paula's Sports Cards Etc Honolulu United States
Trey McLean PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Collector's Lane Saskatoon Canada
Lewis Mcleod PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Clifton Road Games Exeter England
Jason McMillan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Tupelo Sportscards Tupelo United States
Hank Mead PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Jupiter Games Johnson City United States
Justin Mears PPTQ - 1st Place 12/30/2014 Chimera Hobby Shop - Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac United States
Michael Measures PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 ShrunkenTERRA Burgess Hill England
Max Medeiros PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Temple Games, The Pawtucket United States
Daniel Medellin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Bullpen, The Fresno United States
Alberto Medina PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 ISD Gaming Aguadilla Puerto Rico
Rick Meditz PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 TWS Hobby Center Riverhead United States
ADONNYS MEDRANO PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 LANslide Gamecenter Clinton United States
Dmitry Medvedev PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Edinorog Moscow Russian Federation
Job Meertens PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 GameForce Eindhoven Netherlands
Kanishk Meghani PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Infinity Games Adelaide Australia
Daniel Mendez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Dados & Cubitos Salamanca Spain
Ignacio Mendoza Euba PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Kimagure Comics Zamora Spain
Robbert Menten PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Outpost Brussels Brussel Belgium
Guillermo Mercado PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Magic and Monsters Mission Viejo United States
Frederic Mercier PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Carta Magica - Montreal Montreal Canada
Cedric Merlet PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 La règle du jeu Tours France
Olivier Mermet PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Le Valet d'Coeur Montreal Canada
STEVEN METZGER PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Geek City Games and Comics Coralville United States
Steve Meyers PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 TD4W Games Dover United States
TIMOTHY MEZOFF PPTQ - 1st Place 2/4/2015 Game Underground Framingham United States
Gianluca Miano PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Cartoleria Momo Manduria Italy
Lucas Michaels PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 East Coast Gaming Cary United States
Stephanos Michailides PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 MP Violins Ltd Nicosia Cyprus
Enrico Micheloni PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Magman Trento Italy
Fred Mickel PPTQ - 1st Place 12/31/2014 Zani Coins and Collectibles Poplar Bluff United States
Byron Mihailides PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Next Level Games Ringwood Ringwood Australia
Robb Miknus PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Cheese Boy Comics Las Vegas United States
Stefano  Milan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Robe da Elfi - Saluzzo Saluzzo Italy
Joe Milia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Tales of Adventure Comics and Games Coopersburg United States
Dylan Miller PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Dragon's Hoard Gaming Murray United States
James Miller PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Wasteland Gaming, The Duluth United States
William Miller PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Paladins Game Castle Bakersfield United States
Charles Milutinovic PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 North Shore Comics Northbrook United States
Darin Minard PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Play It Again Coweta United States
Marco Mingarelli PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Magic Time - Ravenna Ravenna Italy
Alexandru Mirza-Lesan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Lex Hobby Store Iasi Romania
Chris Misner PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 GameTronics New Minas Canada
Max Mitchell PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Flipside Gaming Clifton Park United States
Syoutarou Miyahara PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 ファイヤーボール熊本店 熊本市 Japan
Jun'ichi Miyajima PPTQ - 1st Place 2/11/2015 デュエルガルドイオンモール新発田店 新発田市 Japan
Logan Mize PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Serenity Games Saint Petersburg United States
Levi Mochan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Nerd Shack Wigan England
Zach Moeller PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Jetpack Comics Rochester United States
Mohd Johan Jefri Mohd Johari PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Spartan Games Arena Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Ben Moir 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Damien Mole PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Mairie de Quartier de Roseraie Toulouse France
James Mondrik PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Gamerz Pair-a-Dice San Antonio United States
Andres Monsalve PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Sekai Games Buenos Aires Argentina
Kyle Monson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Tap Cut Gaming Twin Falls United States
Fabio Montagner PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Genesis Noventa Vicentina Italy
Raul Montejano Rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Titan Games Getafe Spain
Geoff Moore PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Main Street Magic, Miniatures and More Ames United States
Josh Moore PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Leisure Time Games Santa Maria United States
Nick Moore PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Frogtown Hobbies Toledo United States
William Moore PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop Hobbies, Games and Collectibles Newington United States
Carlos Moral 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Luis Armado Morales Vera PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Ra Store - Bazar Del.Cuahutemoc Mexico
Thiage Moreina PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Power 9 Campinas Brazil
Alberto Moreno PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 APP "La Plaza" Villena Spain
Eddie Moreno PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 JS Anime Chino Hills United States
Francisco Moreno Morales PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Tierra Media Cádiz Cadiz Spain
Andrea Moretti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 American Bar Brescia Italy
Esteban Moreyra PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Invernalia GameStore Zarate Argentina
Rafael Morgado PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Popkai Ribeirão Preto Brazil
Tatsuki Mori PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 駄菓子のたまや 岩手郡 Japan
Jean-christophe Morin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Le Griffon Jeux Et Fantasies Sherbrooke Canada
Kyle Morison PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Complex, The Scarborough United States
Akira Morita PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 マスターズスクウェア 八王子市 Japan
Kouki Morita PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 和歌山県JAビル 和歌山市 Japan
Jun Moriya PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 岡山市出石コミュニティハウス 岡山市 Japan
Carlos Moros Cristóbal PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Mikami Comics S.L. Sevilla Spain
Josh Morris PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Dragon's Den Sioux Falls United States
Chris Morris-Lent PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Shane's Big League Renton United States
Mark Morrison PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 House of Cards Syracuse United States
Federico Moschini PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Top deck - Porto Sant'Elpidio Porto Sant'Elpidio Italy
Giovanni Motta PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Multiplayer Club s.a.s. Palermo Italy
Riad Mourssali PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Play or Draw Avondale United States
Zoran Mrklic PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Klub mladih Rijeka Rijeka Croatia
Filip Mrso PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Gaming Center Novi Sad Serbia
Dominic Mueller PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 MiniWarGames Wuppertal e.K. Wuppertal Germany
Daniel Mulato PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Ka-boom! Poggibonsi Italy
Luke Mulcahy PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Justice Comics Adelaide Australia
Chris Muller PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Thanks For Playing Ijamsville United States
Willice Mullins PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Dragon Star Hobbies Athens United States
Jose Muñoz Lopez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 El Baluarte Huelva Spain
Aaron Muranaka PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Oasis Games Salt Lake City United States
Hideaki Muraoka PPTQ - 1st Place 12/23/2014 マスターズギルドなゆた 浜松市 Japan
Hiroshi Murase PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 豊橋市民センター 豊橋市 Japan
Edna Murcia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Rosticceri Delicias Mexico
Stephen Murray PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Bus Stop Toy Shop Largs Scotland
Blair Murray-Clark PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Game Zilla Truro Canada
Alessio Muscio PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Crossover Teramo Italy
Diogo Mussalem PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 BT Livraría Natal - RN Brazil
Dan Musser PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Kidforce Collectibles Berea United States
Massimo Mustone PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Non solo fumetto due Fucecchio Italy
Shogo Muto PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 ドラゴンスター京都新京極店 京都市 Japan
Zach Mutolo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Imperial Games Herkimer United States
Caleb Myers PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Northwest Sportscards University Place United States
Walker Myers PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Knight Arms Stillwater United States
Jong-won Na PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Rolling Dice/ 롤링다이스 Seoul Korea, Republic of
Basil Nabi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 PLUS EV GAMES - SANTA BARBARA Santa Barbara United States
Mamoru Nagai PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 もっくん 越谷市 Japan
Tamas Nagy 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Daisuke Nakamichi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/11/2015 インペリアル貸会議室 渋谷区 Japan
Atsushi Nakamura PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 東別院会館 名古屋市 Japan
Hajime Nakamura PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 ファミコンくん2号店 立川市 Japan
Yuki Nakamura PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 宮崎市総合体育館 宮崎市 Japan
Tatsuo Nakao PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 イエローサブマリン広島店 広島市 Japan
Kamil Napierski PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Plan-Sza Poznan Poland
Phillip Napoli PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Ron's Comic World Mount Holly United States
Giacomo Nardi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Caffè Natalini Terni Italy
Lucas Nascimento PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Planeswalker Rock Club Contagem Brazil
Carlos Augusto Nassif Filho PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Overrun Cards and Games Araraquara Brazil
Takuya Natsume PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 亀城プラザ 土浦市 Japan
Leonid Naumkin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Igrion - Samara Samara Russian Federation
Antonio Navas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Kanal Ocio Lucena Spain
Luis Navas PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Isengard Store Cppo Copiapo Chile
aaron navin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Promethean Games Moss End England
Jamie Naylor PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Face To Face Games - Toronto Toronto Canada
Chris Neal PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 A Hidden Fortress Simi Valley United States
Stephen Neal PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Flying Phoenix Games LLC Oshkosh United States
Alberto Negretto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Dominio Vicenza Italy
Chris Neilson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 GameShelf, The Thunder Bay Canada
Dan Nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Die Hard Games Lincoln United States
James Nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Addictive Behaviors Eugene United States
Josh Nelson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 CM Games and Toys - Kingston Pike Knoxville United States
Lorenzo Nesi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 DECIMO PIANETA Certaldo Italy
Araken Neto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Arena Magic Aparecida Brazil
Walter neto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Shaman Salvador Brazil
James Netzel PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Taiga Games Marquette United States
Carlos Neves PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Amarelo Polen Faro Portugal
James Newman PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Old School Gaming Toledo United States
Robin Ng PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 EPIC GAMERS Singapore Singapore
Gabriel Nguyen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Centre Social et Culturel Vitry le Francois France
Hai Nguyen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Mad Doctor Birmingham United States
Justin Nguyen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 San Diego Games and Comics San Diego United States
Nam Nguyen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Good Games Town Hall Sydney Australia
Gabriel Nicholas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Clockwork Games and Events College Station United States
Travis Nichols PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Great Escape Games Sacramento United States
Benjamin Nickolich PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Dream Wizards Rockville United States
Bardelli Nicola PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Ristocasa Arezzo Italy
Terrasse Nicolas PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Hobbygame St-Thérèse Canada
Lucas Niday PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 DCP Hobbies Kelso United States
Kasper Nielsen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Dragons Lair Odense Odense C Denmark
Jens Nienhaus PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Auenland Dortmund Germany
Jabe Nightingale PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Good Games Wollongong Wollongong Australia
Josh Nikko PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Paddy's Game Shoppe Saint Cloud United States
Tomoyasu Nisio PPTQ - 1st Place 2/11/2015 CARD SHOP蒼猫亭 神戸市 Japan
Robert Nix PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Game On - Commerce Circle Prescott United States
Federico Nocci PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 La grotta del Drago Asola Italy
Bevan Nolan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 The Warchest Dun Laoghaire, Dublin Ireland
Lauren Nolen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Game Swap - Mason Mason United States
Dennis Nolte PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 UDG-Store Hagen Germany
Sukij Nonta PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 M. J. Sportcards Bangkok Thailand
Ants-erik Noormägi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 WEPLAY Tallinn Estonia
Nick Norman PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Warriors 3 Comics and Games Wayne United States
matthew norton PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Axion Now Amersham England
Matthew Norton PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 CM Games and Toys - Kingston Pike Knoxville United States
Chris Norwood PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Rook's Comics and Games Bozeman United States
Syunsuke Nose PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 高槻市生涯学習センター 高槻市 Japan
Sebastian Nötzel PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Paladin's Place Darmstadt Germany
Victor Novoshilov PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Mages Guild Kharkov Ukraine
Yusuke Numata PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 一刻館秋葉原店 千代田区 Japan
Hiroaki Nuruki PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 東別院会館 名古屋市 Japan
Thomas O'Brien PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Geekopolis Wichita Falls United States
Andrew O'Connor PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Campus Cards and Games Orlando United States
Paul O'Dell PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Bazaar Gaming Emporium Port Charlotte United States
Ben Ohanen PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Nugames - Arcata Arcata United States
Christoph Ohlrogge PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Comiculture Braunschweig Germany
Luke Ojala PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 St Olaf College Bookstore Northfield United States
Ryoma Okamura PPTQ - 1st Place 12/23/2014 おもちゃのはら 燕市 Japan
Toshiya Okano PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 イエローサブマリン池袋ゲームショップ 豊島区 Japan
Ilya Okorokov PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Temp Izhevsk Russian Federation
Dimas Okto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Orange Hobbies & Games Tangerang Indonesia
Alvaro Edward Olarte Ovalle PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 La Maquina del Temps Badalona Spain
Alejandro Olivares PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Hobby-mania Monterrey Mexico
Ulises Olivares PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 La Fortaleza Telde Spain
Neal Oliver 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Victor Olmos PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Centre Civic Sant Jordi - Ribera Baixa El Prat de Llobregat Spain
Dana Olson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Heebeegeebeez - Layton Layton United States
Dylan O'Mallon PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 The Hobby Matrix - Modbury Modbury Australia
Ken'ichirou Omori PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 イエローサブマリンなんば店 大阪市 Japan
Hirotaka Oota PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Cards of Paradise 金沢工大店 野々市市 Japan
Chris Orantes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Cafe Meeples Richmond United States
Cassady O'Reilly-hahn PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Gameology Montclair United States
Manuel Orellana PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 D20 Hobbies Lexington United States
Andrea Orgera PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Torre dei maghi Formia Italy
Dominic Ortega PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 PC BUTLERS COMPUTER SERVICES Laguna Philippines
Travis Ortero PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Downtown Ramada Topeka United States
Ottoniel Ortiz PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 La Comarca Hobby Store Guatemala Guatemala
Aljaz Osojnik PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Magic Art Ljubljana Slovenia
Pablo Otero PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Mazinger Vigo Vigo Spain
Andrew Outridge PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 CG Realm, The Windsor Canada
Ryan Overturf PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Dreamers Cards and Games - Minneapolis Minneapolis United States
Chad Owens PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Games Plus One Davenport United States
Jeremy Owens PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Across the Board Games Mount Airy United States
Paula Oyarzun PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Portal Magic Santiago Chile
Zax Ozaki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 UST Spiral manila Philippines
Andrea Paciocco PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 triskelyon Cuneo Italy
Antonio Padial PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Shark Games Malaga Spain
Travis Padilla PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Game Den, The - Taylorsville Salt Lake City United States
Werick Pagtakhan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 COSWORT Hobby Shop Dasmariñas City, Cavite Philippines
Francois Paille PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Cool Stuff Games - Hollywood Hollywood United States
Dan Paine PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Excelsior Comics and Games Maynard United States
Esko Pakka PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Poromagia Helsinki Finland
Carlos Pal PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Avalon Game Arena San Pedro de Montes de Oca Costa Rica
John Arthur Palmer PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Ostermeyer Rouen France
Aurelio Pangilinan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Neutral Grounds - Centris Walk Quezon City Philippines
Pierre Pansanel PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 DéclicLudik Bourgoin-Jallieu France
Marco Panteghini PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Games Academy - Manicomix - Brescia Brescia Italy
Chris Panzone PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Gold Star Anime Edinboro United States
Pedro Pappaterra PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Arsenio TCG Club Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Tanner Parente PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 NH Sports and Gaming North Conway United States
Olivier Parent-gagnon PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Tome2 Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu Canada
Jungmin Park PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Boardgame cafe Tycoon/ 타이쿤 보드게임카페 Incheon Korea, Republic of
Lihyun Park PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 アメニティードリーム札幌店 札幌市 Japan
Jamie Parke 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Tyler Parnell PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Game Portal, The Mountain Home United States
Stuart Parnes PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Fun 4 All Ypsilanti United States
Simon Parr PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 War & Hobby St Helens England
SARA PARSONS PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Illuminaudi Cards and Comics West Chester United States
Jonathan Partridge PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Dead Universe Comics Aylesbury England
Brandon Pascal PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Courtyard Marriot Providence United States
joey Pasqualetti PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Top Tier Gaming Cincinnati United States
Mathias Passin PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Spielbox Ltd Siegen Germany
Humberto Patarca PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Spielbetrieb Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Forrest Pate PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Gamer Utopia, The Rogers United States
Kayure Patel PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Krackers Taunton England
Tariq Patel PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Worlds Away London Canada
CALVIN PATTEN PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Sci Fi Factory - Keller Fort Worth United States
Benjamin Paulmaier PPTQ - 1st Place 1/6/2015 Blackbox Rosenheim Rosenheim Germany
Artem Pavlychev PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Portal Moscow Russian Federation
Dean Pearce PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Atlantis Games and Comics - Portsmouth Portsmouth United States
QUENTINN PEARCE PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Game Den Kaysville United States
Donnie Peck PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 HobbyTown USA - Lincoln Lincoln United States
Ryan Peck PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Tabletop Shop Patio Newington United States
Adam Pecsi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Lake Geneva Games Lake Geneva United States
Alessandro Pedon PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 I giochi dei grandi Verona Italy
Alex Pegler PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Jack in a Box Ripley England
Szymon Pekala PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Feniks Wroclaw Wroclaw Poland
Jacopo Pellegrinelli PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Magic Fun Chieri Italy
charles peltier PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Demo-Spel Leuven Belgium
t's Penick PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Meta Games Unlimited Springfield United States
JOSE ANTONIO PERALTA GARCIA PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Papeleria Camerun San Fernando Spain
Matt Perantinos PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Moz Magic Orton Canada
Andrew Percy PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 The Games Shop Charlestown Charlestown Australia
HEATH PERDUE PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Moonlite Comics Frankfort United States
Pedro Pereira PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Arsenal Jogos Joinville Brazil
pedro pereira PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Gargula Templo de Jogos Odivelas Portugal
Kevin Perez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 The Hideout Guatemala City Guatemala
Valderrama Perez PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 7Reinos Alcala de Guadaira Spain
Walter Perez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Dice Hobby Store Rio Grande Brazil
Raul Perez Vera PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Hobby Games Ciudad Real Spain
Devin Perkins PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Magelings Columbia United States
Lorenzo Perotto PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 ROBOTRON Collegno Italy
Tyler Perron PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Battleground Games and Hobbies - Abington Abington United States
Logan Petersen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Limited Edition Cedar Falls United States
Elizabeth Petray PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Card Advantage, The Russellville United States
Trevor Petrilli PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Comic Relief Flint United States
Rene Petrovic PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Pikapolonica - Maribor Maribor Slovenia
Mauro Petruzzella PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Green il Burraco Altamura Italy
Fabio Pezzo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Oasi Pizzeria Ristorante Savona Italy
Daniel Phelps PPTQ - 1st Place 1/30/2015 Plus One Gaming Cincinnati United States
riccardo picciafuochi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Altrove - Cagliari Cagliari Italy
Ivan Pienaar PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Hairy Tarantula, The - Downtown Toronto Canada
Christopher Pikula PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Alternate Universes - Blue Bell Blue Bell United States
JOE PIMENTEL PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Blakfyre Games Pleasant Grove United States
Douglas Pimm PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Coliseum Games and Hobbies Norwich United States
Vincent Pinet PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Diagonale du Fou Valence Valence France
Joseph Pinkley PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 ManaWerx Glendale United States
Antonio Pinto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Fantasylandia Trieste Italy
Carlos Pinto PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Tierra Media Sanlucar Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz) Spain
Gonçalo Pinto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Hobbit's Land Cascais Portugal
Murat Pinto PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Hotel Alfa Birsfelden Switzerland
Chris Pioth PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Titan Games and Hobbies Lutherville Timonium United States
Robert Piper PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Good Games Brisbane Spring Hill Australia
Nikitas Pistofidis Chatzidimitriou PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 kaissa Ioanninon Ioannina Greece
Cristina Placci PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Andycards Ravenna Italy
Josh Plett PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Panda and Penguin Game Lounge Clovis United States
Oleg Plisov PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 MagicRoom Kiev Ukraine
Christophe Poigny PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 OMG Games and Collectibles Barrie Canada
Eric Poirier PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 La Coupe Stanley Saint-Jerome Canada
Kyle Polacco PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Jiffy Photo and Baseball Cards Brick United States
WAYNE POLIMINE PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 White Widow Games Myrtle Beach United States
Jose Manuel Ponce Franco PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Gamesmart México City Mexico
suntee ponlasint PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 My Magic Bangkok Thailand
Valerio Ponza PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Rishadan Magic Store Roma Italy
Jin Kiat Poon PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Tezza's Games Shop Melton Australia
David Poquette PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Gnome Games - Green Bay East Green Bay United States
Alessandro Porseo PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Collezionami Shop Forlì Italy
Andrej Posavi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Madjarska skola Vinkovci Croatia
Cyler Potturf PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Know Dice Great Falls United States
Granville Powers PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Treefort Games Fayetteville United States
Travis Powers PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Apex Hobby Shop La Crosse United States
Marc Pozsgay PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Pastimes Niles United States
Ranjan Pradeep PPTQ - 1st Place 12/29/2014 Adventure Games Oshkosh United States
Mike Prebeg PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Infinite Games Inc. Grand Rapids United States
Jose Preciado PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 The Crow Shop Aguascalientes Mexico
Stefan Preiml PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Kwadrat Jugend Kultur Zentrum Klagenfurt Austria
Paulo Presumido PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Players Spot Barreiro Portugal
Luis Delfin Prieto PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Gaming Zone Bayamon Puerto Rico
JOHN PRITCHETT PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Gamers N Geeks Mobile United States
Heiko Pröhll PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Ollis Spielecenter Hamburg Germany
Alexandru Prunariu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Creative Board Gaming Bucuresti Romania
Lucas Prusanidis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Next Level Rancagua Chile
Hubert Pszczólkowski PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Grajfer Toruń Poland
JON PUFFER PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Outpost 2000 and Beyond Coon Rapids United States
Ryan Pugh PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Area51 Bristol England
Romuald Pulin PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 les armes de legende Begles France
Chalermchai Purijitrawong PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Bob Card Bangkok Thailand
Daniel Pyburn PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Wargames Workshop (Milton Keynes) Milton Keynes England
Jeff Pyka PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Larger Than Life Toys and Comics Clay United States
David Quesada PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 El Calabozo del Robot Concepcion Chile
Mikael Rabie PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Parkage paris France
Denniz Rachid 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Ryan Radcliffe PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Nexus Lugoff United States
Tobias Radesater PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Serieborsen Linköping Sweden
raffaele raffaele PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Dal tenda Assisi Italy
Taylor Raflowitz PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Docking Bay 94 Comics and Games Coconut Creek United States
Ryan James Ramage PPTQ - 1st Place 2/28/2015 A and N Sports Cards San Dimas United States
emmanuel ramirez sanchez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 IMP Hobbies Mexico City Mexico
Adria Ramiro PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Kuroneko C.B. Manacor Spain
Toni Ramis Pascual PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 HomoLudicus Granollers Spain
André Ramos Lima PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Mtg Brasil São Paulo Brazil
Spencer Ramsey PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Game Grid - Layton Layton United States
Jitesh Raniga PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Monstore, The Montclair United States
Taylor Rapien PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Just by Chance Games Waterloo Canada
Joao Pedro Raposo Fazenda PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Funny Hobby Castelo Branco Portugal
Ben Rasmussen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/2/2015 Pegasus Games Madison United States
Oliver Rausch PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Comic - Kombinat - Magdeburg Magdeburg Germany
Trevor Ravanello PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Brimstone Games Windsor Canada
Peter Rawlings PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Kings Games Brooklyn United States
Patrick Raymond PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop Hobbies, Games and Collectibles Newington United States
Artem Razumov PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Ginger Cat Chelyabinsk Russian Federation
Jimmy Ready PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 First Aid Comics Chicago United States
GIUSEPPE Reale PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Angeli e Draghi Roma Italy
Francesco Recchia PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Console land Varese Italy
David Reed PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Comix Universe Hanover United States
Jason Reed PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 War Torn Front Manteca United States
Ruben Regodeseves PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Alexandria Torrelavega Spain
Henry Reigle PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Jak's Cards Toys and Games Biloxi United States
Michael Reilly PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Gauntlet Miami United States
Guilherme Reis PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 A Guilda Colecionáveis Piracicaba Brazil
Florian Reiter PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Kantine auf dem Gelände der Kultfabrik München Germany
Ferran Relat PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Asgard  Badalona Badalona Spain
Isaac Rembert PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Nerd Store, The Greeley United States
Brandon Remley PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Twin Suns Comics and Games Albuquerque United States
Cristian Retuerta PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Rebellion Mostoles Spain
Paul Reusink PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Carlton President Hotel Utrecht Netherlands
Zachary Reyburn PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Power 9 Games Las Vegas United States
Michael Reynolds PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Tier 1 Cards and Games Anchorage United States
Mike Reynolds PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Xtreme Games - McHenry McHenry United States
Jordan Rhye PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Redcap's Corner Philadelphia United States
Scott Richards PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 The Badcave - Palmerston North Bridge Club Palmerston North New Zealand
Matthew Richardson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Black Moon Games Lebanon United States
Samuel Ridler PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 LaserZone - Bradford Bradford England
Guillem Riera Carmona PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 MtgCronos Palma de Mallorca Spain
NIcholas Riess PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Heroes and Villains - Tucson Tucson United States
Austin Riis-due PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Collected Plano Plano United States
MICHAEL RILEY PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Shortstops Sports Cards Palm Harbor United States
Giovanni Rinaldi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Antro della Sibilla Battipaglia Italy
Aziz Riphat PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Jetski Cafe Jakarta Utara - Indonesia Indonesia
Matt Ripper PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Gryfalia's Aerie Bloomington United States
Alvaro Risquez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Gremio de Dragones Valencia Spain
Tim Rivera 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
François Rivière PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Centrale des Jeux Clermont Ferrand France
Davide Rizzi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Goblin - Torino Torino Italy
Andy Robdrup PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 4-Colour 8-Bit Comics and Games Kingston Canada
Brock Roberts PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Cards and Comics Connection Conroe United States
Noel Robin PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Triple Play Sports Cards Victoria Canada
Josh Robinson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Tower Game Center, The Suwanee United States
Cauã roca PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Ilusões Industriais Porto Alegre Brazil
Craig Rocco PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Dragon's Den Poughkeepsie United States
Alex Rochette PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Gamer's Spot - Trois-Rivières Trois-Rivières Canada
Jose Paulo Rodrigues PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Legion Card Games Niterói Brazil
Marcelo Rodrigues Cavalcante PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Cards of Paradise Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Miguel Angel Rodriguez PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Red Rabbit Cuernavaca Mexico
Thomas Rodriguez Mata PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Metropolis Center Madrid Spain
Matthew Rogers PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Gaming DNA Hamilton New Zealand
Jordan Rogover PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Sunshine Adventure Gaming Miami United States
Patricio Roman PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 God Of Game Copiapo Copiapo Chile
Douglas Romani PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Casa Mágica dos Games Marília Brazil
Frank Romero PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Anime Imports Pacifica United States
Federico Ronchi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Mana Rush Cesena Italy
Matteo Ronco PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Sporting Dora Torino Italy
Kei Rong PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Phyrexian Games Fitchburg United States
Andy Roop PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Static Age Games and Comics Athens United States
ERIK ROSE PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Bell, Book and Comic Dayton United States
Todor Rosic PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Dragon - Novi Sad Novi Sad Serbia
Jonathan Ross PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Legends Of Superheros Middlebury United States
Terry Ross PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Future Pastimes Sarnia Canada
Luis Felippe Rossello Lima PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Hobby Center Cards & Games São Paulo Brazil
Mark Rossetti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Samurai Comics - West Phoenix United States
Egon Rost PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Illusions of Grandeur Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina
Jonathan Rosum PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 On The Stack Games Norwood United States
Colin Rotariu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Amazing Stories Saskatoon Canada
Jeffery Routledge PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Dick's Collectables Calgary Canada
Daniel Rowe PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Good Games Newcastle Newcastle Australia
Ricky Rowland PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Derium's CCGs Cuyahoga Falls United States
Michael Rubio PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 COMIC QUEST (North Edsa) North EDSA Philippines
Darren Rucker PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Game Cafe Independence United States
Gianmaria Ruggiu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Magic Store - Forli' Forli' Italy
Angel Ruiz Guerra PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 La Zas Tienda Utrera Spain
Daniel Ruiz Martin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 El Tumulo Malaga Spain
Enrico Russo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 The 3 Daws Public House Gravesend England
Brad Rutherford PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Card Exchange Seattle United States
Quillian Rutherford PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Ancient Wonders Tualatin United States
Karl Saarela PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Village Games Anoka United States
Valtteri Saari PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Ravintola Telakka Tampere Finland
Pablo Saavedra PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 TM Games - Centro La Paz Bolivia, Plurinational State of 
Massimo Sabbadini PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Stargate Mantova Italy
Rob Sabol PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Emerald Vale Games Hanover United States
TONY SACOMANO PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Wild Things Games - 241 Salem United States
alejandro saenz de urturi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Top Deck pamplona Spain
Bassel Said PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Common Ground Games Dallas United States
Tomoharu Saito 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pataraphong Saitrakul PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 M.J. Sport Bangkok Thailand
Eduardo Sajgalik PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 La Cueva del Trol Valencia Spain
Usama Sajjad PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Patriot Games Leeds Leeds England
Roberto Salas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 New Castle Anime Club Saltillo Mexico
augusto salazar PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Goblin Market Mexico City Mexico
Allion Salvador PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Phoenix Games Mukilteo United States
Brandon Salvatore PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Comic Town Columbus United States
Alesander Samaniego PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Armageddon San Sebastian Spain
Rupa Samanta PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Next Level Games Morwell Morwell Australia
Don Samuels PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Wizard's Wall Melbourne United States
Daniel Sanchez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 In Nomine Draconis Santiago Chile
Ricardo Sánchez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Evolution Madrid Norte Alcobendas Spain
Miguel Angel Sanchez Mascareñas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Thundera TCG Ciudad Madero Mexico
ASHLEY SANDERS PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Armada Games Tampa United States
Luca Sandrolini PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Metaplay Forlì Italy
salvador sanhueza PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Locura Magic Mendoza Argentina
Keiji Sano PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 ミシマトイス 三島市 Japan
Adrián Santalla PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Invasion Talavera Talavera de la Reina Spain
Bernardo Santos PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Magic Clube Caldas Caldas da Rainha Portugal
Mauro Fylipe Santos PPTQ - 1st Place 1/17/2015 Dragon's House Florianópolis Brazil
Virgilio Santos PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Armageddon Aveiro Portugal
Javier Santos Piqueras PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Evolution - Madrid Madrid Spain
Eduardo Saraiva PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Shoptech Passo Fundo Brazil
Oscar Sardinas PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Get Your Fun On West Melbourne United States
jorge sardinha PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Dominaria ILG Cabo Frio Brazil
Alfonso Sarmiento PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 DiverMagic Valencia Venezuela
Yusuke Sasabe PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 HOBBY SHOP ファミコンくん本店 立川市 Japan
Yusuke Sasaki PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 川崎市教育文化会館 川崎市 Japan
Kentarou Satonaka PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 カードショップフロンティア 神戸市 Japan
ryota satou PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 コミかる太田店 太田市 Japan
Yoshikazu Satou PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 ENNDALGAMES稲田堤店 川崎市 Japan
Vitezslav Savel PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Knihkupectvi KRAKATIT Praha Czech Republic
Panagiotis Savvidis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Thessaloniki Greece
Angelo Schembri PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 S.&.C. poste e comunicazione SRL Fiume freddo di Sicilia Italy
Stefano Schemeil PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Galactus - Ciampino Ciampino Italy
Caleb Scherer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Geeks and Nerds Quarter Eldon United States
Abe Schnake PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Midwest Gamez Indianapolis United States
David Schnayer PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Jeux Face a Face Verdun (Montréal) Canada
Philipp Schnell PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Nachbarschaftstreff Hannover Germany
GAVIN SCHOBER PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Atomic Comics - Hampton Hampton United States
Ben Schoenbrun PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Clarkson's Corner Scarsdale United States
Aaron Scholze PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Nomad Game Center Eau Claire United States
Nick Schoolcraft PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Ooples San Antonio United States
Tilman Schorr PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Orcish Outpost Mainz Germany
Jason Schousboe PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Mead Hall Games and Comics Minneapolis United States
andreas schraut PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Die Spieleburg Göttingen Germany
Máté Schrick PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Metagame Kártyabolt Budapest Hungary
Court Schuett PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 New Game in Town Dekalb United States
donovan schulz PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Paradox Comics-N-Cards Fargo United States
Sebastiaan Schuringa PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Court Garden Hotel Den Haag Netherlands
Stephan Schwarz PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Kolosseum Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Marius Schwarze PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Highlander Games - Bremen Bremen Germany
Mark Schwass PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Paradoxe perdu Genève Switzerland
Ryan Seawell PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Atlantis Games and Comics - Portsmouth Portsmouth United States
Robert Seder PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Undiscovered Realm Hartsdale United States
Kenji Segou PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 ホビーステーション西尾シャオ店 西尾市 Japan
Michael Sellers PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Dark Tower Games Bellingham United States
KYLE SENTEL PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Valhalla Games Effingham United States
Joshua Serano PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Hypermind Burlington United States
Alan Setchell PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Tabletop Tyrant Leicester England
Matthew Severa 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Eric Severson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Eudemonia Berkeley United States
Matthew Shank PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 That's Entertainment - Fitchburg Fitchburg United States
Victor Shapiro PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Hobbit-Spb Saint-Petersburg Russian Federation
David Sharfman 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Alexey Shashov PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Lepreclub Bryansk Russian Federation
Jason Shearer PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Father and Son Card Galaxy Eden United States
Derrick Sheets PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 BeachMagic Games and More Jasper United States
Qian Shen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 漫漫玩桌游吧/Man Man Wan Board Game 苏州 China
Zach Shepherd PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Recess HQ North Olmsted United States
Steve Shibata PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Fusion Gaming Winnipeg Canada
Masaki Shiino PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Booksながしま 高崎市 Japan
Hiroyuki Shimoya PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 カードショップVintage 札幌市 Japan
Takahiro Shiraki PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 ホビーステーション広島店 広島市 Japan
Levi Shumate PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Kit Kringle - Winston Salem Winston Salem United States
Yohannes Siagian PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 MULLIGAN SEVEN Depok Jawa Barat Indonesia
Eric Sias PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Zia Comics Las Cruces United States
Diego Sierra PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Mental Gamers Merida Venezuela
Jeremy Signor PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Mythic Games Elmira United States
Mike Sigrist 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
danilo silva PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Bazar de Bagdá São Paulo Brazil
José Francisco Silva PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Let's Collect São Paulo Brazil
Rômulo Silva PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Konklave Nova Iguaçu Brazil
Vitor Silva PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Games & Cia Arcozelo-Barcelos Portugal
Dagoberto Israel Silva Aranda PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Cerebrum México Mexico
Christopher Silvester PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Epic Puzzles and Games West Valley City United States
Chapman Sim 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jeremy Simmons PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 More Fun Comics and Games - Denton Denton United States
Lucas Siow PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Dungeon Comics, Cards, and Collectibles Dundas  Canada
John Sittner 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Frank Skarren 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Nate Sletteland PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Merlyns Spokane United States
RYAN SLONE PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Battleground Santa Maria United States
Ted Slone PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Sentry Box, The Calgary Canada
Alex Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Cool Stuff Games - Jacksonville Jacksonville United States
Ashford Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Gamers Paradise Flat Rock United States
Barry Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 C and R Comics Wichita United States
Benjamin Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Gaming Underground High Point United States
JACKSON SMITH PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 First Turn Games Cedar Rapids United States
Jason Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Visions Cards and Games Montgomery United States
Madison Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Misty Mountain Games Madison United States
Nick Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Wizards Retreat Game Centre Christchurch New Zealand
Sean Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 A To Z Comics Blue Springs United States
Thomas Smith PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Morningstar Games Savannah United States
NOAH SMITHMIER PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Action Sports Gladstone United States
Aaron Snover PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Seann's Anime and Comics Sylvania United States
Josh Snow PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Game Haven - West Jordan West Jordan United States
Derek Snyder PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Flipside Gaming - East Greenbush East Greenbush United States
Mark So PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Triple Crown Comic Card Collectibles Harbor City United States
Petr Sochurek 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Tye Soens PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Games Laboratory MELBOURNE Australia
Demian Solis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 TAO Games Distrito Federal Mexico
Valentin Soloviev PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Fantasiapelit Turku Turku Finland
Pierre Sommen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/9/2015 Centre Social des Louvrais Pontoise France
Andrew Son PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Emerald Knights Burbank United States
Kii Son PPTQ - 1st Place 12/23/2014 CARDBOX高槻店 高槻市 Japan
Hua Chao Song PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 有声有色动漫软件店/You Sheng You Se Comic Store 北京 China
Xiangxue Song PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 桃园结义桌游吧/Tao Yuan Jie Yi Board Game 上海 China
Tanner Sorensen PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Legends Tournament Center Bedford United States
Jeppe Sørensen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Fanatic Roskile Denmark
Gianluca Soriano PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 General Game Monopoli Italy
Robert Soriano PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Nemesis Hobby Shop Quezon Philippines
Gregorio Soriente PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Pink Firenze Firenze Italy
Arnaud Soumet PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Spouik Caen France
Luke Southworth PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Fan Boy Three Manchester England
Daniele Spadi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Moma Games Lido di Ostia Italy
Gregg Spano PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Cape Fear Games Wilmington United States
gianluca spanu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Il Covo del Nerd Foggia Italy
Angelo Spata PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Non solo manga Modica Italy
Stephen Speck PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Gaming Goat, The - Oak Park Oak Park United States
Bryan Spellman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Atomic Games West Golden United States
Luca Spezzaferri PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Stazione Gioco roma Italy
Ryan Spindler PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Board Game Barrister - Greenfield Greenfield United States
Carlo Spinelli PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Games Academy - L'Antro dell'Orco - Messina Messina Italy
Renato Spinelli PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 La Salamanga Siracusa Italy
Caleb Sprinkle PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Scott's Collectibles Kannapolis United States
Marcin Staciwa PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Centrum Gier PEGAZ Bydgoszcz Poland
Chase Stalsberg PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Galaxy Comics Games and More Stevens Point United States
Kyler Star PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Quarterstaff Games Burlington United States
Ben Stark PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Good Games Rockingham ROCKINGHAM Australia
Sam Staton PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 The Gamers Emporium Ltd Swansea Wales
Brett Steele PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Wizard's Comics and Collectibles - Edmonton Edmonton Canada
CJ Steele PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 DZ Gaming Decatur United States
Tracey Steele PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Mega City One Los Angeles United States
Abraham Stein PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Squabbles Trading Cards Glen Burnie United States
Michael Steinecke PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Ugly Cow Gaming Landstuhl Germany
ryan steiner PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Rocket's Hideout Cards and Games Baton Rouge United States
Paul Steinkamp PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Der andere Spieleladen Berlin Germany
Ethan Stephens PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Next Gen Trading Mauldin United States
Jerrett Stephenson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Kapow Comics, Cards, and Games Lethbridge Canada
James Stevenson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Dice Bag Games Duncan Canada
Jack Stewart PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Strike Zone - Houston Houston United States
Skyler Stewart PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Game Haven - Tooele Tooele United States
steven stierman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Comic World Dubuque United States
Todd Stillwagon PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Legions Hobbies and Games Pittsburgh United States
Simon Stingl PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 SpielRaum Salzburg Salzburg Austria
Jerome St-Laurent PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Le Fou De Roi Rimouski Canada
KEVIN STOIBER PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Gamescape Tallahassee United States
Jeremy Stoops PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 RIW Hobbies Livonia United States
Hyman Stovall PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 maCnarB Gaming Gautier United States
Alberto Strade PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Magic Time - Ravenna Ravenna Italy
Alexander Strange PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 That Book Place Madison United States
Jeffrey Su PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Card Kingdom Seattle United States
Alexander Sudibjo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Imagine Games, Cards and Entertainment Sherwood United States
Takafumi Sugiki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 ファミコンランド小松店 小松市 Japan
Alexey Suhih PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 IGRION-Rostov Rostov-on-Don Russian Federation
Tomas Sukaitis PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Wargame Supplies Lancashire England
Joseph Sumner PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Game Grid - North Ogden North Ogden United States
Allen Sun PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Time Capsule, The Hopewell United States
Quishi Sun PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Will Power Gaming Deer Park United States
Xueli Sun PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 童梦徐家汇店/Tong Meng Card Store - Xu Jia Hui Store 上海 China
Reynandi Susanto PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Mishraworkshop Bandung Indonesia
MICHAEL SUTTON PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Comic Quest Evansville United States
Weerawat Suwannoi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Kitty's card Bangkok Thailand
Ryouta Suzuki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 川崎市教育文化会館 川崎市 Japan
Zdenek Svancara PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Cerny Rytir Praha Praha Czech Republic
Michael Swailes PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Moon Dragon Games Everett United States
Austin Sweeney PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 The Gamers Realm of York York United States
Clifton Sweeney PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Be There Games - Indian Trail Indian Trail United States
Scott Sweezey PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Cloutsnchara Inc Kitchener Canada
Takaaki Syematsu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 カードショップラノワール 佐賀市 Japan
Piotr Szejko PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Flamberg Katowice Poland
Gabriele Tadini PPTQ - 1st Place 12/18/2014 games & comics Dogana San Marino
Riccardo Tagliaferro PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 Kirby's Garden Pub Marino Italy
Christopher Taimla PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Meeplemart Canada Toronto Canada
Lukas Tajak 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zen Takahashi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Redzeed Takapuna Takapuna New Zealand
Takeshi Takaku PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 イエローサブマリンプレイソフト宮原店 さいたま市 Japan
Kouji Takanashi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 東京マルチメディア専門学校 新宿区 Japan
Yusuke Takaoka PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 カードショップFAIRE 札幌市 Japan
Tomo Takebayashi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 アメニティードリーム京都店 京都市 Japan
Yuusuke Takimoto PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 カードラボ浜松店 浜松市 Japan
Edoardo Talignani PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Baka neko Reggio Emilia Italy
Ryoichi Tamada PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Duelist's Guild 富山市 Japan
Ryoichi Tamada 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Chin Heng Tan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Millennium Games World - Paya Lebar Branch Singapore Singapore
David Tan PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Bacolod Bacolod City Philippines
Jan Vincent Tan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Regran s Toys and Collectibles Quezon City Philippines
Jimmy Jr Tan PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 SpiralMTG (Monumento) Valenzuela City, Metro Manila Philippines
Raymond Tan 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
richmond Tan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 MTG Battlegrounds Pasig City Philippines
rowena tan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Ongkeco's Hobby Shop Malate, Manila Philippines
Akira Tanaka PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 ホビーステーション本厚木店 厚木市 Japan
Jeffery Tang PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Gamescape North San Rafael United States
Yu Hsiang Tang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Moku/魔窟 台北市 Taiwan, Province of China
Felipe Tapia Becerra 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Roberto Taroni PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Games Academy - Bologna Bologna Italy
Yasuhiro Tasaki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 メディアクラブNISHIKI宮崎店 宮崎市 Japan
Hugo Tavares PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Voodoo Games Trofa Portugal
Leandro Taveras PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Get There Games, Inc Staten Island United States
Jun Hao Tay PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 CardmasterGames (Singapore) Singapore Singapore
Ashley Taylor PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Coliseum of Comics - Kissimmee Kissimmee United States
George Taylor PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Big Bang Owensboro United States
Ilja Tchernomazov PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Das Spielzeugland Werner Leipzig Germany
Andrew Tedder PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Ready to Play Trading Cards Cayce United States
Riccardo Tedesco PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Country Sport Avellino Avellino Italy
Diego Teixeira PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 QGblumenau Blumenau Brazil
Austyn Tempesta PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Galaxy Games DeLand United States
Jack Teo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Classroom Cafeteria Damansara Utama Petaling Jaya Malaysia
Yann Teoh PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Centre Social et Culturel Vitry le Francois France
Lucas Terrier PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Hobby Max Lille France
Samuel Tharmaratnam 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Kevin Therrien PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Harrison's Comics and Collectibles - Nashua Nashua United States
Markus Thibeau PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 TandN Games Burnaby Canada
John Thompson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Reaper Game Store Denton United States
Kale Thompson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Jeff's Cards and Comics Peterborough Canada
Sean Thompson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Beanie Games Stockton-on-Tees England
Ryan Thomson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Samurai Comics - Central Phoenix United States
Derek Thurman PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 MidKnight Games Hutchinson United States
jeremy tibbetts PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Forgotten Freshness Classic Gaming Mechanicville United States
Matthew Tickal PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Your Mom's Basement Saint Paul United States
Greg Tierney PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Carta Magica - Ottawa Ottawa Canada
Matthew Tildesley PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Xtremetrades Gaming Centre Colchester England
Andrew Ting-A-Kee PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 P Market Belleville Canada
Christoph Tinkl PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Ultra Comix Nürnberg Germany
Julio Tirado PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Cafe Casa Barista Aguada Puerto Rico
Julian To PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 GUF Werribee Werribee Australia
Marc Tobiasch PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Voyager Bonn Germany
Willem Tollenaar PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Outpost Antwerpen Antwerpen Belgium
Brad Tolson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Legendary Games Lafayette United States
Kar Yung Tom PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 J and B Books Trenton Canada
Oliver Tomajko PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Only Game in Town, The Somerville United States
Vardzik Tomas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 DRACO Kosice Slovakia
Vuk Tomic PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Gax Corner Novi Sad Serbia
ALLEN TONG PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Kitchen Table Games St Petersburg United States
Gordo Tonner PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Warp 1 Comics and Games Edmonton Canada
Victor Torres PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Deal Me In Games Gilbertsville United States
Fabio Tortolano PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Top Deck - Roma Roma Italy
Davide Tortora PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 La Rocca di Darsheyalon Montecatini Terme Italy
Cameron Tousi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Madness Games and Comics - Plano Plano United States
Francis Toussaint PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Phoenix Comics NW Limited Calgary Canada
James Toye PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Galactic Comics and Games - Statesboro Statesboro United States
Alejandro Traba PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Heroes and Villains Comics and Games Coral Springs United States
Alessandro Tradii PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Jester's Cap Grosseto Italy
Rich Trajano PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Titan Hobby Shop Pasig City Philippines
Auston Tramper PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Hillside Games Asheville United States
Kenwon Tran PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Crimson Dragon Games Lindstrom United States
Daniel Tretsven PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Da Planet Honolulu United States
Kevin Trieu PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Game Knight Winnipeg Canada
Manuel Tristán PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Arcanix Americas Guadalajara Mexico
steven trowbridge PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Sports Alley Sheridan United States
Andy Truong PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 White Lion Games Richland Hills United States
Kirill Tsarkov PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Bumazhnyi soldat Smolensk Russian Federation
Yuk Yin Tse PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 A JOY HK LTD Hong Kong Hong Kong
Yunsang Tse PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Bulletproof Comics and Games Brooklyn United States
Vasilis Tsorbatzidis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Kaissa ilioupolis Ilioupoli Greece
Yasunori Tsutanaga PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 福山市民参画センター 福山市 Japan
Miles Tugman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Bulldog Games and Comics Baldwin City United States
Sam Turcotte PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Kingston Gaming NeXus Kingston Canada
Andrew Turpin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Magic Lotus Brainerd United States
Charles Henri Turpin PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Rocambole Lille France
Nikolai Tuthill PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Dreamers Cards and Games St Louis Park United States
Batuhan Ucuzal PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Oversoul Cafe Ankara Turkey
Jesper Uddbom PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Orion Spel & Böcker Sundsvall Sweden
Shuji Ueda PPTQ - 1st Place 1/2/2015 Table Game Square "Draw" 松山市 Japan
viking undén PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Dragons Lair - Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
John Underwood PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Olympic Cards and Comics Lacey United States
Taiji Urasawa PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 ホビーステーション日本橋2's店 大阪市 Japan
Yuichi Uzawa PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 ファイヤーボール秋葉原店 千代田区 Japan
Elkin Valencia PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Cali Colombia
Omar Valencia PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 At Ease Games San Diego United States
Benjamin Valiere PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Joute et Jeux Grenoble France
Inigo Vallejo PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Generacion X - Carranza Madrid Spain
Omar Vallejo Pacheco PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Tier 1 Games Temecula United States
Jan van der Vegt PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Cafe Twee Klaveren Amsterdam Netherlands
Lorenzo Van Doorn PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Bazaar of Magic Delft Netherlands
Bart Van Etten PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Labyrinth Utrecht Netherlands
Gilles Van Hoof PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Würfelkiste e.K. Aachen Germany
Don van Ravenzwaaij 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Philip Vanderkooi PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Gaming Warehouse, The Grandville United States
Mike VanDyke PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Gamers Grove Huntsville United States
Vojtech Vanek PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Fenix Trnava Slovakia
Matej Vantuch PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Stredisko volneho casu Domecek Valasske Mezirici Czech Republic
Marco Vargas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Urúloki Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia, Plurinational State of 
Juan Carlos Vargas Carreras PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 TM Games - Obrajes La Paz Bolivia, Plurinational State of 
Gabriele Vasarri PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Games Academy - Pisa Pisa Italy
Javier Vassallo PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Hadouken! Córdoba Argentina
Brandon Vaughan PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Collector's Cache Lenexa United States
Rob Vaughan PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Comic Book Store, The Glassboro United States
Joost Veenstra PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Denksportcentrum Jannes van der Wal Groningen Netherlands
Jose Velarde PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Game Zone Santiago de Surco, Lima Peru
Jose Luis Velazquez PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Generacion X - Elfo Madrid Spain
Andrew Velzen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Sage's Shoppe, The West Lafayette United States
Pierre Vendelboe PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Lorien Tallinn Estonia
Sergio Ventura PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 PTMERCH - Forum Sintra Rio de Mouro Portugal
Pablo Vera PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 DNA Comics and Collectibles Humble United States
Pieter Verbanck PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Hermelijn Aalst Belgium
Quentin Verges PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 La Tour des griffons Chateauroux France
Joep Verhoeven PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Tiragegameshop Sprang-Capelle Netherlands
Jan Jaap Vermeire PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 De Spellenhoorn Hoorn Netherlands
Stefan Veselinovic PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Valhala Novi Sad Serbia
Daniel Vicente PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Consejo Provincial de la Juventud de Palencia Palencia Spain
Stefano Viciani PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Seven Dragons Firenze Italy
Eduardo dos Santos Vieira 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Peter Vieren PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Outpost Gent Gent Belgium
Samuel Vilas Barral PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 El Octavo Pasajero Ourense Spain
Jonathan Villamar PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 All In One Collectibles Randolph United States
Pedro Villela PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Alfatech Franca Informática Franca Brazil
Nehemiah Vincent PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Rook's Comics and Games Bozeman United States
STEFANO Vinci PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 A.B. Comics Cirie' Italy
Aurélie Violette PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Librairix CanalBD Bourges France
Alejandro Violini PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Cafe Anamora Buenos Aires Argentina
Lorenzo Vitale PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Taverna del Gargoyle Napoli Italy
Matija Vlahovic PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 CONFLUX Belgrade Serbia
Jakub Vojta PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Alcedo - SVC Vsetin Czech Republic
George Volakis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Kaissa Kalamarias Thessaloniki Greece
Anton Volotovich PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Another World Minsk Belarus
Gunnar Vornhusen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Heroes Stash Gelsenkirchen Germany
Alex votava PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Game On Chattanooga Chattanooga United States
Brian Wade PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Gathering Place Games - Casselberry Casselberry United States
Jeff Wagner PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Sports Collectors Universe Uniontown United States
Pascal Wagner PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 Beutebucht Bochum Bochum Germany
Ben Walker PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Wayland's Forge Birmingham England
Ozzie Waller PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Imperial Games Herkimer United States
Rene Walser PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Gandalph Lübeck Lübeck Germany
Steve Walsh PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Fantasy Games South Bend United States
Haokang Wang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 氪金无敌万智俱乐部/Ke Jin Wu Di Magic Club 广州 China
Weiliang Wang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 翻云卡牌店/Fan Yun Card Store 南京 China
Yidong Wang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Gateway Games Erie United States
Dan Ward PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Game Empire - San Diego San Diego United States
Kallan Ward PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Good Games Miranda Miranda Australia
Nathan Ward PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Arcane Lab, The Merced United States
Ryan Ward PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 MetaGaming Salem United States
Satoru Watahiki PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 カードショップリンクス 水戸市 Japan
Brad Watson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Boutique FDB Store Gatineau Canada
Matt Watts PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Little Shop of Magic Las Vegas United States
Tyler Watts PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Chris's Comics and Cards Seabrook United States
Andrew Webb PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Pat's Games Austin United States
Pang Ming Wee PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Pearl Point Shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Eric Weeden PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Mirage Games Littleton United States
Kevin Weeks PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 MTG Deals San Gabriel United States
Allen Weier PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Waco Convention Center Waco United States
Sean Weihe PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Hi-Score Video Games - St Paul North St Paul United States
Brian Weller-Gordon PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 GameStar - Beaverton Portland United States
Seth Welton PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Enchanted Realms Games and Gifts Colorado Springs United States
Tim Wenborn PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Megazone Entertainment Centre Dunedin New Zealand
Morgan Wesley PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Cosmic Comics Bellingham United States
Philipp Wewetzer PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Atlantis Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Daniel White PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Games Gauntlet Laramie United States
Drew White PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Get Your Game On Ann Arbor United States
Jacob White PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Comic Asylum Richardson United States
Jory White PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Pink Bunny Games South Milwaukee United States
Keith White PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 The Grinning Demon Maidstone England
James Whitehead PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Next Level Games Preston Preston Australia
Clinton Whitehurst PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Area 51 Games Grapevine United States
Ben Wienburg PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Rockin' Rooster Comics and Games Cincinnati United States
Hank Wiest PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Game Corps Erie United States
Ian Wightman PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Mini War Games Fairhope United States
Vidianto Wijaya 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Piotr Wiktorzak PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Strefa MtG Warszawa Poland
Lars Wilhelmsson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Mindstage Göteborg Sweden
Joseph Wilkerson PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Realator Campus Building Fl 1 Sandy United States
James Wilks PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 The Games Capital Canberra Australia
David Williams PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Wellington Bridge Club Thorndon New Zealand
Matthew Williams PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Game On! Summerside Canada
Michael Williamson PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Comic Book Depot Wantagh United States
Thore Wilmer PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Guf Brisbane Fortitude Valley Australia
Sébastien Wilmotte PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 L'Imaginarium Namur Belgium
RiChard Wilson PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Ground Zero Comics Strongsville United States
Donnie Wise PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Game Preserve - Lafayette Lafayette United States
David Wisenberg PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Wizard's Keep - Muncie Muncie United States
Steven Witt PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Cave, The Nekoosa United States
Lukasz Wlodarczyk PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Morigal Jaworzno Poland
Karl Wöll PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Fantasy Stronghold Ludwigsburg Germany
Geertjan Woltjes PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Eron's Entertainment Store Geldermalsen Netherlands
Charles Wong PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 St Andrews Seattle United States
Chris Wong PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Gaming Universe Flushing United States
Eugene Wong PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Dueller's Point Singapore Singapore
Jon Wood PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Silver Unicorn, The Hopewell United States
Scotty Woodlief PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 MWO Games Bristol United States
Conley Woods 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Rob Woodworth PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Silver Creek Game Shop Sellersburg United States
Nicholas Woolridge PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Midgard Gaming Mount Pearl Canada
Chris Worrell PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 PLAY Warehouse Meadowbrook Australia
James Wray PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Gamerz Haven Jamestown United States
Stuart Wright PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Conference Centre Croydon England
Zach Wright PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 Game Grid Bountiful United States
Chia-ju Wu PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 矮人礦坑/Dwarf's Gold Mine 高雄市 Taiwan, Province of China
Alexander Würtz PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Wizard's Well Mannheim Germany
tysen wyman PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Nugames - Eureka Eureka United States
Xujun X PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 鑫琳桌游俱乐部/Ding Xin Board Game Club 长沙 China
Hui Xiang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Freedom卡牌店/Freedom Card Store 广州 China
Zhou Xiang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 天使卡牌桌游/Angel Card and Board Game 北京 China
Wu XiaoPeng PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 肥猫和他的朋友们卡牌店/Card Store for Fat Cat and His friends 深圳 China
Yiran Xie PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 哈尔滨工业大学活动中心/Haerbin Industrial University Event Center 哈尔滨 China
kang xing PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 新蜂卡牌俱乐部/Xin Feng Card Club 沈阳 China
Liu Xu PPTQ - 1st Place 2/23/2015 王府井卡牌/Wang Fu Jing Card Store 北京 China
Nan Xu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 2.5次元卡牌/2.5 Dimension Card Store 无锡 China
Wing Chun Yam PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 狼大卡牌桌游店/Lang Da Card and Board Game 广州市 China
Wing Chun Yam 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Shingo Yamada PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 デュエルスペースちくたくハウス 室蘭市 Japan
Tatsuya Yamada PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 ジョニーのお店 広島市 Japan
Yosuke Yamada PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 はま屋松本店 松本市 Japan
Akihiro Yamakawa PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 ハイライフプラザいたばし 板橋区 Japan
Yuma Yamamura PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 プロジェクトコアあべの店 大阪市 Japan
Yuuki Yamane PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 周南市文化会館 周南市 Japan
Kaname Yanase PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 川崎市教育文化会館 川崎市 Japan
Fanchen Yang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/27/2014 Chimera Hobby Shop - Appleton Appleton United States
Jie Yang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 趣吧/Qu Ba 天津 China
Roy Yang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 Treasure Chest Games and Collectibles Port Coquitlam Canada
Steven yang PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 Craving For A Game Surrey Canada
Yan Yang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 咖啡社/Ka Fei She 厦门 China
Yi Yang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 盗梦空间/Inception 福州 China
Fernando Yanguas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 La Ciudadela - Zaragoza Zaragoza Spain
Jason Yanity PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Mr Nice Guy Games Monroeville United States
Xiwei Yao PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 厉清卡牌店/Li Qing Card Store 北京 China
Chris Yarbrough PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 CM Games - Morristown Morristown United States
Forrest Yeast PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Cooper's Cave Games and Paintball Fort Edward United States
Victor Yee PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Magic Stronghold Games Vancouver Canada
Martin Yeh PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 Galactic Quest - Lawrenceville Lawrenceville United States
Ding Yi PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 彤运卡牌精品店/Tong Yun Card Store 北京 China
Terh Kuen Yii PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 MAOU NEKO SKUDAI, JOHOR Malaysia
Chi Hoi Yim PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Excelsior Hoover United States
Zhi Yimin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 M3卡牌店/M3 Card Store 上海 China
Darren Yip PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Bricks Play Singapore Singapore
Jyunn Yokumiti PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 一刻館長野店 長野市 Japan
Eric Yoo PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Eudemonia Berkeley United States
Hino Yoshiaki PPTQ - 1st Place 2/11/2015 ゲームショップブリックス 京都市 Japan
Shintarou Yoshida PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 ホビーショップわんぱっく 倉敷市 Japan
Takayuki Yoshii PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 マリネリア 横浜市 Japan
Ching Kong Yu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 League Castle (Mong Kok) Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hung Yi Yu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 新世紀資訊/New Century 新竹市 Taiwan, Province of China
Li Bang Yu PPTQ - 1st Place 12/21/2014 卡坦岛桌游吧/Ka Tan Dao Board Game 广州 China
Jonathan Yuen PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 Good Games Chatswood Chatswood Australia
Shen Yufei PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 小雪的客厅主题桌游馆/Xiao Xue's Living Room Board Game 南京 China
Carson Yule PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 Yellowjacket Comics and Toys Victoria Canada
Kyriakos Zacharias PPTQ - 1st Place 1/11/2015 MTG Cyprus Nicosia Cyprus
Andrew Zachow PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Critical Hits Games Iowa City United States
Marcel Angelo Zafra PPTQ - 1st Place 12/13/2014 Warp 2 Edmonton Canada
Shamsul Bahrin Zainuddin PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 Cards & Hobbies Selangor Malaysia
Sam Zakrzewski PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 Labrynth Games, The Baraboo United States
Gabriel Zandarealli PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 XD Comic Shop Campo Grande Brazil
Giorgio Zanetti PPTQ - 1st Place 2/14/2015 La Fenice - Bolzano Bolzano Italy
Iván Zapata PPTQ - 1st Place 12/7/2014 PULSAR STORE Torrevieja Spain
Cristóbal Zapata Torrecillas PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Dual Games Murcia Spain
Justin Zarb PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 GameStar - Commercial Salem United States
Cj Zarback PPTQ - 1st Place 2/8/2015 Chico Magic Sports Play Chico United States
Domantas Zavadzkis PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 D6 Hobby Games Vilnius Lithuania
Davide Zedda PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 Games Academy - Manicomix - Desenzano Desenzano del Garda Italy
James Zeffiro PPTQ - 1st Place 1/3/2015 Mark's Comics and Collectibles Valley Stream United States
PAUL ZELENSKI PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Netherworld Games Madison United States
Susan Zell PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Graham Crackers Comics - Naperville Naperville United States
Charles Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 2/21/2015 Twenty Sided Store Brooklyn United States
Hongtao Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 2/1/2015 橙兜兜主题桌游馆/Cheng Dou Dou Board Game 上海 China
Kun Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 聚卡桌面游戏俱乐部/Ju Ka Board Game 长沙 China
Meng Qiu Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 League Castle-- Causeway Bay Hong Kong Hong Kong
Weiqin Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 1/10/2015 Card Master Shanghai 上海市 China
Yiou Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Novel Books Clarksburg United States
Zhao Zhang PPTQ - 1st Place 2/7/2015 E趣卡牌/E Qu Card Store 天津 China
Jingwei Zheng 2014-2015 Pro Club Silver Level n/a n/a n/a n/a
Shuai Zheng PPTQ - 1st Place 12/14/2014 曲多卡牌/Qu Duo Card Store 北京 China
Aleksandra Zhikhareva PPTQ - 1st Place 1/4/2015 Hobby Games Vladivostok Vladivostok Russian Federation
Jian Zhong PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 欢乐感悟/Huan Le Gan Wu 武汉 China
wenbo zhou PPTQ - 1st Place 2/15/2015 盖亚卡牌/Gaea Card Store 辽阳 China
Zhengyang Zhou PPTQ - 1st Place 12/28/2014 力夏达港/Rishadan Port 保定 China
Kirill Zhuravlev PPTQ - 1st Place 1/25/2015 GaGa Playloft Saint-Petersburg Russian Federation
Sebastian Ziller PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 Player's Paradise Reutlingen Germany
Martin Zimmermann PPTQ - 1st Place 12/6/2014 LOKKI OHG Oberursel Germany
Giulio Zorzi PPTQ - 1st Place 2/22/2015 Verona Fiere - Padiglione 1 Verona Italy
Enrico Zuddas PPTQ - 1st Place 12/20/2014 16 Games - Venturina Venturina Italy
Robert Zuniga PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 G2K Games - Rock Hill Rock Hill United States
Przemyslaw Zych PPTQ - 1st Place 1/31/2015 Centrum Gier - Feniks Toruń Poland
Alex Zyskowski PPTQ - 1st Place 1/24/2015 Source Comics and Games Roseville United States

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