Vintage Super League Episode 8

Posted in Magic Online on 24 de Marzo de 2015

By Randy Buehler

With just two weeks to go in the VSL regular season, the division into “haves” and “have-nots” has become even more dramatic. At this point the only way for one of the current top 4 (Eric, Luis, Randy, and Chris) to miss the playoffs would be if Randy or Chris goes 0-2 and Steve or Rich goes 2-0. And even if that happens, there would still be a tiebreaker game. There’s still plenty to play for at the top of the standings, however, as all four players are within a game of first and the regular season champion gets a bye all the way into the championship match, with second place receiving a bye into the semis as well.

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The even bigger race, though, is the race for “not last.” David Williams is currently in last but Tom, Bob, and Kai are just one match above him and even Rich and Steve could still fall into a tie for last if they 0-2 from here. We may wind up with a tiebreaker match (or matches) for the highest stakes of them all: relegation out of season 3. (In fact, it’s currently possible for as many as 6 players to wind up tied for last, triggering lots of bonus Magic.) Meanwhile, David has put his fate in the hands of a black, blue, and green Landstill deck … the league hadn’t even seen a traditional Landstill deck before, much less a BUG-colored one.

You can see all the new decklists here and there are some spicy ones for this set, including two Doomsday decks and the return of Charbelcher.

The feature match this week is the only one between two members of the Top 4. The implications for playoff seeding will be massive when Chris Pikula and Luis throw down. The match-up is also really interesting as Luis has brought a crazy new concoction featuring the Punishing Fire / Grove of the Burnwillows combo inside a Young Pyromancer shell. At first glance that seems like it should be very good against Chris’s Merfolk, but between Wastelands for the Grove and Lords to make his creatures too big for Punishing Fire I think we’ll need to watch the match to see how things actually play out.

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