Magic Online May 2014 Events Update

Posted in Magic Online Event Info on 3 de Junio de 2014

By Worth Wollpert

MOCS SeasonEvent DatePlayers InvitedSeason 2June 22, 2014Players earning 35 or more QPs during January MOCS season.Season 3June 29, 2014Players earning 35 or more QPs during Febuary MOCS season.Season 4July 6, 2014Players earning 35 or more QPs during March MOCS season.Season 5July 13, 2014Players earning 35 or more QPs during April MOCS season.Season 6July 20, 2014Players earning 35 or more QPs during May MOCS season.All events begin at 9:00 AM PDT

Hi all,I wanted to give everyone a quick update regarding the return of Pro Tour Qualifiers and MOCS prelims & finals to Magic Online.

As of today, we are still not ready to return Pro Tour-linked premier play to Magic Online, and will not be hosting any PTQ or MOCS finals events through the qualifier season for Pro TourKhans of Tarkir. We remain deeply invested in bringing these events back and continue to troubleshoot blocking issues. Maintaining the link between face-to-face and online Magic is incredibly important to us, and we want to return these events to Magic Online as badly as you all want them back.

In my update last month, I mentioned that we would be running a few zero-ticket test events in early May to put our new tools and processes through their paces in a “live” environment. Those tests ran a couple weeks ago and were extremely helpful and informative for us, so thank you to all who participated. Much of the test event suite went as expected, though we did confirm a continued issue with events failing to cut to Top 8 after the Swiss rounds finished that we are still investigating. Since my update last month, the system has continued to experience other unrelated back end issues that we are investigating as well.

For everyone who has earned 35 or more QPs for each of the first six MOCS seasons, over the next couple months, we will be running invite only no-charge MOCS-related appreciation events.

For everyone who has earned 35 or more QPs in each of the first six MOCS seasons, over the next couple months, we will be running no-charge MOCS-related appreciation events. Dates for those events are listed above and there will be more details to come. Full details can be found at the Magic Online community blog You can always follow @MagicOnline on Twitter for the most current MTGO news as well.

I understand that everyone is looking forward to the return of Pro Tour-level play on Magic Online, and we are committed to finding the best way to get these events back to you all as soon as possible at the quality level everyone is comfortable with. Before the end of July and well ahead of Pro Tour “Dewey” season, I will update you all again on their status.

As always, you can send feedback to, or send me a note on Twitter at @mtgworth. While we cannot respond directly to all feedback, it is all read and appreciated.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Worth Wollpert
Executive Producer - Magic Online
Wizards of the Coast

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