Galerie d'illustration des cartes

Posted in Feature on 9 Janvier 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

Bienvenue dans la Galerie d'illustrations des cartes Obscure ascension. C'est une archive régulièrement mise à jour de toutes les cartes avant-première Obscure Ascension, alors revenez souvent pour voir ce qu'il y a de nouveau !

Monday, January 23: Entire Set Posted!

Monday, January 9: 15 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Gather the Townsfolk Magic Arcana White
Ray of Revelation Dark Ascension Mechanics Article White
Thraben Doomsayer Dark Ascension Mechanics Article White
Increasing Confusion Dark Ascension Mechanics Article Blue
Curse of Thirst Dark Ascension Mechanics Article Black
Gravecrawler Magic Arcana Black
Ravenous Demon (Archdemon of Greed) Dark Ascension Mechanics Article Black
Zombie Apocalypse Magic Arcana Black
Faithless Looting Magic: The Gathering Comic Book Red
Mondronen Shaman (Tovolar's Magehunter) Magic Arcana Red
Nearheath Stalker Magic Arcana Red
Hunger of the Howlpack Dark Ascension Mechanics Article Green
Strangleroot Geist Dark Ascension Mechanics Article Green

Tuesday, January 10: 1 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Soul Seizer (Ghastly Haunting) Making Magic Blue

Wednesday, January 11: 5 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Increasing Devotion Serious Fun White
Ghoultree Geek Dad Green
Drogskol Reaver GameHead Multicolored
Altar of the Lost Limited Information Artifact
Jar of Eyeballs @maro254 Artifact

Thursday, January 12: 7 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Loyal Cathar (Unhallowed Cathar) Star City Games White
Séance @mtgaaron White
Secrets of the Dead Building on a Budget Blue
Moonveil Dragon Dark Ascension Wallpaper Red
Scorned Villager (Moonscarred Werewolf) Svenskamagic Green
Falkenrath Aristocrat Channel Fireball Multicolored
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Savor the Flavor Multicolored

Friday, January 13: 6 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Top Decks White
Beguiler of Wills Reddit Blue
Lambholt Elder (Silverpelt Werewolf) Gathering Magic Green
Wolfbitten Captive (Krallenhorde Killer) @wizards_magic Green
Havengul Lich From the Lab Multicolored
Immerwolf PlanetMTG Multicolored

Monday, January 16: 4 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Fiend of the Shadows Robot Viking Black
Pyreheart Wolf Red
Vorapede The Magic Show Green
Huntmaster of the Fells (Ravager of the Fells) Latest Developments Multicolored

Tuesday, January 17: 7 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed DailyMTG Feature Article Black
Flayer of the Hatebound Making Magic Red
Hellrider MTV Geek Red
Feed the Pack Nico Nico Douga Green
Grafdigger’s Cage PureMTGO Artifact
Warden of the Wall AU/NZ OP Facebook Artifact
Vault of the Archangel TCG Player Land

Wednesday, January 18: 4 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Chant of the Skifsang EU Community Blue
Thought Scour Twitter Japan Blue
Deadly Allure Limited Information Black
Fling RenRen Red

Thursday, January 19: 7 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Lingering Souls Building on a Budget White
Markov Blademaster The Examiner Red
Briarpack Alpha Dengeki Online Green
Lost in the Woods AU Judge Community Green
Predator Ooze Serious Fun Green
Stromkirk Captain Dark Ascension Wallpaper Multicolored
Helvault Savor the Flavor Artifact

Friday, January 20: 4 Cards Added!

Card Previewed By Color
Sudden Disappearance From the Lab White
Geralf’s Messenger Top Decks Black
Gruesome Discovery Black
Increasing Savagery Blackborder Green


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Archangel’s LightBar the DoorBreak of DayBurden of GuiltCurse of ExhaustionElgaud InquisitorFaith’s ShieldGather the TownsfolkGavony IronwrightHollowhenge SpiritIncreasing DevotionLingering SoulsLoyal Cathar (Unhallowed Cathar)Midnight GuardNiblis of the MistNiblis of the UrnRay of RevelationRequiem AngelSanctuary CatSéanceSilverclaw GriffinSkillful LungeSudden DisappearanceThalia, Guardian of ThrabenThraben DoomsayerThraben Heretic
Artful DodgeBeguiler of WillsBone to AshCall to the KindredChant of the SkifsangChill of ForebodingCounterlashCurse of EchoesDivinationDungeon GeistsGeralf’s MindcrusherGriptideHavengul RunebinderHeadless SkaabIncreasing ConfusionMystic RetrievalNephalia SeakiteNiblis of the BreathRelentless SkaabsSaving GraspScreeching SkaabSecrets of the DeadShriekgeistSoul Seizer (Ghastly Haunting)Stormbound GeistThought ScourTower Geist
Black CatChosen of Markov (Markov's Servant)Curse of MisfortunesCurse of ThirstDeadly AllureDeath’s CaressFalkenrath TorturerFarbog BoneflingerFiend of the ShadowsGeralf’s MessengerGravecrawlerGravepurgeGruesome DiscoveryHarrowing JourneyHighborn GhoulIncreasing AmbitionMikaeus, the UnhallowedRavenous Demon (Archdemon of Greed)Reap the SeagrafSightless GhoulSkirsdag FlayerSpiteful ShadowsTragic SlipUndying EvilVengeful VampireWakedancerZombie Apocalypse
Afflicted Deserter (Werewolf Ransacker)Alpha BrawlBlood FeudBurning OilCurse of BloodlettingErdwal RipperFaithless LootingFires of UndeathFlayer of the HateboundFlingForge DevilHeckling FiendsHellriderHinterland Hermit (Hintreland Scourge)Increasing VengeanceMarkov BlademasterMarkov WarlordMondronen Shaman (Tovolar’s Magehunter)Moonveil DragonNearheath StalkerPyreheart WolfRusset WolvesScorch the FieldsShattered PerceptionTalons of FalkenrathTorch FiendWrack with Madness
Briarpack AlphaClinging MistsCrushing VinesDawntreader ElkDeranged OutcastFavor of the WoodsFeed the PackGhoultreeGravetiller WurmGrim FloweringHollowhenge BeastHunger of the HowlpackIncreasing SavageryKessig RecluseLambholt Elder (Silverpelt Werewolf)Lost in the WoodsPredator OozeScorned Villager (Moonscarred Werewolf)Somberwald DryadStrangleroot GeistTracker’s InstinctsUlvenwald BearVillage SurvivorsVorapedeWild HungerWolfbitten Captive (Krallenhorde Killer)Young Wolf
Diregraf CaptainDrogskol CaptainDrogskol ReaverFalkenrath AristocratHavengul LichHuntmaster of the Fells (Ravager of the Fells)ImmerwolfSorin, Lord of InnistradStromkirk CaptainAltar of the LostAvacyn’s CollarChalice of Life (Chalice of Death)Elbrus, the Binding Blade (Withengar Unbound)Executioner’s HoodGrafdigger’s CageHeavy MattockHelvaultJar of EyeballsWarden of the WallWolfhunter’s QuiverEvolving WildsGrim BackwoodsHaunted FengrafVault of the Archangel

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