Magic Online Announcements, June 4, 2019

Posted in Magic Online on 4 Juin 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic Online Announcements, June 4, 2019

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Modern Horizons: Magic Online Edition

New Play Lobby

Vintage Cube Ends June 6

Team Modern Super League

Limited MOCS Preliminary Sunday

Magic Online Format Challenges Every Weekend

Downtime June 5

Build Notes

Modern Horizons: Magic Online Edition

Modern Horizons sales and events start Thursday, June 6, at 10 a.m. PT. You'll be able to play in Draft Leagues, Sealed Leagues, and Phantom Draft Leagues, and we're introducing a new entry option specifically for this set: Modern Horizons Tokens. This release will also include Treasure Chest updates, which you can view here in the coming weeks.

Check out Chris's release article for additional info on entry options, Modern Horizons tokens, and more.

New Play Lobby

This week, when we come up from downtime on Wednesday, you'll see the new Play Lobby update as part of your client. This update puts a focus on formats over event types. Rather than selecting a bunch of filters and cycling through countless event types, you'll instead click the new Constructed or Limited lobby, choose your format, and be shown everything available in that format.

You can find more information about the new Play Lobby here.

Vintage Cube Ends June 6

Vintage Cube will be leaving us when Modern Horizons events begin on Thursday. Come play the Cube that started it all for a few more days.

To see the full card list and most recent changes, click here.

Team Modern Super League

The newest Super League season is here with the return of the Team Modern format! Eight teams (including Wizards' Play Design group) will battle over 13 weeks for bragging rights in Modern. The broadcast begins at 6 p.m. PT every Tuesday at

For more information and team rosters, click here.

Limited MOCS Preliminary Sunday

On Sunday, June 9, there will be a Magic Online Championship Series Preliminary event for 2019 MOCS! The format will be Phantom Sealed, the set will be Modern Horizons, and things will kick off at 7 a.m. PT. MOCS Preliminaries are eight rounds of Swiss and require 35 Qualifier Points to enter. Winners will receive (among other prizes) an invitation to the next MOCS Playoff on July 13.

Learn more about MOCS events here.

Magic Online Format Challenges Every Weekend

Format challenges are the first step toward qualifying for premier play through your favorite Magic formats. To learn more about Format Focus events and premier play qualification, click here.

The Magic Online Format Challenges continue every weekend for Modern, Vintage, Legacy, and Pauper formats except when replaced by Format Playoffs during scheduled Format Playoff dates.

Pacific Daylight Time (-7 from UTC)

Start Time

Event Type

Saturday, 8 a.m.

Modern Challenge

Saturday, 10 a.m.

Vintage Challenge

Sunday, 8 a.m.

Legacy Challenge

Sunday, 10 a.m.

Pauper Challenge

Check out this page for further event details.

Downtime June 5

The next downtime will be June 5, 3 a.m.–noon PT/-7 from UTC. This is the Modern Horizons content update, and the following downtime on Tuesday, July 2, will be for the Core Set 2020 release.

Build Notes

Play Lobby | The Play Lobby has been updated. In order to find a game or event, please visit the Constructed or Limited play lobbies as appropriate. Along with this update, many sections of the client have updated graphics.

General | The Magic Online application icon has been updated.

General | Many issues that could cause game server resets have been fixed.

General | Many issues with split cards have been fixed.

General | Many issues with the splice mechanic have been fixed including its interaction with cost-reduction effects.

Duel Scene | The untap symbol now displays properly when granted to creatures.

Duel Scene | If activating a creature's monstrous ability would do nothing, players are now warned beforehand.

Duel Scene | The storm counter now appears during the opponent's turn.

Premier Events | Blue Limited MCQ Tokens have been removed.

Modern | Collected Company has remembered it is an instant and is no longer a 0/0 while on the stack.

Modern | The text displayed in the prompt box when players are casting spells with convoke is now correct.

Standard | If a planeswalker loses all of its abilities, Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God can no longer activate those abilities.

Commander | Quicksilver Fountain can now only turn lands into islands.

General | Modern Horizons cards are now part of Magic Online in time for events to start this Thursday.

General | Tamiyo, Collector of Tales is once again able to tell the tale of a named split card.

General | Creatures that enter the battlefield via Vivien's Invocation will now properly deal damage.

General | A typo in the blue text on Ruination Rioter has been fixed.

General | Ninjas that get ninjaed onto the battlefield can get ninjaed by other Ninjas. (Unblocked creatures that enter the battlefield tapped and attacking, such as those put onto the battlefield by the ninjutsu ability, can once again be returned to the battlefield to activate another ninjutsu ability.)

General | Quicksilver Fountain can no longer put flood counters on nonland permanents.

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