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Are you looking for a Magic Judge for your events? Contact the regional coordinator for your area and they will try to find a judge for you. If they cannot find one, they can help you certify one.

Judge Regional Coordinators
Whom to contact about judge matters in your area.

Judge Center

The Wizards of the Coast Judge Center is the central area for certified judges to take practice tests, read and submit reviews on each other, and contact other judges. Judges can help build the Center too by submitting questions for future tests and translating existing questions into different languages.

Becoming a Judge

What is Judge Certification & Training?
The Magic Judge Certification Program is designed to ensure consistency in all rulings and penalties at sanctioned Magic tournaments, and to identify and recognize experienced and knowledgeable judges.

How to Become a Certified Judge
The process of becoming a DCI Certified Judge is outlined here. (In English and German)

What does it mean to be a certified judge?
There's a lot more behind being a judge than knowing a game's rules.

Judge Policies

Judge Level Requirements
Requirements for each level of judge certification.

Level Three Advancement Process
Qualities and Process for becoming Level Three.

Magic Judge Membership Renewal and Contact Update

DCI Judge Shirt Policy

Judge Documents and Forms

Judge Article Archive

Judge-L Archive

Magic Rules and Tournament Rules

Disqualification Reporting Procedure
Instructions for submitting a DQ report to Wizards of the Coast. Requires DCI Certification.
Requires DCI Certification.

Suspended Player List
Current and New suspended players, updated at need.


Worldwide List of Judges
List of all judges, sorted by several criteria. DCI password required.