Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Qualifiers

Posted in Articoli on 4 Aprile 2006


    • Earn an invitation to the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour!
    • Winners receive airfare to the Pro Tour!
    • Get involved in the local tournament scene!
    • Meet new players in your area!
    • Play the Game, See the World!

Qualifier tournaments are where the game really gets serious. The excitement level is high and the stakes are even higher. Players the world over converge with a common goal in mind -- an invitation to the Pro Tour, which could include an airplane ticket to the next Pro Tour location.

An Insider's Guide to the Pro Tour

Pro Tour Qualifiers are one-day tournaments offering invitations to the next Pro Tour stop. Formats are varied at Pro Tour Qualifiers, with Constructed, Limited and Two-Headed Giant formats seeing action during different seasons. The format is roughly associated with the upcoming Pro Tour.

If you enjoyed playing in a Pro Tour Qualifier, you should look into playing at the next Grand Prix in your area, along with Regionals tournaments to earn a trip to your country's National Championship.

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Multiple Pro Tour Qualifier tournaments are run every weekend during the season, so check your country's schecule for the next tournament in your area. Pro Tour Qualifiers are held at event halls and large retail stores. The attendance can be up to 100 or more players at each location.


Invitations and airfare to the next Pro Tour are awarded to the top finishers, with the exact number of invitations determined by tournament location. Some locations offer cash prizes instead of airfare. Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the event organizers.

    What is the DCI?

The DCI is the worldwide organization that handles tournaments and organized play for Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill games. If you are not already a DCI member, you can get more information about the various programs of the DCI here.

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