Magic Online Bug Blog April 9, 2015

Posted in Magic Online on 9 Aprile 2015

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

What Is the Magic Online Bug Blog?

While the Known Issues List is simply that—a running list of issues we expect players to encounter most often—this accompanying “Bug Blog” is the list’s companion. Here you’ll find updates regarding emergent new issues, details around issue statuses when applicable, known issue workarounds, and a running tally of Known Issues List updates. The Bug Blog posts to every other Thursday.

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Known Issues List Updates

Today, we have many fixes to report from the April 1, Magic Online deployment, as well as the April 2, hotfix. We've also added known issues, including issues around Dragons of Tarkir and Tempest Remastered. The Known Issues List is newly updated as well, so refer to that resource for the most up-to-date statuses on Magic Online known issues.

Newly Added Known Issues as of Thursday, April 9

Game Play

  • CHK | Conceding while looking at cards with Sensei's Divining Top reveals cards to opponent.
  • DTK | Blessed Reincarnation does not shuffle target creature into creature owner's library when the first card revealed is a creature.
  • DTK | Kolaghan's Command deals damage to a creature and a player when using the discard mode and creature damage mode.
  • DTK | Qarsi Deceiver’s mana ability allows casting any creature spell.
  • Duel Scene | Atarka's Command's first mode doesn't appear in the Effect zone after it resolves.
  • Duel Scene | Corpseweft's activated ability displays the incorrect X value on the stack as blue rules text.
  • Duel Scene | Colorless mana autoconsumed before special mana (e.g. from Cavern of Souls and Mishra's Workshop).
  • Duel Scene | Living Lore treats split cards mana cost as 0.
  • Duel Scene | The "Reveal a Dragon" mechanic does not add blue rules text mentioning a dragon has been revealed.
  • Duel Scene | The "Reveal a Dragon" mechanic does not mention a dragon has been revealed in the Game Log.
  • Duel Scene | Ruthless Deathfang can fail to trigger multiple times when it and another creature are sacrificed simultaneously by its controller.
  • Duel Scene | Mana generated from Crucible of the Spirit Dragon can't pay for Dragon spells if only colorless mana is required.
  • Duel Scene | Scale Blessing causes additional triggers for Enduring Scalelord if creatures died with +1/+1 counters on them.
  • Duel Scene | When effects like Parallax Wave and Exhume end and creatures return to the battlefield, if one of those creatures was a Containment Priest then all other creatures are Exiled.
  • General | Lands cannot be played off Hideaway lands.
  • General | When prompted to discard a card Thirst for Knowledge highlights the drawn cards differently from the cards already in the user's hand.
  • M11 | Protean Hydra doesn't gain +1/+1 counters after preventing damage.

Newly Scheduled Fixes for the Wednesday, April 22 Deployment

Game Play

  • Temp Windows | Automatically stacking identical triggers (F7) denies certain strategic decisions to players. For Example: Multiple triggers from Amulet of Vigor don't give the player the option to re-order them.
  • DIS | Protean Hulk puts any amount of creatures onto the battlefield.

Hotfixed on Wednesday, April 2

Game Play

Fixed During the Wednesday, April 1 Magic Online Client Update

Game Play

  • FRF | We have completely reworked how Archfiend of Depravity works to prevent players from accidentally sacrificing all of their creatures.
  • BOK | Genju of the Fields can no longer be attached to any permanent.
  • EXO | Fixed a display issue with Exalted Dragon that caused a delay in the sacrificed land moving to the graveyard.
  • FRF | Courser of Kruphix will no longer display the top card of your library in the middle of resolving Write into Being.
  • FRF | Flamewake Phoenix now checks for Ferocious on resolution in addition to the attack trigger.
  • FRF | Monastery Siege's Dragons mode no longer incorrectly taxes when targeting spells on the stack.
  • FRF | If you cast Write into Being with an empty library, the game no longer locks up.
  • FRF | We have fixed an infinite loop caused by Channel Harm. If both players have cast Channel Harm, Magic Online will now rotate between players asking if they wish for the prevented damage to be dealt to target creature until one player selects no.
  • General | Canceling a partial payment of cumulative upkeep now returns the mana already paid.
  • General | Casting tutor effects without legal selections in your library no longer causes the game to lock up. Examples of cards fixed include Congregation at Dawn, Dwarven Recruiter, Goblin Recruiter and Scouting Trek.
  • General | Convoke spells are now considered as an available action when a user has used the F8 (Disable Bluffing) hotkey.
  • General | Fixed a crash that would occur when double blocking a trample creature. This also fixes crash scenarios where a single creature is blocking multiple creatures, one of which has trample.
  • General | For cards that can be played out of Exile, renamed the Exile Zone (Can be Cast) to Exile Zone (Can be Played).
  • General | Mana with special restrictions on usage has been cleaned up for clarity and consistency. Examples of changed cards include Cavern of Souls, Mishra’s Workshop, and Boseiju, Who Shelters All.
  • General | Phyrexian mana symbols now display properly when part of Flashback costs.
  • General | Spells cast with Buyback will now indicate that the Buyback cost has been paid in italic blue text.
  • General | The context menu for Urborg, Tomb of Yagmoth has been clarified on all lands to help with the selection process.
  • General | The game no longer locks up when discarding Emrakul, the Aeons Torn during the resolution of Balance.
  • General | The prompts associated with Rebound have been cleaned up for clarity.
  • General | The prompts and workflow for Thirst for Knowledge and Compulsive Research have been reworked.
  • General | We have updated the Banned and Restricted list on all Magic Online formats to match this page including the banning of Treasure Cruise in Pauper and Skullclamp in 100-Card Singleton announced here. In addition, we fixed an issue where certain versions of Skullclamp were improperly allowed in formats.
  • M15 | Players can now get black mana from pain lands without taking damage when Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is on the battlefield.
  • ME3 | Arcades Sabboth no longer grants a toughness bonus to your opponent’s creatures.
  • MMA | Kira, Great Glass-Spinner now grants blue text indicating which creatures have been granted its ability.
  • MRD | Chrome Mox can now be activated even if it isn’t imprinting a card.
  • NPH | Mortis Dogs now properly calculates life loss when it dies.
  • RAV | Fixed a crash that would occur when using Copy Enchantment to copy a flip creature; for example, a Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant that has been flipped into Rune-Tail’s Essence.
  • THS | Fixed some corner case scenarios where Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver’s –X ability would not resolve.


  • Collection Scene | Planeswalker title bar text in the Collection Scene now displays the same size no matter what position the Planeswalker is in the deck building area.
  • Duel Scene | The cost for activating Cautery Sliver is now shown in the context menu.
  • Duel Scene | We have introduced a new look for effects on the stack.
  • General | Cards that have multiple targets each with a different effect will now display what is occurring more clearly. Examples of changed cards include Winterflame and Incremental Growth.
  • General | Creature cards no longer lose their art for the rest of the game when they copy a token through an effect such as Polymorphous Rush, Mirrorweave, and Cytoshape.
  • General | Description text of cards once again properly resizes when the card size slider is used.
  • General | Fixed a display issue that would cause Auras and Equipment to replicate and/or remain on the battlefield after what they were enchanting had been removed.
  • General | Fixed a display issue with exiled cards not immediately returning to the battlefield when they should; for instance when killing a Brain Maggot or Banisher Priest.
  • PC2 | Shardless Agent now has art and a set symbol in the Collection scene.
  • ULG | Urza's Legacy version of Ghitu Encampment textbox no longer bleeds into border.
  • ZEN | Zendikar basic lands no longer have oversized type text and set symbol when expanding the card’s view.

Temporary Workarounds for Known Issues

We're hard at work on whittling down the Known Issues List. In the meantime, we've found temporary solutions that may help alleviate certain problems that players are experiencing. Refer to the table below to see if there is a suggested temporary workaround for an issue that you are experiencing.

Game Play

Issue Description Temporary Workaround
General | Umezawa's Jitte counters are obscured by the equipped creature. Players can use card zoom or the preview pane to determine the number of counters.


Issue Description Temporary Workaround
General | Players can experience memory leaks in some situations. Restarting the client can temporarily resolve these issues.
Collection | Certain preconstructed decks do not create decklists upon opening them. If you are experiencing this issue with a preconstructed deck, locate the product within the Card Set Archive to download the decklist directly.
Collection | Dragging or adding a large number of cards to a deck or trade binder causes Magic Online to freeze while processing, resulting in a "Main Navigation is Not Responding" error. While the client is not responsive, waiting several minutes will allow the process to complete. Using the error dialog to close the client will cancel the transaction.
Duel Scene | Cancellation message appears if user does not return to play lobby after a duel has concluded. When you finish playing in an event, please close the Event Details window. If this window remains open in the background, within minutes it will incorrectly display an error message indicating that the event has been canceled with your entry option returned. We are currently working on a fix for this issue.
Duel Scene | Land can visually appear tapped at the start of a turn if a player unmorphs a creature during their opponent's end step. The issue is visual only and clicking the tapped lands will add mana to the mana pool correctly.
Sideboard Issues:
  • Duel Scene | Black game screen after sideboarding.
  • Sideboard | Extra cards are sometimes added to a player's deck in addition to their choices when Sideboarding.
  • Sideboard | User is able to visually duplicate cards in deck by rapidly dragging and dropping during Sideboarding.
These issues seem to be tied to the player's computer going to sleep during deckbuilding. Making it so that your computer does not go into hibernation may alleviate these issues if you're experiencing them.
Store | Updating billing and shipping information during the checkout process can have inconsistent results. Players who update from the Account Settings page should not have issues.


Issue Description Temporary Workaround
Duel Scene | Both players show as waiting for opponent, one player times out. If you suspect this is happening to you, logging out and back in may resolve the problem.

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