Posted in Articoli on 18 Settembre 2013

Sarkhan Vol wields red-green shamanic magic, specifically spells that summon dragons and evoke their rage. He follows the commands of the elder dragon Nicol Bolas … but will he live to regret his choice of masters?

Sarkhan and his shamanic circle venerated the dragon on his home world, a place where dragons are now extinct. There, territorial warlords hunted them for sport and glory in a brutal, unending struggle for territorial dominance.

During a deep shamanic trance, Sarkhan had a vision of an ancient dragon spirit. It was during that transcendental moment that he became a Planeswalker. With his transformation came the realization that other planes existed beyond his own, and Sarkhan spent many years traveling the planes searching for the dragons he revered.

He eventually discovered Jund, a world tyrannized by the flying fire breathers. It was here that Sarkhan sought an exemplar of dragonhood, an ultimate predator worthy of his worship. He found it in the ruthless elder dragon and Planeswalker Nicol Bolas.

But servitude to Nicol has taken its toll on the sanity of Sarkhan Vol, and the consequences of his fealty weigh heavily on his soul. As Sarkhan planeswalks through the universe, keeping tabs on other Planeswalkers for Nicol and doing other obscure errands, voices of doubt plague his mind.

Sarkhan’s latest mission was to guard the Eye of Ugin, an ancient subterranean chamber of the Eldrazi. Rival Planeswalkers thwarted his cause, and the Eldrazi have been unleashed. Now Sarkhan must answer for his apparent failure at the Eye—and Nicol Bolas is not a forgiving master.