Magic Online Bug Blog March 27, 2015

更新日 Magic Online on 2015年 3月 27日

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

What Is the Magic Online Bug Blog?

While the Known Issues List is simply that—a running list of issues we expect players to encounter most often—this accompanying “Bug Blog” is the list’s companion. Here you’ll find updates regarding emergent new issues, details around issue statuses when applicable, known issue workarounds, and a running tally of Known Issues List updates.

Beginning today, we will be switching to a release schedule of every other week for the Bug Blog. Expect the next Bug Blog to land on Thursday, March 26. This change will allow us to devote time in the off-weeks to making the next issue a more comprehensive resource for Magic Online players.

Want to find out when something was fixed? Check out the new Fixed Known Issues Archive.

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Known Issues List Updates

The Bug Blog is back and on a biweekly schedule! Today, we have a plethora of fixes to report as well as new issues to notify players of. The Known Issues List is newly updated as well, so refer to that resource for the most up-to-date statuses on Magic Online known issues.

Expect the next Bug Blog to land on Thursday, April 9!

Newly Added Known Issues as of Thursday, March 26

Game Play

  • General | When the "No Possible Play: Yield All" function is active, tapping Mishra's Workshop when it's the only land you control will automatically end your turn even if you can spend the mana created.
  • Temp Windows | Automatically stacking identical triggers (F7) denies certain strategic decisions to players. For Example: Multiple triggers from Amulet of Vigor don't give the player the option to re-order them.


  • Duel Scene | Black game screen after sideboarding
  • Limited Scene | "New product" message from Draft and Sealed Events currently appears at the end of an event. This needs to be movied prior to deckbuilding.
  • Sideboard | Extra cards are sometimes added to a player's deck in addition to their choices when Sideboarding
  • Sideboard | User is able to visually duplicate cards in deck by rapidly dragging and dropping during Sideboarding
  • Prize Window | Prize Window sometimes displays incorrect booster quantity
  • Collection | Certain preconstructed decks do not create decklists upon opening them

Newly Scheduled Known Issues for Wednesday, April 1

Game Play

Fixed During the Wednesday, March 18 Magic Online Client Update

Game Play

  • Duel Scene | Power and toughness are now easier to see due to a newly added 1-pixel drop shadow on pre-Eighth Edition card frames
  • Duel Scene | The concede game option now takes placement priority in front of the "Make a Selection" box when they are both active
  • Event Details | The lower left pane in the Event Details window now shows how many matches are outstanding in the round and updates automatically as matches finish
  • General | Scrying Glass no longer replaces a user choice of 1 with a choice of 0


  • Chat | Fixed an issue where the chat window sticks on the background if the user closes Magic Online while replaying a game
  • Collection Scene | Fixed an issue where a user defined custom set of columns in the List View reset to default after navigating away from the Collection Scene then back to it
  • Collection Scene | In Pile View in the Collection Scene, split cards and split cards with Fuse now sort into the pile on the left half of the card
  • Collection Scene | While in pile view, dragging a card with higher mana cost into a binder sorted by mana cost with only lower mana cost cards no longer causes a crash
  • General | Fixed an issue that would cause some right-click context menus to begin with a blank line
  • General | On the Home Scene, when you block a buddy, they will no longer be removed from your buddy list until you choose that option. A blocked player still cannot interact with you in any fashion.
  • Play Lobby | In the Play Lobby, the Recent Play menu now functions properly
  • Sideboard | Fixed an issue where the “Move Selected to Deck” context menu item did not function when it was used in the Sideboard pane, set to the List View mode
  • Sideboard | When disconnected during sideboarding, upon returning, you now go to the Sideboard Scene as intended


  • General | Customer Service Help System account links have been updated to go to the correct pages.
  • General | The Magic Online account system will now e-mail a player when they do not fully complete the account sign-up process. This fixes an issue where user’s would not be able to claim their chosen username if interrupted during the account sign-up process.
  • Limited Scene | Players will no longer crash if the draft they are in is deleted while they are on the Draft Scene
  • Memory Leak | Fixed a memory leak issue that was causing system resources to not be properly released after a Draft completed
  • Memory Leak | Fixed a memory leak issue where navigating between decks in the Collection Scene would not correctly release system resources even after a period of inactivity or a scene change

Temporary Workarounds for Known Issues

We're hard at work on whittling down the Known Issues List. In the meantime, we've found temporary solutions that may help alleviate certain problems that players are experiencing. Refer to the table below to see if there is a suggested temporary workaround for an issue that you are experiencing.

Game Play

Issue Description Temporary Workaround
FRF | Archfiend of Depravity’s user interface needs to be updated Archfiend of Depravity requires the player to select the two creatures to keep each turn. Make sure to select both creatures before hitting OK.
General | Umezawa's Jitte counters are obscured by the equipped creature Players can use card zoom or the preview pane to determine the number of counters


Issue Description Temporary Workaround
General | Players can experience memory leaks in some situations Restarting the client can temporarily resolve these issues
Collection | Certain preconstructed decks do not create decklists upon opening them If you are experiencing this issue with a preconstructed deck, locate the product within the Card Set Archive to download the decklist directly.
Collection | Dragging or adding a large number of cards to a deck or trade binder causes Magic Online to freeze while processing, resulting in a "Main Navigation is Not Responding" error While the client is not responsive, waiting several minutes will allow the process to complete. Using the error dialog to close the client will cancel the transaction.
Duel Scene | Cancellation message appears if user does not return to play lobby after a duel has concluded. When you finish playing in an event, please close the Event Details window. If this window remains open in the background, within minutes it will incorrectly display an error message indicating that the event has been canceled with your entry option returned. We are currently working on a fix for this issue.
Duel Scene | Land can visually appear tapped at the start of a turn if a player unmorphs a creature during their opponent's end step The issue is visual only and clicking the tapped lands will add mana to the mana pool correctly
Sideboard Issues:
  • Duel Scene | Black game screen after sideboarding
  • Sideboard | Extra cards are sometimes added to a player's deck in addition to their choices when Sideboarding
  • Sideboard | User is able to visually duplicate cards in deck by rapidly dragging and dropping during Sideboarding
These issues seem to be tied to the player's computer going to sleep during deckbuilding. Making it so that your computer does not go into hibernation may alleviate these issues if you're experiencing them.
Store | Updating billing and shipping information during the checkout process can have inconsistent results Players who update from the Account Settings page should not have issues


Issue Description Temporary Workaround
Duel Scene | Both players show as waiting for opponent, one player times out If you suspect this is happening to you, logging out and back in may resolve the problem

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