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Convention Support Program

We’ve created a special kit for convention organizers to support Magic play. These kits are available to qualifying organizers in the U.S. and Canada only. Read on for more information!

Why Does this Kit Exist?

Wizards of the Coast recognizes that there are Magic players that don’t typically attend an in-store event or Grand Prix at conventions, and we want to help support Magic play at these events. Conventions are often a great way for the gaming community to get excited about their favorite games or discover new ones and bring that enthusiasm back to their home play groups. This kit helps support organizers to create awareness of Magic and inspire great Magic experiences at these events.

Who Qualifies for the Kit?

You must be the convention’s point-of-contact for Magic play at the event. You should be the party responsible for running the event on-site. Only conventions and organizers within the U.S. and Canada may qualify for this kit. Wizards of the Coast may verify your relationship with the convention. Supplies of kits are limited.

What’s in the Kit?

The early 2018 convention kit contains the following items:

  • Magic at conventions guide to help you successfully run events
  • Magic demo guide to help you set up a 5-minute demo experience
  • Two (2) posters to advertise your Magic play space at the convention
  • One hundred (100) flyers to promote your event locally
  • Pack of twenty-five (25) table tents for your play space
  • Five (5) large-format demo decks to help with the demo experience
  • Ten (10) sheets of DCI cards
  • One hundred (100) Deeproot Champion convention promo cards for prizes and rewards

A small amount of supporting product is also sent out with the kit to serve as supplementary support for prizing and other uses. Organizers receive the following product:

  • One (1) booster box of a recent Standard-legal set if the total expected unique Magic attendance is 100 or less players
  • One (1) additional booster box of a recent Standard-legal set if the total expected unique Magic attendance is over 100 players

Welcome to Magic Kit

If you’re looking to support a learn-to-play Magic event at the convention, you can also order a Welcome to Magic kit. This kit is ideal for creating one-on-one or small group learning environments to get players into their first Magic games. The kit contains the following items:

  • An instructions document to help you run a learn-to-play Magic event
  • A poster to advertise learning to play Magic in your space
  • A learn to play Magic flip book that explains Magic game concepts for teachers and learners
  • Four (4) life-total pads
  • A two-player teaching playmat
  • 20 Welcome Decks

How Do I Get These Kits?

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