Quick Questions #1

更新日 on 2015年 4月 10日

By Josh Bennett

Which Dragons of Tarkir card has surprised you most with its performance in Limited?

Ari Lax, No. 5 Ranked Player: Illusory Gains. I thought it wouldn't be good, but it is very powerful. If the dash mechanic didn't exist, it would be a Top 10 card in the set. As it stands, it's either the best card in your deck, or one you have to side out.

Owen Turtenwald, No. 1 Ranked Player: Berserkers' Onslaught. In the past, cards like it haven't been that good, but in this format, it is excellent.

Ivan Floch, No. 4 Ranked Player: Two red rares: Volcanic Vision and Descent of the Dragons. Both are splashy, powerful effects, but neither one has a home.

Shuhei Nakamura, Hall of Famer: Sidisi's Faithful. It looks bad, but it's great in all three of its modes, either as an early blocker, a bounce spell, or both. It also combos with Lose Calm as a cheap exploit creature.

Jacob Wilson, No. 12 Ranked Player: Atarka Beastbreaker. This looked like a great card for beatdown strategies, and an early drop that could be powerful later, but it turns out that it's nothing exciting.

Shahar Shenhar, No. 7 Ranked Player: All of the dragonlords. They look fantastic, and they are somehow so much better. Each one of them feels like it's game over.