Quarterfinals: Jason Chung (Red-Green Dragons) vs. Shota Yasooka (Blue-Black Control)

更新日 on 2015年 4月 12日

By Craig Jones

We're down to the last quarterfinal match. It's Jason Chung's Red-Green Dragons deck versus Shota Yasooka's Blue-Black Control deck.

On the way to the venue, I had a discussion about the Red-Green Dragons and how it fits into the Standard format. The aggro decks (in particular the red decks) are thought to be favorite over Blue-Black Control. In theory, this should give Chung's aggressive red-green deck the edge over Yasooka's control deck. However, one of the reasons for aggro decks having this edge is their low curve, enabling them to come in under the defenses of the control deck.

Chung's deck doesn't really have that low curve. Its power is in 4 mana and 5 mana Dragons. The higher curve might allow the control decks time to answer the early threats one-to-one with their 3 mana cards like Hero's Downfall and Dissolve, and from there, take over the late game with their card drawing and finishers.

Jason Chung's Red-Green Dragons deck was very good at halting aggression, but would it be too slow to stop Shota Yasooka's end-game dragons?

The Games

This is exactly what happened in the first game.

Chung had a very fast start with Heir of the Wilds followed by Boon Satyr, while Yasooka still hadn't even placed a third land. From turn three onwards, Yasooka always seemed to have an answer to whatever threat Chung made.

Dissolve stopped a Thunderbreak Regent coming into play. Hero's Downfall dealt with an attacking Boon Satyr. Crux of Fate wiped away the Heir of the Wilds and Surrak, the Hunt Caller. Another Hero's Downfall took down a Stormbreath Dragon, and then Icefall Regent froze up Chung's last creature, a Rattleclaw Mystic.

It might have looked like Chung was out of steam. The top of his deck had other ideas. The early aggression had knocked Yasooka down to a precarious 4 life. Over the next few turns, Chung drew the other three Boon Satyr. Their flash ability and the fact Chung only needed to land one hit with them should have given him the first game.

Should have.

It didn't matter. Yasooka's deck answered every threat and still had time to cast two Dig Through Time for more answers.

Yasooka has built up a stellar reputation as a control player through his dedication to the control craft.

Then he rode to victory on the back of Silumgar, the Drifting Death.

Game 2 featured Chung with the answers. His draw was a little slower this game, and again Yasooka was able to deal with his early threats as before with his one-for-one cards. It looked like the game was heading for a quick end, as Yasooka stole Chung's Thunderbreak Regent with the Dragonlord Silumgar.

But Chung had a card to deal with it, as a lowly Plummet sent the Dragonlord crashing to the dirt. The Regent returned to the right side, was joined by a Boon Satyr, and then a hasty Stormbreath Dragon to take the match to a decider.

Chung's natural talent got him this far, and as New Zealand's first Pro Tour Top 8 representative, he was ready to make the most of it.

Chung's deck threw up different threats in the third game, as Xenagos, the Reveler made an appearance after the early critters had been dispatched. The steady stream of Satyr tokens couldn't be answered with one-to-one removal.

When Chung added a Thunderbreak Regent to the board, it looked like Yasooka was in trouble.

Yasooka cast Dig Through Time and then found some answers: Bile Blight for the growing satyr army, and Ultimate Price for the red dragon.

Chung still had pressure. His Xenagos was still in play, and he rebuilt with Rattleclaw Mystic and Heir of the Wilds.

Yasooka had a Dragonlord…which meant he had a Xenagos.

Then, he had a younger version of the same Dragonlord, which took out the Mystic with its -1/-1 effect on attacking.

Then, he had an Icefall Regent to freeze the Heir.

And then, it's probably time to respectfully turn away and avoid the grisly spectacle of the dragons feasting on Chung's remaining life.

Shota Yasooka defeats Jason Chung 2-1 and advances to the Semifinals!

Jason Chung's Red-Green Dragons Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir

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Shota Yasooka's Blue-Black Control Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir

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