Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir - A Photo Essay

更新日 Arcana on 2015年 4月 13日

By Craig Gibson and Josh Bennett

The city of Brussels, Belgium hosted this season's third Pro Tour. It was a whirlwind weekend featuring an upended draft format, a Standard metagame completely rewritten, and a cast of some of the game's greatest players. Here's a look at how it went.

Brussels had no shortage of beautiful sights for the visiting players.

The event took place at the venerable Tour & Taxis, once a central hub of post and trade, now besieged by Tarkir's dragons.

408 players were invited to compete. For some, it was their first taste of top-level play. They were welcomed with an enthusiastic round of applause from their fellow competitors.

The first three rounds were Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Booster draft. Here, Jacob Wilson gets into the spirit of the event.

Both Pro Tour Dragon's Maze Champion Craig Wescoe and Hall of Famer Raphaël Lévy chose to ally themselves with Dragonlord Kolaghan.

There were secrets everywhere thanks to the megamorph and manifest mechanics. Here, David Williams checks in on his schemes.

There's no such thing as too much practice. Between rounds, it's an all-Japan grudge match between Hall of Famer Kenji Tsumura of Team Hareruya and back-to-back Pro Tour Top 8er Yuuki Ichikawa of Team BigMagic.

After Booster draft came five rounds of Standard. Tarkir's many dragons were the driving force of the metagame.

Someone heard that former Player of the Year Josh Utter-Leyton of Team ChannelFireball likes Dragons, so they gave him Dragonlord Silumgar, so he can steal Dragons with his Dragons.

After Day One, Malaysia's Rick Lee led the field with a perfect 8-0 record. Despite a heartbreaking Day Two performance, he put up a Top 64 finish.

Only 260 players survived the cut to Day Two and earned a second shot at draft. Here we see your typical table full of pros, including the reigning World Champion, two Pro Tour Champions, and a Hall of Famer.

Three more rounds of draft, and then five more rounds of Standard Constructed to determine the Top 8. As the day rolled on, the crowd at the rail increased.

Out in the viewing area, players watched all the action unfold.

Once the standings after Round 15 are posted, everyone in the running mobs them to figure out who can draw in to the Top 8 and who will have to play in Round 16.

For those who come up short, it can be heartbreaking. Eric Froehlich only needed to win one of his last two rounds to put up what would have been his fifth Pro Top 8, his second in consecutive Pro Tours.

For those who make it, exhilaration. Here we see fans of Marco Cammaluzzi celebrating his reaching the Sunday stage.

Your Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir Top 8: Ondrej Strasky, Adrian Sullivan, Martin Dang, Jason Chung, Shota Yasooka, Marco Cammaluzzi, Thomas Hendriks, and Andrew Ohlschwager.

The Top 8 and their teammates watch the broadcast of the other players' matches. This picture contains four Hall of Fame members. Can you name them all?

Adrian Sullivan dispatched Thomas Hendriks, but fell in the semifinals to Martin Dang.

Asymmetrical control matches make everyone's heads hurt. Ondrej Strasky would eventually overcome Andrew Ohlschwager, but he could not defeat Shota Yasooka.

In the finals, Martin Dang defeated Shota Yasooka 3-1.

Dang is overcome with the thrill of victory.

Congratulations to Denmark's Martin Dang, Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir Champion!

You can catch up on Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir with articles, videos, deck techs, decklists, and a lot more by visiting the coverage page.



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