Elemental Art Swap

更新日 Arcana on 2008年 1月 29日

By Wizards of the Coast

When the art for a new set comes in, it sometimes gets shuffled around. That's especially possible when you're dealing with elementals, which (on Lorwyn, at least) are strange hybrids of surreal and animal elements that represents the "living magic" of an idea, thought, or dream. Here's the original art description for Reveillark:

This creature is an elemental, which on Lorwyn means it's a strange hybrid of surreal and animal elements that represents the "living magic" of an idea, thought, or dream. This elemental consists of the body of a large lamb-like creature with three sets of huge butterfly wings (three wings on each side of the body) and a featureless face. It must have some elements of intangibility, surreality, like it might be a hallucination.

That got executed very well by Terese Nielsen:


Now here's the original description for Shinewend:

This elemental consists of two pairs of long doves' wings, one right side up, the other upside down, linked together by something akin to a large, compound bird's nest made of living vine. There are eggs in this nest (woven in?, sitting in compartments?) each of which shine

Again, Jim Murray's art looks awesome:


The only problem is if you put the two cards next to each other. Here's what they would look like with their original art assignments:

Art-swapped Reveillark and Shinewend

See the problem? Reveillark is a 4/3, but it looks much smaller than Shinewend, which is supposed to be 1/1 (and arguably a 0/0!). And these cards are right next to each other alphabetically (collector numbers 22 and 23) so they'd be seen in conjunction all the time. Luckily, the cards were abstract enough that they could be trade art, and everything would work out okay!



2015年 11月 5日

『統率者(2015年版)』のトークン by, Blake Rasmussen

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2015年 11月 4日

『統率者(2015年版)』のパッケージ by, Blake Rasmussen

 本日の「Uncharted Realms」にて《ネル・トース族のメーレン》が最後の穴を埋めたことで、『統率者(2015年版)』のパッケージを飾るカードはすべて公開されました。いよいよ、今回のパッケージをお披露目するときがやって来たのです!  それでは、満を持して登場したメーレン氏から始めて、順番に見ていきましょう。 「墓場の略奪」 「精霊の召喚」 「戦闘の猛火」 ...




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