Addressing Ugin's Fate Promos

Posted in Magic Online on 2015년 2월 4일

By Lee Sharpe

Some players have recently expressed frustration with how Magic Online is using the cards from the Ugin’s Fate booster on Magic Online, and we wanted to clear things up. Magic Online isn’t using Ugin’s Fate boosters like people received at face-to-face Prerelease Events. Instead, we were using some of its contents as alternate art promos to include in prize structures. Promos were assigned to specific events—there was no randomization in terms of which ones you got. Events awarded a specific set of promos based on which event you joined, and some events had a different rare based on an even or odd number of match wins. Because players were receiving promos directly, rather than the booster that they then opened, we did not think players would be expecting a replication of the face-to-face Prerelease experience.

We didn’t expect players to interpret the announcement as meaning that a player could receive all the cards from Ugin’s Fate boosters, but in hindsight, we realize we could have used different language. The intent of not revealing which cards were included in which events was to create excitement as the community learned how to get various promos. “Hey, I got Jeering Instigator in the Prerelease Draft! Where did you get Mastery of the Unseen from?” Obviously, this didn’t work out.

During the February 25th downtime, we are going to award the alternate art Ugin, the Spirit Dragon promo to players based on their participation in Magic Online Fate Reforged Prereleases and Release Events. The chances for receiving an Ugin, the Spirit Dragon will be the same as if each player opened a paper Ugin's Fate booster as part of their event entry. This means players who have played in multiple events will have multiple opportunities to be selected; all Wizards team members will be excluded.

We want to apologize to anyone who was disappointed. We’ve certainly learned a lot of lessons here, and we’ll work hard to ensure that this does not happen again.

Lee Sharpe
Digital Product Manager—Magic Online Events

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