Magic Online Announcements June 2, 2015

Posted in Magic Online on 2015년 6월 2일

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

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Modern Decklist Blowout!

With Modern Masters 2015 Edition events going on now, and Preliminary Qualifiers for the Modern Festival coming up on June 24, now's a great time to get into Modern.

The Modern Decklist Blowout is jam-packed with a list of Modern decklists from a variety of expert sources, including the Standard Super League's Modern Week, the Modern decks from the 2014 Magic Online Championship, and the decklists belonging to the best players of the Modern 5-3-2-2 Queues!

Head over to the full article for all of the decklists.


Play In Modern Masters 2015 Edition Events Now!

Modern Masters 2015 Edition is available on Magic Online now!

Check out the event schedule article for the full details on Release Events, including information on how players can win Modern Masters 2015 Edition booster packs in certain Queues and Dailies.


New Episode of Standard Super League Tonight

Stop by tonight for a new episode of the Standard Super League! Each week a commentary team of two Magic Hall of Fame members, Randy Buehler and Luis Scott-Vargas, host a single-elimination eight-player tournament where they'll detail the twists and turns along the season's course. The League line-up of Standard experts combined with this commentary team are sure to make the upcoming season a great one. The Standard Super League airs Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (UTC-7) on!

For a recap at what happened in last week's episode of the Standard Super League, head over to Randy Buehler's latest article.

Remember, we'll be posting each player's decklists for the upcoming episode of the Standard Super League to at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (UTC-7) so that viewers can follow along at home! Stop by tonight to get the week 6 decklists.


Updates to Event Pairing Algorithm

Today, we are updating how pairing in events works. This change should reduce the number of users who are paired incorrectly according to tournament rules. We will be monitoring this transition closely, both internally and via player reports. If you encounter any issues with who you're paired against in an event, please let us know via the link below.

Report an issue.


Season 6 Magic Online Championship Series Preliminaries Begin Tomorrow

The Season 6 Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) Preliminaries begin tomorrow and run through June 5. Five or six wins in a MOCS Preliminary earns players 35 Qualifier Points (QPs), which earns you entry into the MOCS Season 6 Finals on June 6!

Whether you've been saving QPs up all season long, or you earned them in one fell swoop via a MOCS Season Preliminary, you'll want to be sure to compete in the MOCS Season Finals. Big Prizes are up for grabs, including an invitation to the Magic Online Championship and Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar!

Learn more about the Magic Online Championship Series here.


Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Sealed PTQ

Attention all Pro Tour hopefuls, a Pro Tour Qualifier (PTQ) is approaching! The Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Sealed Pro Tour Qualifier Preliminaries begin tomorrow, June 3, and run through Saturday, June 6. We hope to see you in the PTQ Finals on Sunday, June 7!

Learn more about PTQs on Magic Online and get the full schedule here.


Downtime for June 3, 2015

  • All tournaments will close Wednesday, June 3, at 5:00 a.m. Pacific (12:00 UTC)
  • Store and trade activity will be suspended at approximately 7:45 a.m. Pacific (14:45 UTC)
  • The system will be down from 8:00 a.m. Pacific (15:00 UTC) until 12:00 p.m. Pacific (19:00 UTC)


Known Issues for the Modern Masters 2015 Edition Deployment

  • Duel Scene | The prompt text where the card states "Choose up to X target... X is currently [#]." States 'zero' when the last valid target is clicked
  • Duel Scene | Cannot search for 0 cost equipment with the triggered ability of Taj-Nar Swordsmith
  • Duel Scene | Text in the prompt box when casting Commune with Nature reads “Cancel” instead of “No”
  • Duel Scene | Necrogenesis continues to associate with cards it exiles
  • Duel Scene | Incorrect text for the delayed triggered ability of Otherworldly Journey, does not mention the +1/+1 counter in text
  • Duel Scene | Delayed triggered ability of Otherworldly Journey has missing association arrows with the exiled card
  • Duel Scene | The prompt box text for Wayfarer's Bauble does not mention that the land enters the battlefield tapped


Upcoming Events

June 3-June 5Season 6 Magic Online Championship Series Preliminaries

June 6Season 6 Magic Online Championship Series Finals 7:00 a.m. Pacific (14:00 UTC)

June 3-June 6Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Pro Tour Qualifier Preliminaries

June 7Dragons of Tarkir/Fate Reforged Sealed Pro Tour Qualifier Finals 7:00 a.m. Pacific (14:00 UTC)

Now-June 17Modern Masters 2015 Edition Events

June 24-July 5Modern Festival Events


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