PTQ Top 8 Decks

Posted in Event Coverage on 29 de Setembro de 2002

By Sideboard Staff

Matthias Shulze-Kadelbach

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Reserva (15)
2 Flaring Pain 3 Kiratar's Wrath 4 Envelop 4 Syncopate 2 Standstill

Osamu Fujita

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Ben Stark

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Feitiço (6)
4 Concentrate 2 Far Wanderings
Mágica Instantânea (14)
4 Syncopate 3 Circular Logic 4 Cunning Wish 3 Moment's Peace
Artefato (2)
2 Mirari
Encantamento (8)
4 Compulsión 4 Mirari's Wake
Terreno (24)
12 Island 4 Krosan Verge 4 Plains 4 Forest
1 Skycloud Epxanse 3 Aether Burst
58 Cards

John "Bowman" Horton

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Dan Cato

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Gerry Thompson

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Alex Smith

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Paul Jordan

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