Posted in Artigos on 18 de Setembro de 2013

This red mage specializes is geomancy: spells that move mountains, shatter stone, and melt iron. His earth magic also allows him to purify metal, a reflection of Koth’s deep desire to bring peace and harmony to his people.

Koth is a vulshok from the Hammer tribe, who dwell in the Oxidda chain of mountains on the plane of Mirrodin. His Planeswalker spark ignited when the tribes of his once-peaceful people fell into open war for the first time in generations.

The metal his people mined from the mountains of Oxidda became strangely corrupted, turning their forged ingots brittle and inconsistent. Each tribe blamed the others, and old hatreds began to reemerge.

Believing he could use his ability to purify the ore, Koth committed himself to the task of restoring the precious metal and reuniting his people.

Wise beyond his years, this passionate leader values counsel before rushing headlong into action. But if action is required, Koth is a decisive man of few words. He can—and will—bring a mountain down on anyone who dares threaten his home.

In fact, Koth battled the Phyrexians, who took over his plane, and he now serves as the leader of a resistance.