Binders and Trading

Posted in Magic Online New Players on 10 de Julho de 2014

By Ryan Spain

Ryan Spain has been a digital designer in R&D since 2011. He is involved in all things Magic Online, from new card sets to the new client and everything in between. He likely has more lifetime hours played on Magic Online than anyone at Wizards.

Binders Unbound

In past versions of Magic Online, cards in your collection were either for trade, or they weren't. If you wanted to donate some extra commons to a friend and then trade some of your mythics for tickets, it required a lot of reconfiguring of what cards were marked as tradable before each trade, or a lot of communication with trade partners about what things “for trade” were really for trade.

Since then, the concept of trade binders has been introduced to Magic Online. Binders are created and managed like decks, except for trading. You can find your binders in the lower-left corner of the Collection tab, below the deck format filters. To create a new trade binder, you can click one of the “Add Binder” icons, or you can right-click on a binder name and select “Open a new copy of this binder.”

Every account starts with a default trade binder called “For Trade.” Note that it is set as your “Active” binder. When you enter a trade, the contents of your active binder will be displayed to your trade partner. You can change your active trade binder in the “Properties” menu of a binder accessed by right-clicking it, or you can change it right from the Trade tab in the “Trade Binder” filter.

You can add cards and other tradable items to your active trade binder without it being open by right-clicking on the item in the “Matches” pane and choosing one of the “Add to active trade binder” options. To see how many copies of a given card in the Matches pane are in a trade binder, open the trade binder. As with decks, any copies of a card in that binder will show up as a yellow number next to the overall quantity in your collection.

New Trade Features

Once you have a binder, head to the Trade tab to start trading! There are some nice new features to note in this area.

First, the text searching now looks for any instances of any separated words in your search. A search for “Black Lotus” shows all posts with those two words anywhere, and highlights those words in the results, making it much easier to find the trader you are looking for. If you want to find a specific multi-word text string, just put quotes around it in your search.

The filters in the “Classifieds” section provide a V3 upgrade as well. Now you can filter the classifieds to show only previous trade partners, buddies, or clan mates. This can make it easy to find your preferred trade partners quickly.

You can request to trade by double-clicking on a classified ad, right-clicking on a username and choosing “Trade,” or clicking on the “Trade” button that appears to the right of each classified when moused over.

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