Posted in Artigos on 18 de Setembro de 2013

Brilliant, unpredictable, and daring, Ral Zarek was always testing boundaries (and nerves) as a young mage of Ravnica. His bright, fearless skill made him a natural at harnessing the chaotic power of lightning and storms.

The ingenious madness of the Izzet League first drew him in, sparking his obsession with discovery. With defiance and talent, Ral quickly rose through the ranks of the Izzet.

As a Planeswalker, he could travel beyond the bounds of Ravnica, but continued to feel loyalty to the plane and his guild. Then, when the guilds returning to prominence, Ral returned home. He was ready to champion the Izzets that had so shaped him.

Recognizing the beneficial combination of Ral’s talent and loyalty, the dragon guildmaster, Niv-Mizzet, put Ral in charge of researching the Implicit Maze. This puzzle, encoded into Ravnica's streets and alleyways, had long remained a mystery and promised a major advantages to the guild who could decipher it.

Ral and his team of mages diligently tracked down every clue they could discover. But when the time came to solve the Maze, Niv-Mizzet selected a newly created Izzet as the guild's maze-runner.

Ral believes he was the more deserving choice. And his resentment runs deep.

Now Ral is determined to prove his worth, in his defiance of his guildmaster. He will show everyone what a brilliant storm-wielding Planeswalker can do, at any cost—even the guild loyalty he once cherished.