Magic Promo Pack Info


Here's the breakdown for Throne of Eldraine:

  • Slot one : Any rare or mythic rare from Throne of Eldraine, with a special Planeswalker symbol stamp on the card.
  • Slot two : A rare or mythic rare from a curated list of Standard-legal cards. This card will also bear the Planeswalker symbol stamp.
    • These will be from Standard-legal sets, and they'll be hand-selected by Magic's design studio. See the list below.
  • Slot three : One of five Throne of Eldraine cards in the dark frame of previous FNM promos.
    • The 5 Cards are: Glass Casket, Improbable Alliance, Inspiring Veteran, Kenrith's Transformation, Slaying Fire
  • Slot four : A code card that redeems for one Throne of Eldraine booster pack in MTG Arena.
    • The Fine Print: Code expires January 1, 2023. Limit 5 per account. MTG Arena (and its game codes) are not available in all regions and languages. Account registration required.
    • In regions where MTG Arena is not available, the Promo Pack is a three-card pack.

The contents of Throne of Eldraine Premium Promo Packs are identical to the Promo Packs, but the first three cards will be foil.

A Closer Look at Slot Two:

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