Magic Online Dragons of Tarkir Championship Winners

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By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

Even without wings and the ability to breathe fire, over 600 competitors clawed their way through the Dragons of Tarkir Championship Qualifiers to try to make it into the Finals. Demonstrating true Battle Mastery, the sixteen players listed below made it all the way to the Top 8 of their respective events.

Battle Mastery | Art by Viktor Titov

Congratulations to the Dragons of Tarkir Championship Finals Top 8 players!

Dragons of Tarkir Limited Championship Finals Top 8 Dragons of Tarkir Standard Championship Finals Top 8

The final matches came down to SaucyPizza versus littledarwin (who also made Top 8 in the Standard Championship Finals) in the Dragons of Tarkir Limited Championship Finals, and Fastfake and Matter_Mixer in the Dragons of Tarkir Standard Championship Finals. How did the victors triumph over their competition? Let's take a look at how each match unfolded.

Dragons of Tarkir Limited Championship Finals Recap




SaucyPizza opened some very nice green and white bombs—so many in fact that the final deck list ended up at 41 cards. With a plethora of ways to bolster and get +1/+1 counters onto creatures, SaucyPizza ended up with a rather ideal Dromoka deck.

Littledarwin's deck relied more heavily on removal than SaucyPizza's, making good use of a lot of red and black instants. Two copies of Dutiful Attendant and a Monastery Loremaster also allowed littledarwin to reuse several "enter the battlefield" effects, like the ones on Swift Warkite and Merciless Executioner.

Did SaucyPizza bolster to victory? Did littledarwin's deck have enough removal to keep SaucyPizza's creatures at bay and combo to victory? Read on to see who won the championship title!

Game One

SaucyPizza got off to a nice start thanks to Sandsteppe Outcast and his Spirit sidekick. Luckily, littledarwin already had a key component of the combo machine on the field: Shambling Goblin. By casting Merciless Executioner and sacrificing Shambling Goblin, littledarwin was able to force SaucyPizza to sacrifice the Spirit token. Regardless of which creature was chosen, both of SaucyPizza's creatures only had one toughness, so the Sandsteppe Outcast also fell to littledarwin's Shambling Goblin.

Unfortunately for littledarwin, the lone Merciless Executioner looked less impressive two turns later once SaucyPizza was able to get two big threats onto the field: Daghatar the Adamant and Arashin Foremost. To make matters worse for littledarwin, Arashin Foremost entered the battlefield after Daghatar the Adamant, giving Daghatar double strike. With Merciless Executioner tapped, littledarwin was able to get in 8 points of damage.

With the ability to move +1/+1 counters around at will, littledarwin decided Daghatar was too dangerous and used Sarkhan's Rage to destroy it.

On turn six, SaucyPizza attacked with Arashin Foremost and a manifest creature. Littledarwin moved to trade with Merciless Executioner. But wait. SaucyPizza starts tapping lands.

Oh no! It was a cleverly disguised Feral Krushok all along.

Once the huge green Beast was on the field, all it took was a Silkwrap on littledarwin's sole defense to seal the win.

Game Two

Game Two started out a bit slower than Game One. By turn three, more than half the creatures on the field were morphs, and not much damage had been done—SaucyPizza managed to deal 3 damage with the Dromoka Warrior.

Littledarwin attacked with a morph creature, which was then blocked by SaucyPizza's morph. Lands tapped and littledarwin's morph flipped to reveal itself as an Atarka Efreet. It was a pretty slick maneuver, resulting in the creatures trading in combat and Atarka Efreet pinging the Dromoka Warrior for one damage, destroying it.

Littledarwin's turn ended with a field devoid of creatures. Depending on what SaucyPizza had in-hand, the tide might have turned in Pizza's favor.

Ojutai Exemplars was a pretty good card to have in-hand. After the Exemplars landed on the scene, the turn passed to littledarwin. In an attempt to prepare for the bomb that had just landed on the field in the form of three exercising monks, littledarwin used Tormenting Voice, discarding Dutiful Attendant and drawing two cards. To get some mana ramp and/or a creature in a pinch, littledarwin also played a Kolaghan Monument.

The Exemplars began to do what they do best: select great effects from a bulleted list every time SaucyPizza cast a spell. Soul Summons allowed the Exemplars to gain first strike and lifelink until end of turn. SaucyPizza attacked with the Exemplars, regaining 4 life.

Littledarwin cast Sarkhan's Rage to take out the Ojutai Exemplars and passed the turn. SaucyPizza responded by bolstering the Lightwalker, giving it flying in the process. After that, Saucy attacked with everything for 7, bringing littledarwin's life total down to 5.

At the beginning of turn seven, littledarwin's deck began to show off its combo potential. Swift Warkite's ability allowed littledarwin to return Dutiful Attendant to the battlefield and attack with it.

SaucyPizza attacked with Lightwalker, forcing littledarwin to trade Swift Warkite to stay in the game. SaucyPizza cast Wildcall for two mana, to manifest and put two +1/+1 counters onto the new manifest creature.

Littledarwin responded by using Draconic Roar to destroy the 2/2 Manifest, then cast Dutiful Attendant and Merciless Executioner, allowing littledarwin to sacrifice the Attendant to retrieve Swift Warkite from the graveyard.

SaucyPizza cast a morph creature face down and passed the turn. Littledarwin continued to combo by playing the retrieved Swift Warkite, and returning Dutiful Attendant to the battlefield.

If littledarwin had gotten the combo machine going quicker, it may have won the game. SaucyPizza was just too far ahead and played the card needed to win the game: Den Protector. With Den Protector on the field, SaucyPizza was able to grab Cached Defenses from the graveyard, bolster Den Protector for three, and attack.

Since creatures with less power than Den Protector can't block it, nothing stood in the way of SaucyPizza winning the match.

Congratulations to


for winning the Dragons of Tarkir Limited Championship Finals!

Check out SaucyPizza's winning decklist below.

SaucyPizza's Limited Dragons of Tarkir Championship Finals Deck

Download Arena Decklist
Волшебство (4)
1 Cached Defenses 1 Hunt the Weak 1 Soul Summons 1 Wildcall
Мгновенное заклинание (2)
2 Artful Maneuver
Чары (1)
1 Silkwrap
Земля (18)
8 Forest 10 Plains
41 Карт(а)


Dragons of Tarkir Standard Championship Finals Recap




Fastfake played a quick Abzan Aggro deck meant to clear threats out with Thoughtseize and Hero's Downfall, then clean up with devastating creatures like Siege Rhino and Warden of the First Tree.

Matter_Mixer played a Green-Red Devotion deck with the aim of ramping into huge threats like Polukranos, World Eater and Dragonlord Atarka.

Both competitors in the Standard Championship Finals aimed to win the game with some terrifyingly strong creatures. Did Matter_Mixer steam roll Fastfake by ramping into threatening green creatures, or was Fastfake's removal enough to stop Matter_Mixer's deck in its tracks? Read on to find out!

Game One

Fastfake ended turn two in pretty great shape, Thoughtseizing a Whisperwood Elemental from Matter_Mixer and casting Warden of The First Tree to add insult to injury.

Matter_Mixer cast a Sylvan Caryatid, buying some time and mana ramp with the hexproof defender.

With no real threats on the field yet, Fastfake attacked into Matter_Mixer's two creatures with Warden of the First Tree (a 3/3 Human Warrior thanks to its first ability). Seemingly in need of the mana generation, Matter_Mixer declared no blockers and took 3 damage, dropping to 17 life. Fastfake cast a second Sylvan Caryatid and fetched a Forest with Wooded Foothills. Again, Fastfake attacked into the growing group of Caryatids, and Matter_Mixer continued to hold back blockers. It would seem that Matter_Mixer was biding time, waiting to use all of that mana for something big.

It began to look like Matter_Mixer was experiencing quite the opposite, however. Despite scrying with multiple Temple of Abandons, nothing dropped onto the field that threatened Warden of the First Tree.

Without a creature to pour green mana into, and with Fastfake pumping the Warden with a combination of Abzan Charms and its own abilities, the match was over before it had much of a chance to begin.

Game Two

In Game Two, Matter_Mixer played first and started the match out exactly the way Green-Red Devotion wants to: with an [autocard]Elvish Mystic on the field. With a match completed, Fastfake knew that Matter_Mixer was bringing lots of green creatures and had sideboarded in some [autocard]Self-Inflicted Wounds to deal with them.

Matter_Mixer didn't skip a beat after losing the Elvish Mystic. By unmorphing a Rattleclaw Mystic, Mixer was able to cast both a Sylvan Caryatid and another Elvish Mystic with only two Forests on the field. With a potential for six mana on turn three, Matter_Mixer was in a promising place.

Unfortunately, Fastfake was doing a good job of Thoughtseizing anything away that Matter_Mixer might use that mana for, like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Fleecemane Lion also made an appearance. Matter_Mixer only had a few more turns before the Lion would become monstrous and be much harder to deal with.

Matter_Mixer was finally able to wade through the sea of removal to cast Polukranos, World Eater. If Polukranos could make it one more turn, it could become monstrous and clear the board, getting rid of the troublesome Fleecemane Lion, and setting up Matter_Mixer for a devastating attack. . .

. . .but Fastfake had an Ultimate Price.

While it wasn't a Polukranos, the newly cast Arbor Colossus would be able to do some damage if it managed to stay on the field for long.

The Colossus became monstrous mid-attack, swinging in for 9 damage. Fastfake took the hit, dropping to 7 life. With Matter_Mixer at 10 life (after taking a hit from Warden of the First Tree) and Fastfake at 7, it was looking like a close match.

Things were looking promising for Matter_Mixer as a Xenagos, the Reveler resolved.

Fastfake made the Fleecemane Lion monstrous in order to soak up an attack from Arbor Colossus, but Rattleclaw Mystic and a hasty Satyr were able to make it through for 4 damage, bringing Fastfake to 3 life.

Luckily, the Warden has a lot of potential for life gain.

With a well-timed Dromoka's Command, the Rattleclaw Mystic was forced to fight Warden of the First Tree. With the Warden already in combat with Sylvan Caryatid, both creatures were destroyed, and Fastfake gained 8 life from the exchange.

Fastfake would still have to get through for 10 damage for a win. With Matter_Mixer's ever-growing army of Satyrs, it was getting to be a more difficult proposition by the turn.

The longer the match went, the bigger the Warden was able to grow. With so much life gain potential, a finishing blow from Matter_Mixer was looking less and less likely.

With this in mind, Matter_Mixer moved to destroy the Warden, then rebuild the Satyr army with Xenagos.

But the Warden grew bigger still!

Matter_Mixer cast Whisperwood Elemental, which was quickly destroyed by Self-Inflicting Wound.

With nothing but a morph and a manifest creature to block, Warden of the First Tree trampled across for the win!

Congratulations to


for winning the Dragons of Tarkir Standard Championship Finals!

You can find Fastfake's full winning decklist below.

Fastfake's Standard Dragons of Tarkir Championship Finals Deck

Download Arena Decklist
Дополнительная колода (15)
1 Dromoka's Command 3 Arashin Cleric 3 Drown in Sorrow 4 Self-Inflicted Wound 4 Ultimate Price