Guidelines for PTQ Finals and MOCS Finals

Posted in Magic Online Event Info on 30 Июль 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

In the past few months we have made a number of improvements to Magic Online in order to properly support premier events. We've added additional team members dedicated to supporting events, deployed better tools to make them effective at solving issues when needed, and continued our dedication to improving event stability and quality. We have successfully run multiple test events with these improvements in place, including the Magic Online Championship Appreciation events, to ensure the best possible player experience when Premier Play returns to Magic Online. Additionally, we've created and have published our guidelines for reconciliation when there are unforeseen issues with events. We recognize that no matter how prepared we are, factors such as general Internet issues, Magic Online application issues, and general troubleshooting issues can and will still need to be addressed. You can find these new guidelines below.

We have broken down the issues that occur with Premier Play Events into three categories; individual player issues, event-impacting issues, and event catastrophe issues. For each category, we want to both define what the category means and let you know what to expect in case you find yourself experiencing an issue within a Premier Play event.

These guidelines are designed to cover the PTQ Finals and MOCS Finals on Magic Online, as these are the events that have full Digital Event Coordinator (DEC) support.

Individual Player Issues within PTQ/MOCS Finals

Individual player issues include, but aren't limited to, individual player lag, accidently dropping from an event, or a game-impacting bug. When this type of issue does occur, the player should reach out to our in-game Online Response Crew (ORCs) for immediate assistance. If after talking with an ORC the issue is not resolved, at that point we encourage you to send a bug/reimbursement request along with supporting evidence around the issue (screenshots and game numbers are always highly encouraged).

As we know that Premier Play events have an extra level of importance to our players, we will be making sure that each individual player issue reported through the bug/reimbursement system gets escalated to be reviewed by our Magic Online support team so that we can do as much as possible to resolve the issue. If an issue cannot be addressed during an event, most issues should be addressed within two days following the event.

Event-Impacting Issues within PTQ/MOCS Finals

Event-impacting issues include, but aren't limited to, issues that impact all or many players in an event, but then those issues are successfully mitigated by the Magic Online system or our Digital Event Coordinators. An example of an event-impacting issue would be a delay caused by an individual round not concluding properly until the DEC activates the new tools to help the round conclude properly. Another example is if a large number of players started experiencing system lag, at which point the Digital Event Coordinators would go about extending the in-game and global timers so that event integrity would remain intact.

Previously, the above examples would have compromised the event integrity to a point where the event would have been canceled. Now, in situations such as this, we expect to have the issue resolved and players communicated with within 45 minutes of the initial issue discovery. While we always encourage players to reach out if they feel as though an issue is occurring, we ask for your patience in order to get to a resolution as quickly as possible. As we understand that even up to a 45 minute delay is not ideal, for events that experience significant delays we will grant each player in the event a Draft Pack of the current set within two days of the event finish. The Digital Event Coordinators will announce to the players in the event that we are working through this type of issue and will let players to know if they are receiving a Draft Pack. Players should not need to file for reimbursement unless the two-day window has passed and they have not received the Draft Pack.

Event Catastrophe within PTQ/MOCS Finals

Our goal within Magic Online is to do everything within our power to make sure we avoid this outcome. An event catastrophe is any PTQ/MOCS Finals event that doesn't successfully complete with event integrity intact to a winner. Unfortunately, there are some situations that arise that leave us no choice but to declare an event ended prematurely. While our goal is to avoid this situation completely, we want to better clarify what players should expect when this does occur.

With the exception of events that are in the Top 8, any event that does not successfully complete will have all of the following occur:


  • There will be a makeup event starting at the same time and day as the impacted event one week later. The makeup event will have the same prize structure as the original event.
  • All players X–2 or better (calculated from the last fully completed round) will be invited to the makeup event. For instance, if you were 4–2 in an event that had completed Round 6 when an issue occurred, you would receive an invitation to the makeup event.
  • All players in the original, impacted event will receive one pack per match win (calculated from the last fully completed round).
  • If the issue occurs after Round 4 or later in the original event, players who are X–1 or better (calculated from the last fully completed round) will receive an additional one pack per match win.
  • Players would receive the above regardless if they were active or had dropped from the event.
  • All of the above are in addition to any other grants. For instance, if an event has both an event-impacting issue and an event catastrophe, players would receive both the Draft Pack from the impacting issue and the above from the event catastrophe.
  • If the Magic Online system has awarded prizes to the event, those prizes will be retained by the players. Players will keep the cards they have opened in Limited events.
  • We will contact players through our communication channels within 45 minutes of an event catastrophe. We will strive to make the contact quicker within the Magic Online client, however please note that depending on the extent of the issue we may need to resort to communication outside the client to inform players of the situation.
  • You will not need to file for reimbursement; the Magic Online team will handle it automatically. All reimbursements will be completed within two days after the original date. The makeup event and the appropriate invitations will be created following the next Wednesday downtime.


For events that are in the Top 8, instead of the above we will do the following:

Constructed events in Top 8:


  • We will look to restart the current round within 60 minutes of the issue. Players still in the event should expect to receive a contact within that time from our Digital Event Coordinators to let them know what next steps are.
  • When the Constructed event is remade, players will be able to switch their deck choice for the makeup event.


Limited events in Top 8:


  • We will look to restart the current round within 60 minutes of the issue. Players still in the event should expect to receive a contact within that time from our Digital Event Coordinators to let them know what next steps are.
  • If the event did not progress past the Top 8 round, we will have a redraft with all eight players.
  • If the event is in the Top 4 or Top 2, we will set up a Sealed Deck event for the remaining players.


These are intended only as a guideline to help establish expectations if an event issue does occur. As each circumstance is individual, please respect that we will do our best to handle each situation as we feel is best. If you ever have any issue within Magic Online, we encourage you to reach out to our Game Support team here.

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