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This proud and beautiful elf uses green magic to assemble her people and amplify their might. Covertly, she’s also experimenting with black magic. It’s simply a necessary means to her ultimate goal: ensuring that her people control the entire universe.

Stern and ruthless, Nissa is convinced elves are the rightful heirs to universe, and she will not relent until they’ve regained stewardship of the planes. Preferring deeds to words, she’s become a master at summoning elvish allies, letting their blades and arrows do the talking for her.

Nissa hails from Zendikar, where her own race fights for survival against an increasingly savage ecosystem. The elves of Zendikar span many of its continents, and Nissa leads a large tribe of them, known as the Joraga.

Weakness is not luxury one can afford on this fierce home world, and thus, Nissa despises weakness in others.

Nissa’s travels have taken her to other planes, too, where she found elves thriving and even ruling. On the sunny world of Lorwyn, she met elves who fully embraced their role as the pinnacle of nature, using both life magic and its shadow to assert their supremacy. This encounter led Nissa to experiment with black mana in secret, using it to complement her elvish teachings.

Nissa will need all the magic at her disposal because the Eldrazi are ravaging her plane. Her quest for elvish domination may have to be put on hold, while she and her tribe battle for survival.