More Goblins Come to Companion!

Posted in Magic Companion Updates on 2019年 9月 17日

By Wizards of the Coast

In our latest update for the Magic: The Gathering Companion app we focused on sprucing things up a bit.

One of the challenges with building a companion style product within a gaming company is that you lose some of the panache of your normal products. The home tournament organization feature set that we rolled out with to kick off the open beta playtest is something of a fancy bookkeeper. That’s not as fun as opening a booster pack or actually playing a game of Magic so it was important to our UX team to try to bring some of Magic’s personality into the product.

We asked ourselves which characters from Magic’s background could bring some levity to Companion as well as make sense as tinkerers. The answer? Goblins!

You may have noticed the loading screen which features a prominent display of a goblin flying through the air from a contraption of its own making. That was the look we wanted but in order to get the product into your hands we filled out some of the other needed images with art from Magic’s history. In the latest release we’ve updated those images to match the look we’ve been going for and all are the same goblin who we lovingly named Feet’chur. We’ll have more art updates in the future and more to say about Feet’chur and the artist we’ve been fortunate to work with, Sam Wu.

If you’re wondering, “How hard is it to change some images in an app? Wasn’t there MORE you could be doing?” I have an answer for you: yes, and in fact we are! In addition to these cosmetic changes the dev team has spent the bulk of their effort on large feature requests behind the scenes that I’ll be talking about more in coming weeks. I’m very excited about those changes because they’re going to fundamentally change how Magic events are played. Thanks to all our Companion users who have taken the time to provide feedback.

Bigger changes are in the works, so keep providing feedback!

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