Standard Super League Episode 7 Recap

Posted in Magic Online on 2015年 6月 16日

By Randy Buehler

This week is the last week of the regular season, and once the dust settles we will know which three players are advancing into the Unified Standard playoff. Owen Turtenwald has long-since clinched his own spot (and the #1 seed that gives him a bye into the finals), but there are still five players who could claim either of the two remaining spots.

Tom Ross is in great shape, thanks to his win with Green-Red Dragons last week. GR Dragons was one of the first new decks to find success after the release of Dragons of Tarkir, but it has faded a bit in the post-Pro Tour metagame. Tom’s friend Chris Van Meter designed the first version of the deck, and piloted it to its breakout success on the Star City Games Open Circuit. Chris has continued to tune it, so Tom decided to take the deck out for a spin last week.

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As a result of the 35 points he won last week, the only way Tom can miss the playoffs is if he loses in round one this week and then the finals are exactly "Gerry defeating Paul." If that does happen, it would trigger a playoff between Tom and Paul for the 3-seed and the last spot in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, Paul Cheon may have the inside track on a playoff spot, since he is currently in third place. But everyone down to Josh Utter-Leyton has the ability to pass him if Paul doesn’t earn any more points. One win from Paul eliminates Josh (even if Josh wins the week), but everyone else in the running controls their own destiny: In other words, winning the week would be good enough for Brad or Gerry to leap-frog their way into a playoff spot no matter what everyone else does. (The scenario where Brad beats Gerry in the finals actually results in an immediate tiebreaker match between the two of them, but that still counts as Brad controlling his own destiny in my mind.)

Should we actually wind up with a tie, we will play it at the end of this week’s show using whatever decks the players chose to run this week. Tune in tonight to watch all the delicious drama unfold!

Tune in Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on for the next episode of the Standard Super League! Check at the same time to see the decklists that players will be using in the upcoming episode.

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